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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Rosario to Vampire II 53


+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 5, 2012 15:35 | Go to Rosario to Vampire II

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Kurumu: ...Ah.

(left side) Bestrewn with love and sorrow, the succubus departs this world......?!!

(bottom) 53: Fake


Moka: N...

sfx bubble: Twitch twitch


sfx bubble: Pause

Mizore: You......!

Akua: Aiya...
Akua: It would be best if you don't move.
Akua: Otherwise, you will end up like this girl.

(Mizore): Kurumu...!


Akua: ...Well?
Akua: With this, you should understand, right, Moka?

Akua: Just hoping for something is futile.
Akua: Stop resisting already.
Akua: If you don't, then I'll kill this girl next.

Moka: Don't!
Moka: Please, anything but that!

Mizore: Resisting...?
Mizore: Hold on... what are you talking about? Shuzen Akua.


Akua: ...Honestly, I'm worried too, you know.
Akua: Why don't you try persuading Moka too?

Akua: The magic square surrounding and enclosing Moka
Akua: is something I constructed over the years.
Akua: It is a barrier which completely destroys even the strongest of seals.

Akua: Slowly, over time, Moka...
Akua: is relieved of all pain...

Akua: Despite that, she...


Akua: Moka!

Akua: See? It's just as I said, isn't it!
Akua: Even though the seal has almost broken already,
Akua: because you are pointlessly suppressing the power that is trying to awaken,
Akua: your body is being injured by the recoil...!

Akua: C'mon, please... before it gets to be irreparable...
Akua: Won't you return that body to the other Moka...?

Mizore: Return...
Mizore: her body?

Mizore: Wait... if the seal is completely destroyed, what will happen?
Mizore: To the current... "Outer" Moka...


Akua: She'll be
Akua: annihilated, of course.

(Mizore): This girl...!
(Mizore): What was with that "relieved of all pain"......

(Mizore): Then this barrier...
(Mizore): Is a tool for the sake of painlessly killing Outer Moka, isn't it...!


???: I absolutely...
???: will not allow that...!

Akua: Wh...?!


Akua: Kuh...

Moka: ...eh?
Moka: Ah... ahh...

Moka: Kurumu-chan?!!


Akua: Aiya~
Akua: What's going on?
Akua: Even though your body had been reduced to pieces, you're still alive...

Akua: ...no, this is...
(Akua): The large quantity of blood staining the floor has disappeared.

Akua: I see.
Akua: In other words, what I killed just now was an "illusion", hm...


Kurumu: Let's go, Mizore.
Kurumu: It's time to show her the results of our training.

Mizore: Yeah... Moka's condition is a race against time, too.
Mizore: No choice but to do this, huh...

sfx bubble: Whoosh

Kurumu: Illusionist
Kurumu: Kurono Kurumu the Succubus.

Mizore: Snow Fairy
(The kanji read "yuki-onna", but the reading is "snow fairy")
Mizore: Shirayuki Mizore.


Kuru/Mizo: We will take Moka back!


Rubi: Kyaa?!

Tsukune: Rubi-san? What's wrong?
Rubi: Tsukune-san... it's strange.
Rubi: The communicator suddenly broke...

???: Don't tell me...!
???: Did something happen to Kurumu-chan and the rest...

Tsukune: A...anyway, let's hurry...!
Tsukune: We have to quickly get to where the others are.
Rubi: Wait... before that, we need to find a way to escape from this special area...!


Kuyou: It's futile, Tsukune...
Kuyou: You still don't seem to understand your current situation...

Tsukune (left panel): Kuyou!

Tsukune: Hah...
Tsukune: You were still...

Kuyou: This is a completely enclosed space I created called "The Masked King".
Kuyou: You two alone will never be able to escape from here...!

Tsukune: The Masked King?


(Kuyou): You two were finished
(Kuyou): the moment you entered this space.

Rubi: Kyaaa!
Rubi: This is...

Kuyou: The flames are growing stronger.
Kuyou: Seeing how much you struggle will be quite the sight.

sfx bubble: Sink

Kuyou: This is goodbye, Tsukune......

Tsukune: W...wait!


sfx bubble: Plip

Tsukune: ......! He disappeared...
Tsukune: No way...
Tsukune: Then we are really...


Rubi: Hold on.
Rubi: It isn't over yet, Tsukune-san.


Tsukune: Rubi-san, that's...
Rubi: I'll wrench open the closed "hole" that Kuyou created!
Rubi: It's going to be difficult, but this is the only way to escape.

sfx bubble: Vrrm
sfx bubble: Vrrm
sfx bubble: Vrrm

Tsukune: Rubi-san...
Rubi: ...wait...
Rubi: Just a little more...!


Box: It truly
Box: happened in a matter of minutes.

Moka: Ah...
sfx bubbles: Tremble
Moka: Ahh......

(Kurumu): ...wh...
(Mizore): Im...impossible, this girl...

(left) But that was more than enough time for the two of us to realize...


(right) Shuzen Akua.
(right) She is a being completely unlike us.
(left) Even if we were to train for a thousand years, we would still be no match for her...

Akua: Aiya~
Akua: A combination that mixed ice and illusion.
Akua: You're not bad at all.
Akua: If I were a subdivision chief, generally that level of power would have defeated me.

Akua: But seeing as you have basically given up,
Akua: how about I kill you?

Mizore: Dammit...



Moka: Stop already, Akua-neesan.
Moka: I'll do as you say, so please...!
Moka: Please don't hurt them anymore...

???: Moka...

Moka: Kurumu-chan, Mizore-chan,
Moka: I'm sorry...
Moka: But you've done enough.

Moka: It's enough...
Moka: After all... you know already, don't you?
Moka: The truth about me...


Moka: I'm an "artificial personality" created in order to protect the seal.
Moka: A "fake" made in Akasha's image.
Moka: That is why...

Moka: ...there is no point
Moka: in risking your lives to protect someone like me...!


Kurumu: Moka...!
Kurumu: You...

Moka: ...Maybe it's because the seal has weakened.
Moka: I've remembered.
Moka: About my mother, about myself, all of it...

(Moka): At first, I was heartbroken... it was so painful that I felt as if I would go mad.
(Moka): But... because everyone came,
(Moka): Because you all came to help despite knowing the truth about me...

Moka: I felt like I had been saved.
Moka: That's why, you've done enough...
Moka: I... will have no regrets if I disappear like this.


Kuru/Mizo: ...Don't
Kuru/Mizo: you
Kuru/Mizo: fuck
Kuru/Mizo: with
Kuru/Mizo: us!

Kurumu: You're our rival in love, you know?
Kurumu: Our strongest, most invincible rival.

Mizore: We're not going to let you quit while you're ahead like this.
Mizore: Because we who you recklessly leave behind will be the ones with regrets...


(right) White and Black Duet, Number 13
(left) Last Waltz


Mizore: I'm going to launch more at her.
Mizore: Amplify it for me with your illusions.
Kurumu: I got it, okay!

(Fuhai): Akua avoids all attacks by evading with Jigen.

(Fuhai): However, while evading, her actions are restricted...
(Fuhai): For no longer than 40 seconds... in that span of time, Akua is also unable to attack.
(Fuhai): There is a delay in activating it, so the instant the technique runs out, you are completely defenseless.
発動も遅く 術が切れた瞬間は完全に無防備

(Fuhai): In other words, the time when Akua has just evaded
(Fuhai): is your only chance for victory.


(center) Just what the hell is "fake".

(Kurumu): Then what does that make Tsukune's feelings for you?
(Kurumu): What does that make our feelings?


(Kurumu): In truth,
(Kurumu): there were so many times when I thought "if only I could hate you".

(Kurumu): If only I could hate you.

(Kurumu): If only I could hate you.

(Kurumu): I thought that
(Kurumu): so many, many times......


(Kurumu): It's strange, isn't it?
(Kurumu): I'd thought that
(Kurumu): living for love was everything to me, and yet...


Akua: ...It seems
Akua: that this time isn't an illusion...


(Kurumu): That's why
(Kurumu): I won't let anyone say those feelings are fake.

Kurumu: Moka...
Kurumu: Plea...se


Kurumu: Whatever happens,
Kurumu: don't make Tsukune cry...
Kurumu: okay...

(Box, sfx): Thud...

Moka: No......
sfx bubble: Crack


Akua: ...it's ironic, you know.
Akua: The feelings you all possess,
Akua: and your bond,
Akua: are the real thing, and consequently,

Akua: once again, that loss
Akua: has broken the final seal.


Akua: Good morning, Moka...
(bottom left) As a result of her grief, she awakens--
(bottom) Rosario to Vampire season II - to be continued in the July issue

[p036 (omake page)]

(top right) Congrats on becoming bimonthly!
(right) A special 4-koma to commemorate Jump SQ. 19 becoming bimonthly!!

(left, above panel) A girls' talk while Tsukune is absent

Moka: This is because Jump SQ. 19 is going to be bimonthly now!
Kurumu: Yahoo~ ♡ Congrats~

Kurumu: By the way, what's "bimonthly" mean?
(Kurumu sfx) Whisper
Moka: That's when it comes out every other month.

Kurumu: Every other month...
Kurumu: How wonderful... ♡

Kurumu: If only that time of the month
Kurumu: were bimonthly too.
(left of Kurumu) I'm fed up with the heavy flow.
(left of Moka) Ahh!

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