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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Haikyuu!! 13

"An Interesting Team"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jun 11, 2012 20:32 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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(top) Growing steadily, together with the rise of the morning sun!!
(Shou's drink) Good moo rning milk
(center, red) The anticipated 1st volume goes on sale 6/4!! & the fierce battle against Seijou, with center color!!
Chapter 13: "An Interesting Team"
Furudate Haruichi


sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
Scoreboard, right side:
Scoreboard, left side:
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak

Ryunosuke: Free ball!!
(right) The counterattack begins!!!
Tobio: Got it!

Yuu: You're gonna do another quick set, aren't you?!

Yuu: If I know it's coming, there's nothing to be afraid of!!

Shou: What'd you saaay! Oryaaaaaa!!!


sfx bubble: Whoom

Ryunosuke: I've been
Ryunosuke: waiting for thiiiiiis!!!

Ryunosuke: Thanks!!!

(Yuu): Dammit, this time the shortie was a decoy!!
Shou: And I thought he was tossing it to meee!
Ryunosuke: What d'you think of that, Scallion-kun!!


Ryunosuke: I told you to just watch during the match, didn't I?!

Shou: Uwaaaah~ How embarrasing! I got caught up in thinking about hitting it and ended up shouting "What'd you saaay!!".

Tobio: It's fine. Plus,
Tobio: because you're jumping seriously, the opposing blockers are lured in and jump as well.

Shou: So that's how it is?
Tobio: That's how it is.
Yuu: Dammit.

Iwaizumi: Don't be impatient, Kindaichi.
Iwaizumi: There's not much of a point gap, and our attacks have been set up properly as well.
Iwaizumi: Don't get dragged into their pace.

(large sfx) TWEEEET
Yuu: O-
Yuu: OSU!

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak


sfx bubble: Swoosh

Crowd: Wooow... even with an untrained eye you can tell that their blocks are decentralized...
Crowd: Was Karasuno really that strong...?
sfx bubbles: Thump Squeak
sfx bubbles: Squeak squeak

Shou: Hogyaa!

Crowd: But there are a lot of misses, too...
(left of girl) Pffft
(sfx) TWEEET

sfx bubble: TWEEEET!
Aobajousai High School
Time out


???: Gather up!
Players: Ooosu!!

Daichi: What's up, Hinata?

Shou: ...The first time... I was in a match, my team was a real mish-mash, so
Shou: I thought "I have to properly handle everything on my own."

Shou: But now,
Shou: because I'm surrounded by players who are much better than I am,
Shou: all I can do is
Shou: trust in them and jump.

Shou: I shouldn't have let my thoughts get so mixed up.

Daichi: That "trust in them and jump" thing
Daichi: is an unexpectedly amazing weapon, though...


Yahaba: Oi, Kindaichiii. Kageyama's different from what you said, isn't he?
Yuu: I...it was my first time seeing him like that, too...
Yuu: For there to be a spiker who can match that reckless toss of Kageyama's...
???: You've got it wrong.

Aobajousai High School
Coach Irihata
Irihata: Kageyama is
Irihata: making his tosses match the spiker. Well, it would probably be more accurate to say that
Irihata: he is perfectly

Irihata: "enabling"
Irihata: that short player to hit the ball.

Irihata: Once the receive is in the air, it's entirely as if player #5 isn't looking at the ball in the slightest.
あの5番は1本目のレシーブが上がって以降 全くボールを見ていない様に見える
Irihata: ...I think

Irihata: it's because Kageyama matches the ball to #5's downward swing with pinpoint accuracy.
Irihata: No matter where #5's jump may take him.


Iwaizumi: Is that sort of thing possible...?
Yuu: Kageyama is...
Yuu: working
Yuu: together with someone...?!

Irihata: --From the rumors I've heard, the egotistical, prideful Kageyama... who stubbornly values victory above all else,
Irihata: has been devoting all of his skill to making use of player #5.

Irihata: What we aren't sure of, however, is the extent of #5's ability.
(above Kei) Here, want a drink?
(left of Kei) Ah, sorry~ the distance to your face is shorter than I'd thought.

Irihata: ...well, at present, player #5's skill is only a little better than an amateur's, though.
(left of Irihata) Kakaka~

Irihata: If you were to ask what's so amazing about that player, you could say it's his mobility. But even more than that...
Irihata: it's how he jumps while trusting 100% in Kageyama's toss.

Irihata: It's amazing, how he does that without looking at the ball. Normally, you'd think he would be afraid of missing it.
Irihata: At that point, that boy trusts 100% and waits... for when the ball


Irihata: "comes right to this spot."

Irihata: Their combination is worrisome, but there is nothing particularly impressive about their individual offensive power.
Irihata: Even if they shake off your blocks, just keep on sending back those receives.

Irihata: Even we have brought out our best players for this.
Irihata: Show them your pride.
Players: Yes!!!

sfx bubble: TWEEEET!!
Box: Time out over

Irihata: Phew...
Boy: Kageyama's incredible, huh...
Boy: It was really a heavy blow that he didn't come to our school... you talked to him, didn't you?


Irihata: Yeah... but... even if he had come to our school like you said, I don't know if he could play like that.
Boy: Eh?
Irihata: ...Because he's with Karasuno...

Irihata: and particularly because player #5 is there...
(Kageyama): Alright! At this rate we'll win the set!!
(above Shou) Ow!
Irihata: Those are probably why Kageyama is like this now.

Boy: ...Uh...

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

Tanaka: Tsukishima!!

Tanaka: Nice job, Tsukishima!
(sfx) Whack
Yama: Tsukki, nice one!

Kei: Your toss is too precise. It creeps me out.
Tobio: HAAH?!


Tobio: How about I just aim for your glasses, you bastard?
Tobio: HUH?!
(Daichi): That wasn't the best way to put it, but I sorta understand what Tsukishima is saying...
Kei: Better not try it, or you'll be banned from the gymnasium again~
(Daichi): Today is the first time I've hit one of Kageyama's tosses during a match, but
(Daichi): right when you're thinking "it'd be great if it came here", there's the feeling that the ball... "is already there".

(Daichi): It's pretty ominous...
Tobio: I'll do it in a way to avoid being caught.
(Daichi): ...but still
Kei: Like there's any way to pull that off. What are you, an idiot?

Daichi: We're in the middle of a game, so let's leave it at that.

???: Tanaka-san, nice serve!
Takeda: ...Ah.
Takeda: I get it now...

Takeda: Whenever we score a point and gain control of the serve, the players' positions rotate...
(top bubble) Net
Top Box: Vanguard
Ennoshita | Tsukishima | Kageyama
Sawamura | Hinata | Tanaka
(right of diagram) When you gain control of the serve, players rotate clockwise by 1 spot.
Bottom Box: Rear guard
Takeda: So now Kageyama-kun, Ennoshita-kun and Tsukishima-kun are the vanguard...
Koushi: Yep, now their positions are the exact opposite of what they were at the beginning of the match.

Takeda: Thanks to Hinata-kun's decoy, when he is in the vanguard, we attack more often...
Takeda: On the other hand, when Tsukishima moves up to the vanguard row...
Takeda: Ohh...


Takeda: Seijou's team is met with quite a daunting wall blocking their way...

Kei: Oh, so blocking is also one of your strong points?
Kei: Don't overexert yourself too much~
(left of Kei) You are only 180 cm, after all.

Tobio: Bastard, make sure you don't get blown away by the wind.
(small text) Being all gangly like that.

Ennoshita: D-don't fight,
Ennoshita: okay?

sfx bubble: Shoooove
Tanaka: The opponent's on the other side of the net, dammit!!
Tanaka: Oi, he's coming this way!!


???: Nice block!
Tobio: Osu!

Kei: Hold on.
Kei: I'm the one who stopped that just now.
Tobio: HAAH?!
Tobio: My hand's the one that hit it!!

(Shou): He got angry at both of them.

Tobio: What're you grinning like an idiot for!!
(above Shou) Uwaaah!
Daichi: Kageyama!!!
(left of Daichi) Quit it!!

sfx bubbles: Squeak squeak
sfx bubbles: Squeak squeak


Iwaizumi: Dammit... I'm getting impatient...

Scoreboard, top right:
Scoreboard, top left:

Crowd: Uwaah~ Karasuno's already at the set point...

Irihata: Hrrrrrm...
Boy: Like I thought, we have to stop player #5 somehow...
Boy: Oi, you should've recovered that one just now, Kunimi! You idiot!!

Irihata: The combo... of Kageyama and player #5 is certainly a threat, but...
Irihata: Additionally...

Irihata: Though he lacks composure,
Irihata: the spiker Tanaka-kun is overflowing with power and fighting spirit.


Irihata: There's the clever blocker Tsukishima-kun,
Irihata: though he somewhat lacks drive.

Irihata: And the captain, Sawamura-kun, covers the multitude of gaps in their defense.

(right of Ennoshita) Err... for some reason, I feel left out...
Box: The 2nd year Wing Spiker Ennoshita is here, too!

Irihata: With a semi-amateur on the team, their defense is still full of holes, but...
Irihata: Using that "semi-amateur" as a pivot point,
Irihata: their offensive tactics can continuously change...


(Irihata): That is surely what is
(Irihata): throwing us off our game.

Irihata: Karasuno, huh...
Irihata: What a mismatched,
Irihata: dangerous,

Irihata: interesting team.

Scoreboard, top right:
Scoreboard, top left:
End of the 2nd set
25 (Karasuno) - 22 (Aobajousai)

Crowd: Aahh~
Crowd: They recovered the set...!

Yuu: Dammit!


Tanaka: Alriiiiiight!! If we keep going like this, the final set is as good as ours!!
sfx bubbles: Squeak squeak
sfx bubbles: Squeak squeak
Shou: Guah!

Koushi: ...It's really...
Koushi: a lifesaver that they don't have a guy on their team who serves like Kageyama...

Daichi: ...Yeah... you can't say our receives are good by any standard, after all...
Tanaka: A come-from-behind victory!!
Shou: Victory!!

Tobio: Don't let your guard down.

(Koushi): Huh? It's the usual self-assured Kageyama, but...
Tobio: I'm not...
Tobio: entirely sure, but...

Tobio: The setter over there
Tobio: probably isn't their regular.


Trio: Ehh?!

Scoreboard, top right:
Scoreboard, top left:
Box: Start of the 3rd set

???: Oh dear~ so you've had 1 set stolen out from under you, hm!

Irihata: Ooh! You're back! How's your leg?
???: Perfectly fine! I can already attend our normal practices! It was just a light sprain, after all.

(right of bubble) KYAAA!♡
Crowd: Oikawa-saaaaan!!
(small text) You're finally here~~!

Shou/Tana: What's going on?!
(left of Tanaka) Those are girls' voices, Hinata!
(right of Shou) Those are definitely girls' voices, Tanaka-san!

Irihata: Honestly... be more careful,


(above girls) Oikawa-saaaan!!♡
(left and right of girls) Kyaa kyaa
Irihata: Oikawa.
Oikawa: Sorry about that~
Aobajousai High School, 3rd year
Volleyball club captain
Oikawa Tooru

Irihata: For us to talk big, telling them [keep Kageyama on the court], and then not having our regular setter, there's no way we'd win!
Oikawa: Ahaha...

Girls: Oikawa-san, please don't strain yourself~!
(above Oikawa) KYAAA!
(right of Oikawa) Smile
Tanaka: Kageyama-kun. Who would that prettyboy happen to be? He is making me very irritated.

Tobio: ..."Oikawa-san"...
Tobio: He's a very offensive-based setter whose attacks I believe to be top-knotch among his team.

(Shou): For Kageyama to say all that about a player...

Tobio: Also, he has an incredibly bad... personality.
Shou: Enough of one to make even you say that?!

Tobio: Probably even worse than Tsukishima's.
Tanaka: That's horrible!


Tanaka: If you know him, that would mean he's from Kitagawa Daiichi, huh?

Tobio: ...That's right.
Tobio: He was my senpai in junior high.

(Shou): The senpai of the "king" would mean...

(Shou): A "grand king"?!
Oikawa: Hey there~ long time no see, Tobio-chan~ you've really grown~

Tobio: ...I...learned to serve and block by watching him.
(Shou): The master of the "killer serve"?!

Tobio: He's a force to be reckoned with.
Oikawa: How is the "king" doing?
(left) This man is... dangerous?!!

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