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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Assassination Classroom 5

Karma's Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Jul 30, 2012 04:26 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia

Hahaha... last week I was fast, this week I was slow. Also, expect a bit of a surprise within the next few days to celebrate my having reached 100 translations on here. @_@



Assassination Classroom
Chapter 5: Karma's Time | Matsui Yuusei

Box: Maehara Akito
Box: Mimura Kouki
Box: Isogai Yuuma
(beneath box) Class rep
Box: Kataoka Megu
(beneath box) Class rep
Box: Kimura Masayoshi
Box: Yada Momoka
Box: Okano Hinata
Box: Sugino Yuuto
Box: Kurahashi Hinano
(A quick note on the names: I'm using my best guess for most of these, since the kanji readings aren't given.)

(bottom right) We will definitely kill him--
Students who are relatively proactive with the assassination.
Under the leadership of the 2 class representatives, they aim toward the 100 billion yen reward.

(left) An extra story will be appearing in Jump NEXT!, on sale 8/11 (Sat.)!! What does Korosensei do on his breaks...?


(sfx) Broing broing

Boy: He started doing that a little while ago, but what is it?
Girl: Who knows...

(beneath panels) Swoosh swoosh broing broing swoosh swoosh broing broing swoosh swoosh...

Girl: He's doing wall punches, isn't he?
Boy: Ah...
Boy: Karma made fun of him recently, so he's irritated.
Girl: Tentacles are soft, so he's not doing any damage to the wall.
Korosensei's weaknesses, #4
His punches are weak.

Girl: All of that broing broing-ing is annoying, Korosensei!!
Girl: We're taking a quiz, you know!!
Teacher: M-my apologies!!


Tera: Yo, Karma,
Tera: Don't come crying to us when you get that monster mad~
Boy: It would've been better if you stayed secluded at home again~

Karma: If you were about to be killed, of course you would be angry.
Karma: Terasaka,
Karma: it's different than when a certain someone failed and wet himself.

Tera: Wh-
Tera: I didn't piss myself!!
Tera: Bastard, you looking for a fight?!

Teacher: Hey, you over there!!
Teacher: Don't make a rucus during the test!!
(Boy): Tell that to your own tentacles.


Karma: Sorry, Korosensei~
Karma: You see, I already finished, so
Karma: I'll just eat gelato and be quiet.

Teacher: You can't do something like that during class.
Teacher: Honestly, where did you buy tha...

Teacher: Tha!
Teacher: That's the one I went to Italy and bought yesterday!!
(Students): So it's yours!!

Karma: Ah, sooorry.
Karma: I found it refrigerating in the faculty room.
Teacher: This cannot be settled with an apology!!
Teacher: And after I went through so much trouble, flying through the cold stratosphere so the gelato wouldn't melt!!


Karma: Heeeh...
Karma: So, what will you do?
Karma: Hit me?

Teacher: Absolutely not!!
Teacher: I will just eat what's left!!

Box: How long have these anti-sensei BB pellets...
Box: been on the floor!!


Karma: Ahaha~
Karma: I fooled you again.

(sfx) Bang bang bang

Karma: I'll use these sorts of tricks however many times it takes.
Karma: I don't care about interfering with class.
(sfx) Clatter

Karma: If you don't like it,
Karma: then you should kill me as well as my parents.


Karma: But from that moment on,
Karma: no one will view you as a teacher anymore.
Karma: You'll just be a murderous monster.

Karma: I will have killed...
Karma: your existence as a [sensei].

Karma: Here, my test.
Karma: The answers are probably all correct.

Karma: Bye, [sensei]~
Karma: Let's play tomorrow, too!


Box: ...Karma-kun is incredibly quick-witted.

Box: It's the same now, too.
Box: Recognizing that there is a line Korosensei cannot cross in order to remain a teacher,

Box: Karma-kun is going to use cheap tactics against him.

Box: But
Box: he'll end up using his intelligence, which can see others' true intentions,

Box: and his skill at handling others, no matter their type,
Box: to clash with people.


Teacher: Honestly...
Teacher: Thanks to him, I had to go buy another gelato.

Teacher: He is a smart, difficult student, but

(top of paper) History Test 3
(box on paper) Akabane Karma

Teacher: Just as he said, in order for me to continue as a teacher...
Teacher: neither killing nor wounding anyone will be acceptable.

Teacher: ...Now then.
Teacher: How shall I go about resolving this.


Sugino: Later, Nagisa!
(sign) Kunugigaoka Station
(sign, small text) North Exit
Nagisa: Yep.
Nagisa: See you tomorrow~

???: ...Oi.
???: It's Nagisa.

Boys: He's completely gotten used to Class E, though.
Boys: How lame.
Boys: There's really no coming back to our class like that.

Boys: Plus,
Boys: it looks like even Akabane, who was suspended, is back and in Class E.
Boys: Uwaaah, that's the worst.
Boys: Even if it kills me, I seriously don't wanna end up there.


Karma: Ehh~?
Karma: So you wouldn't want to, even if you die.

Karma: Then how about dying right now?

Boys: A-Akabane!!

Karma: Ahaha~ Like I'd really kill you guys.
Nagisa: ...Karma-kun.

Karma: I have an even better toy, so
Karma: I wouldn't get this chance if I'm suspended again.


Karma: By the way, Nagisa-kun,
Karma: there's something I'd like to ask.

Karma: Do you know Korosensei pretty well?
Nagisa: ...Y
Nagisa: Yeah.
Nagisa: Well, sort of.

Karma: So, do you think he'd
Karma: get angry if I called him an octopus or something like that?

Nagisa: ...Octopus?
Nagisa: Hmmm...
Nagisa: It'd be more like the opposite.

Nagisa: He draws himself as an octopus,
(right of octopus) Octo-X!!
(below octopus) It's easy to fall into a trap with this one. Be careful!!
Nagisa: and it seems he uses an octopus as his player character in games, too.

Nagisa: A while ago, he dug a hole on school grounds and said


Teacher: Octopus pot.*

Nagisa: ...as a one-line gag.
Nagisa: It seems like somewhat of a trademark for sensei.
(left of Nagisa) It got an okay reception.
Karma: ...Hmmm.

Karma: ...I seeee.
Karma: I've thought of something nasty.

Nagisa: ...Karma-kun,
Nagisa: What are you planning to do next?


Karma: ...Y'know,
Karma: I'm happy.

Karma: I'd been wondering what I would do if he were just a monster, but
Karma: with him unexpectedly being an upstanding sensei...

Karma: I'll be able to kill a proper teacher,
Karma: Since the previous one went and died of his own accord.


Teacher: ......This goes outside my calculations.
Teacher: I don't have the money to buy gelato.

Teacher: I won't have any more income until payday, either.

Teacher: I guess all I can do is cook for myself.
Teacher: There's cookware in the school storeroom, too.

Teacher: Good morning.

Teacher: ...Hm?
Teacher: What's the matter, everyone?


Karma: Ah, soooorry!

Karma: I mistook it for you and ended up killing it.
Karma: I'll throw it away, so just bring it over here.

Teacher: Alright.


Box: ...Come, Korosensei.

Box: Even if I can't kill your body now, it doesn't particularly matter.
Box: First I'll...
Box: kill your spirit, bit by bit.


Teacher: Allow me to show you, Karma-kun.
Teacher: The power of these drill tentacles
Teacher: and the heat of this missile snatched from the self-defense force.


Teacher: Sensei
Teacher: never lets an assassin go home bored.


Karma: AUGH!!
Teacher: That complexion comes from not having eaten breakfast, doesn't it.

Teacher: I have made takoyaki with my mach speed.
Teacher: If you eat this, you'll come closer to being a healthy child.

Teacher: You know, Karma-kun,
Teacher: I am a teacher who performs maintenance and improvements.
Teacher: On the rusted, dull blades of assassins, for example.


Teacher: You should come at me each day with a serious intent to kill.
Teacher: And each time, I will improve you.

(right, star) Now is the time to show true "maintenance"...!!
Teacher: Before school lets out,
Teacher: I will polish your body and spirit until they shine.



[page 13]
Octopus Pot - I left the more literal translation of the word because the joke wouldn't make sense otherwise. 蛸壷 (takotsubo) literally means "octopus pot/trap", which is known in English as a foxhole or trench.

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#1. by M-Hario ()
Posted on Jul 30, 2012
Congrats for your tl #100 :D

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