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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Trance Knights 2

Lost Linkage

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 15, 2012 13:38 | Go to Trance Knights

-> RTS Page for Trance Knights 2

Translation Reserved for Mango Scans


(left, vertical box) It would be better if it were a bad dream, but...

Ley: ...at's
Ley: ...n

Ley: Not...
Ley: You're wrong...
Ley: ...ke that


(center, shadowed) These small shoulders carry the fate of the world.
(bottom right, author) Kugayama Reki


Ley: I wasn't hidi...
Ley: ...it

Ley (right, small bubble): Wai...


Gawain: Sorry. Did I wake you?

Ley: Sorry, you say...
Ley: Did you do something that you'd need to apologize for?

Ley: ...a transmitter?

Ley: No way... where was it?
Gawain: It's better you not know

Gawain: is what I thought, so I took it off while you were asleep, but do you want to know after all?
(text right of Ley) If that's the case, then be more skillful about it...
Ley: ...no, that's fine.
(left of Ley) Refer to the previous chapter.


Ley: Hm?
Ley: Where's Gareth?

Shopkeeper (right, small bubble): Come again.

Gawain (right, large bubble): He's refillling our provisions.
Gareth: Thank you~

Gawain: Change your clothes.

Gawain: That uniform is too conspicuous. For the time bei--
Ley: ...no way.


Ley: Because I'll need this school uniform when I go home.

Gawain: Go home...?
Ley: Just kidding.
Ley: Even once everything's over and done with, I still won't be able to go back to school... anymore.

(left, on black) I wasn't hidi--...

Gawain: You were outed in front of everyone, weren't you.


(horizontal box, right) What are they talking about, Ley?

(left of students) That "Arthur" person...
(left of students) As manager of the "Sacred King", he's the one who made it go out of control.

(right, vertical, small) You mean you're-----
(right, vertical, large) that murderer's daughter?
Gawain: As Arthur's
Gawain: daughter.


Ley: ...my mother is dead, so
Ley: I thought of everyone in my classes and the dorms like family.

Ley: With this,
Ley: I have nothing else left to lose.
(small text, bottom of bubble) Hehe.

Ley: Kyaa?

Gawain: Wearing this over it is better than nothing.
Ley: Wear...?


Ley: This is your jacket, isn't it!
Gawain (bubble left): That's the only thing we have that can hide the entirety of your school uniform.
Gawain: You don't want to change clothes, right?

Ley (bubble right): Wait a... what are you doing?

Gawain: What am I doing...?

Gawain: Since I gave that jacket to you,
Gawain: I'm changing clothes instead.
Ley (thoughts): Why don't you just buy another one!

Ley (thoughts, horizontal box): Ehh?!


Ley: ...ah.
Gareth (flashback): He
Gareth (flashback): suffered such a serious injury that it's a miracle he's still alive...

Gawain: What is it?


Ley: Don't just change your clothes whenever you feel like it!
Ley: I can't believe you!

sfx (center): Slam!
Gawain: ...why is she angry?
(right of Gawain) The uniform's fine, isn't it?

Gareth: Huh?
Gareth: Ley,

Gareth: what's wrong?
Ley: Nothing!

Ley (large bubble, left): What nerve that guy has...
(right of Ley, handwritten) Getting undressed all of a sudden, I don't believe him...

(right of Gareth) Eh?
(left of Gareth) Did the two of them have a fight?


(right of Ley) But
(left of Ley) that was such a
(furthest left of Ley) ...horrible wound.

Man: That brat...
Man 2: Yeah.
Man 2: There's no mistaking it.

sfx (right of Ley) Clack

Ley: A cellphone.


Gareth: It's a terminal we knights use that has a direct connection to the "Sacred King".
Gareth: That's right, with this, we can contr--
Gawain: Unfortunately, it won't start up.

Gawain: The link between the activation and circuitry was likely a WOL from the "Sacred King".
[Note: WOL stands for Wake-on-LAN. It allows a computer to be turned on or "woken up" remotely by a message from another system on the same network.]
Gawain: Perhaps while the "Sacred King" is dormant, the signal is being continuously interrupted.
(right of Gareth) Ah, no fair, you changed your clothes.
Ley: While it's dormant, the signal's interrupted, huh...

Ley: What about that Trance thing?
Ley (small, middle bubble): Isn't that what it's called?
Ley: Even though you can do that?
(above Gareth) Ahh?
sfx (above hand) Pop
sfx bubble (left of hand): Grip

Gawain: We Trance Knights


Gawain: utilize the special Trance ability, linked to the "Sacred King", to fight, but
Gawain: that system is completely independent.
Gawain: Though it is currently dormant, it executes that program as its highest priority.

Gawain: If it didn't, we wouldn't be able to protect Arthur in times of emergency.
Ley: In other words, that's---

Ley: Your basis for saying that the "Sacred King" is actually not out of control?
Gawain: ...that's right.

Ley: I see.
Ley: Then,
sfx bubble: Snap

black sfx bubble: Beeep
Ley: I expect a backup was made of its configuration settings.


black sfx bubble: Beeeep
Gareth: Ah!
Gareth: It started up?
black sfx bubble: Slip

Gareth: ...what is this,
Gareth: a code?

Ley: Since it's been restarted, I guess this is a security measure to synch things up?
Gareth (center): What's the password?
Gawain (left): ...password?

Gareth: ...don't tell me you have no idea what I'm talking about.
(left of Gareth) Didn't you hear about that sort of thing from the commander?

Gawain: Well...
Gawain: That is...

Arthur: ---And,
Arthur: If something happens, the system will be locked through the use of a simple coded password.


Arthur: At that point, bring it to my place. That'll cancel the lockdown.
(right of Arthur, handwritten) Since you'll need the manual to cancel it.
Gawain: Is it really alright to have use a simple code , even though the terminal is connected to the "Sacred King"?

Arthur: Hmm... well,

(right of Gawain, large white text) Ehh?
Arthur: Idiots won't be able to solve the code, so it's fine. ♡
(right of Arthur) Right?
(left, overlayed on Gawain) Perfect solution = Someone who can't solve it = A certified idiot

Ley: ...so you're saying that if you can't solve it, you're an idiot.

Ley: This is irritating.
(left of Gareth) Ah, a keyboard?
Gareth: Eh?
black sfx bubble: Clack

Ley: I'll definitely solve it.
Gareth: Ley?
Arthur: Huh? Did I somehow say something wrong?


Arthur: Idiots will be idiots, but it's okay because you're a musclebound idiot.
(crushing Gawain's head) Idiot, idiot, furthermore, a musclebound idiot
Gawain: That doesn't make it better at all...

Arthur: But Gawain,
Arthur: Weren't you the admirable idiot who volunteered,
Arthur: even though you're already risking your life to protect someone like me?

black sfx bubble: Crunch

Gawain: Decipher it afterward. Get up.
Ley: Wait, I'll have it solved in 5 minutes.

???: Heey, mister.


Man: That girl
Man: is the one in this poster, right?

Gawain: Reward money...?

Flashback: "White Dragoon" ...you said?


Man: That's the gist of it.
Man: If you understand, then just quietly hand over----

Gareth: Right back at you. Why don't you be quiet and go home.

Gawain: Gareth?
(bubbles right of Ley) Type type type type
(bubbles left of Ley) Ah. Got it wrong.
Gareth: Stay with Ley, okay?
Gareth: You haven't slept since yesterday, after all.
(small text) Keep an eye out.

Gareth: I can handle guys like these
black sfx bubble: Click
Gareth: by myself.


(right of bubble) Gehyahyahya
Man: Oi, you hear that!! The midget's gonna fight us!
black sfx bubble: Step
Man: Somebody do that guy a favor and be his opponent!
Man: Use your left!


black sfx bubble: Crack

Gareth: Should I
Gareth: do it with my left hand, too?
(left of Gareth's head) Smile.

Man: Get him!! He can't do anything if we gang up on him!!
Man: Don't be so full of yourself, you fucking brat!!

Gawain: That group says they'll gang up on him...?

gray sfx bubbles: Type type type
Ley: 11 08
Ley: ... 41
Ley: 10 31 ...


Ley: 9
Ley: 4
Ley: 1

sfx bubble: Ka-chack

Man: You...
Man: Fucking brat!!
Greath: Oh crap...

Ley: and...
Ley: raise it to the power of 7,
sfx bubble: Type type type
sfx bubble: Type type type
Ley: divide, and then
Ley: the remainder is...


Gawain: What's wrong.

Gawain: Didn't you say you could deal with them on your own?
Gareth: Gawain!

Gawain: You're bad at following through.

Gawain: That's why you're still an apprentice
Gawain: and don't have your own personal armament.
Gareth: Hehe... how humiliating.


Man: Wh
Man: What's with that arm...
Man: It... stopped the bullets?
Gawain: If we play around here too much, the army will discover our whereabouts.

Gawain: I'll protect you from their firearms,
Gawain: so finish things quickly.
black sfx bubble: Crackle
Gareth: Got it!

Man: Yeek?!


Man: HHH


Gawain: It's difficult to take aim
Gawain: when shooting.

black sfx bubble: Ping!
Ley: Alright!
Ley: It's my... win?

Ley: Geez.
Ley: It's certainly "simple". Just 10 characters.

Ley: C-L-A
Ley: W-space
Ley: A-R...

Man: Yeek?


Gawain: ---you're from Dragoon, are you?

Man: There's no way that's true!! Whether the subject on the reward poster
Man: was part of a terrorist group or whatever, I just thought it'd be profitable!! Let me go, dammit!
black sfx bubble: Whirr

Gawain: Yeah, probably.

Gawain (narration): No mention of the "Sacred King" or a password... but
Gawain (narration): The "White Dragoons" would have no other reason to target her.


Gawain (narration): This reward money is a declaration of war in the struggle for the "Sacred King".
sfx bubble: Rip
Gawain (narration): In other words, at the center of this chaos is the extent to which the most important secret is being leaked to the outside.

Gawain: Arthur...
Gawain (Narration): What happened?

Gawain (Narration): Where
Gawain (Narration): are you right now?

Gareth: Gawain!

Gareth: I finished tidying up. Let's go get brea...


sfx bubble: BEEP.
Ley: Fingerprint verified.

Ley: See!
Ley: I'm no idiot!!

Ley: Erm...
Ley: What happened here?

Gareth: What happened, you ask... did you not hear any of it?
(left of Gareth) There were even gunshots...
Ley: Sorry, I was concentrating.


Gawain (Narration): ...must've been.

Gawain (Narration): The "Sacred King" is dormant, so this won't connect, huh...
Gareth: You're amazing Ley, being able to solve the commander's code.
Ley: Why's that?

Ley: I mean, anyone could solve something like this, y'know?
Ley: The so-called code is just a numerical calculation, plain and simple, and when you convert the English sentence in the beginning to ASCII, it becomes a bunch of numbers, right? So since this here would be the rule governing it, what's next?
Ley: The problem lies in the organization of the prime number set. In particular... factorization... from (A³)D = A {...
Gawain: ...Gareth.
(left of Gawain) Is that an alien language?
Gareth: Don't ask me.
(right of Gareth) Er...
(left of Gareth) Electro-magnetic waves?
Ley: you can derive that (A³)D ... filling the table...
Ley: E x D = n x (PI 1) x (Q... in other words, D = (n x (PI 1) x (QI 1) + 1)/E is also... so you basically know the output of the algorithm... so then in order to find P, next you just... thankfully... I'm just saying it's just "simple"... since there are a lot of digits, you have to divide by the square... because if you take out the remainder, you're already...
(A lot of Ley's text is partially cut-off, hence the abundance of ellipses)

Ley: Erm.
Ley: Did I say something strange?
(left of Ley's bubble) Should I say it again?
Gawain: ...no,
Gawain: More like I have absolutely no idea what you're saying.

Ley: Oh, so Gawain's basically
Ley: a musclebound idiot?
(left of Gareth, handwritten) Ah.


Arthur: Idiots will be idiots...
Arthur: A musclebound idiot.

Gawain: You're...
Gawain: really Arthur's daughter, aren't you.

Ley: ...just so you know, that's not
Ley: A compliment.

Gareth: Ah!
Ley: Being put together with someone like that doesn't make me happy at all!

Gareth: Wait a second, Ley, it's dangerous around here!
(left of Gareth's bubble) There are wanted posters all over the place!
Gawain: ...why is she angry?


Gawain: Ambro...sius?
Gawain (thoughts): Who?!

(right, vertical box) The fate of the future is ringing!!
(bottom left, horizontal box) Trance Knights -- To be continued in the next issue

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