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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Assassination Classroom 6

Time to Choose

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Aug 7, 2012 00:15 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia

Sorry for the delay with this one. A combination of real life interfering and some problematic parts caused it to take longer than usual.



???: No matter what I do, I end up with this number left over!
(on blackboard, right of brackets)
Odd number
Even number
(on blackboard, right of chalk drawing) Which one?
(center) 1st period: Mathematics
Korosen: You are plagued by such worries of indivisibility!!

(beneath top panel) [Assassination Classroom]

Korosen: But don't worry, I have prepared an excellent method!!
(on blackboard, top) Basically
Korosen: Once I've written it on the blackboard, let's all try to solve one together.

(left, star) Responses rushing in at mach 20!! The super popular tentacle academy manga!!


Korosen: ......so,
Korosen: with this, everything wraps up nicely.
Korosen: And then... if you do this, surprisingly...
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 6: Time to Choose | Matsui Yuusei
(right, star) Swoosh clench grab...!!

Korosen: ...and it turns into this.
Korosen: Ah, Karma-kun.
Korosen: The span between drawing your gun and firing is much too slow.

Korosen: I had time to spare, so I gave you some nail art.


???: Is your group finished, Fuwa-san?
(center) 4th period: Home Economics
Fuwa: ...Hrmm, I'm not sure.

Fuwa: The taste is kinda sharp.
Korosen: Let me see.

Karma: Huh.
Karma: Then how about remaking it?

Karma: Toss out attempt #1.
???: Uwah!


Korosen: You forgot to wear an apron, Karma-kun.

Korosen: If you're wondering about the soup, don't worry.
Korosen: I used a pipet to suck it all up in midair.
(sfx) Zoop zoop zoop zoop

Korosen: I also took the opportunity to add sugar.
Fuwa: Ah!!
Fuwa: Now it's mild!!

(left of boy) Pfft
(right of girl) Cute~


Box: ...It's hopeless.

(beneath panel) 5th period: Japanese

Box: Korosensei has plenty of excellent weaknesses.

Box: He blunders often,
Box: and when confused, his reaction speed falls to ordinary levels.

Box: ...However,
Box: no matter how good Karma-kun may be at surprise attacks,

Korosen: "...And as I was thinking that..."


(sfx) Freeze

Korosen: "...the red frog failed and fell back once again."

Korosen: "Soon, I began to grow tired of watching him.
Korosen: I picked up a few stones from the road..."

(beneath panel) From Shimaki Kensaku's "The Red Frog"

Box: Without a doubt, this assassination seems impossible...
(sfx) School bell ringing
Box: before sensei's vigilance.


Nagisa: ...Karma-kun,
Nagisa: don't be impatient and we'll all kill him together.

Nagisa: If you target Korosensei by yourself...
Nagisa: no matter what tricks you use, you alone can't kill him.
Nagisa: He's different from normal teachers, after all.

(Karma): Teachers... huh.


Teacher: Akabane!!
Teacher: You are in the right!!

Teacher: You're quarrelsome and plenty of your conduct is problematic, but
Teacher: so long as you are in the right,
Teacher: sensei will always be on your side!!

Karma: ...no way.
Karma: I want to kill him.
Karma: Him surviving by some fluke would piss me off the most.

Korosen: Now then, Karma-kun.
Korosen: Today, sensei certainly provided you with lots of improvements.


Korosen: You can still come to kill me, you know?
Korosen: I will polish you until you shine even brighter.

Karma: I'd just like to confirm it, but
Karma: Korosensei, you're a teacher, right?
Korosen: Yes.

Karma: So would a teacher
Karma: put his life on the line to protect his students?

Korosen: Of course.
Korosen: A teacher's a teacher, after all.

Karma: I see. That's good.
Karma: In that case, I can definitely


Karma: kill you.

(Karma): If you come to save me,
(Karma): then I'll shoot and kill you during the rescue.


(Karma): If you let me die without helping,
(Karma): then your existence as a teacher will be destroyed!!

Box: It's like I can see an incredible kaleidoscope of images in my mind.

(Karma): Are you alright, senpai?
(???): 3-E... you mean that E Class?
(???): This is certainly troublesome, for you to be picking a fight for someone like that.
Karma: Hm?
Karma: I was in the right, though?
Karma: What's wrong with helping a senpai who was being bullied?


Teacher: No, Akabane.
Teacher: No matter how I look at it, you are in the wrong.

Box: Eh?

Teacher: There's something wrong with your head!!
Teacher: To go and give the top 3rd year honor student such serious wounds!!

Box: Eh?
Box: Hold on a second, sensei.

Teacher: You sided with Class E and injured someone who has a future.
(sfx) Crack...
Teacher: If this influences the results of his entrance exam, I'll be held responsible.
Box: You said you'd be on my side...
Box: then you end up saying something like that.

(bottom) ...Crap, he's dying.


(top) In my mind's eye, sensei is dying.

Teacher: The only thing right about you were your grades.
Teacher: That's why I always stood up for you, but
Teacher: it's a different story if you're going to damage my reputation.

Teacher: I requested you be switched to another class.
Teacher: Congratulations, Akabane-kun.
Teacher: Starting your 3rd year, you will also attend Class E.

Box: For him to be dead even though he was still alive... at that moment, I understood.
Box: If I had lost all hope in him...
Box: to me, it was the same as if he were dead.

Box: Korosensei!!
Box: You will die by my hand!!
Box: Now, which "death" will you choose?!


Karma: Eugh....


Korosen: Karma-kun,
Korosen: The deliberation you put into this assassination was magnificent.

Korosen: If I had rescued you at the speed of sound, your body wouldn't have been able to withstand it.
Korosen: On the other hand, if I took my time saving you, I would be shot in the interim.

Korosen: So,
Korosen: sensei tried using a bit of stickiness.
(Karma): ...Dammit.
(Karma): These tentacles can do anything!!

Korosen: Like this, you can't shoot me. Nurufufufufufufu.
Korosen: ...Ah, by the way,


Korosen: For me, the option to abandon you doesn't exist.
Korosen: Believe in me and jump whenever you like.

Karma: ...Ha.

Box: This's no good.
Box: I'm not dead, and I couldn't kill him.


Box: Not even...
Box: his existence as a teacher.

Nagisa: ...Karma-kun,
Nagisa: You acted so recklessly without batting an eye.
Karma: Not really...

Karma: Having thought it over, I figured that just now would be the best way I could kill him, but
Karma: I guess I'll quietly rework my plan for a while.

Korosen: What's this?
Korosen: Have you already run out of ideas?

Korosen: I still have lots of maintenance implements for retaliatory purposes, though?
(on bottle) Extra-beautiful skin lotion
Korosen: You are also an unexpectedly easy opponent.


Box: My killing intent is boiling.
(sfx) Irritated

Box: But
Box: Somehow, it's different from earlier.

Karma: I'm going to kill you.
Karma: Tomorrow, that is.

(Korosen): A healthy and refreshing killing intent.
(sfx) Grin
(Korosen): It seems improvements are no longer necessary.


Karma: Let's head home, Nagisa-kun.
Karma: We'll get something to eat on the way.

Korosen: Wait a-
Korosen: Isn't that my change purse!?
Karma: Like I saaid,
Karma: you leave things defenseless in the faculty room.

Korosen: Return that!!
Karma: Sure~
Korosen: But you're taking out the contents?!
Box: The hitmen who come to assassinate him
Box: end up being polished for the better by their target.

Karma: It was all loose change, so I ended up collecting it as a contribution.
Korosen: NYUUAA! You delinquent philanthropist!!
Box: That is our assassination classroom.
(center, star) "Sparkling" improvements with a swoosh...
Box: I wonder how we'll try to kill him tomorrow.



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Time to Choose - the Japanese here (二択の時間, ni taku no jikan) literally means something like "time for two options". I figured my choice of translation sounds more natural in English, without losing the intended meaning.

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