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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Assassination Classroom 3

Service Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jul 15, 2012 04:02 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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???: There he is.
(sfx) Scrape scrape
(bottom right) [Assassination Classroom]
???: Today his afternoon snack is shaved ice made with ice from the North Pole.
???: That octopus goes to the North Pole like we'd walk to the convenience store.

Boy: Here goes.
Boy: We'll split the 10 billion yen!!

Students: Korosenseeei!!
Students: Let us have some shaved us too!!

(left) Slosh slosh scrape scrape slosh slosh scrape scrape slosh slosh...

(right of girl) Sensei~
(left of boy) Me too, me too~
Teacher: ...Ooh.

Box: The students are opening their hearts to me!!
Box: With such smiling faces...


(top, star) The 3rd chapter of the new serialization that's already getting an amazing response from readers!!!

(left) With big smiles, they reveal their killing intent hearts*...
*See translation note
Box: and such ferocious excitement!!
(bottom left)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 3: Service Time | Matsui Yuusei


Teacher: But, y'know,

Teacher: your smiles were a bit forced.
Teacher: That wasn't enough to catch me off-guard.

Teacher: I'll just leave these dangerous anti-sensei knives over here.

Students: Ehh...?


Teacher: Please admire these flowers,
Teacher: and learn from their smiling faces.

Girl: Hm?

Girl: Hey! Wait a second, Korosensei!!
Girl: These flowers are the ones that our class has been growing, aren't they!!
Teacher: Nyuuaa!
Teacher: A-are they?!

Girl: That's horrible, Korosensei.
Girl: Even though we had put so much care into them, and they'd finally bloomed...
Teacher: I-I'm very sorry!
Teacher: I'll go get some new plant bulbs right now...

Teacher: I went and bought them.


Girl: You can't plant them at mach speed, got it!!
Teacher: I understand!!
Girl: Be careful with each and every one!!
Teacher: Yes!!
Boy: Hey...
Boy: I hear he's gonna destroy the earth, but...
Boy: Y-yeah...
Boy: It's kinda weird for him to be planting tulips.

Boy: ...Tch.
Boy: That monster's acting like such a goody-goody.

Kaya: Nagisa,
Kaya: what's with the notepad?

Nagisa: I thought I'd write down sensei's weaknesses.
Nagisa: There might be an assassination hint among them.

Kaya: ...Hmm.


Kaya: ...so,
Kaya: you're saying those weaknesses will help with his assassination?
Korosensei's weaknesses
When he tries to look cool,
his weaknesses show.

Box: We are
Box: hitmen.

Box: Kunugigaoka Junior High School 3rd year class E is an assassination classroom.
Box: --and

(sign) Board Chairman's Office

Karasuma: I believe you have received notice from the Ministry of Defence, but...
Karasuma: Starting tomorrow, allow me, as a P.E. instructor, to serve as Class E's assistant teacher.


Karasuma: I will be observing him, of course, but...
Karasuma: The students require both technical and mental support.
Karasuma: I have a teaching license, so be at ease.

Man: Go right ahead.
Man: The students' academics and safety come first, however.
(sign) Board Chairman

Box: Except for us, Kunugigaoka is...
Box: a famous high-ranking school.


(right, star) His favorite color is "beige"...!! You can only read Matsui Yuusei-sensei's works in Weekly Shounen Jump!!

Man: He's quite the reasonable board chairman, isn't he.
Karasuma: Hrm.
Karasuma: He is receiving a large sum from the government as compensation.

Karasuma: However, it is certainly convenient.

Karasuma: There is a monster here who can destroy the earth.
Karasuma: Furthermore, even the military can't kill him, and he is working as a teacher.

Karasuma: It's best that we of the government,
Karasuma: the board chairman here, and

Karasuma: the students of Class E are the only ones to know this secret.


???: Crap.
???: If my scores fall any lower than this, I just might end up going to Class E.

Student: Seriously?!
Student: If you're dropped into that class, you'll definitely be in utter despair.

Student: Those in that isolated building with no cafeteria and filthy bathrooms
Student: are treated like shit by both us and the teachers.
Student: If you don't churn out some super good grades, there'll be no turning back.

Student: They're definitely the E as in end Class!!
Student: I'd rather die than end up there.

Student: I know, right...
Student: If I don't want to become like them, I've gotta try hard.


Box: I see.
Box: A small number of students face intense discrimination...
Box: and so the majority, feeling both mentally strained and superior, work hard.

(right, box) Character Introduction
(right, under Korosensei's image)
The supersonic teacher of year 3, class E, who slips around at mach 20 - in other words, twice the speed of sound.

Box: It's a logical setup for a school.
Box: We found that isolated building to be ideal for a secret assassination mission, but

Box: for the students of that class, who have been ostracized...
Box: it must be unbearable.


Kaya: Ah! Karasuma-san!
Kaya: Hello!!
Karasuma: Hello.

Karasuma: From tomorrow onward, I will also assist all of you, as a teacher.
Karasuma: I look forward to working with you.
Kaya: Is that so!!
Kaya: Then it'll be Karasuma-sensei from here on out!!

Karasuma: ...by the way, where is he?
Kaya: ...well, um.

Kaya: Korosensei ended up damaging the class' flowerbed, but
Kaya: as a means of apologizing...
Boy: Ooooi!!
Boy: We've brought the sticks and rope!!


Kaya: We're having an assassination rally with a handicap.
(teacher sfx) Swoosh swoosh
Students: Right there! Stab him!!
Student: Dammit,
Student: even in this situation, he's being slippery and dodging!

Teacher: Come now, this service is an apology, you know?
Teacher: Surely it's rare to have a teacher in a position like this, where he is unable to move.


Kaya: Well, Nagisa?
Nagisa: Yeah...
Nagisa: He's completely looking down on us.
(Karasuma): Kuh...
(Karasuma): Can you even call this an assassination anymore!!

Nagisa: But hold on a second.
Nagisa: Based on Korosensei's weaknesses...

Teacher: Nurufufufufu. It is truly futile, isn't it, ladies and gentlemen of Class E.
Teacher: This difference in speed is hardly even a handicap.

Teacher: The chance of you all killing me is beyond your wildest dr...

Teacher: Eaah!


Students: Now! Get him!!
Teacher: Nyuaaa!! I screwed uuuup!!

(above students) Gyaa! Gyaa!
Korosensei's weaknesses, #1
When he tries to look cool, his weaknesses show.
Kaya: That weaknesses notebook might come in handy.
Nagisa: ...yeah.
Nagisa: I'm going to keep writing in it.

Teacher: Wait a...
Teacher: Hold on!
Korosensei's weaknesses, #2
He is surprisingly quick to panic.
Teacher: M...
Teacher: My tentacles are all tangled up in the rope!


Students: AH!
Students: Dammit! He got himself out of it!!

Teacher: You guys can't follow me up here.
Teacher: Our basic characteristics are different, stuuupid~
Student: Urg...
Student: And we almost had him...

(above Teacher) Hah hah hah

(above Teacher) Phew...

Teacher: Starting tomorrow, there will be twice as much homework.
Students: That's petty!!!!
Korosensei's weaknesses, #3
He's petty.


Boy: He ran away...
(right of boy) Even though he gave himself that handicap.
Girl: But that's the closest we've gotten to killing him so far.

Boy: If things keep going like this, then a chance to kill him will definitely come our way!!
Girl: No waaaay!
Girl: If I can kill him, what'll I do with that 10 billion yen~ ♪

Box: A group of junior high students are joyfully discussing an assassination.
Box: If you look at it normally, this is the pinacle of madness.

Kaya: Nagisa,

Kaya: How about it?
Kaya: Do you think we'll be able to kill Korosensei?


Nagisa: We will.
Nagisa: We have to try and kill him, or we won't be able to continue staying with him.

Box: --But it's strange.

Box: The students who are the most lively...
Box: are those of Class E, who have the target as their homeroom teacher.


Woman: --The situation is exactly as I just described.
Woman: Revealing the secret behind earth's crisis is strictly forbidden.

Woman: If you were to leak the information, you would undergo memory erasure treatment.
???: ...Scaary!

Woman: All members of Class E have been provided the same explanation.
Woman: Everyone else is already involved in this mission.
Woman: If your suspension from school is lifted, you will also return to Class E.
Woman: Therefore, I will entrust you with this assassination mission as well!


???: ...Hey,
???: is this rubbery knife really gonna work?
Woman: Yes.
Woman: It is harmless to humans, but I guarantee it will be effective against him.

???: ...heeeeh.
???: Well, even if it won't work on humans, it doesn't really matter.

???: Just once,
???: I've wanted to try killing the living being known as a sensei.
(left, star) Gonna stab YOU!!



[page 2]
Kokoro / (Ko)koro - This is a clever wordplay in Japanese that doesn't work in English, unfortunately. The phrase 心を開く (kokoro wo hiraku) means "to open one's heart", kokoro being the word for "heart". However, here, it is written コ殺. While it's still read as "kokoro", the latter half is "koro" as in "korosu", aka kill.

Ferocious excitement - The phrase used here is 殺気立つ (sakkidatsu), can be used to mean both "excited" and "menacing/ferocious/bloodthirsty". I opted to include both potential translations to keep the effect.

[page 8]
Beige - 肌色 (hadairo) literally means "flesh-colored", referring to the skintone of most Caucasians, though it can also mean "beige", sooo I went with that instead.

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