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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Assassination Classroom 2

Baseball Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jul 9, 2012 15:55 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia


(top right)
The new serialization's 2nd chapter, with center color and an increase to 23 pages!!
Matsui Yuusei
Chapter 2: Baseball Time
(top left) Assassination Classroom
(left) An absolutely confidental assassination request
-- He was the one responsible for the moon's destruction.
-- After a year, he plans to destroy the earth.
-- We have been on high alert against his various unimaginable abilities.
-- Upon his successful assassination, 10 billion yen will be paid as recompense.


Teacher: Even in America, all they're talking about is the explosion on the moon.
Teacher: I'd really like a more interesting front page story.
(sfx) Sluurp

(right, star) Korosensei's comfortable time before school, coming to work every morning by way of Hawaii...

Boy: It's his daily routine to relax behind the school building every morning before homeroom,
Boy: with a drink and English newspaper bought while dropping by Hawaii at mach 20.

Boy: Your information was spot-on.
Boy: Thanks, Nagisa!
Nagisa: Sure.
Nagisa: Good luck, Sugino.

Sugino: Right!
Sugino: That 10 billion yen is mine!!


Box: We are
Box: hitmen.

Box: Our target
Box: is sensei.


Teacher: Good morning.
Teacher: Nagisa-kun, Sugino-kun.

Teacher: Come,
Teacher: say your greetings in a loud voice!

Nagisa: Good morning, Korosensei.
Sugino: Eh?!
Sugino: EHH?!

Teacher: Embedding a ball with my weakness, the anti-sensei BB pellets, was a good idea.
Teacher: This way, there are also no sounds of discharge, unlike with an airgun.


Box: Slow motion playback
Teacher: However...

Teacher: I had some free time before the ball reached me...

Teacher: and if I touched it directly, my cells would unfortunately beak apart.

Sign: Guts
(sfx) Rummage

(sfx) Clack
Sign: Guts

Sign: Guts


Teacher: ...and that's why
Teacher: I went over to the equipment shed and got a glove.

Teacher: You should be able to kill me.
Teacher: Before graduation, that is.

Teacher: Come,
Teacher: it's time for homeroom.
Sugino: ...right.


Box: The task which was given to us...
Box: is to kill this teacher by next year.
Box: The reward for success is 10 billion yen!

Kaya: Hey, Nagisa.
Kaya: Did Sugino's assassination attempt this morning fail?
Nagisa: Yeah.

Nagisa: He's been completely disheartened since.

Kaya: It's not something to get so down about, though.
Kaya: No one's been successful so far, after all.

Box: He's an unkillable sensei.
Box: That's how we came up with the nickname [Korosensei].


Karasuma: How about it.
Karasuma: Do you think you've figured out a way to kill him?
Ministry of Defense, Special Department
Karasuma Tadaomi

Boy: It's impossible, Karasuma-san.
Boy: That guy's way too fast.

Boy: Do you know what he's planning to do after school today?
Boy: He's gonna go to New York to watch a sports match.
Boy: There's no way we can kill a guy who flies at mach 20.

Karasuma: Exactly. It's impossible for any military force.
Karasuma: However, for you alone there is a chance.

Karasuma: It comes down to why he makes a point of being your teacher.


Karasuma: If you leave things as-is, then he
(above Teacher) Disguised
Karasuma: will blow up the earth next March without fail.

Karasuma: If you look at the moon, which has had a chunk sliced away, you'll understand...
Karasuma: when that time comes, no one will be able to save humanity.

Karasuma: It is far too dangerous to keep him alive!!
Karasuma: This classroom is currently the only place where he can be killed!!


Box: We of Class E, the class of leftovers, have been given...
Box: the chance to become heroes who will save the world.

Box: But I just don't get it.
Box: Why is sensei going to blow up the earth?

Box: Why, at a time like this...
Box: did sensei come here to be our homeroom teacher?

(sfx) School bell


(left of Sugino) Sigh...

Teacher: I polished this up for you, Sugino-kun.

Sugino: ...Korosensei,
Sugino: What are you eating?
Teacher: A coconut I bought yesterday in Hawaii.
Teacher: Want some?
Sugino: Usually you'd drink that.

Teacher: That was a good throw in yesterday's assassination attempt.
Sugino: Gimme a break.
Sugino: If I think about it, there's no way I'd hit you and your mach 20, given the speed of my pitch.

Teacher: You're in the baseball club?
Sugino: Used to be, yeah.
Teacher: Used to be?


Sugino: I'm banned from club activities.
Sugino: 'Cause I'm in Class E, in this isolated school building.

Sugino: I had bad grades, so I ended up here...
Sugino: Anyway, they said to concentrate on studying.
Teacher: That's still extremely discriminatory.

Sugino: ...but
Sugino: it's enough already.

Sugino: You saw it yesterday, right?
Sugino: My pitch is
Sugino: really slow.


Sugino: Because of that, batters hit tons of my pitches,
Sugino: I was removed from the regular lineup,

Sugino: and then I had no motivation to study,
Sugino: so now I'm in the E as in end Class.

Teacher: Sugino-kun,

Teacher: Allow me to give you some advice, as your teacher.

Nagisa: I've gotta hand in an assignment, but...
Nagisa: sensei's talking to Sugino about something.

Nagisa: Don't tell me
Nagisa: it's because he's holding a grudge over yesterday's assassination atte...


Nagisa: It's even worse than I'd thought!!

Nagisa: What are you doing, Korosensei!!
Nagisa: Didn't you swear you wouldn't harm the students?!


Teacher: Yesterday
Teacher: I saw Sugino-kun's habitual pitching stance.
Teacher: It's an emulation of the picture Arita, who went to the majors.

Teacher: But y'know,
Teacher: these tentacles don't lie.

Teacher: Compared to him, the configuration of your shoulder muscles is awful.
Teacher: Even if you emulate him, you won't be able to throw a radio ball like his.
(A radio ball is a pitch you hear, but don't see)

Nagisa: H...
Nagisa: How can you say that with such certainty...


Teacher: Because yesterday I went to check the man himself.
(bottom) "Pitcher Arita attacked by tentacles!!"

(Nag/Sugi): If you wanted to check for yourself, you didn't have to do it like that!!

Don't screw with me, tentacles!!!
Nagisa: You asked for an autograph in a situation like that?!
Nagisa: Of course he'd be pissed!!

Sugino: ...I see.
Sugino: So there's
Sugino: really a difference in our abilities after all...
Teacher: On the other hand,


Teacher: the malleability of your elbow and wrist are much more outstanding than his.
Teacher: If you train, you'll certainly surpass him to an extraordinary degree.

Teacher: A comparison made by handling something with my tentacles is never wrong.

Teacher: There isn't only one type of ability.
Teacher: Please look for an assassination method suited to yours.


Sugino: My elbow and wrist are...
Sugino: more malleable...

Sugino: My...
Sugino: ability, huh...

Nagisa: Korosensei!

Nagisa: Could it be that you...
Nagisa: went to New York in order to give Sugino advice?
Teacher: Of course.
Teacher: I'm a teacher, after all.

Nagisa: A normal teacher wouldn't go this far.
Nagisa: Not to mention that you'll be annihilating the earth after all of this.


Teacher: You know, Nagisa-kun,
Teacher: I became your teacher in order to keep the promise I made with someone.

Teacher: I am going to destroy the earth, but

Teacher: until then, I'm your teacher.


Teacher: Facing all of you seriously...
Teacher: is more important than the end of the world.
(paper, right side) Since it's written as "ingredients", the verb is plural.
(paper, bottom)
There aren't many grammatical errors and it wraps up nicely. What an excellent journal entry!!
by Korosensei
(Matsui-sensei is pretty good at English. o_o)

Nagisa: Korosensei,

Nagisa: I get that you're showing off your speed at grading, but
Nagisa: could you stop adding in weird questions on the back of the page?
Teacher: Nuuwaa!
Teacher: I thought maybe you'd like having a sort of bonus...
(book, above tentacle) Extra ♡
(book, below tentacle) State in English the reason why this tentacle can't sprout very well.
Nagisa: This is more like a penalty.


Teacher: That being said,
Teacher: I'd like all of you to earnestly enjoy yourselves in both study and assassination.

Teacher: Well...
Teacher: the assassination part of that is surely impossible, though.

Box: ...Our teacher is

Box: incredibly fast, equipped with all-purpose tentacles
Box: and frankly has no interest in being killed.


Nagisa: Uwaah!

Nagisa: That's amazing, Sugino!!
Nagisa: It's as if the ball disappeared completely!!
Sugino: Heheh~

Sugino: I'm learning to throw a ball that changes speed by making full use of my elbow and wrist!!
Sugino: By using these 2, a slow straight and this ball, I can make the pitch look fast.

Sugino: Well, that sort've pitch would be like yawning to him, though.

Sugino: But y'know what, Nagisa?
Sugino: I'm gonna continue with
Sugino: both baseball
Sugino: and the assassination.


Nagisa: Yeah.
Box: ...But
Box: strangely enough, he motivates us.

Sugino: Korosensei!!
Sugino: I'd like to kill you, so could you come out here for a bit?
Teacher: Nurufufufufufu. You really don't learn, do you.
(center, star) Becoming motivated in both studying and club activities!!
Box: Korosensei's assassination classroom is kinda fun.



The K.Y. Times - Okay, this is less of a translation note and more of an amused observation. Korosensei's newspaper is likely meant as a parody of The New York Times. KY is short for "kuuki yomenai", which refers to someone who can't read the mood of a situation.

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#1. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2012
Once again, an awesome translation. Korosensei is probably the best teacher ever. :) I can't wait to see how the scantlation looks. Hopefully it's as good as the translation it's using as a base.
#2. by lynxian ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2012
o///o You seriously flatter me way too much, but thank you!
#3. by Len1k ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2012
please translations Haikyuu!! T_T
#4. by B'arzz ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2012
EDIT o you mean the volley manga XD

Thanks for the translation of A.C.
#5. by lynxian ()
Posted on Jul 9, 2012
@len1k: I'm translating it as fast as I can..? Chapter 17 is about 50% done, but like it says in my profile, translations are taking me longer these days due to real life circumstances.
#6. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2012

*Shrugs* I only know how to speak the truth. lynxian. Only the truth.

You're welcome. :)

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