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Assassination Classroom 1

Assassination Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jun 30, 2012 19:25 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 1

Translation reserved for Mangatopia

(holy crap, I did a 50-page chapter in 3 days? ..."OTL)



(top) New serialization #1! [Assassination Classroom]

(sfx) Door opening

sfx bubble: Flump
sfx bubble: Flump
sfx bubble: Flump

(left) Just what is this guy...?!

(book) Attendance

Teacher: We'll start homeroom now.
Teacher: Whoever is on day duty, issue your commands!

Boy: S...


Boy: STAND!!
(top right, star) Surge forward, toward the extraordinary!!! A summer unaffected by boredom is beginning!! New serialization #1, with a perfect score in overwhelming excitement!!
(top large, yellow/red)
New serialization!!
Opening color and 50 pages!!
(bottom) Matsui Yuusei
(top, left)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 1: Assassination Time
(left side) The world's most exciting classroom is now in session!!
(bottom, star) Volume 23 of [Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro] from Jump Comics is on sale with rave reviews!!


Boy: At attention!!

(teacher sfx) Grin grin

Box: We are
Boy: Gulp...
Box: professional killers.

Boy: BOOOOOW!!!!

(left, star) Commands, homeroom... continuing their studies in such a classroom - just what is the reason for this bizarre everyday life...?


Teacher: Good morning.

Teacher: Alright, seeing as you're still firing, I will take attendance.
Teacher: Isogai-kun.

Teacher: I'm sorry, but as we're in the midst of gunfire, could you speak up?
Isogai: ...H
Isogai: Here!!
Teacher: Okano-kun.
Okano: Here!!
Teacher: Kataoka-kun.
Kata: Here!!


Teacher: No absences...
Teacher: How wonderful! Sensei is very pleased.
(Girl): He's way too fast!!
(Girl): It's no use, even with the entire class firing simultaneously!!
Box: Our target
Box: is sensei.

Teacher: What a shame.
Teacher: There were no direct hits today, either.

Teacher: Tactics which rely on numbers lack individual thought.
Teacher: Your gaze,
Teacher: the direction of your guns,
Teacher: the movement of your fingers.
Teacher: Each and every one is far too simplistic.


Teacher: Devise more of a plan,
Teacher: or else...
Teacher: you won't be able to kill me with my maximum speed of Mach 20.

Boy: You seriously dodged all of them, though, sensei!
Boy: However you look at it, these are just BB gun pellets, aren't they?

Boy: Even if they hit, you'll just endure it, won't you?!
Class: That's right, that's right!!
(above class) Boo! Boo!

Teacher: Well then, load the bullets and hand that to me.

Teacher: I told you, didn't I.
Teacher: These bullets are harmless to all of you, but...


Teacher: they are special bullets developed by this country for use against me.

Teacher: Sensei's cells can be destroyed much like tofu.
Teacher: Ah,
Teacher: of course, if I have a few seconds, they'll regenerate.

Teacher: Still, it's also dangerous if any of you get it into your eyes,
Teacher: so it's best not to fire indoors except for the purpose of killing me.


Teacher: You should be able to kill me
Teacher: before graduation.

Teacher: Let's tidy up the gun barrels and bullets.
Teacher: Class is starting.
(sfx) School bell
Box: Room 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School is an assassination classroom.
Box: The morning bell has rung today, as well.


Teacher: Now here's a question, Kimura-kun.
Teacher: Among these 4 tentacles, which is the odd one out?

Kimura: The blue one?
Teacher: Correct!!
Teacher: Only the "who" from the blue tentacle's sentence is a relative term.

Box: How did we end up in a situation like this?

Girl: Hey,
Girl: Nagisa.

Girl: It's the afternoon, but there it is.
Girl: The crescent moon.

Box: At the start of our 3rd year,
Box: we were involved in two incidents simultaneously.


???: The moon!!
???: About 70% of it has mysteriously disappeared in an explosion!!
???: We will only be able to see a crescent moon for the rest of our lifetime!!

Teacher: Nice to meet you.
Teacher: I'm the one who blew up the moon.
Teacher: I also plan to blow up the earth next year.
Teacher: Seeing as I've become your homeroom teacher, I look forward to working with you.


Box: Let us tsukkomi in about 5 or 6 places!!
まず 5・6か所ツッコませろ!!
Box: That's what the entire class thought.

Man: I am Karasuma, from the Ministry of Defense.
Kara: First of all,
Kara: I would like you to understand that what I am about to say is classified government information.

Kara: Now, cutting straight to the point.
Kara: I want you to kill this monster!!


Boy: ...er.
Boy: What?
Boy: So that guy is an alien who came to attack us?
Teacher: How rude!
Teacher: I was born and raised on earth, you know.

Kara: I'm afraid I can't speak about the particulars, but
Kara: what he told you is true.
Kara: This creature, who damaged the moon,
Kara: will also destroy the earth next March.

Man: The world's leaders are the only people who know about this.
Kara: Before the world is plunged into panic...
Kara: they are exerting considerable effort to kill him behind the scenes.

Kara: In other words,


Kara: an assassination.

Kara: But
Kara: at any rate, this guy is fast!!
Kara: Far from killing him, I'm having my eyebrows trimmed by him!! Meticulously, even!!

Kara: He is a super creature possessing enough power to transform a full moon into a crescent.
Kara: His maximum speed is actually Mach 20!!

Kara: In other words,
Kara: if this guy were to seriously run away,
Kara: we would be helpless until the day of our destruction.


Teacher: Well,
Teacher: that wouldn't be any fun at all.
Teacher: Which is why I made a proposal to the nations of the world.

Teacher: I don't want to be killed, but...
Teacher: if I become the homeroom teacher for Kunugigaoka Junior High School, Class 3-E, then you're welcome to try.

(Nagisa): WHY?!

Kara: We don't know his goal.
Kara: But the government reluctantly consented.
Kara: Our condition is that he cause absolutely no harm to you students.

Kara: Our reasons are twofold.
Kara: As he will come to this classroom everyday as a teacher, we can observe him, and


Box: Above all,
Box: with 30 people...
Box: you'll have the chance to kill him from point-blank range!!

Teacher: ...Nakamura-san.

Teacher: I believe I told you that assassinations must not interfere with your studies.
Teacher: As punishment, you will stand in the back and then attend a class lecture.
Naka: ......Sorryyy...
Naka: You don't need to turn so red like that when you're angry...

Box: Why did this guy become our homeroom teacher?
Box: How are we supposed to assassinate him?!
Box: Our outcries...
Box: disappeared with Karasuma-san's next words.


Kara: The reward for successful completion is 10 billion yen!
(about $126 million)

(above students) Yen!?
(above boy) Ten bi...
Kara: It is an appropriate sum.
Kara: After all, the assassination's success means the earth's salvation.

Kara: Fortunately, this guy is looking down on you.
Kara: See,
Kara: when the green stripes appear, it's his mocking face.
(Class): Just what kind of skin is that?!

Teacher: It's only natural.
Teacher: There is no way all of you will be able to kill me when the government couldn't.

Teacher: When they attacked me with a state-of-the-art fighter plane...
Teacher: I gave it a mid-air waxing instead.
(Class): Why maintenance again?!


Kara: I would like you to strike if the opportunity presents itself.
Kara: We will provide all of you with bullets and knives which are effective against him but harmless to you.

Kara: This must be kept a secret from your family and friends.
Kara: Anyway, time is short.
Kara: If the earth disappears, there will be nowhere to run!

Teacher: That's the long and short of it.
Teacher: Now, everyone,
Teacher: let's spend this final year in a meaningful fashion!

(sfx) School bell ringing


Teacher: It's lunchtime~
Teacher: Sensei's going to China for a bit to eat mapo doufu.
Teacher: If there is anyone who would like to assassinate me, please call my cell.

Boy: He's going at Mach 20, so... err...
Girl: It'd be about 10 minutes to Sichuan Province, the home of mapo.
Boy: I'm sure not even a missile could knock that sort of thing from the sky.


Student: Plus, that octopus is even grading tests while flying at the speed of sound.
Student: Seriously?!
Student: Yup.
Student: He sorta praised mine with an illustration.
(on test) Best possible answer!! Double octopus circle!!!
(Circles are used to indicate a correct answer in Japan, like check marks in the US)

Student: By the way, isn't he unexpectedly good at teaching?
Student: I know!
Student: When I went to assassinate him after school, I took the opportunity to learn arithmetic from him.
Student: I'm gonna do well on the next test.

Student: ...but,
Student: well, y'know...

Student: We are Class E, after all.
Student: Even if we try our best, there's just no helping it.

Box: --That's right.


Box: Even though we are targetting that
Box: octopus-shaped super creature for assassination,
Box: for some reason he's doing normal teacher things.

Box: We're the same.
Box: Aside from us having instantly become a hitmen, we're normal students.

Box: ...but
Box: We of Class E...
Box: aren't quite normal.

Boy: ...Oi, Nagisa.


Boy: Come with us for a sec.
Boy: Let's work on an assassination plan.

Nagisa: Okay.

Boy: That octopus' face changes color with his moods, right?
Boy: You're hanging around with that guy who said he'd be observing, aren't you?

Boy: ...sort of.
Nagisa: I remember that green stripes appear when he's calm.


Nagisa: If a student gives an incorrect answer, his face becomes dark purple.

Nagisa: For a correct answer, it becomes bright red.

Nagisa: What's interesting is how after lunchtime...
Boy: I don't need to know.

Boy: I've got a plan.
Boy: It's for when he's got his most [careless] face on.
Boy: You'll stab him.

Nagisa: ...Me?
Nagisa: B-
Nagisa: but...

Boy: Don't pretend to be some goody-goody.
Boy: We're Class E, ain't we?


Boy: The dropout class who couldn't keep up with this school's level of study.
Boy: Nicknamed the [ E as in end Class. ]
Boy: Every day, we're forced to come to this isolated mountaintop school building.
Boy: We're treated as if we're no different than trash in every way.
(pillar) Old school building

Boy: For leftovers like us to have a chance to make 10 billion yen...
Boy: Even if we were to go out into society, a chance like this wouldn't come around again in our lifetimes.

Boy: So we're gonna slip out
Boy: of these shitty circumstances.


Boy: No matter...
Boy: what methods we use to reach that goal.

Boy: Don't screw up now, Nagisa-kuuuun~
Boy: Gyahahaha!

(Students): I heard that Nagisa's bound for E Class.
(Students): Uwaah...
(Students): It's really over for him.

(Students): I erased his e-mail address from my phone...
(sign, right side)
Main building
Reception Office 30 m.
(sign, left side)
Old school building
1 km.
(Students): I don't wanna look like I'm at his level, either.


Nagisa: Uwah!!

Nagisa: ...Welcome back, sensei.
Nagisa: What's with that missile?
Teacher: It's a souvenir.
Teacher: The Self-Defense Force ambushed me in the Sea of Japan.

Nagisa: Being a target is pretty troublesome, huh.
Teacher: Nah, not really.

Teacher: The fact that I'm targeted by everyone...
Teacher: is proof that I'm powerful, after all.


Teacher: Well,
Teacher: 5th period classes are starting.
Nagisa: ...right.

Box: I just can't
Box: understand sensei.

Box: His being everyone's assassination target...
Box: If you look at it another way, it means everyone acknowledges his true power.

Box: How could a monster like that,
Box: who no longer has expectations or caution,
Box: even understand a human's feelings.


Man: Thanks to you, they lowered my evaluation as a homeroom teacher.
Man: The only good thing about this...

Man: Is that I won't have to look at you anymore.

Box: I bet I could kill him.
Box: I mean,
Box: this teacher doesn't even see me as a hitman.


(right, star) You can only read Matsui Yuusei-sensei's works in Weekly Shounen Jump!!

Teacher: Let's try writing tanka poems based on a theme.
Teacher: Please end it with "tentacles" in the last seven syllables.

Teacher: Once you have written one, bring it up to me.
Teacher: I'll check it for proper grammar and to see if you were able to express tentacles in a beautiful way.
(poem) As if lured by the storm, the blossoms are strewn about, white upon the garden floor. Yet all this whiteness is not snow -- rather, it is tentacles which spring forth and grow.
(left of panel) The life which shone brilliantly and grew in earnest was not that of the tree scattering cherry blossoms in the garden, but rather that of the tentacles.

(above girl) Is "tentacles" a seasonal word?
(Japanese poetry traditionally includes words which indicate the season)
(right of boy) Who knows...
Teacher: Those who finish can go home for today!


Girl: Sensei, I've got a question.

Teacher: What would that be, Kayano-san?

Kaya: It's kinda late to be asking this, but
Kaya: What name should we use, when talking about you?
Kaya: It's difficult to identify you outside the other teachers.

Teacher: A name... huh.
Teacher: I don't really call myself anything in particular.

Teacher: How about all of you come up with one, if you don't mind.
Teacher: But for now, concentrate on the task at hand.
Kaya: Kaaay.


Teacher: Ooh.
Teacher: Finished already, Nagisa-kun?

(boy sfx) Grin

Box: After lunchtime, when we become sleepy,
Box: there's a point when sensei's face changes to light pink.

Box: The reaction to Kayano's question was a little delayed, too.
Box: This is probably also the time when sensei is at his most inattentive.


(Class): Nagisa...
Box: In this high-level school, we in the E Class, who can't keep up, believe that we
(Boy): You can do it!!

Box: [Must triumph somehow.
Box: If "we can do it", our parents, friends, and teachers...]

(Nagisa): If "I can kill him",


Box: They will have to acknowledge me.

Teacher: ...I told you, didn't I?
Teacher: To have more of a--


Box: No matter what methods I have to use.
Teacher: Pla...

(Teacher): A BB pellet grenade!!

(Boy): A specially-made one!!
(Boy): Take this!!


(sfx) BOOM!


Class: Alriiight, we did it!!
Class: That 10 billion is ouuurs!!

Class: Nice job!!
Class: There's no way this guy could have expected a suicide bomber attack!!

Kaya: Hold on Terasaka, just what did you make Nagisa hold onto!
Tera: Hm?
Tera: A toy hand grenade.

Tera: It's just that I used gunpowder to give it a kick
Tera: in order to shoot out 300 anti-sensei bullets at an insanely fast speed.

Kaya: Wha...!
Tera: It ain't enough power to kill a human
Tera: and I'll pay the doctors' fee out've my 10 billion.


Box: He's uninjured...?
Box: Not even a single burn?
Nagisa: ...ugh...

Box: And what's this membrane covering Nagisa?
Box: Something connected to that octopus' corpse...

Teacher: By the way, sensei molts about once a month.
Teacher: I covered the explosion with my shedded skin and stifled its power.
Teacher: In short, this is a secret skill which can be used once a month.


Box: The color of sensei's face...
Box: We don't even have to look at it to know.

Box: Pitch black.
Box: Extreme anger.

Teacher: Terasaka. Yoshida. Muramatsu.
Teacher: So you are the ringleaders, are you.
Tera: Ehh?
Tera: N-no...
Tera: Nagisa just went off on his own and


(top block) Terasaka
(left block) Yoshida
(right block) Muramatsu

Tera: Eh...
Tera: Ah...

(right block) Muramatsu
(left block) Yoshida
(bottom block) Terasaka

(Boys): The nameplates from our houses?!

Teacher: Due to my agreement with the government,
Teacher: I cannot inflict harm on any of you, but

Teacher: If you come to kill me next time using the same method as just now,

Teacher: I don't know what will happen to everyone who isn't any of you.


Teacher: Your friends and family... no,
Teacher: maybe I will eliminate everyone on earth except for you.

Box: In the span of 5 seconds, everyone understood.
Box: In the end, if we want to escape,

Box: "we can't even flee to the other side of the planet"...
Box: The only thing we can do is kill this teacher!!


Tera: Wh...
Tera: What the hell are you...

Tera: You're a real pain in the ass!!

Tera: Coming here all of a sudden with your "I'm gonna blow up the earth" and "assassinate me" and all that...
Tera: What's wrong with using an irritating killing method on an irritating guy!!

Teacher: Irritating? Nonsense.
Teacher: Your idea itself was excellent.


Teacher: Especially Nagisa-kun.
Teacher: You get a perfect score for keeping the movement of your body entirely natural until the moment you closed in.
Teacher: You attacked me at a magnificent opportunity.

Teacher: However!
Teacher: Terasaka-kun and the others
Teacher: held no regard for Nagisa-kun's welfare.
Teacher: Students like that do not have the right to kill me!


Teacher: Let's have an assassination that will make people smile and puff out their chests with pride.
Teacher: Each and every one of you can do that. You are talented assassins with hidden strength.

Teacher: That is advice from your sensei, as a target.


Box: He grew angry at mach 20 speed,
Box: and praised me with a wiggling tentacle.
Box: I felt a completely ordinary happiness from this abnormal teaching method.

Box: It's because this abnormal sensei...
Box: looked at us normally.


Woman: If you'll give them your time...
Woman: Please teach those children.

Woman: What lovely feelers...!!

Woman: With these hands...
Woman: ...I'm sure that you will become...
Woman: a wonderful
Woman: teacher.


Teacher: ...now then, here's a problem for you, Nagisa-kun.

Teacher: Sensei doesn't have even the slightest intention of being killed,
Teacher: because after enjoying my time with all of you until March, I'm going to blow up the earth.
Teacher: If you don't want that, then what will you all do?

Box: We've never done something like assassinate someone,
Box: and there are tons of other things we should be doing.
Box: ...but I thought that


Nagisa: ...before that happens,
Nagisa: we'll kill sensei.
Box: If it's this teacher...
Box: he will even accept our killing intent.

Teacher: In that case, try doing it right now.
Teacher: Those who are able to kill me can go home for the day!!

Box: We are hitmen.
(right of teacher) There we go.
Box: Sensei is our target.


Kaya: An unkillable...
Kaya: sensei...
Kaya: Ah.
Kaya: Your name.

Kaya: How about [Korosensei*]?
*Korosenai (unkillable) + sensei (teacher)

Box: Korosensei and our assassination classroom.
(Class): Even if we shoot him now, we'll be tidied up alongside those nameplates.
(Class): We can't go home...
Box: The morning bell will sound tomorrow as well.
(left, star) His name is [Korosensei]!!
(bottom) Daily life with Korosensei means...!? Next time, an increased 23 pages!! The 2nd new serialization has center color!!



[page 029]
Sensei's Poem - this is actually a takeoff of a poem by Fujiwara no Kintsune. The translation I used was done by Peter McMillan, and the version here is slightly different from the original. The original reads: "As if lured by the storm the blossoms are strewn about, white upon the garden floor. Yet all this whiteness is not snow -- rather, it is me who withers and grows old."

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