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Shiinake no Hitobito 15

16 minutes, 23 seconds

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 15, 2012 04:37 | Go to Shiinake no Hitobito

-> RTS Page for Shiinake no Hitobito 15

Translation reserved for Nigihana Scanlations


(letter) Without the countermeasure for that poison, you will die within 24 hours. If you value your life, at 3 PM tomorrow bring your pieces to the location indicated - just the master alone.

Otoha: What are you doing, Shiina-kun?

Box: About 7 hours after Otoha-san was hit by a poison arrow--- July 27, 3 AM...
Box: In order to make the school our base of operations, we returned to Yamanaka Town.
Box: You could say it's because the Otoha household has that troublesome father and my house is too cramped...


Haruhiko: Otoha-san,

Haruhiko: If we're in the school, won't it be easy for the enemy to find...
Otoha: Ara ara, what will we do by hiding?

Otoha: Since they'll be coming at us from the opposite direction, we'll give them a warm welcome.
Otoha: Understand? Shiina-kun.
Otoha: This is a race against time.

Haruhiko: Y...yes!
Box: Even though she's acting fearless, her breathing is ragged... her face is white, and she looks as if she'll collapse at any second.

Haruhiko (thoughts): We have to get the antidote from the enemy master immediately!!


(top) Chapter 15: 16 minutes, 23 seconds


Box: Noon.

(sfx bubbles: Gasp, wheeze, pant, etc.)

Haruhiko: We searched around using the receipt that enemy ninja was carrying as a basis, but...
Haruhiko: We couldn't find a single thing!!!


Yayoi: Hmph.
Yayoi: Seeing as we don't know what sort of person the enemy master is in the first place,
Yayoi: You can't expect to find them using just that receipt alone!
Haruhiko: Sorry...

Otoha: Ara ara, thanks for your hard work.

Otoha: I've prepared some chilled barley tea.
(above Otoha) Help yourself.
Haruhiko: Is this a marathon water-supply point now?!

(sfx) Type type... type type

Haruhiko: Umm... what are you doing?
Otoha: It's a game.


Otoha: Through the internet, you can play games with people from all over the world.
Otoha: This "Catastrophe Online" game is very addictive, so it's said that players have difficulty returning to society.

Haruhiko: ...Otoha-san, you're playing a game?
Otoha: In moderation, of course.
(small text) I'm pretty good, right?


Game: There!
Game: Ha!

(above Haruhiko is a victory fanfare)
(above Otoha) Well?
Otoha: Ara
Otoha: I seem to have leveled up again.

Haruhiko: W...wait a sec, Otoha-san?! It's already noon--
Haruhiko: In other words, you've only got 8 hours left to live, right?! Is it alright to be playing around?!

Naga: Like hell it'd be alright.

Naga: Look at anego's face and you'll have your answer.
Naga: Shiina Haruhiko.


Haruhiko: ---No way!!
Otoha: Yes, that's right.

Otoha: On the other end of this net game...

Otoha: Is the enemy master.


Haruhiko: How
Haruhiko: How did you know...

Otoha: The receipt that genin was carrying.
Otoha: Take a look at it.

Haruhiko: "Catastrophe Online"...
Haruhiko: It's definitely a receipt for this game, but... to be absolutely sure with just this---
Haruhiko: It might have just belonged to that genin person...

Haruhiko: ...Troph?


Otoha: Do you know what RMT (real money trade) means?
Otoha: There are things sold in free online games, you know. Rare items... rare dungeons... rare skills. Huge proifts are made from selling those "materials" of the game world.
(right of Otoha) There's advertising too, though...

Otoha: That "troph" is the currency inside the game...
Otoha: 1 troph equals 1 yen.
Haruhiko: Erm...
Haruhiko: So then it's...
Haruhiko: 100,000 yen?!
(That would be almost $1300)

Otoha: To a genin who is likely poor, it would be no easy task to produce such a sum.
Otoha: Not to mention we're currently in the middle of a master dispute...
Otoha: We must consider that here we have someone being used as a gofer by their master.


Otoha: And this is the players' ranking.
(first row, top) Player name

Haruhiko: There's one player with a huge lead.
(character name) Black Knight
Otoha: He's gathered almost all of the strongest pieces.

Haruhiko: But still, to decide it's this person...
(small text) What about the one in 15th place, or 26th...
Otoha: We're talking about the person who is making me go through all of this, you know? It can't be anyone other than this guy.

(sfx) Ping!!
(screen) You have mail from Black Knight.

Haruhiko: H...huh?! Why did he---
Otoha: So it's come at last.


Otoha: I sent a message to "Black Knight"
Otoha: saying "Would you like the strongest sword, Neo-Sabre of Seven Dragons?"
Otoha: Even though I have one, so do 100 others.

Haruhiko: Th-
Haruhiko: That's amazing, Otoha-san!
Haruhiko: Could it be that you're in the process of tracking down the enemy?!


Naga: I'd definitely thought you were having a good time with that group, but

Naga: For a shinobi, you're pretty conservative.
Naga: Utsuki...
Naga: chan.

Naga: Aren't you going to get involved in the discussion over there?
Naga: I'm an idiot, so not once has using my head been helpful.

Naga: When I leave things to anego, it gives me a sense of relief.
Naga: After that, I trust her and "carry out my orders."
Naga: That's all I can do.


Naga: ...still,
Naga: why did you choose that guy?
Naga: What's so great about a man like that?

Utsuki: For me,
Utsuki: there was nothing.

Utsuki: My heart was always vacant and hollow...


Utsuki: But...
Utsuki: even as I was, the one who taught me the meaning of living was Haruhiko-sama.

Utsuki: Even if Haruhiko-sama has forgotten our promise... I want to return that sort of feeling to him.
Utsuki: I want to do everything I can to be useful to Haruhiko-sama.


Utsuki: That is what I had decided, but...

Naga: Well, now we're working together.
Naga: How about telling each other our real names.
(small text) Mine's Umaya Shikamaru.

Utsuki: Utsuki.
Utsuki: My real name is also Utsuki.

Naga: Ah... really?


Otoha: Now then, I'll explain.
Otoha: Shiina-kun, Yayoi-san.

Otoha: Anyway, we've become able to speak with "Black Knight" through an internet video phone.
Yayoi: Hold it!
Otoha: The one who will be appearing in front of the camera is Yayoi-san, but
Yayoi: I'm telling you to wait a second!
Otoha: Shiina-kun will be giving instructions from back here.
Yayoi: OI!!

Yayoi: Why am I doing it?!
Yayoi: It makes more sense to have Nagatsuki do it, since disguise is his strong point!
(left of Yayoi) Your life doesn't mean a thing to me!
Otoha: Ara ara~


Haruhiko: Please, Yayoi-san.
Haruhiko: We're uneasy about using Nagatsuki-san, who is susceptible to enemy techniques...
Haruhiko: And I think a girl could draw him out more than a guy could.
(right of Kunai) I'm injured, so...

Haruhiko: We thought about asking Utsuki-chan to do it, but... she's in a bit of a strange state...

Yayoi: Hmph! Of course.
Yayoi: There's likely no way that woman could do this in the first place!!
(small text) No helping it.

Haruhiko: Um...
Haruhiko: Is it really okay to leave this stuff to me?
Otoha: Ara ara
Otoha:Since it's you, it'll be fine.

Otoha: Do your best, Shiina-kun.


Haruhiko: Y...
Haruhiko: Yes!
Box: In truth, I think having Otoha do this would be best, but...
Box: I don't want her to overdo things more than this.

(right of Yayoi, arrow) Wig

Yayoi: Alright.

Haruhiko (thoughts): This time, I'll expose the enemy's true colors!!


Haruhiko (thoughts): It's dark!!
Haruhiko (thoughts): I can't tell what's what like this...

(Haruhiko): This person--
(Haruhiko): is a man!

Haru/Yayoi: Er...
Yayoi: H...hello.


Haruhiko: Your expression is too stiff! Look softer and nicer! Try being cute!!

Yayoi: I
Yayoi: I reaaally love this game, y'know~!
Yayoi: That's why I was like, I want to play together with the strooong "Black Knight"-san~~

BK: Hmmm~...
BK: Well, even if you suddenly say that...

Haruhiko: ...The sound's bad, and there's some sort of music playing over it.
Haruhiko: The image quality is really rough, too...


(Haruhiko): To make it impossible to figure out his location and identity?!
(sfx, right of Haruhiko) Gulp...
Haruhiko: ...erm.

Yayoi: What should I do about that?
BK: Hmm...

BK: First, I'd like the Neo-Sabre of Seven Dragons, please.
(Haruhiko): No! If we hand it over, he'll definitely cut the connection!!

Haruhiko: Yayoi-san!
Yayoi: HAH?!
Yayoi: What are you saying?!

Yayoi: Don't screw with me! Even now, do you know how much I want to desert you, you basta---
Yayoi: Guh...
Yayoi: Ugh...
Yayoi: ...you better remember this, Shiina Haruhiko!


Yayoi: Exhale
Yayoi: Ahem.

Yayoi: Ehhhhh?!
Yayoi: Saying something so cruel, what a total shock~~
Yayoi: I wanna talk to "Black Knight"-tan a loooot more~~~~!

Yayoi: We're finally talking by video phone, so I wish you'd show me more of your face~
Yayoi: A totally dark place like that will really make your eyes bad, y'knooow♡


Hanajima: Next, try saying "daddy, I loooove you!"
Haruhiko: Please don't bring your family situation into it!!

Nikyuu: Somehow, this is...
Nikyuu: really exhausting.

Nikyuu: That time with Hazuki, he single-handedly gave himself away, but...
Nikyuu: Even though we need to get the enemy to talk to us, today, our side is the only one saying anything.


Nikyuu: And in response, the enemy has only made sounds of affirmation.
Nikyuu: Furthermore, his room is dark, the image quality is poor, and the noise and BGM make his voice hard to hear...

Nikyuu: If we had the time to analyze it, we could probably figure out his whereabouts, but...
Nikyuu: by then, our master would be...

Nikyuu: All we can do is wait for him to let something slip...

Kunai: No,
Kunai: could it be that...


BK: ---pu.

BK: Kuku
BK: Puahahahaha!!

BK: Ah~~ no good!!
BK: I can't hold it anymore.

BK: Hu...
BK: You...
BK: No... you two are Shiina and Otoha, right.

Haruhiko (thoughts): There's no more room for doubt!!
Haruhiko (thoughts): This guy... this guy is!!


BK: Don't you have anyone there with more sex appeal?
BK: That thing you keep showing disgusts me!!

BK: So, what's with this?!
BK: Which of you two was poisoned, hm?

Otoha: Ara ara...
Otoha: Could it be that you don't have an accurate grasp of the situation?

Otoha?: ...bingo.

BK: I didn't get a message from Minazuki's genin, so I thought it had been a failure, but
BK: Kukuku... the weird woman who should have been frantic was instead perfectly happy.
BK: But from here--


BK: You lot have 2 options.
BK: Either the master dies,
BK: Or you hand over all of your pieces.
BK: That's it.

BK: I'll be waiting and looking forward to the promised time of 3 PM!
BK (sfx): Beeep beeep

Haruhiko: Ah...

Yayoi: We unded up with the worst possible outcome.
Yayoi: Don't tell me we were also being sought out.


Hanajima: On top of that, he's even made off with the sword!
Haruhiko: No way?!
(small text) One million...!!

BK: Kukuku...
BK: What laughable guys.

BK: Don't you think so too?

BK: Shimotsuki,
BK: Minazuki.

Ninja: Master!


Ninja: Hazuki-dono has just returned.
Ninja: He says he has something urgent to re...


Ninja: It's from the master.

sfx bubble: Beep
Hazuki: Master!!
Hazuki: We did it!! Just as planned, Otoha Kyoko was hit with a poison arrow!


BK: You're really useless, aren't you.

Hazuki: ...eh?

BK: I knew about that already. Besides, you're late. What the hell've you been doing?!
Hazuki: A...actually, I passed out... and came here carried by a bear...
BK: I don't believe you!! You fail and come crawling back here?!

Hazuki: F...failed... didn't I use a rat to send information on the enemy!!
BK: As far as information gathering goes, any ninja could do that, couldn't they? Am I wrong?!
BK: Rather, it seems you were captured and confessed, right? I heard all about it from Minazuki's genin.
(small text, arrow) Currently in critical condition


BK: Let me tell you something good.
BK: Minazuki's genin was waiting with the poison arrow... hm? Now wasn't that your task?

Hazuki: Um... I can tell you the reason for...
BK: Tch, you just don't get it.

BK: You screwed up. When you outed me, you should've kept your mouth shut!!

BK: If she'd been hit in the heart, that one shot would've ruined everything.
BK: Well, you didn't tell them our whereabouts and you don't even know my name, so there's no need to off you, huh?

BK: Enough already. Bye bye.
sfx bubble: Beeep beeep


BK: This is a game of strategy.
BK: Whatever is done won't bear fruit while there are underlings around.

BK: If a guy has over 100 subordinates, you'd look elsewhere, right? You'd leave him for someone with a higher level than you, right?
BK: Until the unnecessary extras are taken care of, that is.

BK: Ah-ah,
BK: And I'd finally found something fucking interesting in the real world.
BK: How lame.


BK: Whoops!
BK: What time is it?
Ninja: It is a few minutes before 1 PM.

BK: 2 hours left until the promised time, huh...
BK: Kuku... those guys are probably desperately searching for me.

BK: But there's just no way they're gonna be able to find my hideout in this spacious city...
BK: And within a couple've hours, no less...

BK: By all means, go ahead and use up your time.
Master of Minazuki, Shimotsuki and Hazuki
Kaneko Akira

Akira: Ku
Akira: Kukuku...


Box: July 25,
Box: 3 PM.


Ninja: Are you alone?

Otoha: Ara ara.
Otoha: How many people can you see standing here?

Ninja: This is connected to my master.
Ninja: Take it.


Akira: Yo...

Akira: Sorry for pretending to be in the bathroom.
Akira: It's 'cause I'm a cautious guy.

Akira: If I didn't do something like this, then I wouldn't have known


Akira: That you're a fake.

Akira: Don't fuck with me.
Akira: Call your master! Or shall we end our business here~~?

Akira: Oi, moron. What do you think you're doing?
Akira: You don't even have 5 hours left to live, you know.

(screen, top) Otoha Kyoko
(screen, bottom) Talking

Akira: How about saying something? Hm?
Akira: Kuku
Akira: Not even enough energy to talk, huh?


(screen, top) Otoha Kyoko
(screen, bottom) Talking
Otoha: Thank you, Nagatsuki. That's enough.

Otoha: His not having come there means he is in his house.
Naga: It's just as you predicted, anego!

Akira: ...?! What? What the hell are you talking about, you bastards!!
Akira: OI!!

Otoha: Ara ara. Do you want to know? Well, then...
Otoha: 16 minutes, 23 seconds.
Otoha: Do you know the meaning of that timespan?


Akira: Wha?

Otoha: The answer is: it's the amount of time you spent speaking on the video phone.

Otoha: Did you think those sorts of tricks would be good enough?
Otoha: Rather...
Otoha: They served to tell us your whereabouts.

Akira: Fucking lame. Don't even try and bluff!!
Akira: Saying something like---

Otoha: It's that house that looks prefabricated, right...
(Prefabricated homes are manufactured off-site in advance and are then shipped as pieces to be assembled.)
Otoha: I wonder if people can really live in such a noisy, rattling place...


Akira: Wh...!!!

Otoha: Even if you play a BGM to deceive us, that sound is unique to this place.
(sfx, above train) Gachunk gachunk rattle rattle
Otoha: It didn't take long to figure out.


Otoha: I thought it was strange how sometimes the picture would become unusually rough.

Otoha: In the beginning, I didn't realize it, but... once I noticed, there was an incredibly simple explanation: the picture was shaking.
Otoha: It was as if something were repeatedly passing by... in an oddly regular fashion.


Otoha: The times when the image shook were 12:24, 29, 34, 39...
Otoha: It was easy to tell that they matched the schedule for Takamizawa Station.
(sfx) Gachunk gachunk
(side of building) Takamizawa Station

Otoha: Furthermore,
Otoha: For someone so cautious, you have a nasty face.
(small text) And I thought you might have been more good-looking...

Akira: You high school brat.


Haruhiko: That was amazing, Otoha-san!!
Otoha: Ara ara, of course.

???: As things have come to this, we have no choice...
???: Akira-dono.

???: Leave the rest to us.

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