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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Rosario to Vampire II 51


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 5, 2012 03:15 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

-> RTS Page for Rosario to Vampire II 51

Translation reserved for Helz0ne scans


???: We of Fairy Tale's 1st subdivision
???: are the "diplomatic branch" of an organization which bears strong ties to the human political and financial worlds.

(left, black) Evil entrusts its back to evil... therefore, a sense of death always comes from behind.

Kiria: With you as the boss, and me as the vice-chief.
(bottom) 51: Spellbound
Kiria: While you appear in the human world as a statesman, my duty is to follow behind and handle the shady side of things.


Kiria: We've had a long-standing relationship.
Kiria: Though it's rather late in the game, let me give you a warning.

Kiria: Miyabi,
Kiria: your movements have been marked by Gyokuro
Kiria: as a traitor acting against Fairy Tale.

Kiria: That's why she asked me
Kiria: to obliterate you along with Tsukune's group.


Mizore: Miyabi...!

Miyabi: ...so you...
Miyabi: noticed that something was off.
Kiria: That's what comes of having a long-standing relationship...

Miyabi: But why do this, Kiria?
Miyabi: You, who hate being shackled, must have some reason for obeying Gyokuro.
Miyabi: What is it...


Miyabi: Guh...


Kiria: I'm the fickle sort.
Kiria: That's a good enough reason, isn't it?

Kiria: Leaving that aside, please move.
Kiria: I'd like to settle things with the two behind you first.

Miyabi: Go...!

Miyabi: This is why I came here in the first place...
Miyabi: I sensed that you would face Kiria as an enemy.
Miyabi: It is my responsibility to stop that from happening...!


Miyabi: Go!
Miyabi: You're already close to Moka's location.
Miyabi: Leave this to me and hurry!

Mizore: Kuh...

Mizore: ......let's go...
Kurumu: Mizore?!

Mizore: Sorry, Miyabi...
Mizore: I don't trust you, but
Mizore: I owe you for this...!


Kurumu: Hol
Kurumu: Wait, Mizoreee!

Miyabi: Phew...

Miyabi: Even though you know my "true character" better than anyone,
Miyabi: what a naive woman you are, Shirayuki...

Kiria: Tch... hold it!
Kiria: I won't let you get away...


Miyabi: Nevertheless, I just can't go easy on you right now.
Miyabi: Right, Kiria?


Miyabi: Allow me to remind you one more time
Miyabi: just who you have as a boss.

Kiria: ...Miyabi.


Kurumu: We can't...
Kurumu: We can't do this, Mizore.
Kurumu: Weren't Tsukune and Rubi over there just a little while ago?!

Kurumu: Leaving them behind while just we continue is just...

Mizore: ...there's nothing we can do about it.
Mizore: They've been shifted to some other location.
Mizore: There's no point in waiting around.
Kurumu: But...
(left of Kurumu) Even that cool guy...


Kurumu: Kyaaaa?!!

Kurumu: Wh... what the?!
Kurumu: There was a clash between some incredible youki......!
(right of Kurumu) Why am I the only one with fanservice shots?!
Mizore: It's started. The battle between those monster comrades...

Mizore: What should we do? Head back...?
(left of Mizore) Over there...
(right of Kurumu, sfx) Shake shake

(Kurumu): No matter where we are, our destination is the same.
(Kurumu): Those are your words, Tsukune.
(Kurumu): In order to meet up with everyone again, we have no choice but to continue forward...!

(Kurumu): We're going on ahead, and we'll be waiting...
(Kurumu): Because you'll definitely come... without fail......!


Rubi: Tsukune-san!


Tsukune: Guh...


Kuyou: Kuku... what's wrong, Tsukune?

Kuyou: I'd heard you had become so strong it was as if you were a different person, but...

Kuyou: You're really no big deal at all.

Tsukune: Tch......


Tsukune: UWAA!


(Tsukune): So heavy......!

(Tsukune): As if my arms and legs have been completely bound by chains...
(Tsukune): Why... at a time like this...
(Tsukune): Why...

Tsukune: Kuh...

(Rubi): He's strong...!
(Rubi): I've heard the stories, but...
(Rubi): This is the Youko Kuyou, who can manipulate fire...!


Box: Not that long ago, he was a man called "Yokai Academy's strongest".
Box: He fatally injured Tsukune-san, who was a pure human at the time,
Box: and after that, Tsukune-san's life as a human changed forever...

Box: They are fated enemies.
(Rubi): This is bad...!
(Rubi): For Tsukune-san, Kuyou is an extremely difficult opponent to battle.

Tsukune: Guh......
sfx bubble: Creak

(left) He's being overwhelmed...!


Box: A body which remembers the dread of an opponent who has once defeated it,
Box: not to mention the fear of being killed,
Box: unconsciously recoils.

(Rubi): There's no way he can win like this...!
(Rubi): He'll be tortured to death.

Kuyou: Kukuku.
Kuyou: What's wrong, Tsukune?
Kuyou: If you're just going to run away, you won't win, you know...?

(sfx) Hah
(sfx) Hah

Kuyou: Are you scared?
Kuyou: Do I......

(sfx) Hah
(sfx) Hah
(sfx) Hah


Kuyou: Frighten you......?


Rubi: Look out, Tsukune-san!

Rubi: Cough...


Tsukune: Rubi-saaan!

Tsukune: Rubi-san,
Tsukune: Hold on, Rubi-san!

Kuyou: Good...
Kuyou: Your expression has returned to the way it was in the past, Tsukune...

Kuyou: That's it.
Kuyou: That expression suits you so much better.


Kuyou: Your having supposedly grown stronger was just a "delusion".
Kuyou: You are always letting women protect you,
Kuyou: and have simply mistaken that to be your own power.

Kuyou: After all, you can't do anything unless you flock together. That is how the weak fight.
Kuyou: In other words, the instant you are all separated like this is your downfall.

Kuyou: Ahh... while I'm at it, let me to tell you something.
Kuyou: The Huang family boy and the witch girl.
Kuyou: They are your friends too, aren't they?

(Tsukune): Fong-Fong and Yukari-chan?
(Tsukune): Did something happen to those two...


Kuyou: They're dead.
Kuyou: Killed by Gairen, the head of the 6th subdivision.
Kuyou: It seems that their corpses were crushed beyond recognition.

Tsukune: Uu...


Kuyou: Ha...

Kuyou: Haha...
Kuyou: Hahaha...

Kuyou: That face. That's the expression I've wanted to see, Tsukuneee!


Kuyou: Follow your friends to the grave
Kuyou: With that feeling of despair!

(left, sfx) Snap


Kuyou: Wh...

Tsukune: Uu...
Tsukune: Uugh...


Kuyou: Guahh...!

Kuyou: Kuh...

(Kuyou): What was that...?! Why was I blown back?!
(Kuyou): Just what...

Tsukune: ......that's right...
Tsukune: This isn't a situation for me to be acting this way...
Tsukune: I have to protect
Tsukune: everyone...


Tsukune: Get out of my way, Kuyou.
Tsukune: Or I'll kill you...


Moka: No...
(sfx) Hah
(sfx) Hah

Moka: Don't...
Moka: don't...come.
(sfx) Hah
Moka: You mustn't come here...!

Kurumu: It looks like somehow...
Kurumu: we're the only ones who made it this far.

Kurumu: Moka...
(right) They arrive at the lowest level!!


(right) Now, there is only one thing they want to tell her... "let's return home together."
(bottom) Rosario + Vampire season II --- to be continued in the May issue

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#1. by Gradonil_Ral ()
Posted on Mar 13, 2012
Ok, I just released the chapter.
Sorry for the delay~

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