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Haikyuu!! 8

"The View From the Top"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 2, 2012 00:59 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 8


(top left) Haikyuu!!
Tobio: At your fastest speed,
Tobio: perform your highest
(left) --Finally!!!

Tobio: jump

Tobio: and I

Tobio: will get the ball to you!


(top, star) A special extra story is appearing in "Jump NEXT!", on sale 4/28!! Details on page 300!!
(right) --They have always been waiting. For a trusted partner, to be trusted by a partner, for each other... for nakama.
(I figured I'd leave it at "nakama", since most manga/anime fans are familiar with the word and it has so many meanings beyond just "friend" or "comrade".)
(center) Haikyuu!! Chapter 8: "The View From the Top"
(bottom) Furudate Haruichi


Shou: ? "You'll get it to me"??
Shou: What's that mean??

Tobio: ...just jump as fast and as high as you can where there's no blocker.
Tobio: Then, hit with all your might.
Tobio: You don't need to see my toss. You don't need to connect with the ball.

Shou: HAAH?! I have to see the ball, or I'll just be swinging at empty air!!
Tobio: Probably!!
Shou: OIII?!

Tobio: But...
Tobio: I want to give it a try.

Shou: I got it.

Kei: You're planning to do something again?
Kei: I'm telling you, nobody can hit the "king's" [ego-centric toss].
Yama: You got that right~

(Koushi): What do you intend to do...?
(Koushi): As he is now, it's impossible for Hinata to hit that toss, to say the least...


Yama: Nice serve!
black sfx bubble: Thump bump
Tobio: Phew...
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
???: One point!

???: e serve!
(Tobio): [For you, who have "excellent eyes which see everything around you", there is absolutely no way you can't see your comrades!!]
sfx bubble: Squeak squea
(sfx): Tweeeet
???: e serve!
black sfx bubble: Th-thump
sfx bubble: Squeak

(Ryunosuke): ...that's some amazing concentration...

???: Nice serve!

(Tobio): --Look.
(Tobio): Watch.

(Tobio): Where are the blockers?
(Tobio): Where is the ball?
(Tobio): Where is the spiker?
(Tobio): How will he move next?
(Tobio): Where will he jump?
(Tobio): Where will his MAX jump occur?


(Tobio): --Now!!!
(Tobio, center): This timing!
(Tobio): At this angle!!

(Tobio): This setup!


(Tobio): It's perfect!!!

Tobio: Alright!


Shou: I hit it
Shou: with this hand!!!

Kei: ? "You hit it" ?
Kei: You're making a big deal out of nothing...
(left of Shou): UOOOOOH!
sfx bubble: Stinging

Daichi: ......oi... ...just now...

Daichi: Hinata...
Daichi: had his eyes closed...

Trio: WHAAA?!

Kei: ? ...um, what does that mean...?
Daichi: From the moment he jumped to the moment he swung at the ball, Hinata had his eyes closed...
Daichi: In other words, Kageyama brought the ball directly to the palm of Hinata's hand, and Hinata wasn't watching it at all...
Daichi: The instant his swing connected... there wasn't even the tiniest bit of confusion...!
(gray bubble) Hit dead-on!!

Kei: HAAAH?!
Shou: Awesome, that was amaaazing!!


(right of Shou) Hitting a spike is amaaaazing!
Shou: H-heey?! What was that just now?! I hit it, though!! With my hand!! Just now!! I did!! Hey!!
sfx bubble: Stinging

Tobio: Oi! Why did you close your eyes!!

Shou: You said "don't look at the ball", didn't you?!
Shou: If my eyes are open, I end up watching it no matter what I do, so...
Tobio: I definitely said that, but...

Shou: But that was a success just now, right?! What's the problem!!
Tobio: That might be true, but is it usually possible to trust someone 100% like that?!

Shou: It's cause I don't know any other way to do it!!

(Tobio): "You don't make use of any of your ability, you goddamn clumsy shit bastard!!"

(Tobio): "What have you been doing for 3 years?!"


(Tobio): That jump...
(Tobio): of Hinata's,
(Tobio): and his mobility...
(left of Ryunosuke) That was amazing! Oi, you hear me, amazing!
(left of Shou) The heck was that just now, huh?! Oi, what was it??

(Tobio): If I toss the ball,
(Tobio): they'll take him to wherever it is...!!

Tobio: ...Okay! Since Hinata's spike was successful, now they won't know who to target, so it'll also be easier for Tanaka-san to score hits!
Shou: Oooh!
Ryunosuke: Alriiight!

Tobio: ...even though there isn't a speck of "mutual trust" between us...

Tobio: I'll
Tobio: get the ball to you next time, too.
Tobio: Believe in me and jump.

(sfx) Nod

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Thump
???: Nice receive!


(Tobio): ...right here!!

Tobio: Ah.
Shou: Blauugh.

Tobio: My bad.

Player: Hrmm... so that just now was a fluke after all, huh...?
sfx bubble: Flip
Koushi: Still...
Koushi: The toss' accuracy has certainly improved...
Player: You think so?
Koushi: Yeah.

(Tobio): Shit... this time, it was too far away from the net...
(Tobio): Like I thought, this isn't going to be easy...

(Tobio): And being constantly aware of the entire court is tiring...
(Tobio): ...but!

(Tobio): This is fun...!!

Shou: What're you grinning for. Don't screw with me!! That's the second time it's hit my face, y'know!!


Kei: ...I don't get it.
Kei: Even though that was a fluke earlier, how many times will they keep trying until they're discouraged...

Daichi: ...well, probably
Daichi: until Hinata... jumps without seeing the ball again, I guess~

Daichi: It's certainly hard to understand.
Daichi: Trusting another person 100%.
Daichi: It's not something so easily done.
Daichi: And what's more, they're "fated rivals".

Shou: Dammit, I need to get better at this.

(Shou): ...But

(Shou): That feeling earlier,

(Shou): when I grasped the center of the ball...
(Shou): I loved the sensation of that

(Shou): "weight" against my hand.


(Shou): One more time.
(Shou): One more time.
sfx bubble: Grip

(Tobio): One more time,
(Tobio): A deliberate

(Tobio): So the spiker can use his strength to maximum effect.
(Tobio): Toss.

sfx bubble: Wham
Ryunosuke: Alright! Leave it to me!!

Tobio: Nice receive!
Kei: No matter how many times you toss it to that shortie, it'll end in failure.
Kei: If you only target Tanaka-san, then...


Kei: Yamaguchi!! You come too!! We'll stop it together!!

(Shou): ..."A wall."

(Tobio): "Listen.
(Tobio): If you can't return the ball..."


(Tobio): "Dodge it."

(Tobio sfx) Glance

Crowd: !? Ehh?! What?!
Crowd: What was that?!

(Shou): Jump "on three".
(Shou): If I trail behind the tall players in height, then

(Shou): Just "1 cm."

(Shou): Just "1 mm."

(Shou): Just "1 second" faster,
(Shou): Toward the top!!

(Shou): If I can do that...


(Shou): Then now, in this moment alone,

(Shou): This is the highest point.

(Shou): Before my eyes, it blocks my path.
(Shou): A high, high wall.

(Shou): What sort of scene is on the other side?
(Shou): How can I see it?

(Shou): By myself,
(Shou): I will never be able to see it.

(Shou): This is
sfx bubble: Open

(Shou): The view from the top.


gray sfx bubbles: Sting sting

Shou/Tobio: ALRIGHT!!!
(left) Their fervor overlaps...!!!!
(bottom) Next time, center color as thanks for the popularity!!

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on May 2, 2012
Thank you

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