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Assassination Classroom 4

Fundamentals Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jul 20, 2012 23:44 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Assassination Classroom
Chapter 4: Fundamentals Time

Right Box:
Finger pad
Has some sort of springy texture.
Can also pick up toothpicks and whatnot from the floor by pressing against them.

(center) This is Korosensei!!

Top right sign:
Maguro Kaitai
3 PM
(Maguro Kaitai is basically showing the process by which a large tuna is cut up. It's often held at food stores as a means of gathering people.)
Top left sign: Fresh fish
Vertical sign, right: Jack mackerel
Vertical sign, bottom: Red sea bream
Vertical sign, left: Red king crab

Left Box:
Very smart.
So much so that he could teach almost every subject by himself.
He likes sweets.

Center Box:
Sliminess that appears on the body's surface if he exerts himself.
Also, when flying at the speed of sound, it lets him glide through the air resistance, so it seems that he's flying relatively quietly.

Bottom Box:
Even the owner himself doesn't seem to know just how many are inside his sleeves, pantlegs, etc.

(left) Behold this elegant form, which doesn't feel out of place at all, even when mixed in with seafood!!


(top right) One twooo three four
(top left) Fiiive six seven eight
(right, star) These dies (days), a gentle breeze blows across the growing greenery...

Teacher: Shouts resounding across the sports grounds on a sunny afternoon.
Teacher: How peaceful.
(on shirt) Korosensei

(top right) One twooo three four
(top left) Fiiive six seven eight

Teacher: Or it would be, if the students didn't have weapons...
Karasuma: Swing your knives through eight strikes without hesitation!!
Karasuma: No matter how you stand, don't lose your balance!!


Karasuma: I told you to go somewhere else during this time.
Karasuma: From today onward, I am in charge of P.E.
(right of Karasuma) What are you doing, wearing a gym uniform.

Karasuma: Even if I drive you away, it won't do any good, will it.
Karasuma: Go play in that sandbox over there, at least.

Teacher: You're cruel, Karasuma-sa... Karasuma-sensei.
Teacher: My gym class is popular with the students, too.
Boy: Don't lie, Korosensei.

(left, box) Character introduction
(left, below Korosensei's picture)
It is generally accepted that his speed immediately after accelerating is mach 20 - in other words, 651.341 times faster than Usain Bolt's time for the 100 meter dash.
(Usain Bolt is a 3-time Olympic gold medalist who holds the world and Olympic record for the 100 meter dash)

Boy: Your physical ability is far too different from ours.
Box: I mean, last time...

Teacher: Let's try jumping from side to side.
Teacher: First, I'll show you an example.


(on shirts) Korosensei

Teacher: We'll start with the basics of visual duplication, so
Teacher: if you're already used to it, we'll add cat's cradle to the mix.
Students: As if we could do that!!

Girl: This really goes beyond a different dimension, huh...
Boy: Man, I want to be taught by a human P.E. teacher.


(sfx) Sob
Karasuma: We finally succeeded in driving the target away.
Karasuma: Let's continue class.

Boy: But Karasuma-sensei, is there a reason for this sort of practice?
Boy: And on top of that, doing it with the target himself right in front of us...

Karasuma: Studying and assassination are the same.
Karasuma: Their usefulness is determined by learning the fundamentals.

Karasuma: For example... alright,
Karasuma: Isogai-kun,
Karasuma: Maehara-kun,
Karasuma: Try attacking me with those knives.


Isogai: Eh...
Isogai: Are you sure?
Karasuma: Those knives won't cause any harm to us humans.
Karasuma: If you so much as graze me, then we'll end class for today.
Isogai: Either of us?

Isogai: Er.
Isogai: ...umm...

Isogai: In that case!

Karasuma: Well, then.

Mae: Kuh!


Karasuma: With this low level of skill,
Karauma: even I can handle your amateur knifework.

(Nagisa): Wow...

Boys: Dammit!


Isogai: Wuah!
Mae: Geh!

Karasuma: You understand that if you can't hit me,
Karasuma: then the probability of success against his mach 20 is low.


Karasuma: Take a look!
Karasuma: While we're working on offense and defense, that guy

Karasuma: has constructed Osaka Castle in the sandbox and, on top of that, changed his clothes and is even performing a tea ceremony.
(Students): Woah, he's really angry...
(right of Teacher) Grin

Karasuma: If everyone in the class reaches a level where they can hit me,
Karasuma: then at least the success rate of your assassinations will increase.

Karasuma: There are many fundamentals necessary for assassination, like knives and shooting.
(sfx) School bell ringing

Karasuma: During P.E., I will teach them to you!


Girl: Karasuma-sensei is kinda scary, but cool~
Girl: I know!
Girl: If I hit him with the knife, maybe he'll give me a pat on the head~

Teacher: Karasuma-sensei,
Teacher: Could it be that you are intending to take away my popularity with the students?
Karasuma: Don't be absurd.

Karasuma: [If the school chooses...
Karasuma: it can add teachers to Class E for designated subjects.]
Karasuma: I believe that was a condition of your teaching contract.


Karasuma: My mission is to act as overseer to these hitmen,
Karasuma: for the purpose of eventually killing you.

Teacher: It isn't "that guy" or "you".
Teacher: Please call me [Korosensei], the name picked out for me by the students.

Sugino: There's a quiz at 6, huh.
Nagisa: Well, you did want gym to end, after all.


Nagisa: Karma-kun...
Nagisa: You've returned.

Karma: Yo,
Karma: Nagisa-kun. Been a while.

Karma: Woah,
Karma: that's the Korosensei I've heard about?
Karma: Amazing. He really does look like an octopus.


Teacher: You would be... Akabane Karma-kun, right?
Teacher: I'd heard your suspension ended today.

Teacher: You really shouldn't be late on your first day.
Karma: Ahaha
Karma: I've gotta get back into the rhythm of school life.

Karma: It'll be more relaxed if you use my first name.
Karma: Anyway, it's nice to meet you sensei!!

Teacher: Same here.
Teacher: Let's have a fun and interesting year.


Karma: ...Huh.
Karma: You really are fast,
Karma: and these knives really do work against you.
Karma: I tried cutting one into small pieces and sticking them to my hand, but...


Karma: Y'know, sensei,
Karma: to be deceived by such a simple [trick]...

Karma: and on top of that, to jump back that far, aren't you a bit too frightened?

Box: ...It's the first time...
Box: that Korosensei took damage from a student's attack!!

Karma: I've heard that you're called [Korosensei] because you're unkillable, but


Karma: What's thiiis?
Karma: Sensei, could it be that you're actually an easy mark?

(sfx) Twitch twitch twitch


Kaya: Nagisa,
Kaya: It hasn't been that long since I joined Class E, so I don't know him.
Kaya: What sort of person is he?

Nagisa: ...Well,
Nagisa: We were in the same class for our 1st and 2nd years, but

Nagisa: When we were 2nd years, he was suspended for committing one act of violence after another,
Nagisa: and they put students like that in Class E, too.

Nagisa: But...
Nagisa: With the current situation, he might be an honor student.
Kaya: What do you mean?


Nagisa: If dangerous weapons and the like are the [foundation] of sneak attacks and foul play...
Nagisa: then Karma-kun will probably excel.

(Karma): Don't run away now, Korosensei.
(right, star) He's far too dangerous...!!
(Karma): Teach me what it means [to be killed].



[page 2]
These dies / days - This series really loves its wordplay. The actual phrase would be 今日この頃 (kyou konogoro), but here the last kanji is replaced with 殺, which can be read as both "koro" and "goro" and is the "koro" of "korosu", aka kill.

[page 16]
Trick - There's a bit of a double meaning in the Japanese. Karma says 手 (te), which most frequently means "hand". However, it can also mean "trick", which is the more contextually fitting option here.

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#1. by B'arzz ()
Posted on Jul 21, 2012
That was fast,thank you.

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