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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Haikyuu!! 17

A Storm

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jul 14, 2012 03:56 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 17

Translation reserved for U-Prod Scanlations

I'll try to finish 18 over the weekend (it's about 50% done right now).



(top right) Haikyuu!!
Shou: Shorter
Shou: than me...?!
(sfx, right of Noya) Twitch
(left) The libero Nishinoya has arrived!!!

Noya: HAAH?!
Noya: You bastard, what'd you just say!!
Tanaka: Now, now.
Shou: Ah...
Shou: I'm sor...

Shou: Umm.
Noya: HAH?!
Shou: How... tall... are you...

Noya: 159 cm!!!

(Shou): It's
(Shou): in the 150s...!!

Shou: Uoooh...
Noya: Wh
Noya: What's with you...

Shou: This is the first time since starting club activities in high school that I've been taller than someoneee.
(left of Shou) Tears of gratitude.
Noya: Being taller ain't such a big deal! Don't get all happy and cry about it!!!


(top, star) The other genius, Nishinoya, has finally arrived!! As thanks for the popularity, new developments, & to commemorate this 2nd serialization, we have center color and an increase to 23 pages!!
(left) If you look down on us shorties, we'll chew you up and spit you out!!!
(bottom, left side)
Chapter 17: A Storm
Furudate Haruichi
(above tankobon cover) Hone in on this cover!!
(right of tankobon cover) Have you already gotten your hands on it?!
(left of tankobon cover) The 1st volume from Jump Comics is on sale and super popular!! If the bookstore is sold out, be sure to ask them to order more!!


(below Noya)
Karasuno High School 2nd year
Volleyball club
Nishinoya Yuu
Noya: So you lot are 1st years, huh!!
Shou/Tobio: Osu!

Noya: You, guy who was serving before! The tall one with the mean look in his eyes!
Noya: What junior high're you from!!
Tobio: ...Kitagawa Daiichi.

Noya: Seriously! They're champions, ain't they! No wonder you've got a serve like that!! When I was in junior high, we lost to'em 2-1!
Tanaka: Woah, really?!
Noya: Yeah! Back then, they had a guy with an amazing serve, too!
Koushi: His voice is really loud.
Daichi: He's just as troublesome as always.

Tobio: Ah... uhh...
Tobio: Nishi...
Tobio: Ni...
Koushi: "Nishinoya".
Tobio: Nishinoya-san... which junior high...
Tobio: did you...

Noya: Chidoriyama!!
Tobio: They're champions, aren't they!
Tobio: Why are you at Karasuno?! It's because you heard about Coach Ukai's return, isn't it?!

Noya: ...nope.
Noya: I came to Karasuno because...


Noya: I liked the girls' uniform.
Noya: A LOT!

Noya: Of course, the girls themselves went beyond my expectations!
Noya: And! Besides that!

Noya: The boys wear gakuran!! Black ones!!
(Gakuran are boys' uniforms worn by many junior high and high school students)
(Shou/Tobio sfx) Daaaazed
Noya: Black gakuran are cool, ain't they! We had blazers in junior high~ I seriously wanted a gakuran so bad~!
Noya: Not brown or gray or any of those, but black!
Tanaka: I know, right!
Noya: Yeah!

Noya: Karasuno has black gakuran, the girls' uniform is cute, and its close to my house, so the decision was a no-brainer!

Noya: AH!!!
sfx bubble: Sniff

Noya: Kiyoko-saaaaaan!!! I came to see you, Kiyoko-saaaan!!!
Tanaka: Ah! Hold it, you bastard!


Koushi: He comes whirling in like a storm, as always...
Shou: An unexpected downpour...
Daichi: Hahaha! He's pretty noisy, huh!

Daichi: ...but
Daichi: his plays are surprisingly

Daichi: quiet.

(Shou): "Quiet"... the serve receive before really did give off that sort of feeling...
Shou: The sound of his was different from mine...
(Shou sfx) Thwack!!
(below Shou) Mine

Noya: --So,

Noya: what about Asahi-san??
Noya: Did he come back?

(Shou/Tobio): Asahi??


Daichi: ...no.

Noya: --That coward...!!

Tanaka: Hey, Noya!! Don't talk like that about our ace!

Noya: Shut up! A coward's a coward!
(Shou): "Ace"...!!

(Shou): They have a proper ace here...
Tanaka: I said wait already, Noya-san.


Noya: It's just like I said before.
Noya: If Asahi-san's not coming back, then neither am I!!

sfx bubble: Clang

Tobio: What was that?
Tanaka: Sorry... there's a bit of an issue
Tanaka: between Nishinoya and our ace...

(Tobio): Where'd Hinata go...?

???: Please teach me how to do receives!!


Shou: Nishiya-san, you're a libero, right?!
Shou: A defense specialist...

Noya: It's Nishinoya. Why do you think I'm a libero?
Shou: Ah, sorry...
Noya: Is it 'cause I'm short?

Shou: Eh?
Shou: No,
Shou: it's because you're good at receives...

Shou: I mean, libero isn't a position you'd do because you're short.
Shou: It's a position you can do because you're good at receives, right?
Shou: Ah
Shou: It is, isn't it?

Noya: You... understand pretty well, huh.

Shou: And, captain called you a "guardian deity"!


Noya: Guardi-?!
Noya: Wh-what's with that.
Noya: Being called such an extravagant name... I'm not really...

Noya: He really said that?
(above Shou): He really did.

Noya: Being called such a cool name is... I mean- I'm, y'know-- not so easily... dammit... damn you, Daichi-saaaan...
Shou: I'm... still really clumsy with receives...

(Oikawa): No matter how strong your offensive power...
(Oikawa): If your "attack" doesn't connect, then there's no meaning in it, is there?
(Shou): --That practice match... if the Grand King had been there from the start,
(Shou): I'm sure a straight-on attack would have been impossible...

Shou: Even though it's the most important thing in volleyball...

Shou: So please teach me how to do receives!!
Shou: Nishi--

(Daichi): When that guy comes back, go on and call him "senpai", Hinata.

Shou: Nishinoya-senpai!!


(above Noya) "Senpai" senpai senpai npai pai i i (echo)
(below Noya) SHOOOCK

Noya: ......you...

Noya: After practice... I'll treat ya to a Garigari-kun ice-pop...
Shou: Ehh?!
Noya: 'Cause I'm...

Noya: a "senpai", after all!!!

Noya: But this doesn't mean I'm coming back to club activities!
Noya: It's just to teach you, got it!!
(Boys): For now, that's a relief...
(right of Shou): Thank you!!

Noya: So it's like...
Noya: you guys...


Noya: It goes SAA
Noya: and then
Noya: SUU
Noya: like that,
Noya: then PON.
Noya: That's it.

Noya: Kay?
Tanaka: ...It's no good... guys who "move on instinct" aren't gonna get one bit of what he's saying.
Tobio: Really? I more or less understood it, though.

Tanaka: Come to think of it, whenever you're explaining something,
Tanaka: the people around you've got no idea what you're saying, either!
(left of Tanaka) Like that "pa" and "guwaa" stuff!
Tobio: Eh.

Takeda: ..."Libero" is certainly a unique position, isn't it?
(sfx) Flip
(right of Noya) Bastard, you're damn huge, aren'tcha! How tall're you!
(above Yama) Tsukki is-
(above Kei) Shut up, Yamaguchi.
Yama: Sorry, Tsukki!
Takeda: Let's see...

White box: Libero (L)
Black box: A player who specializes in defense. He cannot attack with a spike, serve, etc. He is also prohibited from completing an attack or block hit from higher than the top of the net.
守備専門プレイヤー スパイク・サーブ等の攻撃はできず ブロック等ネットより高い位置からボールを返球する事も禁じられている
Black box: He replaces a player in the rear guard and acts as defense.


Takeda: So he's Karasuno's "guardian deity", huh. How cool~
Daichi: Shifting in a libero during a match is different from a normal member change. It's a little hard to explain, so
Daichi: I'll give you the details when we're in an actual game.
Takeda: Sorry it's always like this.

Daichi: ...if he comes back,
Daichi: it'll be... really encouraging.

Daichi: With that small body,
Daichi: his presence is amazingly larger-than-life.
Daichi: Having Nishinoya here is different than having a sense of security.

(right of Noya) GYAHAHAHAHAHA
(Shou sfx) Tha-whumpbump
Daichi: He's kinda noisy, though...

Koushi: ...still, Nishinoya really hasn't lost any of his skill, huh.
Tanaka: It seems he did "special training" while he was banned from club activities. Playing with a team of moms and stuff like that.
Koushi: That's just like Hinata!

Shou: Umm...
Shou: Nishinoya-san.


Shou: Who is that "Asahi-san" person?

Tanaka: Don't just carelessly blurt out that name!

Noya: ...Karasuno's... ace.
Noya: Or he should be.

Shou: Ace...!
(Shou): They really do... have an ace...

Noya: What's with you?

Shou: ...I
Shou: want to become an ace...!

Noya: Haah?
Tobio: He's going on about that again...!

Shou: A number of years ago,after seeing Karasuno's ace, the "small giant", at the "spring high school championship",
Shou: I decided that I would definitely become like him, and came to Karasuno!
(Announcer): He is surely a "small giant"!

Noya: You wanna be an ace
Noya: with that height?


Noya: That's awesome!
Noya: You wanna do it 'cause it's really cool, right!
Noya: Awesome, that's great! Do it! Become an ace!

Noya: You're nowhere near as promising as our current ace, though!
(right of Noya): Wahaha!

Noya: But when you talk about "admirable", it's gotta be the ace, huh.
Shou: Yes! Aces are really cool!
Noya: The sound of the word's already plenty cool, geez.

Noya: Compared to the star player known as an [Ace Spiker],
Noya: the setter and libero just look really plain.
(right of Tobio) Grr
(right of Koushi) There, there.

Noya: Still,

Noya: During a match,
Noya: no matter how incredible the spike,
Noya: what excites and awes the crowd the most
Noya: is when they see a super receive.


Noya: In the battle of height that is volleyball,
Noya: libero might be the only position where a short player can thrive.
Noya: However,
Noya: I'm not a libero because of my height.

Noya: Even if I were 2m. tall,
(2m. is about 6'6")
Noya: I'd still play as a libero.

Noya: Even if you can't spike the ball, even if you can't block it,
Noya: if the ball doesn't touch the floor,
Noya: then you can't lose in volleyball.
Noya: And the one who is best at ensuring that

Noya: is the libero.

Shou: So...

Shou: So cool!
Noya: I-idiot! Don't just come right out and say it like that!
Noya: You wanna eat 2 Garigari-kuns, huh!
Shou: Osu!
Noya: Soda flavor and pear flavor, huh!
Shou: Osu!

Noya: ---So,
Noya: What's your special skill, "aspiring ace"?
Shou: Er.


Noya: Your receives are really clumsy,
Shou: Urk.
Shou: So it's not gonna be that.

Shou: ...d...
Shou: ...coy...
Noya: Huh?
Noya: Coil?

Shou: D...
Shou: decoy...

Noya: Why're you saying it with such a lack of confidence?
Shou: ...compared to stuff like [ace!] or [guardian deity!] or [control tower!], it just doesn't have any sort of impact...

Noya: Nicknames've got nothing to do with it, y'know.
Shou: Still...

Noya: If someone's spike can succeed thanks to your being a decoy,
(left of Tanaka) Yep, yep.
Noya: then the importance of your position won't change.
Noya: Just like an [ace], [guardian deity] or [control tower].

Shou: ...right.


Noya: Well, I haven't seen you in a match.
Noya: If your "decoy" was crappy, then there's no point to it!
(above Noya) Wahaha!!

Koushi: That's right.

Koushi: The present Karasuno
Koushi: has "the strongest decoy"...

Koushi: If the combo of Hinata and Kageyama is here,
Koushi: then I'm sure even spikes which haven't been successful up to now
Koushi: will definitely connect...!

Daichi: ...yeah.

Daichi: With those "chemical reactions"...
Daichi: that Takeda-sensei spoke of,
Daichi: I have a feeling that we can change even more.

Daichi: It'll be great if it's a change for the better...
(left of Daichi) There's kinda all sorts of things to worry about...
Koushi: Quit it with those weak-spirited comments!

???: You're annoyingly persistent, ain't ya,
???: Sensei.

Takeda: ...yes.
Takeda: That is my only redeeming quality.


???: Doesn't matter how many times ya say it, I ain't gonna coach or anything like that.
???: My gramps is the one who did coaching.
Karasuno High School
Volleyball club alumnus
Ukai Keishin
Ukai: Me teaching people would be outta character.

Takeda: ...I've heard that even in high school and college, you excelled in mentoring underclassmen.
Takeda: And that you were very sharp at analyzing opposing schools.
Takeda: You're perfectly capable, aren't you?
Ukai: Who the hell's the guy who said all that...

Ukai: ...Still,
Ukai: even if ya praise me like that, in the end I'm basically a greenhorn.
Ukai: What you want is a technical instructor, but

Ukai: above all,
Ukai: it's the name "Coach Ukai" you want, ain't it?


Takeda: ...to be honest,
Takeda: you're right.

Takeda: Since retiring, Coach Ukai has gradually become estranged from other schools,
Takeda: and this year, with a novice like me who is seemingly filling the empty space,
Takeda: I haven't really been able to set up practice matches.

Takeda: It's
Takeda: frustrating.

Ukai: So you're saying that if you've got that "illustrious" name,
Ukai: things might change... right?

Ukai: Sorry, but I ain't gonna play babysitter to some pain-in-the-ass high schoolers.

Takeda: ...I'll come again.
Ukai: ...Like I keep telling ya, I ain't gonna do it.

Takeda: I apologize for being so persistent... but...

Takeda: I think you would understand the reason why if you watched those children in a match.


Takeda: Excuse me.

???: ...yo,
???: so it's you?
???: Been a while
???: since we talked, huh.

???: Suga.

???: It feels kinda weird, somehow.
Karasuno High School 3rd year, Class 3
Volleyball club
Wing Spiker
Azumane Asahi

Koushi: ...please
Koushi: come back, Asahi.
Koushi: Nishinoya's ban on club activities has already been lifted and he's returned.


Asahi: ...I see. That's good.
Asahi: It's definitely reassuring to have Nishinoya at your back.

Koushi: The same goes for you!
Koushi: If you'd only call out for a toss, everyone would feel reassured!

Asahi: ...I'm glad you think that, but...
Asahi: ...even if I come back, I'll just drag everyone down again.

Koushi: ...the team is undeniably changing.
Koushi: It's frustrating, but... an incredible 1st year setter has joined,
Koushi: and on top of that,

Koushi: We have "the strongest decoy".
Koushi: You don't have to shoulder the burden on your own anymore...!

Koushi: If you and Nishinoya both return, and we add in the club's new fighting strength,
Koushi: Karasuno will no longer be a [fallen champion]...!
Boy: Azumane~ it's your turn for career counselling~

Koushi: To that end, the central pillar of an ace is--
Asahi: Sorry... Suga.


???: You should go in first after all.
???: Haah?! You're the one who said he wanted to see the ace!!

Shou: But going into a 3rd year classroom is scary!
Koushi: Wait, Asahi!!

Shou/Tobio: "Asahi"?!

Asahi: What?

Tobio: ?! OI!

(sign) Faculty Office
???: --Yes.
???: Right.
???: Th-

???: Thank you so much!
???: No, I apologize for a lot of things on my end, too...
???: ...Right. ...Okay.
???: So it'll be on the 6th at 9.
???: Yes.
???: We'll see you then. Thank you very much!

Takeda: Yes, thank you for your time.
sfx bubble: ---Heh.

sfx bubble: Kachack


Takeda: Yessss!
Takeda: Alriiiight!!

VP: You're making a rucus, Takeda-sensei.
Takeda: Ah, sorry.

Takeda: ...this is our big chance...!
Takeda: I'm sure...
Takeda: I'm sure that something will change...!

Takeda: ...the best possible opponent...!
Trai{mp}ning camp 5/6
Practice match AM 9:00
(the "mp" in that first line is scribbled out)
Takeda: We have to be in peak condition...!!

(sfx, left of Noya) Flash
Girl: ! Kyaa! Lightning!!

(sfx, left of Shou) Ruuuumble

(left) "Chemical reactions" connecting them... as a storm approaches Karasuno!!



[page 5]
An unexpected downpour - I had to take some liberties with this one because there really isn't a suitable equivalent in English. The word Hinata uses is ゲリラ雷雨 (gerira gouu), which literally means "guerrilla rain". The term refers to a torrential downpour in a localized area, which hits many areas in a short span of time. It also can't be predicted beforehand... so I guess it's like those strange 3-minute monsoon-like storms that appear and disappear out of and into nowhere.

[page 10]
Garigari-kun (ガリガリ君) - This is the name of a well-known Japanese ice-pop brand, as well as the name of said brand's mascot. It was first created in 1981 by a company based in Fukaya. There are a number of fruit-flavored pops, but Garigari-kun is best known for its cola and soda flavors.

[page 11]
Saa, Suu, Pon - These are onomapoetic sound effects. I left them as-is because Tanaka compares them to Tobio's "pa" and "guwaa" sound effects a few panels over. Also, they're sfx that are kinda difficult to put into English.

[page 16]
Decoy / Coil - In the Japanese, Hinata mumbles otori (囮), meaning "decoy", which Nishinoya mistakes to be o-tori (お鳥), a more formal way of saying "bird". Unfortunately, this... really doesn't work in English, but I tried. "Coil" sounds about as close to the tail end of "decoy" as anything I could think of.

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