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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Haikyuu!! 10

The Strain on the Timid

+ posted by lynxian as translation on May 23, 2012 19:33 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 10


???: A practice match
???: with Aobajousai High School,
???: one of the 4 strongest in the prefecture...!
(right, star) An increase to 23 pages as thanks for the popularity!! Moving onward with new developments!!
Furudate Haruichi
Chapter 10: The Strain on the Timid
(left) The revived Karasuno's first game!!!

Takeda: Ooh!

Takeda: So you two are the problematic Hinata-kun and Kageyama-kun, huh!

Tobio/Shou: ......osu.
Takeda: Starting this year, I'm the volleyball club's advisor, Takeda Ittetsu!

(under panel) A special extra story is appearing in "NEXT!", on sale 4/28!!

Takeda: I don't have any volleyball experience, so I can't offer any guidance on the technical aspects, but
Takeda: aside from that, I look forward to us giving our all and doing our best!
???: Osu!


Takeda: Wheew, since I went to various places asking directly for a practice match, I didn't think I'd end up making this meeting at all...
Koushi: Seijou is a really strong school, so how did you pull this off, sensei...?!
Daichi: Don't tell me you kowtowed again...?!

Takeda: I didn't, not at all! Kowtowing is my strong point, but I didn't do it this time!
Daichi: Sensei...
(small text) "This time" he says...
(right of Daichi) So touching...

Takeda: It's just...
Takeda: there's a condition for the match...
???: A condition?

Takeda: "Kageyama-kun will
Takeda: act as setter for the entire game."

Ryunosuke: Wha!

Ryunosuke: So they're saying that they've got no interest in Karasuno itself, but
Ryunosuke: right now they only want to guard against Kageyama, is that it?
Ryunosuke: What the hell? Are they mocking us? How about I mock them up!
(There's a pun in the Japanese that doesn't work in English. He says "nameru", which can mean both "to lick" and "to make fun of", and then "peropero", which just means "to lick".)
Takeda: N...no, erm, they don't mean it in a nasty way.
Takeda: Erm...


Koushi: Th... that's fine, isn't it.
Koushi: This isn't a chance you get everyday.

Ryunosuke: Are you really okay with that, Suga-san!
Ryunosuke: You're Karasuno's regular setter, aren't you!

Koushi: ...I...

Koushi: I
Koushi: want to see just how good
Koushi: Hinata and Kageyama's attack will be
Koushi: against one of the top 4.

Daichi: Sensei, please give us the details.


Takeda: Okay.

Takeda: Umm... the scheduling is a bit sudden, but the match will be on Tuesday of next week.
Takeda: It's because they already have other practice matches booked for the weekend.
Takeda: Since time is short, it'll just be a 1-set game.
Takeda: We'll borrow a school bus to get there.
Takeda: As for the time...

(Shou): A match...
(Shou): A match...!

(Shou): Since coming to Karasuno, it'll be my first...
(Shou): official match... with all the necessary players...!

???: Good job today~
???: You too!

???: Sugawara-san!


Tobio: This time, I'm
Tobio: going to be a starting member automatically, but
Tobio: next time, I'll take a spot
Tobio: as a regular properly, through skill alone!

Koushi: Ehh?!

Tobio: Ehh??

Koushi: Ah, well,
Koushi: I'd thought that I would be beneath your notice somehow, so that surprised me...
Tobio: ?? Why would you think that??
Koushi: Because your constitution and ability are both definitely better than mine, right?

Tobio: You can't fill the gap in "experience" so easily...

Tobio: Also...


Ryunosuke: Suga-saan!
Daichi: Suga~~
Shou: Sugawara-saaan!!

Tobio: Th...things like having the other players'...
Tobio: Tr...
Tobio: Tr...
Tobio: Trust, and stuff...

(Koushi): Ooh...
(Koushi): That game in junior high really left its mark...

Tobio: I
Tobio: will not lose!

Koushi: ...yeah.
Koushi: I won't either.

Ryunosuke: Suga-saan, Daichi-san said he'll treat us to nikuman...
Koushi: But y'know, Kageyama...


Koushi: A large number of Kitagawa Daichi's players
Koushi: have moved on to attend Aobajousai.

(Shou): Kageyama's... former teammates are at that high school...!

Tobio: Ah, well, yeah.
Koushi: No, I mean... I thought maybe that would be hard on you.

Tobio: ...if we were on the same team, I would probably think like that, but...

Tobio: Since we're competing,
Tobio: I'm just going to do this while giving it my all.

Koushi: ...I see.
Koushi: You're right.
Tobio: Osu.

Ryunosuke: But are you alright with this, Suga-san! I mean...
Ryunosuke: I'm not satisfied at all!


(right, star) He loves to eat and sleep!! But he likes volleyball even more!! You can only read Furudate Haruichi-sensei's manga in Weekly Shounen Jump!!

Koushi: ...It's disappointing...
Koushi: ...but

Koushi: If they think Kageyama is the same as he was in junior high, then they're making a huge mistake.
Koushi: I want them to see that!

Daichi: ...that's right.

Daichi: Kageyama "alone" isn't what's frightening.
Daichi: Let's show them.

Daichi: Right, Hinata!

(sfx behind Hinata) Nomnomnomnom

Hinata: Ah.
Hinata: Yeff!


(left of Shou) Uwaaah!
Ryunosuke: What the heck were you doing, eating before us!
Tobio: Quit fooling around!!

Shopkeep: Oi, you lot are volleyball club members, ain'tcha?!
Shopkeep: Don't go making a ruckus outside my shop!!

Tobio/Ryu: ...we wooon't.

(Shou): ...That's right, a volleyball club... everyone here...
(Shou): Is part of the volleyball club.

(Shou): We're all

(Shou): part of
(Shou): the same team.


Daichi: Kageyama,
Daichi: we're going to eat here. Do you have a minute?
Tobio: Osu.

???: -- I've been thinking over what to do
???: about Hinata's position in the upcoming practice match.

Shopkeep: Don't cause a ruckus, you hear!
Sign: Warming
Sign with arrow: Hot water
(teapot sfx) Whistle
(Koushi sfx) Nod nod
Daichi: What are your thoughts?
Sign on table: No ruckus causing!

Tobio: ...I think...

Box: The next day.
Daichi: -- So, these are just the positions for the practice match, but...
Daichi: I think we'll go with this.
sfx bubble: Clack


Wing Spiker (WS)
Sawamura Daichi
3rd year, 176 cm.
Middle Blocker (MB)
Hinata Shouyou
1st year, 162 cm.
Wing Spiker (WS)
Tanaka Ryunosuke
2nd year, 177 cm.
Wing Spiker (WS)
Ennoshita Chikara
2nd year, 175 cm.
Middle Blocker (MB)
Tsukishima Kei
1st year, 188 cm.
Setter (S)
Kageyama Tobio
1st year, 180 cm.

Daichi: I want to use Kageyama and Hinata as a set...
(Shou/Tobio): A set...

Daichi: Tsukishima is one of the few tall players we have.
Daichi: I want to see how much of a fight we can pull off with Seijou as our opponent.
Kei: Kaaaay.
(Yama): I'm the only 1st year who was left out...

Ryunosuke: You mean
Ryunosuke: you're sticking Hinata in a position where height
Ryunosuke: is important?!
Shou: Middle Blocker... isn't that the same position as that tall jerk Tsukishima?!

Takeda: Ah, h-hold on. Can we review what the positions mean?!
(book cover) Volleyball HOW TO


Box: Setter (S)
Black Box: The backbone of a match. He sets up attacks and tosses the ball in order to carry out spikes.

Box: Wing Spiker (WS)
Black Box: An all-rounder. He maintains a balance between offense and defense and is the nucleus of attack.

Box: Middle Blocker (MB)
Black Box: He stops the opponent's attack by blocking it
Black Box: and primarily scores points through quickly attacking.
Black Box: Additionally, he acts as a decoy to draw in the opponents' blocks.


Takeda: Basically like that?
Daichi: There's also positions that specialize in defense, but you're OK for now.

Tobio: You got it, Hinata?
Tobio: You'll be

Tobio: The absolute strongest "decoy"!!!
Shou: Oooh?!

Shou: The strongest
Shou: decoy!!

Shou: Oooh?!

Shou: Ooh...

Shou: That's kinda disappointing...
Tobio: You scoring points with a quick set while on the offensive will result in the opponent's blockers focussing their attention on you! When that happens, we'll make use of the other spikers!

Shou: Ah!


Tobio: No matter how many huge guys there are
Tobio: like Tsukishima,

Tobio: It'll feel great when they get caught up in your movements

Tobio: like idiots, won't it!

Shou: !! Uooooh!


Shou: Nice! That'd be awesome!!
Yama: Oi! You better not've been talking about Tsukki when you said "idiot"!
Kei: Shut up, Yamaguchi...
Yama: Sorry, Tsukki!

Tobio: ...conversely...

Tobio: You have to think as if the other attacks
Tobio: will end in failure if you don't maintain that role.

Daichi: Hold it! Don't put so much pressure on him!

Shou: End...
Shou: Failure...
Shou: Ending in failure...
Daichi: See, look at that!

Ryunosuke: But how is he gonna pull off the blocking that's essential to that position?!


Ryunosuke: No matter how high he can jump, when compared to guys who are naturally tall,
Ryunosuke: It'll take more time for him to reach his highest point.
(above diagram) Highest point
(below diagram) Necessary jumping height
Ryunosuke: Like that, he'll end up blocking too late.

Tobio: ...and that's why
Tobio: with Hinata blocking, the emphasis is less on

Tobio: knocking down the opponent's spike
(below diagram) Shutout
(Shutout = blocking an attack to prevent the opponents from scoring)
sfx bubble: Slap
Tobio: and more on "touching" it.
(below diagram) One touch

Tobio: Using Hinata's idiotically fast reaction speed,
Tobio: he'll at least be able to weaken the power of the opponent's spike.
Tobio: Then we'll pick up the slack and begin a counterattack.

Ryunosuke: There's no way he'd be able to suddenly pull off something so skillful!
???: He doesn't have to!

Daichi: To start with,
Daichi: at least.


Daichi: There's no proof it'll go smoothly,
Daichi: and the opposing team will probably make fun of us for it, though.

Daichi: But if we give it a try,
Daichi: we'll know
Daichi: one way or another!

Daichi: Well, it's just a "practice" match, though!
Ryunosuke: ...osu.

Daichi: ...Tsukishima and Kageyama are at best the only ones on our team
Daichi: who can match Hinata's jumping height in an air-based battle.
Daichi: So Hinata,
Daichi: have confidence in yourse...


Daichi: Wait wait wait wait hold on, calm down!

Daichi: UWAAH?!

Daichi: He short-circuited!!
Daichi: Hinata short-circuiteeeed!
(below bubbles) UWAAAAAH!!


(right, star) Everyone's letters of encouragement lift Furudate Haruichi-sensei's spirits!!

Box: --Monday, after school.

Tobio: Eh?
Tobio: Is it really alright for us 1st years to use the locker room, too?
Koushi: Yup. Since it's left over from when the team was stronger, we're still allowed to use the space.

Koushi: Ossu.

Players: Heeey.
Shou/Tobio: Please excuse the intrusion!!


Ryunosuke: At last, tomorrow's your debut match, ain't it, Hinata!
Ryunosuke: Well, it's just a practice one, though!

Ryunosuke: Aobajousai's gymnasium is freaking huuuuge! The players and everyone else are all huge too, so don't get nervous!
Daichi: Yo.
Koushi: Ossu.

Shou: Th
(left of Ryu) Th?

Shou: There's no way I'm nervous!
sfx bubble: Tighten
Shou: We're definitely gonna be hugely successful and--
Ryunosuke: Hey, Hinata.

Ryunosuke: Uh, that thing you're putting on
Ryunosuke: is a jacket.

Ryunosuke: What the heck!! Is that in fashion!!
(left of bubble) GYAHAHAHAHAHA!
Daichi: ...Kageyama.


Daichi: Is Hinata going to be okay tomorrow?
Kageyama: What do you mean... "okay"?

Daichi: Up to this point, Hinata's game experience has been limited to that match in junior high.
Daichi: Because of that, I think his feelings and anxieties are both incredibly intense.
Daichi: So "he's extremely tense, isn't he?" is what I'm asking...
Tobio: Anyone would be, in a situation like...

Koushi: Ahh! Geez, you would feel that way!
Koushi: Don't take the [ strain on the timid ] so lightly!!
Tobio: Haah?!

Daichi: It seems like whenever I say something, he only feels more pressured...
Daichi: Hinata, you don't have to be so tense...
Shou: I-I'm fine! I'm gonna do my part properly! I can do it!

Tobio: It's our first game, so there's really no helping it.
Tobio: We might as well let him work his way through it...
Daichi: ...that's true...

(Shou): I've got to get it right tomorrow...!
(Shou): Unlike in junior high and that 3-on-3 match before, from here on out...
(Shou): there are alternates here to replace me...!
(below Yama) Yamaguchi
(below boys) Other 2nd years


Tobio: "You're a failure."
Shou: Yeek... I don't want thaaat.
Shou: I don't wanna swap ouuut.

(Shou): I can finally
(Shou): stand on a court with a complete set of teammates...!

(Shou): I definitely want to stay out there
(Shou): to the very end!!

Shou: Urgh
(sfx) Guuurgle

Shou: Don'tmessup don'tmessup don'tmessup

Kei: Arara~ sooorry about that~
Kei: You're so small I couldn't see you~
(left of Yama) Kishishi~
(right of Shou) What was that!!
(left of Shou) Grrr

Shou: ...ah.
Shou: Kay.

Kei: What the heck was that.
Yama: Dunno.


Koushi: Kageyama,

Koushi: You can't say you understand Hinata's nervousness,
Koushi: so don't add unnecessary pressure with your usual "excessive commentary"!
"You shit!"

(Tobio): Have I ever made any "excessive commentary"...?
(Tobio): I didn't notice it at all.

(Shou): Finally, tomorrow...!
(Shou): We're gonna do this...!

Ryunosuke: Hinata! That's my jersey, dammit!
(left of Ryu) The pants!
Shou: Ah.
(Shou sfx): Baggy
Kanji on girl's jacket: Karasuno High School Tennis Club

Girl: What the heck are you doing, you perv!!
(left of Ryu) Shock!

Box: And then...

Box: Tuesday,
Box: After school.
Daichi: Line up!!
Daichi: Bow!!
Players: Thank yooou!!
Takeda: No prob~

(sfx) Vrrrmmm


Ryunosuke: Oi, Hinata! Let's have some pocky!
Ryunosuke: Po-
Ryunosuke: What the heck's with that face?!
Shou: Ehh? Ah. I kinda didn't sleep last night...

Shou: Ahh, just a sec... the window...
Shou: If we open the window,
Shou: I'll
Shou: be fiuurrghhh!!

Ryunosuke: UWAAAAAAH!!
Ryunosuke: Stop!!
Ryunosuke: STOP
Ryunosuke: THE BUUUUUUUS!!

(Daichi): Somehow
(Koushi): Isn't this
(Tobio): Even worse

(All): Than we'd expected...?!!
(center) Could this be... a sign of danger for Hinata!!!!
(around Ryu) GYAAAAAAH!

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