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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Haikyuu!! 16

1 More Genius

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jun 29, 2012 02:25 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 16

Translation reserved for U-Prod Scanlations


(right) Once, a year ago, they stood on that battlefield.
(bottom right)
Hone in on this cover!!
Full of extra material!!
The popular 1st volume from Jump Comics is now on sale!! If the bookstore is sold out, be sure to ask them to order more!!
(bottom, star) "Karasuno's Guardian Deity" appears at last!! As thanks for the popularity, new developments, & to commemorate this 2nd serialization, we have center color and an increase to 23 pages!!
Chapter 16: 1 More Genius | Furudate Haruichi


(right) A secret weapon against Oikawa and the defeated Seijou...?!!

???: Karasuno's
???: "Guardian Deity."

Shou: Gu... Guardian deity...?!

(Shou): I don't really know what that means, but it sounds cool anyway...!
(Shou): What a great nickname...! I don't know whose it is, though!

(Shou): Guardian deity. Protective god. Patron saint.
Tobio: So there were other members after all!

Koushi: ......yeah.
Koushi: There are.

Takeda: Ooooi! If we're late, the vice principal will get mad, so let's hurry up and head back~!


(sign) Gymnasium #3
???: Kageyama
???: has gotten kind of amazing, huh.
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak

Oikawa: Yep.
Oikawa: ...Once a genius who's been uselessly spinning his wheels finds a place for his talent, the average person becomes no match for him, y'know?
Iwaizumi: Heeh, then even you're no match for him?
Oikawa: In tosses... that is.
Oikawa: There's really no one in the prefecture who'd compare with Tobio where tossing is concerned, is there?

Oikawa: Well,
Oikawa: I won't lose to him in serves, blocks or spikes, though.

Iwaizumi: Dammit, say "I won't lose in tosses, either", Oikawa!
(small text) You're a setter, aren't you!
(right of Oikawa, white) Ow!
Oikawa: But it's the truth!

Oikawa: That's exactly why we'll throw their receives into disarray.
Oikawa: Because no matter how incredible a toss may be, the ball must be returned to the setter or there's no meaning to it.
Oikawa: ...If we face Karasuno in a regular game...

Oikawa: and throw their receives completely out of whack without giving them the chance to toss it right back at us,
Oikawa: I want to say "no matter how good each of you may be alone, you can't win. So don't worry about it"!!
Oikawa: I want to say iiiit!!!
(above Oikawa): Sooo fun~


Oikawa: ? Eh? What is it?
Oikawa: I mean, geniuses irritate me.

Iwaizumi: Guys who have girls going kyaa kyaa over them irritate me even more.
(sfx above Oikawa) Thump
Oikawa: Ow!
Oikawa: Jealousy is unbecoming, y'know, Iwa-chan!
(sfx) Thump
(sfx) Thwack
Oikawa: ...Ow.
Oikawa: Owww!!

Box: Karasuno High School, Gymnasium #2
???: Okay! We've finished up the light cleaning! Good work!

(above Kei/Yama) You toooo.
Tobio: Oi!

Daichi: Sensei, thanks a lot for today!
Takeda: No no, it's thanks to everyone's hard work!

Takeda: It was really surprising.
Takeda: I'd always heard that Aobajousai High School was strong, yet we ended up winning against them.
Takeda: The other team's players, coach, and everyone watching were all surprised too,
Takeda: and I unconsciously head my held high with pride.

Daichi: ...but
Daichi: it's not enough yet.


Daichi: Right now, our attacks have been successful somehow thanks to Hinata and Kageyama's abilities, but
Ennoshita: Hinata! That's enough mopping, so let's bring it back!
Ennoshita: Okay?
Yama: Look at that, Tsukki! He's sleeping while standing up!
Kei: That's amazing. (laugh)
Daichi: If Hinata starts to get caught up in blocking
Daichi: and our receives are thrown into disarray like today's, I don't know what we can do.

Daichi: Moreover, in a situation like that, I don't know if I can direct them like a manager or coach would...
Takeda: I see...

(left of Daichi) Ah.
Daichi: I'm sorry, it's not that you're lacking or anything, sensei...
Takeda: Hahaha
Takeda: I know, I know.

Takeda: I have a plan, so leave the leadership side of things to me.
Daichi: Eh?
Takeda: No matter how many times I ask, I've still yet to get an affirmative answer, though...

Takeda: Just watch, I'll definitely come up with something.

Takeda: Well, can I leave the gymnasium to you guys?
Daichi: Ah, sure.

Takeda: Okay, good work guys!
Tanaka: T...Take-chan seems pretty dependable, somehow...?!
Daichi: Yeah...

(sign) Gym Equipment Room


Yama: Hm?

Yama: What's with this?

Yama: This mop's been broken in two. I'm gonna throw it away 'cause it's dangerous, okay?

Koushi: You don't need to!
Koushi: It's fine!

Koushi: ...it's fine.

Koushi: If we repair it,
Koushi: we can use it again...

Yama: Kaaaay.

???: Chukaman?
(Chukaman = Chinese steamed buns. It's equivalent to nikuman)


Shopkeep: Those soccer club guys bought the last of'em earlier!
Shopkeep: 'Sides, we're already closed for the day!!

(above boys)
Boo! Boo!
(below Hinata) So hungryyyy...
(below Tanaka) You're slacking off on the job!
Shopkeep: Shut it!!! Always comin' in here and buying up everything, have some self-control once in a while!
Shopkeep: Hurry up and go home and eat a proper meal!! You ain't building up any muscle like that!!

(above boys) Guuuuurgle...

Shopkeep: Here.
(sfx) Toss toss toss

(Tobio sfx) Catch
(Shou sfx) Whack
(Tanaka sfx) Chomp

(package, top) High in protein & low in fat
(package, left side) Gun Gun Bar
(Gungun = growing steadily taller)

Shopkeep: Eat that and go home without stoppin' on the way! And eat a proper meal after that!!
(above boys)
Thank you!
sfx bubble: Brrring

Shopkeep: Yeah yeah, I'm comin'.
(sfx) Brrrrring

Shopkeep: Yep, Sakanoshita Shop.


Shopkeep: ...you again?

Tanaka: But still...
sfx bubble: Clatter

Tanaka: That prettyboy's serve was kinda incredible.
(below Oikawa) Prettyboy✰
Tanaka: If we'd had to deal with that from the start, it would've been bad for us...
(sfx behind Shou/Tobio) Nom nom nom
sfx bubble: Clatter clatter

Tanaka: Just what you'd expect of Kageyama's senpai from junior high...... huh?
Tanaka: Come to think of it,

Tanaka: Why're you at Karasuno, anyway?


(Tobio): I didn't get into the #1 championship school in the prefecture.
Box: First day of club activities
(Shou): You didn't get in?!

Tanaka: If we're talking about the number 1 champion in the prefecture, that'd have to be Shiratorizawa.
Shou: Munch munch gulp
Shou: Shiratori?
(for reference, Shiratori means "swan")
Tanaka: Shiratorizawa Academy is the best in the prefecture. Even throughout the entire country, there are likely a little more than 8 championship schools encroaching on each others' territory.
Shou: Oooh!

Tobio: ...I didn't get in
Tobio: to Shiratorizawa.

Tanaka: Didn't get in?!

Tobio: I didn't receive a recommendation from them, and
Tobio: wasn't accepted the standard way.
Tobio: The entrance exam didn't make sense.

Daichi: If we're talking about the normal route, getting into that school would be really difficult...
Kei: Heeeh, so the "king's" academics don't amount to much of anything~
(left of Yama) Kishishi
(below Kei/Yama) Good job~
Tobio: Tch.


Shou: Then, why Karasuno?
Shou: Could it be that you admire the "small giant", too?!

Tobio: ...It's because I'd heard that the retired coach Ukai had returned.
Shou: Ukai?

Tanaka: The famous general who led the then-unknown Karasuno all the way to the spring high school national championships!
Tanaka: ...or was supposed to.
Shou: Woah...

Tobio: You know about the "small giant", so why haven't you heard of Coach Ukai?
Tobio: It's said that his goal at the time was also to have students who came from outside the prefecture.
Shou: Oooh.

Tanaka: The name "Ukai of Karasuno" was already well-known, though.
Tanaka: They say he's a coach who keeps ferocious crows as pets.


Koushi: Last year, he only coached the 2nd and 3rd years for a short while, but
Koushi: it was incredibly Spartan...
(sfx) Shiver

Koushi: ...why do you look like you're jealous.

Koushi: Coach Ukai had decided to return in earnest, but
Koushi: Not long after he'd come back, he collapsed.
Koushi: Well, he's older... and it seems he overdid things in his younger years...
(above Tobio) SHOCK!!
Tobio: He collapsed?!
Koushi: There aren't any plans for him to return at this time... sorry.

Tobio: Still, no matter which school they attend,
Tobio: our opponents are other high schoolers.
Tobio: There's no reason we can't win.

Tanaka: Quit it with the excuses! Even if you say that and try to look cool, it's no use!
Tobio: That's not it!
Tobio: I'm not trying to look cool!!

Tobio: We actually won against one of the strongest 4 today, didn't we!
(above Shou) Gyaa?!
Tanaka: Pretty much! 2-1 against Seijou!

Tanaka: And I was able to score with that free ball thanks to Hinata's decoy!
Shou: Th-thanks!


Tanaka: So how was your "debut match"?!

Tanaka: Well, you weren't all that great in the 1st set, though.
Tobio: Don't be happy about scoring roughly the same number of points as you let the opponent steal from us.
Koushi: Why would you say something like that!

Daichi: ...that's true...

Daichi: We are still lacking in many ways.
Daichi: Today we only just barely won.


Shou: I-I'll put in tons of practice!
Daichi: Uh, right! It's important for each person to level up, too! But...
(Daichi): Crap, I upped the pressure!

???: Our current team lacks some basic members.

Tobio: ...A "Libero", the essence of defense, and
Tobio: an "Ace Spiker", who can single-handedly compete with the 3 opposing blockers, even when we can't use a combination attack.

Daichi: ...and a coach to provide guidance on technique, take command during matches, and the like...

Shou: If
Shou: If it's an ace you need, then I--
(above Shou) Right here!
Tobio: We already said you're the "strongest decoy", didn't we!

Tobio: But you said a "guardian deity" had returned, right?
Daichi: Yup.

Koushi: Karasuno isn't a powerhouse, but we aren't all that weak, either.
Koushi: Up to now, even though there were capable and talented guys here, we weren't able to properly combine their strengths.

Koushi: But we'll get everyone together again, add in the strength of the 1st years...


Koushi: And if we combine all of that fighting power...

Daichi: ...the summer interhigh competition...

Daichi: the [nationals]
Daichi: won't be just a "distant goal", but
Daichi: will definitely become
Daichi: "something we can actually attain."

Shou: The summer interhigh competition...!!
Shou: I've heard of that!!

Tobio: But, well,
Tobio: The person who will be returning, just what has he been doing until now?

Tanaka: Erm...


Tanaka: One week of house arrest and
Tanaka: about a month's ban on club activities.

Shou: Hoodlum!
Shou: He's a hoodlum?!
(right of Tanaka) Hoodlum...
Tanaka: That ain't it.

Tanaka: He's, y'know, like that... just a bit overly excitable.
Tanaka: But he's a good guy, really.
(Shou/Tobio): What sort of person is he if Tanaka-san says he's overly excitable...

Tanaka: Plus, that guy

Tanaka: is a player who could be called Karasuno's only genius!

Tanaka: ...well, now that the impertinent Kageyama has joined us, it's not just "only" anymore, though.

Daichi: When that guy comes back, go on and call him [senpai], Hinata. I think he'll be idiotically happy, just like Tanaka.
Tanaka: Idiotically...


(Shou): The "guardian deity", huh...! I wonder what sort of person he is...!!
(above Tobio) Hurry it up, moron!

sfx bubble: Clatter clatter

Takeda: ...I'm probably pesting you, but please.
Takeda: I'm ashamed to admit it, but as someone inexperienced who only took up this post this year, I'm really lacking.
(sign) Faculty Room

Takeda: Those children have amazing potential.
Takeda: Please take up coaching them.

Takeda: ...Ukai-kun.


Box: The next day, after school.

Box: Gymnasium #2


(Tobio): Ooh?! It's gonna hit...?!

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

Shou: Gwuah!!
(sfx) Thwack!!


Shou: Gyaa
(sfx) Thud
Tobio: Oi, don't get in the way, you stupid idiot Hinata!
Tobio: That was probably going to hit just now, too!

Shou: Did I do it?! Did I get the receive right?!
Tobio: You didn't do it at all, dammit! It went out of bounds, moron!!
(ball sfx) Roll

Shou: I'll go get it...
Tobio: Moron.

sfx bubble: Fwip


(kanji on back of shirt) One-man army

(hitting the ball sfx) Bump

(Shou): ...the sound of his serve receive
(Shou): was different
(Shou): than mine.


(Tobio): ...he eliminates both the strength and rotation
(Tobio): and sends the ball right to the setter's location...!
(Tobio): A perfect serve receive...!!

???: Ooh, that was a pretty amazing serve.
???: A real incredible guy's joined up, huh.

(Tobio sfx) Stunned

???: Heeey, Noya-saaaan!!

Noya: Yo, Ryuu!


Daichi/Koushi: Nishinoya!!
Noya: Hey!!

(Tobio/Shou sfx) Spaced out
Daichi: Ah! Hinata, Kageyama,

Daichi: This is 2nd year Nishinoya.
Karasuno High School
Year 2, Class 3
Volleyball Club
Libero (defense specialist)
Nishinoya Yuu
Shou/Tobio: Ah, hello!!
Noya: Ossu.

(Shou): This person is...!
(Tanaka): A player who could be called Karasuno's only genius!
(Shou): But could this guy possibly, maybe, be...
Shou: S... s...
Koushi: What's wrong, Hinata?

Shou: Shorter
Shou: than me...?!!
(left) Hinata's in shock!!?
(bottom) Next time is also center color and an increase to 23 pages!! With the anticipated libero joining, Karasuno will...!?



Recommendation (推薦, suisen) - This requires a bit of explaining, since the high school entrance procedure is very different in Japan (as opposed to schools in the west). There are two methods of getting into a high school: by passing the school's entrance exam or through suisen. Basically, suisen is a lot like applying to a college through early decision: you're saying that if you're accepted, that's where you'll go. There are a few types of suisen, but the relevant one in this context is a "sports/specialty suisen", whereby an outstanding athlete (or a student who excels in another talent) is actually scouted by the high school. This site has much more indepth information on the whole thing.

[page 20]
One-man army (一騎当千, ikkitousen) - I took some liberties with this one, but I think it gets the meaning across rather well. The term actually means "being a match for a thousand men/having power equal to that of ten men".

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finally, <<that guy>> hahaha... thanks lynxian!

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