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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 378

Surprise Attack

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Mar 24, 2012 00:29 | Go to Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

-> RTS Page for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! 378

...yeah, not planning to make a habit of this, but I stumbled across the transcribed script, so I figured I might as well.



(top) Target 378: Surprise Attack
(left) Their love grows beneath the skies!!


(right) The Vindice attack all of the teams!!
Basil: Guwaa!!

Lal: Basil!!

Lal: What is the meaning of this, Vindice!!
Lal: The signal to start the representative battles hasn't gone off yet!!

Iemitsu: Look at their arms.
Iemitsu: They aren't wearing the battle watches.


Lal: Wha?!

Lal: They're the representatives for Bermuda of the clear pacifier, aren't they!!

Iemitsu: In other words, the rules of the representative battles don't apply to this fight.

Iemitsu: It's an off-the-records brawl.
Iemitsu: A surprise attack.

Iemitsu: That is the case, isn't it?
Iemitsu: Oh proud keepers of the mafia world's laws.

Vindice: Indeed.
Vindice: I have come to break your boss watch.


Basil: No way!!
Basil: cowardly!!

Lal: You purposefully targeted us when Colonnello isn't here!

Iemitsu: So you want to win the representative battle of the rainbow that badly,
Iemitsu: Vindice.

Iemitsu: That Bermuda person must have presented you with some excellent terms.
Iemitsu: Or perhaps you have some special reason...

Vindice: I have no interest in telling you.
Vindice: Our goal is supreme.

Iemitsu: Kuh!


Basil: Ugh!!
Basil: Master!!

Iemitsu: Calm down, Basil.
Iemitsu: We have no choice but to deal with them.

Iemitsu: If there's only one of them, we 3 will can do something on our own.

Lal: Unleash your power just like we did in practice.

Basil: Yes!!


(Basil): He's being pushed back!

Iemitsu: Wha

Iemitsu: What do you think you're doing!!
Iemitsu: I'm still paying back the loan on this house!!

Nana: Dear~~~? What are you doing at such an hour?
Nana: You'll bother the neighbors!

Iemitsu: Nana!!


Basil: AHHH!!

Lal: Dammit!!


Mukuro: Leave this area to me.
Chikusa: Mukuro-sama!!

Mukuro: Chikusa,
Mukuro: please withdraw.

Chikusa: ...but... again, you'll...

Mukuro: This time, I'll return immediately.

Chikusa: Let's withdraw, Ken! We'll only become a hindrance to Mukuro-sama!
Ken: No choice. I got it, byon!!

Mukuro: Oya,

Mukuro: Still in pain, are you, Fran?
Mukuro: Hurry and...


Mukuro: Oya oya, the crimson red apple has become blue.
Fran: Master... is that... a shinigami?

Mukuro: Pfft
Mukuro: Kuhahahaha!!

Mukuro: I'm relieved. So there was something you feared after all.
Mukuro: A heart capable of fear is invaluable in becoming a good illusionist.

Fran: Ma...
Fran: Master!!


Levi: Why isn't Mammon here at a time like this!!
Bel: He's at a meeting of the Arcobaleno...

Luss: Boss!! Run awaaaaay!!

Levi: Boss!!!
Levi: Please retreat!!!


Xanxus: Who the hell would retreat,
Xanxus: You pieces of trash.

Squalo: That's right. There's no way you'll get me to back down.

Fon: How fortuitous.


Fon: If we were not speaking about Skull, who possesses an undead body,
Fon: having his brain blown away would have killed him.

Yuni: Skull... you poor thing...
Reborn?: Judging by how there were no dead among the Shimon Family, that Bermuda bastard stole their watches and probably went easy on them this late in the game.

Mammon: Bermuda von Vichtenstein... just who is he?!
Verde: Even when we Arcobaleno gather together, we still have no further information.
Verde: What a pointless meeting. We probably each have our own matters to attend to.

Reborn: Yep, the representative battles start again tomorrow.
Reborn: The situation may have changed, but I'm looking forward to going all out.

Colo: Oi, wait a second, Reborn!! Hey!!
Colo: It's about time you told us your reason for participating in the representative battles!!

Mammon: That's right, Reborn!!
Mammon: Having Dino help Hibari and the like... tell us the reason for your strange behavior!!


Reborn: Hm?

Reborn: You're slow to catch on, aren't you.
Reborn: Looks like Yuni and Fon already figured it out.

Reborn: Later.

Colo: Damn, he fled again.

Fon: Fufu.

Fon: This is quite embarrassing for Reborn.

Fon: From the beginning of this representative battle, he hasn't been thinking of his own curse at all.
Arco: Wha?

Mammon: Then why is he participating
Mammon: in the representative battle of the rainbow?!


Fon: His objective has not shifted even 1 mm. this entire time.

Yuni: That's true.

Fon: Reborn's goal has always been

Fon: to raise Sawada Tsunayoshi
Fon: as the splended 10th boss of the Vongola.


Colo: Wha?!

Colo: For Sawada?!
Fon: Thinking of it like this, I understand everything.

Fon: Usually, his method of training consists of putting Sawada Tsunayoshi through strict and relentless trials.


Fon: First making a team composed of Sawada Tsunayoshi's own guardians and the boss of an allied family, he encouraged Sawada Tsunayoshi to become ever more conscious of his role as boss.

Fon: And though he had never formed alliances before, by pushing Sawada Tsunayoshi into partnerships with other fighters, he increased the number of new combat experiences.

Fon: Reborn even spent his own curse release time to coach Sawada Tsunayoshi during battle.

Fon: Helping Hibari Kyouya was likely so he would want to fight Sawada Tsunayoshi, whose abilities have improved. After all, Sawada Tsunayoshi does not have a rival like Hibari Kyouya to positively impact his own growth.

Mammon: Even though we are desperately working to undo our own curses...
Mammon: That guy!!

Verde: He has always been a peculiarly stubborn man.
Verde: If you ask me, it's rather foolish.

Colo: Heh.
Colo: If you think that, then it's as if Sawada Tsunayoshi has 2 fathers.

Colo: Iemitsu looks forward to Tsunayoshi's growth, too.

Colo: He hides it, but you can tell if you look at his eyes.
Colo: Of course, just as they expect


Colo: Sawada Tsunayoshi is
Colo: steadily improving.

(left) Unwavering conviction, intensified...!!

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#1. by woma94 (Banned)
Posted on Mar 24, 2012
think you for the translation i wash i could do the translation so you could,t have to but i am still in high school so i don,t know how translation work
#2. by lynxian (Translator)
Posted on Mar 24, 2012
You're welcome! And aww, that's sweet. If you study, little by little you'll gain proficiency, so don't give up!
#3. by woma94 (Banned)
Posted on Mar 24, 2012
lynxian thinks that helps lot i will work even harder to be Translator one day

#4. by Animeace (Registered User)
Posted on Mar 24, 2012
My fav manga thanks a lot for the trans^^ so many groups competing to scan the big 3 poor Reborn has been left in the cold I guessXD

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