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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Nurarihyon no Mago 197

A Small-Scale War

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Apr 5, 2012 21:52 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

-> RTS Page for Nurarihyon no Mago 197


(right) Live coverage at the Nura Clan's main house!!
(left) Act 197: A Small-Scale War

(beneath panel, star) Volume 21, the latest from Jump Comics, is now on sale in bookstores across Japan!!

Peanut Gallery: We're getting a video feed from the eyeball!!
Peanut Gallery: Rikuo-sama has arrived in Kyushu!!
Peanut Gallery: Lemme see, lemme see!

Zen: So then... they're Gokadoin family heads? Those guys.
Peanut Gallery: There's 3 there.
Peanut Gallery: They're riding a giant snake!!

Zen: That's Kyushu's spider family...?
(left of Zen) Hyakume~ show more of what's going on.
Tofu: Hm?
(above Tofu) Something looks familiar...

Peanut Gallery: AHHH!!

Ko-oni: Tsuchigumo?! Isn't he supposed to be dead?!
Yokai: No waaaay?!
Natto: Is Rikuo-sama alright?!


???: You mustn't panic! Everyone!!
Yokai: Yeek!

Natto: Yu...

Natto: Yuki Onna...?!
Tsurara: Please believe in Rikuo-sama!!
Yokai: Owaa
Tsurara: Our commander went to the front lines himself for the sake of yokai nationwide!!

Tsurara: If we waver, how can the main house be a place to which he can return?!
Yokai: A-amazing...

Tsurara: In order to follow Rikuo-sama's will!
Tsurara: We will make this place into a support pillar for the yokai world!!

Tsurara: Right?!
(above yokai) Yeaaah!
(Shouei): B-big sis...

Wakana: Thank you, Tsurara-chan!
Tsurara: Wakana-san.


Wakana: Tsurara-chan... you really have faith in Rikuo.
Wakana: I think that would definitely make him happy, too.

Tsurara: No, that's...
Tsurara: As Rikuo-sama's trusted aide, this...

Tsurara: Is the only way I can be of use, so...

Wakana: Hmm~

Wakana: Don't worry! He'll definitely come back!!
Tsurara: Y-yes!
Wakana: To see Tsurara-chan's smiling face!

Tsurara: Eh?

Tsurara: EHHHH?! I-is that so?!
Wakana: He hasn't actually said that, but it's probably true?
(left side of Wakana's bubble) Hohoho
Tsurara: Really?! I don't believe you, mother!!
(The kanji used here can mean step-mother, foster mother, mother-in-law, etc. - but the reading given is simply "mother".)
Zen: Calling her mother... that's completely wro...
Tsurara: Shut up, Zen-sama!! It's a figure of speech!
Mokugyo: Be quiet, you lot!!

Wakana: But, you know,
Wakana: Lately, Rikuo... has seemed really happy.


Tsurara: Yes!

Tsuchibro: The Nura Clan... Nurarihyon's son, or grandson, huh...?
Tsuchibro: So you're telling us to fall behind your general...

Rikuo: Hm?

Rikuo: ...I'm not really saying that sorta thing at all, though?

Tsuchibro: ...We... are a collection of warriors who endured the cleansing of a thousand years ago...
Tsuchibro: Certainly, our numbers are lesser now, but...

Tsuchibro: We ask for no help!!
Tsuchibro: We will... protect this village!!
Rikuo: If that's the case, then fine.


Rikuo: However... from here on out,
Rikuo: in order to defeat Abe no Seimei...
Rikuo: and for the good of the night,

Rikuo: I want to lend you lot a hand.
Rikuo: That's why... You'll definitely be surviving this! Warriors of Kyushu!

Hiruko: Hah?
Hiruko: Defeat Seimei-sama...?

(Tsuchibro): This youngster...

Tsuchibro: Alright... We shall accept... your offer.


(Tsuchigumo): What the hell.
(Tsuchigumo): Why are you all having such a conversation... without me there.

Gokaponytail: Hrm?!

Rikuo: You lot are Gokadoin heads, right...
Rikuo: First, I'm going to stop you!!


Gokaponytail: 3-on-3, huh... fine by me.
Hiruko: Oi!! I'll take care of those two over there, too!! Don't take'em for yourselves!!

Gokabeard: Don't underestimate them, Hiruko. These two also seem to be in the same class as the lord of this village.
Gokabeard: We will each be in charge of one.
Hiruko: WHAT?!

Gokaponytail: My name is Nagachika, and you?

Tamazuki: ...Tamazuki...
Tamazuki: Inugamigyobu Tamazuki... lord of the Shikoku Hachijuuhakki Yako...

Nagachika: I see.

Nagachika: Let us change locations. Follow me.


Nagachika: Don't be suspicious of me... this is so we may fight to our hearts' content.
(center text)
11th Head
Gokadoin Nagachika
Shikoku Hachijuuhakki Yako Boss
Inugamigyobu Tamazuki

Dassai: Whoops?

Gokabeard: So you are my opponent, hm.
Dassai: Oooh? Ossan, you use birds, huh?
Dassai: That's pretty smart.

(sfx) Tweeeeet

Dassai: Uwaa!

Dassai: Oi, oi!
Dassai: Hold on a sec!!
(small text) You're just dropping me and not letting me ride!!

Gokabeard: I am not as gentlemanly as Nagachika.
Gokabeard: I just simply attack.


Gokabeard: I am the Gokadoin's 10th head, Arihiro!!
Arihiro: The yokai extermination... has already begun!!
(center text)
10th Head
Gokadoin Arihiro
Heavy Drinker Hoodlum

Dassai: It's been a while... let's do this~

Hiruko: Hmph... so you're all that's left...
Hiruko: Leader of all Kanto... what was it, again?


Hiruko: Ah.
Hiruko: Don't bother giving me your name.

Hiruko: You say you'll defeat Seimei-sama?
Hiruko: You sure talk big... well... you've lucked out facing me from the start.

Hiruko: And that's because!
Hiruko: If you can defeat me, it'll be as if you've already defeated every member of the Gokadoin!

Hiruko: Since I'm the strongest one...

Yura: Nura-kun... be careful... this guy's body is made up of the five elements...

Hiruko: Well... that just means


Hiruko: I'm the
Hiruko: hardest to defeat!!
(center text)
9th Head
Gokadoin Hiruko
Leader of all Kanto yokai and third head of the Nura Clan
Nura Rikuo

Yura: Wh... what the?!

Yura: Th... the fuda are...
Yura: It's just as if he were utilizing "fear"... is this guy really human?!


Rikuo: Yura... it seems this is impossible to do while protecting you.
Yura: Huh?

Rikuo: Look out for yourself.
Yura: Ehh?!

Yura: Wh...what the heck?!
Yura: Who would want to be protected by you, anyway?!
(small text) How rude!!


(Hiruko): That katana...
(Hiruko): It'd be bad... if I took it head-on, huh?

Hiruko: Well...


(Yura): Eh?!

(Yura): His leg...
(Yura): absorbed Nura-kun's attack?!

Hiruko: Yeah, yeah
Hiruko: Yeah,


Hiruko: But it ain't gonna hit meeeeeee?!

Yura: Nura-kun!!
(right of Hiruko) Muhahaha!

Rikuo: Seems that this guy...
Rikuo: Isn't just running his mouth off...


Nagachika: Concerned about them? You should really worry more about yourself, you know?
Nagachika: The purification of Shikoku will be carried out shortly after this, after all.

Tamazuki: I wonder about that...

(right) Jintsuriki
(left) "Kureha Tsubute"
(lit. Divine Power: Autumnal Leaves, Thrown as Stones)
Nagachika: Th...this is...?!


Tamazuki: Now, you won't be able to see a thing.

Tamazuki: You may as well die in this bewitching world, trapped within these leaves...

Nagachika: I see, so you manipulate tree leaves and blind your opponent.
Nagachika: Sorry, but


Nagachika: There is a set distance past which... nothing can come any closer to me.
Nagachika: That is my "Kekkaigan"!!
(lit. Ocular Barrier)
Gokadoin Nagachika
11th Head
Years in Power: 1927-1945

Nagachika: As I have poor eyesight... I can only see a faint light.
Nagachika: The extent of my vision is 2.5 m.

Nagachika: My katana "Bukyura" has a length of 1.5 m. ...and my arm is 1 m. long...
(diagram, above arrow) Field of vision
Nagachika: In other words, my field of vision is equal to their combined distance!!
Nagachika: My Bukyura destroys everything the instant it enters this 2.5m. barrier!!
Nagachika: Naturally, arrows and bullets can't reach me either.


Nagachika: What bad luck... you may bewitch with leaves, but your attacks will not reach me...
Nagachika: Shikoku will be destroyed...

Tamazuki: Hmph.
(sfx) Chuckle
Tamazuki: That is an interesting ability.
(left of bubble) For a human, that is...

Tamazuki: Certainly, it seems
Tamazuki: entering that barrier... would be difficult for me...
(left, star) What is Tamazuki's true power...?!

Tamazuki: However, allow me to warn you... before long, leaves "change their colors".
Tamazuki: Soon... it will be the best time to go and view them.
(bottom) The start of a 3-on-3 small-scale war!! What are Tamazuki and Dassai's abilities!?


page 3: Mother / Okaasama

The kanji used here (お義母様) can mean step-mother, foster mother, mother-in-law, etc. - but the reading given is simply "mother". Since I know this is one of those instances where people are going to latch onto this like a water in the desert, I figured it worth explaining. Just because Tsurara calls Wakana "mother" doesn't mean she views Wakana as her mother-in-law - It's the same as with Shouei calling Tsurara "big sis", and Yura referring to most of the Keikain onmyoji as "brother", while using the kanji for "brother-in-law". It's showing that there's a familial feeling, despite people not being related by blood.

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