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Haikyuu!! 18

The One Called the "Ace"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jul 23, 2012 14:05 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 18

Translation reserved for U-Prod Scanlations

"OTL Sorry I'm so slow finishing these chapters. I love Haikyuu!! dearly, but sometimes it's pretty text-heavy.



(Noya): My job is
(Noya): strictly to
(Noya): connect everyone.

(left) Entrusted emotions

(beneath panel) [Haikyuu!!]

(Noya): I can't fight in the "sky",
(Noya): which is the spikers' domain, but

(Noya): Without fail, I will get the ball to them
(Noya): at their highest point.

(Noya): No matter how many times it is bounced back by a "wall", if I can just get it through,
(Noya): then our ace will definitely score.

(Noya): The ball which has rebounded off the wall...
(Noya): Just watch. This time as well, I'll get it through, so
(Noya): please, just one more time.

(Noya): Call out for a toss,
(Noya): ace.


Asahi: What?
The 1st volume from Jump Comics has been reprinted in large numbers!! Go to the bookstore right now!!
Furudate Haruichi
Chapter 18: The One Called the "Ace"
(left) Karasuno's "Ace" makes his appearance!!!

(Shou): Craaap, it's the real deal. The real deal's appeared!
(Shou): A beard! Long hair!!
Tobio: OI!

(Shou): As far as height goes, isn't Tsukishima taller...?
(Shou): But it's like... he's really huge...

(Shou): This person is... Karasuno's ace...
Karasuno High School, 3rd year
Volleyball club
Wing Spiker
Azumane Asahi

Koushi: What are you guys doing here?

Shou: Ah.
Shou: Umm.
Koushi: These are 1st years who joined recently, Hinata and Kageyama.
Asahi: Ooh! 1st years, huh.
Shou/Tobio: Hello!
Asahi: Ossu.

Asahi: How many this year?
Koushi: 4.
Koushi: It's not that many, but they're all promising.
Asahi: I see.
(Shou): Ah. He's not as scary as he looks.


Asahi: Good luck, and do your best.

Shou: Eh?

Shou: Aren't we gonna do our best together?

Shou: I want to become an ace, so
Shou: I wanna see the real thing in action!

Boy: Azumane~ the teacher's waiting for youuu.
Boy: Career counseling~

Asahi: ......sorry.

Asahi: I'm no ace.

Tobio: Um... I don't really understand what's going on, but...
Tobio: Is he injured or something?


Koushi: No, he's fine.
Tobio: Then... he can't return for some reason?
Koushi: No... there aren't any sort of external factors.

Koushi: The problem is
Koushi: probably that he's come to hate
Koushi: volleyball.

Shou: EHHHH?!
Shou: Such a big guy who's called an ace...
Shou: Why...?

Koushi: ...Asahi is strong and was the tallest person we had.
Koushi: He would succeed despite dire situations and difficult-to-hit balls, so
Koushi: everyone thinks of him as our ace.
Koushi: But...

Koushi: I depended on him too much.

Tobio: ...you suffered a crushing defeat?

Koushi: ...in that match... Asahi's spikes were
Koushi: completely and utterly blocked...


Shou: !? Ehh...
Shou: Th...

Koushi: You're thinking "that's all?", right?
Shou: Ah! No! Getting blocked is really really really annoying, so I completely understand that.

Shou: ...but... to hate volleyball because of it...

Koushi: ...you could say that Asahi, as our ace,
Koushi: would always be targeted, even in serving and blocking, but
Koushi: even so, in that match, we were utterly unable to do anything...

Koushi: Asahi is the sort who would feel doubly responsible, so...
(Asahi): "Even if I come back, I'll just drag everyone down again."

Koushi: ! Come to think of it, club activities are going to start, so you guys better get going!
(small text) I'll head over right away, too.

Shou: Hrmmmmmm...
Tobio: What is it now?

Shou: ...I wonder if he really ended up hating volleyball after that...


Tobio: ...in that match... there were... all sorts of things going on.

Tobio: ...moreover,

Tobio: I'm not sure yet if he's really come to hate it.

Shou: YEAAH!!

???: C'mon, bring it!!
???: One shot!!

???: Hrgg



(sfx above boys) Silence
(sfx around Noya) Squeak squeak

Koushi: ...Ah, yeah. Nice receive!
Tanaka: That was just a normal rolling receive, wasn't it! Where the heck was the "thunder"!
Tobio: Why did you shout like that?
Kei: What was... that...
(above Yama) PFFFFT
Daichi: C'mon, now. Don't move around while shouting something strange. It's dangerous!
Noya: Kagayama, Tsukishima, Yamaguchi, get over here. I'm gonna give you a lecture, so crouch down! No wait, sit down! Get yourselves lower than my line of sight!!
Shou: Teach me that! Teach me rolling thunderrrrr!

(sfx) Doors opening
Takeda: That's enough for todaaay.

???: Gather up!
Team: Ossu!!

Takeda: You guys are gonna do that again this year, right?!

Takeda: The Golden Week training camp!!

Daichi: Yes.
Daichi: We still need a lot more practice, after all.

(Shou): Training camp...!!

Takeda: In that case...


Takeda: I've scheduled a practice match
Takeda: for the final day of Golden Week!!

Tanaka: H-how reliable, Take-chan!! What happened!
Koushi: A-
Koushi: Against who...?!

Takeda: The Tokyo veteran
Takeda: [Nekoma High School].

Shou: ? Tokyo? Nekoma?
Koushi: By Nekoma, you mean... the school that's always been our destined rival...?

Takeda: Yep!
Takeda: If I remember right, they're commonly called

Takeda: "The cats".
(Neko = cat, though the kanji in Nekoma is different)


Shou: Cats?
Tanaka: Even we've only heard stories about them.
Tanaka: Like how the former coaches of both schools were old rivals, so in the past, they'd often go out of their way to challenge each other.
Shou: Ooh.
Koushi: I hear that the schools were evenly matched and got along well, so it was worth the trip to have good practice matches.

Koushi: Apparently when we had them, everyone in the neighborhood would come to see.
Koushi: A notorious match-up!
Koushi: "Cat vs. crow!" "The Battle of the Garbage Heap!"
Koushi: Stuff like that.
Kei: Was that really so notorious?

Koushi: Every so often, we'd talk about how we'd also like to try competing against them someday.
Shou: Oooh...!

Daichi: But we haven't been in contact with them for a while, so why now?
Takeda: Yeah... I'll tell you the details later, but...

Takeda: When I heard about the existence of our well-matched rival Nekoma High School,
Takeda: I wanted to have a "destined rematch" no matter what.

Takeda: With Nekoma High School as our opponent...

Takeda: I'm sure that "he" will also be moved to action.


Ukai: Achooo!

Boy: S...so there's that Take-chan from Genbun...
Boy: Seriously?
Ukai: Ugh...

(Takeda): "I apologize for being so persistent... but...
(Takeda): I think you would understand the reason why if you watched those children in a match."

(Ukai): ...come to think of it,
(Ukai): training camp season is coming up...
Boy: I'll take this, plus 1 nikuman!
Ukai: Alrighty.

Daichi: Okay!
Daichi: We're finally going to have a practice match against them, so don't let it go to waste
Daichi: and give your all in both the match and training camp!!
Players: OSSU!!

Tanaka: Tokyo, huh...! Those damned city boys,
Tanaka: we'll completely pulverize'em...!
(left of Kei) Pfft
Kei: "City boys", he says.

(above Tanaka) Shut it, Tsukishimaa! Damn you! Oryaa!
Noya: ...Daichi-san,

Noya: Sorry.
Noya: I won't
Noya: be going to the practice match.


Daichi: ...because Azumane isn't coming back, huh.

Daichi: ...You're probably angry and think that he "ran away", but you're your own person...

Noya: ...Shouyou's a nice guy,
Noya: and the other 1st years are a bunch of weird guys, but they're interesting.
Noya: I think like this, the team will have a good atmosphere and get along pretty well.

Noya: I also... want to practice here.
Noya: ...but
Noya: If I... participate in a match too... and we win...
Noya: It would be like proof that we can win even without Asahi-san.

Noya: Even though we've played together until now,
Noya: Winning even without Asahi-san being there... I don't want
Noya: something like that.

Noya: S-sorry for saying something... so selfish...

Daichi: ...I understand.
Daichi: But come to the training camp.

Shou: Noya-san!! One more time! Do rolling thunder again!!

Daichi: Okay?


???: Good work.
???: You too~

Shou: ...If "Asahi-san" comes back,
Shou: Maybe Sugawara-san and Nishinoya-san would feel better about stuff.
Tobio: Don't care.

(Koushi): "I depended on him too much."
Shou: He said it's because Asahi-san is the sort who feels doubly responsible, but I get that sort of feeling from Sugawara-san, too.

Tobio: Each of them feels responsible.
Tobio: However,

Tobio: there's no way someone can win on their own.

Shou: Y...you're saying that?!
Shou: I remember your "declaration" very clearly!

Shou: [I think it'll be fine even if I have to]
Shou: [Do all of the receives, tosses and spikes myself.]

Tobio: !! Shut upp!!
Shou: [I think it'll be fine like that.]


(above Tobio) Soryaaaa!
(white sfx) Woosh

Shou: ...everyone on "this side" of the net might be allies, without exception,
Tobio: HAAH?

Shou: but I don't want "this side" to have a
Shou: strained atmosphere.
Shou: What can we do, to get "Asahi-san"
Shou: to come back?

Box: Lunch break, the next day.

Students: Let's go buy snacks.

Students: Sleeepy.
Students: What class've we got in the afternoon?

Girl: Wanna go to Sakanoshita?
Girl: Sure!


Asahi: Why the interest in me, when I've never even practiced together with you?
Asahi: You won against Aobajousai with the current lineup, didn't you? And you didn't even have Nishinoya then.

Shou: If
Shou: If Asahi-san doesn't come back, then
Shou: the 2nd and 3rd years won't be happy at all!!
Shou: That's why.

Tobio: Your voice was too loud!

Asahi: Waha!
ASahi: You guys are interesting.

Asahi: But... I'm sorry.
Asahi: The image of hitting a ball that is knocked down by a tall blocker is still fresh in my mind...
Asahi: I still remember fearing that we would surely have a shutout and bringing about my own downfall...
(A shutout is a game where one team prevents the other from scoring)

Shou: ...You might think it's conceited to be told this by a 1st year sh...shortie, but...
Asahi: I won't think that at all. What is it?

Shou: I
Shou: understand what you mean.

(Shou): No matter how much I jump,
(Shou): In front of me is a human wall.

Shou: Because I'm short and don't have any technique, I would only get stopped by blockers, but
Shou: now I have this guy's toss, so I can evade even the tallest blockers!
Shou: The blockers are right in front of me, so when they disappear...


Shou: I can see everything on the "other side" of the net
Shou: stretching out below me.

(Asahi): Ah, that landscape.
(Asahi): I remember it, somewhat.
Shou: And then,

Shou: the ball hits my hand at the highest point,
Shou: and the "weight" of the ball in my hand is like... like... it's this awesome feeling.

Shou: I really love it!

Asahi: You should really get your thoughts together before talking.
Shou: Urk.
(Asahi): I know what you mean there, too.

(Asahi): I know that feeling very well.


Shou: I'm jealous of you, Asahi-san.

Shou: As I am now, I don't have the height or power to break through blockers on my own,
Shou: but you have all of that.

Shou: You've probably been blocked a lot of times up to now, but
Shou: you've gotten even more spikes through, right?
Shou: That's why everyone

Shou: calls you an "ace".

(Shou): "I want to become an ace."

(sfx) School bell ringing

Tobio: ...time's up. We're going back, Hinata.

Tobio: Move it already, you moron! We'll be late!

Tobio: ...um.


Tobio: It's a given that you can't win on your own.
Tobio: That's why there are 6 people on the court.

Tobio: I came to understand that just recently as well,
Tobio: so I can't make any arrogant comments, though...

Tobio: ...excuse us.

Students: Byebye~
Students: Let's head home together~
Students: Let's eat something on the way home~

(sfx) Squeak squeak
(sfx) Wham!
???: One more, one more!

(Asahi): That was fast. I can already hear the...
???: Shut up, I get it!


(Asahi): Amazing...

(Asahi): His jump, and

(Asahi): the perfect timing

(Asahi): of his toss.

(Shou): The ball in my hand is like, this awesome feeling.

(Tobio): That's why there are 6 people on the court.

(Noya): I'll take care of everything and get it through to you!!

(Noya): So please
(Noya): hit this spike with everything you've got!!

(Noya): Asahi-san!!

Shou: Alriiiight! We're gonna score with quick attacks against the cats, too!

(Asahi): "The cats"?
(Asahi): Nekoma?!

(Asahi): A match with
(Asahi): that Nekoma?!!
(left) Little by little, the crows are connecting with each other!!!

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