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Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 2

The ab-PSI-lute worst!? Nendou Riki

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jul 26, 2012 22:24 | Go to Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan

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(top, star) P-S-I P-P-POWER!! The 2nd chapter of the new serialization, which also has a comic out - so go buy it - with center color and 19 pages!!

(left) This week's PSI slogan is "A headache, I guess? These symptoms point to PSI power." Model: Saiki Kusuo-san (16)

(bottom) The Disaster of PSI Kusuo Saiki
(bottom left) Chi 2: The ab-PSI-lute worst!? Nendou Riki
(bottom right) Cured a toothache | Asou Shuuichi


(right) Do you know the taste of a bento filled only with love...?

(building sign) Saiki

Mother: Here, your bento!

Mother: Starting today, you're a 2nd year high school student!

Mother: I worked especially hard in making today's bento!
Mother: It's in commemoration of you entering your 2nd year!
Box: --I can't say it...

Box: Faced with such a smile spreading across mom's face,
Mother: Did you forget anything?
Box: I just can't say "today is only the opening ceremony, so I don't need a bento"...

Box: This is the only thing I'd like to say...

Box: I don't think there are any 2nd years who would have this sort of bento.
(on heart) Ku-chan


Father: I'm heading out to work too, mama.
Mother: Hyaa! Papa! You startled me~

Box: It's been like this since the previous incident.
Father: I'll come right home as soon as I'm done at work.
Mother: Ehh? You're leaving already...?
Father: Stupid! My heart will stay here.
Box: Now they're irritating in a completely different sense.

Mother: Ku-chan, don't recklessly use your powers out there, okay?
Mother: If you're found out, there will end up being another uproar, after all!

Box: I know that even without you telling me.
Father: Well, I'll be heading out, too.
Father: See you later.

Mother: Have a good daaay!

Father: Heh...
Father: Now then...

Father: I'm counting on you to get me to work. No one will see if it's the rooftop.
Father: Go on, do that "shooom!" thing and teleport me.
Box: Somebody get my parents to share an opinion on this.


(right, star) Congrats on the 5th anniversary of living the mangaka life!! You can only read Asou-sensei's works in [Jump]!!

(sign) Commencement
???: ...And therefore...
???: As students of PK Academy, I'd like you to be aware...
Box: The private high school PK Academy.

Box: This is the school I attend.
Student: Ahh, this is boring.
Student: Yaaawn
Student: The principal just keeps talking.
Principal: Behave in accordance with the rules,
Principal: And therefore...

Box: In total, it has 542 students.
Student: Wanna sneak out?
Principal: Be even more zealous in your studies!

Principal: And therefore, I believe we will also use everything at our disposal to become your strength...
Box: However, there is not one among them who knows about my PSI powers.

Principal: And therefore...
Student: Aren't you saying [and therefore] way too much?
Box: That's why there will be an uproar if someone finds out.


Box: It happened back when I was in kindergarten.
(on building) Matatabi Kindergarten
Children: First comes rock!
Children: Janken...

Children: Pon!!

(On Saiki's nametag) Kusuo
Children: Uwaaah~ Kusuo's the only winner again~
Children: Uwaaah~ the pudding...!!
Box: I had never lost in Janken.
(Janken = Rock, Paper, Scissors)

Box: It was only natural.

Box: I knew what my opponents were thinking, after all.
(Boy): Okaaay... I'm gonna put out paper...
(Boy): He's already won twice in a row with scissors.
(Boy): There won't be a third! I'll go with paper!!
(Boy): Paper...!! I'll bet my life on it!
Box: So there was no way I'd lose.

Box: There were also those who would play dirty if they couldn't win, but...
(on boy's nametag) Hiroshi
(left of hand) Bang
Hiroshi: Janken, pistol!
Hiroshi: Yaay, I wo...

Hiroshi: Wh...whaaaaat!! You're doing pistol too?!
(on Saiki's nametag) Kusuo
Box: I forced them into a draw.

Box: In kindergarten, Janken was completely survival of the fittest!!
Top Box: Popular mask
Left Box: Popular figure
Right Box: Pudding
Rightmost Box: Cool tricycle
Bottom Right Box: Brand-new ball
Box: I stood at the top of the kindergarten world and indulged in the pleasures of life.


Box: My opponents weren't limited to other kindergarteners.
Teacher: Kusuo-kun, won't you play Janken with me?
Teacher: If I win, you'll share with those children, okay?
(above boys) Waaah!

Box: I was merciless, even if challenged by a teacher.
Teacher: ...Ah!
Teacher: Ahh... umm. Best out of three, right?
Teacher: Ohoho...
Box: No matter who I faced,

Teacher: ...Ah...
Teacher: Best out of ten, right? ...so, let's go.
Box: I just

Teacher: Haah!
Teacher: Haah!
Teacher: It was best out of 100, right? It'll be fine as long as I win once, right?
Box: kept

Teacher: This is an [adult's rock]!!
Box: winning.

Box: 296 wins, 0 losses, 58 ties.
Box: From the next day onward, that teacher stopped coming to the kindergarten.
Box: With that incident, rumors about me spread everywhere.
Newspaper, heading: Janken Boy Appears?!
Newspaper, subheading: He can't lose at Janken?!
Box: It didn't stop at just neighborhood parents, but was covered on even the internet and TV.
Box: My surroundings became a bustling mess and dad's blog was flooded with comments.
(computer screen) Kuniharu's Room
Father: What's with these counter numbers?!


Box: After that, a variety of things happened and, even though we resolved matters, it took a considerable amount of effort to do so.
Principal: ...Be mindful of such things...

Box: Since then, I have stopped using my powers in front of people.
Principal: And therefore...
Box: That's why I make certain there are no people around when I use them.

Box: How do I know whether there are people around me?
Box: I can tell by their [voices] - in other words, through telepathy.

Box: People are always thinking of something, just like this.
(Students): My feet are tired...
(Students): How many times is he gonna repeat the same thing!
(Students): And therefore, I wanna go home...
(Students): Enough is enough already, old man...
(Students): Let us go home...
(Students): Retire already, baldy!
Box: I can determine the presence of people outside of my field of vision through their [voices].

Box: Though my reception becomes a little unreliable around the 200 m. range...
Principal: Be mindful of students'...
(Boy): Crap! School starts today!
Box: It is a sensor which absolutely never misses any humans within my reception zone...

Box: Is how things were, but
???: Whooo is it~?

Box: There is one guy this sensor doesn't notice.
Box: What's with that [whooo is it~?] bit.
Box: You're the only one on this whole planet who can sneak up on me...


Box: Nendou Riki!
Riki: Yo... long time no see... buddy.

Box: Him. A disliked juvenile delinquent in the same class as me.
Riki: You free when this's over?
Riki: Let's go eat ramen!
Box: I have unexpectedly caught his interest and now he pesters me excessively. But I don't particularly care about that.
ひょんな事から気に入られやたらと僕に絡んでくる しかしそんな事はどうでもいい

Box: The problem is...
Box: My utter inability to read only this man's thoughts.

Box: There exists no human whose thoughts I cannot read.
Box: Be it a guy like this,
???: Hey, Onigawara-senpai!
???: You're cool in a tough way today, too!
Oni: ...Hmph...
(Oni): Today's the dentist, huh... I don't wanna go...

Box: or this sort of person,
Monk: Empty your mind...
Monk: Struggling through the trials of life...
(Monk): Empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty emptyyy! Emptyyy!

Box: or, last of all, even an animal...
(Gorilla): Uho uho hoo hoo
Box: I can read their thoughts, and yet I cannot read this man's at all.


Box: I understood the reason why immediately.
Nendou: Wahihi ahi~
Box: It's because this man is an idiot.

Box: This man is not thinking anything at all!
(above Nendou) Not listening
Nendou: Ahi ahi ahihi ahyahya
Box: Being unable to read someone's thoughts means I can't read their actions.

Box: In short, if this man were suddenly going to stab me, I would have no way of preventing it.
Nendou: Ahi ahi
Saiki: Ahi

Box: What a truly terrifying man you are, Nendou Riki...
Principal: And therefore...
Nendou: That old guy's sure talking a lot... just who the heck is he...
Box: I'd prefer to kill you before you can kill me...

Principal: As students of PK Academy...
(large sfx) Thud
Nendou: Oh?

Students: Uooh...!
Students: What happened?
Students: He suddenly collapsed.
Students: Is it anemia?



Nendou: What happened to you?! Hang in there!!
Students: Uwaah, it's Nendou...
Nendou: DID YOU DIE?!
Nendou: Uooh? Is he dead?!
Students: Erm... I don't think he's dead, though...

Nendou: Oi, hang in there!!
Nendou: Oi, call 117!* Call an ambulance!!
*He's likely mistaking 117 for 119, which is the emergency call number in Japan.
Nendou: Mouth-to-mouth!!
Box: ...Well, he isn't a bad guy.

Nendou: Oi, wake uuup!!
Nendou: Bastard, don't you die on meee!!
Students: Oi! What the heck are you doing, Nendou!!
Students: That guy's a demon!!
Box: ...At least, I think... he isn't a bad guy.

Nendou: DAMMITTTTT!! Now that it's come to this...
Nendou: I'll do CPR!!
Students: UWAAAAAH! He kissed him?!
Students: What's with that guy?! Has he completely lost it?!
Box: No, he's awful. The absolute worst. A miscreant who is far too cruel.

Teacher: What in the world are you doing, Nendou!!
Teacher: Hurry up and take him to the infirmary!
Nendou: Uh?
Nendou: Oooh! That's right! The infirmary! Alriiight!

Teacher: Ah, Saiki! Go with him.
Teacher: Nendou being on his own worries me.
Box: Tch.


(sign) Infirmary

Nendou: Huh?
Nendou: ...the heck...
Nendou: There's nobody here.

Nendou: Damn! What should we do!
Nendou: If it's like this, then I should give him mouth-to-mouth after a...
Nendou: By the way, does that mean sucking air out of him? Or breathing air in?!
Box: Give it a rest, Nendou.

Box: If you do something like that,
Box: This time, he really will die.

Nendou: Uoooh?!

Boy: Quit messing around...!

Boy: What the hell are you doing, you bastard?!!
Boy: What the hell's with that mouth-to-mouth stuff?! Are you an idiot?!


Nendou: What the...?
Nendou: So you're fine, after all?
Boy: You've seriously gotta be kidding me!!
Boy: So fucking gross!!
Boy: Uegh bleeech!!

Nendou: Y...you said you faked it, but
Nendou: you're puking like crazy, aren'tcha...
Boy: That's because you did mouth-to-mouth, dammit...
Boy: Urgh...
Box: You're definitely not faking it now.

Nendou: What's the matter... did I do a bad job with the CPR?
Boy: Of course it was bad!!
Boy: Why the hell do I have to get kissed by a guy!

Nendou: Well, since it was my first kiss, could you go easy on me?
Boy: Urgh... guh... bleeuuuugh
Box: Don't deliver the finishing blow with such unnecessary information.

Boy: Haaah... this is seriously the worst... people are definitely going to spread rumors about me...
Boy: I seriously don't want them to talk about BL or any of that...
Boy: Dammit, they'll say Nendou tops and stuff like that...
Box: Who in the world would have that sort of delusion?
Box: BL (boys' love), and you two?

Box: Sheesh, guess I'll head back to the opening ceremony...
???: Ah!
???: Hold it!

???: Oi, Saiki...


Boy: If you go back out there, don't say a word about me pretending to be sick!
Boy: You got that?

Boy: I've paid a pretty high price, as far as skipping goes.
Boy: If you say anything, I really might kill you, y'know?

Boy: Tch.
Boy: Just go!

Box: Your mouth reeks of vomit, so I didn't hear any of that...
Boy: Ahh... I feel like I'm gonna puke again...
Box: What am I [not supposed to talk about]?

Box: You faking an illness?
(Boy): Wouldn't this... count as a first kiss? I definitely don't want that at all...
Box: Or that your first kiss was with Nendou?

Box: If it's about faking an illness, I'm sorry, but...
???: Ah?

Box: He's already heard everything.
Teacher: Oi... did I just hear you say you faked it...?
(Boy): Geh!! Matsuzaki!!

Matsu: You couldn't possibly have just pretended to be sick, you bastard...
(Boy): Craaap. That's the gym teacher Matsuzaki, isn't it...
(Boy): If he finds out I faked it, I'll be killed...!
Boy: Ah... no...
Boy: I mean...

(Boy): In that case...
Boy: No! That's not it!


Boy: This guy ordered me to!!
Nendou: Uh?
Boy: He said "I'll take you to the infirmary, so pass out." !!

Boy: Because he said he wanted to skip, he forced me to... sob...
Matsu: WHAAAAT?!
Matsu: Is that true, Nendou?!
Nendou: Uh?
Nendou: Uh?

Box: I see... that's not such a bad move, thinking on the spur of the moment.
Matsu: Hrm? Saiki...?
Matsu: Why the heck are you here?
Box: Eh?

Matsu: Takahashi! Is this guy his accomplice?
Taka: Eh?
Taka: Err...

Taka: Um... yeah. That's right, he's in on it too.
Matsu: WHAAAAT!! Both of you, come with me to the guidance counsellor's office!!!
Box: I take it back. That was an absolutely terrible move.

Matsu: Seriously... like I'd let a healthy guy fake illness!
Matsu: I won't allow it!!!
Box: What an idiotic guy...
Box: He made an error of judgment by dragging me into this.

Nendou: Wait a second, sensei...


Nendou: Who did you mean, when you said [a healthy guy]?
Matsu: HAAAH?! Don't you listen when people are talking?!
Matsu: I meant Takahashi, of course!!

Nendou: Same to you, sensei. Haven't you been listening?
Nendou: He's ill.
Matsu: Whaaat?!

Nendou: You just said it before, didn't you...
Nendou: That he's got [faking illness]...!

Box: ...This guy.
Box: Don't tell me...

Box: He thinks there's a disease called the [faking illness]?!
Nendou: Right? He was throwing up before, too.
Nendou: Well, I'd never heard of that disease before, though.

Matsu: What the heck are you saying...
Matsu: I've never heard of a faking illness eith...
Faking illness...
Faking disease...
Feigning Disease?!

~ Feigning Disease ~
Feigning Disease is a virus caused by an infection of the skin's pores. The main symptoms are things like vomiting, fainting and swollen lips. In the worst cases, the sufferer can also die.
Box: The Feigning Disease virus


Matsu: Ahh... [Feigning Disease], huh...!
Taka: EHHHHHH?!!
Box: You think it exists, too?

Taka: That sort of disease doesn't exist!!
Matsu: Urg... which is it?

Matsu: Hrm?

Nendou: Ooh! Yeah! We should try taking his temperature!
Nendou: If we do that, we'll know right away if he's sick!

Nendou: If he's sick, he'll probably have a high temperature, after all!
Matsu: Hmm...
Matsu: That's true! Let's give it a shot.
Box: Believes that all illnesses cause your temperature to rise.
Taka: Err... right...

(Taka): Wh-what the heck's with these guys... well, it's not like I have a fever anyway, so with this it'll be easy to tell...

sfx bubble: Beep beep beeeep
Matsu: Give it here! What's the readout?!


Taka: Well? I don't have a fever or anything, right?
Taka: I faked it, just like I've been telling you~

Taka: Huh?!

Taka: Ehh...? What?
Matsu: You've got an insanely high fever!!! Oi, hang in there!
Taka: EHH?!

Taka: WHAAA?! 92 degrees?!!
(92°C is about 199°F)
Matsu: UOOOH!! You're burning up...!!
Matsu: Why did you let it get to this point!!

Taka: No... this has got to be a thermometer error...
Matsu: Don't speak!! The ambulance will be here soon!!
Nendou: Sensei, I'll help too!
Box: It isn't a thermometer error, actually.

Box: It's pyrokinesis.
Matsu: Keep it together!!
(sfx above Matsu) Whack bam smack
(sfx left of Saiki) Fwoosh
Nendou: Sensei! I'll do CPR!
Box: A power which raises the temperature by causing violent molecular motion via remote manipulation.
Box: Oh good. If I had used the wrong amount of force, the thermometer would have caught on fire.
よかった 加減を間違えたら発火する所だった


Matsu: I'll come along too, so hang in there!!
Nendou: Don't give up!!
Taka: Urgh...

Nendou: Don't lose to the faking illness!?
???: Eh? Faking illness?
Box: Hmm, it turned out rather tragically for him...

Box: But I absolutely must not stand out in school.

Box: As things stand, if I became Nendou's accomplice, I don't know what the teacher and others around us would think of me.
Box: Standing out to that extent would increase the risk of my [power] being discovered.

Box: Mu... I ended up melting it a bit...

sfx bubble: Crack
Box: I guess I should dispose of this sort of thing too...


Box: Well, there's no harm in being overly cautious...
Nendou: Ooh...

Nendou: Uooh... the thermometer is...
Box: Ne... Nendou?!!

Nendou: You...
Nendou: Does this mean...

Box: Dammit!!
Nendou: Buddy... could it be that you...

Nendou: Caught it?
(left of Nendou) That's one crazy-high fever you've got...
Nendou: [Faking illness]...!

Box: Nendou...
Nendou: Don't give up!!
Man: Ehh? His fever made the thermometer burst into flames?
Man: Shouldn't we get this kid to the hospital?
Box: You are truly a terrifying guy...



[page 5]
Matatabi Kindergarten - The "matatabi" part of the school's name is written in hiragana, so there's no way of being certain of the intended meaning. However, the word could mean "the wandering life of a gambler", "once again" or refer to a plant known as Silver Vine.

[page 15]
Faking Illness / Feigning Disease - This is some great wordplay in the Japanese that sorta works in English, but not nearly as well. 仮病 (kebyou) means a feigned illness, but Nendou refers to it as ケ病 (also kebyou), which leads the teacher to believe he means 毛病 (kebyou again, but this one literally translates to "hair sickness"). I tried to keep that slight discrepancy in the teacher's version compared to Nendou's by translating it as "feigning disease", since it means the same thing as "faking illness". Also, in the teacher's supposed description of the "illness" the word for pores is 毛穴 (keana) - which, you'll notice, has the same first character as the teacher's version of "kebyou".

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