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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Haikyuu!! 15

Chemical Reaction

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jun 18, 2012 20:54 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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Translation reserved for U-Prod Scanlations


Yuu: Damn you!!
Yuu: This time, I'm gonna knock it down!!

Scoreboard, right side:
(left) Offense to defense in an instant...!!
Scoreboard, left side:
(center) The anticipated 1st volume from Jump Comics is now on sale!! Dash to the bookstore right away!! | Furudate Haruichi
Haikyuu!! | Chapter 15: Chemical Reaction

sfx bubble: Squeak

(Yuu): ?! Just what is that shortie!!

(Yuu): "One step."
(Yuu): "One instant"...

(Yuu): Even if I'm only a little delayed, I already can't catch him.
(Yuu): The only thing I can reach


(Yuu): is the ball!!


Crowd: ...what was that just now?
Crowd: He went from one end of the court to the other in an instant...
(sfx) TWEET!
Crowd: It was as if the toss were sucked into the spiker's hand...

Oikawa: Huh...!!
(sfx) Twee tweeeet!
Box: End of the match

Set count 2 -1
Box: Karasuno High School

???: Line up!!

(right) Thank youu!
Takeda: Haaaah...
sfx bubble: Creak

Koushi: What's the matter?


Takeda: ......amazing.

Koushi: ? Ah, that's right. You didn't see the 3-on-3 match, so today's the first time you've seen Hinata and Kageyama's attack.
(left of players, white) Gather up!
Koushi: Hey! It's incredible, isn't it?! Well, I already don't know whether to call it amazing or frightening.

Players: Thanks for everything!!
Koushi: Sensei,
Koushi: Give them some comments or criticism.
Takeda: Ah! R-right!

Takeda: Umm... I'm still a novice where volleyball is concerned, but...

Takeda: Somehow,

Takeda: Somehow, even I could understand that something incredible
Takeda: was happening.

Takeda: ...At the beginning of the new school year...

Takeda: Some amazing first years joined...
Takeda: But they were pretty difficult to handle... and yet


Daichi: Right now, Hinata and Kageyama are disconnected and out of sync, but
Daichi: if they can properly combine their strengths, I have a feeling... that they'll become something incredible.
Takeda: When Sawamura-kun put it like that, I didn't really understand, but

Takeda: Today
Takeda: I think I know what he meant.

Takeda: Nothing will happen if you remain separate.
Takeda: When one

Takeda: person

Takeda: encounters another,
Takeda: it causes a chemical reaction.


Takeda: Somewhere, at this very moment,
Takeda: an encounter is happening that could change the world.

Takeda: Maybe it is somewhere in an incredibly distant country.
Takeda: Maybe it is on the other side of the planet.

Takeda: Perhaps... it might even be in the normal volleyball club

Takeda: of a normal high school

Takeda: in the northern countryside
Takeda: of a small island country in the east.

Takeda: I think that such an encounter...
Takeda: has happened right here,
Takeda: at Karasuno.


Takeda: People would probably say that I'm exaggerating or being foolish,
Takeda: but that will always be better than not having faith in you.
Takeda: I don't have any sort of basis for it, but
Takeda: I'm positive that from now on,

Takeda: you guys will continue to
Takeda: become even stronger
Takeda: than ever before.

(sfx above Shou/Tobio): Daaaazed

Takeda: !! AHH!
Takeda: Sorry! That was a little too poetic, wasn't it?! I take it back?!
(sfx above Takeda): Fluuuush
Daichi: No no no, that's not true at all!

Takeda: Thank you!!
Players: Thank youuuu!!!

(Takeda): So these boys can grow stronger, I also
(right of Daichi): Ossu!!
(below Daichi): Gather up!


Takeda: Need to hurry and find a coach who can teach them techniques...

Tobio: ...Kindaichi.

sfx bubble: Tighten


(Yuu): We've had enough of him.

Yuu: No matter how strong his offensive ability may be, he's obviously dragging down the team.
Yuu: Frankly...

Yuu: We'd be better off without him.

Tobio: Move faster!!
Tobio: Jump higher!!
Tobio: Match the speed and height of my tosses!!
Tobio: If you want to win, then do it!!


(sfx) Drip...

Tobio: ...I
Yuu: Don't apologize!!!

Yuu: I won't apologize either!

Tobio: ...right.

Yuu: To me, you are
Yuu: still an oppressive king and an irritating guy,
Yuu: and also the opponent I want to beat above all else!


Tobio: ...right.
Yuu: So don't apologize!
Tobio: Right.
Yuu: I'm not gonna "reconcile" or anything like that! I didn't really get along with you from the start!
Tobio: Right.

Yuu: And that's why next time,
Yuu: we will definitely win!!

Tobio: ...next ti-
???: ♪Hum hm hmmmm~♪

???: Hmm hm hmm♪

Shou: Toi-toilet~ toiii toilet toii~ WHOO am I~~ the guy who will become the AAACE ~~
(on sign) Restroom
(sfx around Shou) Squeak squeak squeak

Shou: BWAH?!


sfx bubble: Hide

(Shou): Craaap... this is one of those karmic encounters. It's got the atmosphere of a place you shouldn't enter.

(Shou): I'm safe, safe. No worries, they didn't notice me!
(sfx above Tobio/Yuu): STAAAARE
(left of Shou) That was dangerous.

Tobio: Kindaichi.

Tobio: In the next competition as well,
Tobio: we are the ones who will win.


Kunimi: ...what,
Kunimi: you were talking with him?

Yuu: ......That guy
Yuu: said "we".

Kunimi: Huh?

Yuu: And yet he'd always talked as if he were fighting on his own, saying "me" and "I".
(right of Shou) You crying?
(sfx) Step
(right of Tobio) ?! Who would, you idiot!!
(left of Tobio) Go to the bathroom already!

Yuu: ...Dammit.


Yuu: It's kinda frustrating.

(sfx) Smack
Yuu: Oww?!
Yuu: What the heck!!

???: Say your farewells!!
???: Thanks for the game!!!

(sfx around teachers) Bow bow bow bow bow bow bow

Daichi: ...even though Takeda-sensei said what he did,


Daichi: No matter how excellent Hinata and Kageyama's combo may be,
Daichi: frankly,
Daichi: when it comes to strengthening the perimeter, we're still weak.
Daichi: ...It's frustrating to admit, though.

Oikawa: Oooh~ as expected of the captain!

Oikawa: You really understand the situation, huh~

(Shou): The Grand King's appeared!

Tanaka: What the hell.
Tanaka: You want a piece of this? Huh?
Shou: What is it?
Shou: You wanna go?
Oikawa: Aww, don't be so hard on me~ I just came to say hello~


Oikawa: Little guy, that one-touch and broad attack at the end were amazing!
(A broad attack is when the hitter runs past the setter to attack from either the left or right)
Shou: BWUH?

Shou: Ah... er... ehehe...
Oikawa: Today, I was only able to join in for the last few points, but...

Oikawa: Next time, let's compete at full throttle from the start, okay?

Oikawa: Ah, that's right.
Oikawa: Be sure to improve your serve, too.

(Shou): That's true... the Grand King only came out for a short time at the end...
(Shou): For us, it would be as if Kageyama weren't there...
(Shou): If he's telling the truth, then that serve will burst on the scene from the game's start...

Oikawa: Your attacks were certainly incredible, but
Oikawa: If all of your early receives are slow and hesitant, you'll reach your limit sooner, won't you?


Oikawa: I'm not the only one who hits an intensely strong serve.

Oikawa: The Interhigh Preliminaries are coming up.
Oikawa: Will you really be able to survive them?
Oikawa: Seeing as how I

Oikawa: want to crush my uselessly adorable kouhai
Oikawa: in a regular game, fair and square, as a setter.

Shou: --If

Shou: If it's about receives, we'll do special training.
Kei: ?!! Oi, let go!
(sfx) Grab

Oikawa: Receiving isn't something you can improve in a short span of time, you know.

Oikawa: But I think captain-kun knows that well enough~


Oikawa: There isn't any time left until the tournament.
Oikawa: I'll be looking forward to seeing what you'll do.

Tobio: ...D-don't let it get to you. He just likes to get people riled up.

Daichi: ......fufu.

Shou: Captain?!
Tanaka: Daichi-san?!

Daichi: ...It's true that there's no time left until the Interhigh Preliminaries.
Daichi: ......however.
Daichi: It's about time he returned.
Tanaka: Ah!
Shou: ? Who are you talking about?

Daichi: Karasuno's
(sign) Gym Equipment Room
Daichi: "Guardian Deity."
(left) A new "crow" appears!!!
(bottom) Next time, center color and an increase to 23 pages!! What is the ability of "Karasuno's Guardian Deity"?!

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