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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 9

Combo Formed.

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 8, 2012 03:15 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 9


(top right) Now, a team!!!
(kanji on back of jackets) Karasuno High School Volleyball Club
(center, star) Thanks for the popularity! Center color for the climax of the match against fellow players!!
Chapter 9: Combo Formed.
Furudate Haruichi
(box) A special extra story is appearing in "Jump NEXT!", on sale 4/28!! Go to page 192 for the details!!


(Tobio): Sharpen
(Tobio): your senses.
(bottom) --Truly, that was a single instant.

(Tobio): The ball, the blockers, the spiker.
(Tobio): Don't overlook any of their movements.

(Tobio): With perfect timing,
(Tobio): I will
(Tobio): perceive the spiker's

(Tobio): highest point!!!


Yama: Uwaa!

Crowd: ! ...Again...!
(left of Crowd) Uoooh!
Crowd: Amazing, they scored again!!

Player: ...! They completely turned it around...!
sfx bubble: Flip
Player: There's just 1 point left for the set...!

Koushi: The toss' accuracy...
Koushi: is improving at an incredible rate...!

(Koushi): In the beginning... I'd thought he was an incredible guy because of his strong serve and that "king" nickname, but
(Koushi): that's not it at all.
(Koushi): ...This is...

(Koushi): This is
(Koushi): Kageyama showing his true ability as a "setter"...!!


(Koushi): ...but

(Koushi): It was Hinata who drew that out of him, though.
(right of Shou) I hit it agaaaaain!

(Koushi): He's really waited it out and endured a loooot.
(Tobio): Ah.
(Shou): Blauugh.
(Koushi): I mean, the first time I saw him, he was the kind of guy who gets hit in the face with receives.

Kei: I won't let you get another one past me like that!!
Crowd: Ooh.


Ryunosuke: Here it cooooomes!!!

Ryunosuke: Hng!
Yama: Agh!

Crowd: Gyaa... once he hits a free ball, there's just no touching it...
(above crowd) Yeep!
(right parentheses)
(left parentheses)
(left side) End of the 1st set
(right side) Tsukishima + Yamaguchi
(left side) Kageyama + Hinata


Kei: Shit...


Ryunosuke: Didn't you say you were gonna crush me and Hinata, huuuh!!
Shou: That's right, that's right!
Shou: Yeah, you just try!

Koushi: Why are you the one lording it over him the most, Tanaka~~
Ryunosuke: Ah.
Ryunosuke: Ehh?

Crowd: Yeah! And you were able to hit it thanks to that 1st year, too~
Crowd: That's some attitude you've got~
Crowd: Baaaldy.
Ryunosuke: Who mixed in a regular insult just now, dammit!!
(right of Ryunosuke) I ain't bald!!

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

Crowd: ...Frankly...
Crowd: Tsukishima's team lacks determination, so
Crowd: if they can't stop Kageyama and Hinata's attack, it's gonna be hard on them.

Ryunosuke: Let's do this!
Shou/Tobio: Osu!!

Box: 2nd Set.


Scoreboard, right side: Kageyama + Hinata
Scoreboard, left side: Tsukishima + Yamaguchi
(it's the same for all the scoreboards on this page. I guess the name order switched when they started a new set.)

Crowd: ...Kageyama... is definitely amazing, but
Crowd: That precision toss really seems to be wearing him down.
Crowd: It looks like it's effecting Hinata's usual range of movement, too.

Koushi: ...yeah.... but


Shou/Tobio: Alriiiight!!!
Koushi: ...they look like they're having fun.

(sfx) Tweeet
Box: End of the match

Scoreboard, right side: Kageyama + Hinata
Scoreboard, left side: Tsukishima + Yamaguchi
Box: Set count: 2 - 0

Box: Winner: Hinata + Kageyama team

Ryunosuke: Da

(Kou/Dai): Da?
Ryunosuke: Daichi-san and Suga-san, you both...

Ryunosuke: Said that stuff so those guys could figure out how to pull off an attack like that, didn't you?!
(around Ryunosuke) You're seriously amazing!!
Kou/Dai: Ehhh!?
(Daichi): "If they can utilize such a combination, Karasuno will make explosive progress."
(Koushi): "It's like he'll somehow be better at using it, wouldn't he?!"


Koushi: Th
Koushi: That's not true at all! I was just trying to say "give Hinata tosses that are easier to hit".
Daichi: I just
Daichi: thought that it seemed like Hinata would be able to match the rhythm of Kageyama's somewhat unreasonable toss.

Daichi: ...but they've betrayed my expectations in a good way~

Koushi: It wasn't Hinata who matched the toss' rhythm.
Koushi: Rather, it completely matched his... regardless of where he jumped.
Koushi: The setter comfortably enabling a spiker to hit a toss
Koushi: is really quite natural, but
Koushi: the precision of that "enabling" is unexpectedly high.

Koushi: Especially since Hinata is still really clumsy and couldn't hit it before.
Koushi: That really forced Kageyama to show his true skill, huh...
Daichi: Yeah... how to put it...
Daichi: I think it's alright like this, but

Daichi: It ended up becoming like this.
(below arrow) Hinata


Daichi: Hinata, who
Daichi: is unskilled but has a natural talent for speed and jumping,
Daichi: and Kageyama, who makes full use of those abilities through his high level of skill...

Daichi: Each brings out the other's best performance and ability...

Daichi: This has... probably created an even more amazing combo then I'd anticipated.

Shou: Tsukishima!


Kei: ...what.

Shou: You shake hands at the beginning and end of a match, right.
Shou: We didn't at the start of today's, though.

Shou: And we're gonna be teammates from now on too,
Shou: even though I'm not too happy about it.

Shou: Hurry up and shake it already.
(left of bubble, sfx) Whisper
(left of Shou, sfx) Glance
Shou: Don't you know?!
Shou: If you don't have an "awareness of being teammates", then you'll be thrown out of the gymnasium!

Kei: ...you two were banned from the gymnasium because
Kei: you repeatedly ignored the captain's warnings, started a game of your own accord, and ended up blowing off the vice-principal's wig.
Kei: (Info from Sugawara)

Shou: W...whatever, don't sweat the details.



(above group) Waah!
Ryunosuke: What the heck are those 1st years doing...

(right of Yama) You okay, Tsukki?!

???: Tsukishima.

Daichi: What'd you think? About the 3-on-3 match.

Kei: ...I didn't...
Kei: really care about it.
Kei: We were against that elite school's "king", so
Kei: there's nothing strange about us "common folk" being unable to win.
Daichi: ...Hmm...

Daichi: And yet


Daichi: You really got serious out there, didn't you.

???: CAPTAIN!!

Daichi: What is...


(right paper)
Club Registration
Volleyball club
-3 Kageyama Tobio
(left paper)
Club Registration
Volleyball club
class A-1 Hinata Shouyou

Daichi: Shimizu,
Daichi: Those have already come in, right?

(sfx) Nod
Karasuno High School, 3rd year
Volleyball club manager
Shimizu Kiyoko

Shou: Uwa!


(kanji on jacket) Karasuno High School volleyball club

Shimizu: The size will probably be fine, but
Shimizu: tell me if there are any problems.
Shou/Tobio: Thank you!!!

Koushi: Why don't you try it on too~
Kei: No, I'll do it later-
Ryunosuke: What're you, embarrassed! It's fine, just try it on!

Koushi/Ryu: Oooh.

Ryunosuke: Ooh! It suits ya!
Koushi: Yep, it definitely does~
(left of Ryu) Yep yep yep
(left of Koushi) Yep

Daichi: ...from now on,


Daichi: let's do our best, as Karasuno's
Daichi: volleyball club!

Shou/Tobio: ...Osu!!!


Daichi: Pheeew.

Daichi: ...things are...
Daichi: settled, for now...

Daichi: You and Tanaka
(right of Ryu) And then...
(above Ryu) That!
(above Shou) Like this?!
Daichi: really managed to pull off all sorts of things, huh, Suga?
Koushi: ! Gwah?!
Koushi: No, I mean, I didn't really do anything?!

Daichi: Anyway, I'm glad things have been resolved...

Daichi: Thanks.

Koushi: Good work.
Daichi: What the?! Oi!


Tobio: Oi, Hinata!! You rested up?! You're rested, right?!
Tobio: Let's practice the quick strike again! We're just getting the hang of it!!
Shou: Yeah!
Tobio: Tanaka-san, we'll be taking the ball!
Ryunosuke: Geh!
Ryunosuke: You're already moving around again?!

Tobio: I want to try it out in an actual game as soon as possible...
Tobio: Even if it'd probably be a practice match...

Shou: A practice match...!!
Shou: A game against... another school...!!

Tobio: In an actual game, there'd be blockers that are like Tsukishima x3, you know!
Shou: Uoooh! That'd be really awful!
Yama: What'd you say!
Daichi: ...I'd certainly... like to put together a practice match soon...
Daichi: But...

???: We're competing!!
???: It's all set up!


???: A practice match!!!
Volleyball club faculty advisor
Takeda Ittetsu
volleyball experience: zero

Takeda: The opponent is
Takeda: One of the prefecture's best 4!!
Takeda: "Aobajousai High School"!!
Koushi: "Seijou"?!
("Sei" is an alternate reading for the first kanji in the school's name.)
Kei: Geh.
Koushi: How in the world did they arrange that...

Shou: ...who's that?! A teacher?!
Tobio: No idea!

(Shou/Tobio): But

(Shou/Tobio): It's a practice match with
(Shou/Tobio): one of the prefecture's best 4...!!!
(left) The start of Karasuno's revival!!!
(bottom) Thanks for the support!! Next issue is also an increase to 23 pages!!

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