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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 14

VS. The "Grand King"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jun 12, 2012 13:37 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 14

Translation reserved for U-Prod Scanlations


Tobio: I learned to serve and block by watching him.

Tobio: He's a force to be reckoned with.

(Shou): The master of the "killer serve"?!
(left of Shou) Shock
Box: The anticipated 1st volume goes on sale 6/4!! Be sure to check it out!!
(left) This composure is the proof of a "strong person"...!!
(right, star) Super popular!! The hot-blooded volleyball story!!
(bottom right)
Furudate Haruichi Chapter 14: VS. The "Grand King"
(bottom left)
Aobajousai High School, 3rd year
Volleyball club captain
Oikawa Tooru

Tobio: ...but right now, concentrate on the match.
Tobio: We're definitely going to win the final set.
Shou: R-right...
Tobio: Tanaka-san, quit it with the intimidation!


(above girls) Oikawa-san, good luuuuck~ ♡
Irihata: Anyway, go warm up!
Irihata: And be more careful than you usually are!!
Oikawa: Kaaaay.

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
sfx bubble: Thump!

Players: In front!
Players: Nice cover!
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

Girls: Heey, isn't Oikawa-san gonna come out yeeet?
Girls: Stupid! If he doesn't warm up properly, he'll injure himself!
Girls: Ehhh? I don't want thaaat!
Tanaka: TCH.



Girl: ...Karasuno's momentum just isn't slowing down...!
Girl: It's their match point...!
Girl: This is a critical moment for our Aobajousai guys...!

Scoreboard, right side:
Scoreboard, left side: Aobajousai

Yuu: Damn you...!

Yuu: Don't get cocky!!
Kei: Tch.

???: Don't worry about it, Tsukishima!
Player: Nice one, Kindaichi!!
sfx bubble: Flip

Oikawa: Oh dear~ we're in quite a pinch, aren't we?

Irihata: ...what about your warm up?

Oikawa: I'm all done!


(top sfx) TWEEEEET
Aobajousai High School
Member change

Girls: Oikawa-san, good luuuuck~ ♡
#13 Oikawa, In.
#7 Kunimi, Out.
(kanji on back of jacket) Aobajousai Girls' Volleyball club
Crowd: Ah. They've sent out Oikawa.
Crowd: ? To relieve the setter on our side, you mean?
Crowd: No... I think...

Players: Nice serve.
Players: Nice seeerve.
Crowd: he's probably a pinch server.*

(below panel) *A player whose specialty is a decisive and precise serve, thrown with the intent of changing the flow of the game during a time of crisis.

(Shou): The "Grand King" has appeared!
(left of Shou) Eep!
(above Daichi) Stop that!!

Oikawa: No matter how strong your offensive power...


Oikawa: If your "attack" doesn't connect, then there's no meaning in it, is there?

(Koushi): ...what...?
(Koushi): He's pointing at Tsukishima...?


(Koushi): He aimed for Tsukishima?!
(Koushi): His pointing just now was a "declaration of intent"...?!


Kei: Urgh!

Crowd: Uwaah!
Crowd: Kyaa!

Takeda: Uwa...?!
Takeda: What incredible power...!!
sfx bubble: Tweet!
(left of Takeda) Ouch...

Oikawa: ...Yup, just as I thought.
Oikawa: I noticed it while I was stretching, but...

Oikawa: You, #6,

Oikawa: and you, #5,

Oikawa: are bad at receives, right?
(small text) I'm guessing you're 1st years?
Shou: Urk!!


(Koushi): It's Kageyama's level of... no... this is even more powerful. And in addition,
(Koushi): he controls the shot's path to roughly follow his declaration of intent...!!

(Koushi): This is Seijou's captain...!!
Oikawa: ...Well...
Oikawa: Here's another one, okay?

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak


Kei: Guh!!


Kei: Dammit...

(Shou): ...Tsukishima.
(Shou): I don't like how mean he is all the time.

(Shou): ...but
(Shou): Somehow,
(Shou): somehow,
(sfx) Irritated

Oikawa: Oh,
Oikawa: just 1 more point and they'll be equal~

Shou: Oi! Hey! Grand king!!
Shou: Aim it at me, too!! Right here!!
(sfx, right) Flail flail
(sfx, left) Stomp stomp
(Oikawa): Grand king...?

Kei: Don't shout out like that, it's unsightly!
Shou: What'd you say?!

(Shou): He's still an annoying guy at a time like this, even though he's in a pinch.
(Shou): But...
(Shou): even so!!


(Tanaka): Listen! When you talk about volleyball...!!

Shou: Volleyball is all about
Shou: everyone on "this side" of the net!!
Shou: Because we're all [allies], no exceptions!!

(Tanaka): Awesome! Well said!!

Daichi: ...alright. Move back behind me.
Daichi: Tsukishima, draw toward the sideline a bit.
Kei: Right.

Daichi: ...Okay.
Daichi: Bring it!


Oikawa: ...Hmmm...
(Oikawa): Expanding the defensive sphere of the captain who specializes in receives... huh.
(top of diagram) Net

Oikawa: ...But y'know, by yourself, you can't--

Oikawa: protect everything!!

Daichi: ! Tsk.
(Daichi): It's going right for Tsukishima...!

Takeda: Pinpointing him, even though he's off in that corner...!
Koushi: But due to placing importance on its control, the power is weaker than last time!
Yama: Tsukkiiii!!

Kei: Urgh!!


Koushi: It flew up...! Nice one, Tsukishima!!
Tama: Tsukki, nice...!

Oikawa: Ooh, you got it. Good job~
Oikawa: I guess it was a little easy to handle?
Oikawa: Buuut

Oikawa: Over here, now we have a free ball.
Yuu: Free ball!

Kei: Dammit...!

Oikawa: See, it's a yummy yummy free ball~
Oikawa: Make sure you hit it, you guys.


(Koushi): This is bad... right now, both Tsukishima and Kageyama are in the rear guard...
(Koushi): A rotation with none of our tallest blockers...
(diagram top) Net
Box: Vanguard
Box: Rear guard
Hinata | Sawamura | Ennoshita
Tanaka | Kageyama | Tsukishima
Box: Current rotation

Yahaba: Kindaichi!


(Yuu): Alright, I've completely shaken off the blo--


(Yuu): This shortie,

(Yuu): How did he...!!


Tobio: Alright!
Tanaka: Nice one-touch, Hinata!!
(left of Tanaka) Uoooh!

(Yuu): Dammit!! To be blocked by this shortie...!!

Tobio: Free ball!!

Yuu: Damn you!!
Yuu: This time, I'm gonna knock it down!!


sfx bubble: ...Tweeet

(top sfx) TWEE TWEEEET
End of the match
Set count 2 - 1


Box: Winner:

Box: Karasuno High School
(left) Overwhelming...!!!

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