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Nurarihyon no Mago 207

He Who Shoulders the Weight of a Hyakki

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jun 24, 2012 14:29 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

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Ao: It's huge...

Kuro: Incredibly so... I can't believe it was made by a human.

Ao: Such an enormous thing... and we haven't even been able to see it until now.

Tsurara: What power they have... that Gokadoin family...

(below panel) Nurarihyon no Mago

Rikuo: ......At its summit
(right, star) What towers over the surroundings in front of Rikuo's group is...?!
Rikuo: is the guy we've got to defeat...


(center, title) Final Act: He Who Shoulders the Weight of a Hyakki
(bottom right, star) At last, the Aoi Spiral Castle has been revealed...!!

Rikuo: Let's go.
Ryuuji: Hold on.

Rikuo: Ryuuji?!
Rikuo: Yura!!

(Yura sfx) Hah hah
Ryuuji: As promised, the gateway's been opened.
Ryuuji: How about showing us some gratitude.

Rikuo: ...Right.
Rikuo: Just as I'd expect from you, Ryuuji.

Rikuo: ...who's that?
Ryuuji: Tenkai... It seems that he's the 7th head of the Gokadoin.


Ryuuji: I'll wrap things up with him... if you lot want to move ahead, then go.

Rikuo: Yeah...
Rikuo: I'll leave that to you.

Ryuuji: Hmph...
Ryuuji: If I think about having been helped by the Nurarihyon who comes into people's houses uninvited...
Ryuuji: I'll curse my bad luck.

Ryuuji: Yura... cancel Hagun immediately! By turning it on and off intermittently, you'll probably be able to shoot more than one arrow.
Ryuuji: Pay more attention.

Yura: Ah... right...
(Ryuuji sfx) Stagger

(Yura): Niichan
(Yura): is already worn out...
(Yura, bubble): To such an extent...
(small text) and he's still being tsun...

(Ryuuji sfx) Hrmph.

(Yura): Thank you, Ryuuji-niichan.


(Yura): That was amazing.
(Yura): You really are... a brother to be proud of.

Rikuo: Let's go!!

Rikuo: The entrance!!

Rikuo: Ugh...
Tsurara: Th... this fear is...?!
Kuro: We felt it in Kyoto... it's that ayakashi's fear...


(right) Right now, once again before our eyes, is
(left) Abe no
(left, bottom) Seimei!!

Rikuo: ...The Nue!!


(Encho): I... have wanted to see this...

(Encho): The Nura Clan, whose second generation our Hyaku Monogatari Clan continuously opposed...
(Encho): And the Nue who created a capital of darkness a thousand years ago...

(Encho): Surpassing time, the confrontation of two great yokai...
(Encho): This ghost story... is why I became a professional storyteller.

Second: You intend to oppose my esteemed father with only these numbers...?
Second: What a difference from to the magnitude of my father's Hyakki, which limitlessly overflows from hell...

Tsurara: ...What incredible fear...

Rikuo: You lot
Rikuo: don't feel it, do you...


Rikuo: The footsteps of yokai
Rikuo: coming to gather here from all across the country!!

Kuro: Eh...?
Ao: Rikuo-sama...?

Rikuo: I can hear them.
Rikuo: Behind me...

Box: In the mountains...
Awashima (bottom): We're not there yet?!
Awashima (top): Geez, your training takes way too long, Itaku!!

Yukari: There was no helping it, y'know~

Yukari: What we'll be fighting from here on out is the Nue's Hyakki.
Yukari: If you go in there half-baked, you'll die... is what Itaku is saying.

Awashima: No choice, then!! Toono's gonna... be a late entry to the war.
Awashima: Don't go dying until then, my darling Rikuoooo!

Ao: Oi!! Look over there.
Ao: Isn't that Takarabune...?

Rikuo: Dassai!!


Dassai: Oooooi, Rikuoooo!! These guys were all gathered up and we caaame!!

Dassai: My drinking buddies gathered'em, that is!! With this, we've made off with almost all the bigwigs from western Japan and brought'em here.
Yokai: Ooh, so that's the commander, huh.
Yokai: Yo! I'm Kuheiji.
Yokai: I'm Kuroobi... a heavy drinker from Fukui. Nice to meet ya.

Tsurara: Da...Dassai...
Dassai: Plus... you've gotta hear this... that bastard Tamazuki says he's already got his Hachijuuhakki underlings in Wakayama, too.

Dassai: Staying silent until now... what'd you think you were doing? HUUUH?

Tama: I have no intention of giving up on taking over this country, but...
Tama: Today is a special case.

Rikuo: Thanks, Tamazuki!

Tsuchibro: We've kept ya waiting, Rikuo!!


???: Kyushu's Tsukumo Yako!!
Tsuchibro: We gathered together our warriors!
Tsuchibro: We'll join in on this war, too!!

Yokai: Tsurara-neesan!! Sorry for the wait!!
Tsurara: ?! Everyone from the Arawashi Clan!!

Tsuchibro: Rikuo... Tsuchigumo is still recouperating right now.
Tsuchibro: So he'll definitely come after he's done.
Rikuo: Thanks...

Tsuchi: Hrmph.

Tsuchi: Rikuooo.
Tsuchi: Dealing with Seimei is impossible for you... wait 'til I get there.


(right) Nue... can you see it?
(left) The Hyakki Yako that stretches out behind me.

(Ao/Kuro): Rikuo-sama.

(Tsurara): Rikuo-sama.

Rikuo: I swear by this crest on my back that I will eliminate you.
Rikuo: That is my duty, to repay the sentiments and expectations of these people.


(Gitsune): Rikuo...
(Gitsune): Seimei...


Gitsune: Will you once again
Gitsune: exchange blows before my eyes...?

(Gitsune): But before that,
(Gitsune): you will... have a chat with me, won't you...

(Gitsune): Particularly about...

Gitsune: Go forth...
Gitsune: My... Kyoto yokai.
Kyokotsu: Yes!

Box: Nura main house

Gyuuki: Supreme Commander!!
Gyuuki: This brings back the old days... power is welling up within me!!

Gyuuki: Supreme Commander...?


(Gyuuki): That appearance...

Nura: Gyuuki. So you can see me, can you...
Nura: Shall I offer my praise?

Nura: But still, what exactly are you able to see? When you look at me...

Gyuuki: Supreme Commander...

Nura: I... don't know why either, but it seems I am overflowing with power.

(Nura): Is this proof
(Nura): that you have become a bit stronger?
(Nura): As the commander of the Nura Clan...


(Nura): Rikuo.

(Nura): Quickly... rise up.
(Nura): Race to the top, to become the master of all spirits!!


Rikuo: Let's go.

Ao: Yeah.
Kuro: We will accompany you...
Tsurara: wherever you go!!

Kana: Rikuo-kun...
Torii: Uwaah~ Th-that castle...
Maki: Wow...

Kiyo: Nura-kun...
Kiyo: G...good luck!
(around Shima) Shima-kun is also cheering you on, from the grounds of the World Soccer Championship in Bahrain!!

Peanut Gallery: Rikuo-sama...

Wakana: Rikuo...


(bottom right) ...End.
(bottom center) Nurarihyon no Mago
(bottom left) The "final part of the decisive battle at Aoi Spiral Castle" will appear in Jump NEXT!, on sale in August!! Furthermore, a top secret project is also underway!? Look forward to further details!!!

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