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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Haikyuu!! 19

True Feelings

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Aug 7, 2012 15:29 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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Translation reserved for U-Prod Scanlations


(left) Unshakable memories...

(Asahi): Blocked again...
(Asahi): I don't even know how many times it's been...

(Asahi): Even though Nishinoya's doing so much, I can't score at all.

When things are difficult, the ball revolves around the ace.
The one who can score in that situation is the ace.
I called for tosses so many times.
"Send it to me."
"I'll get it through."

(Asahi): But eventually,

Noya: Asahi-san?!

Suga: Asahi...?

(Asahi): I became scared to call for a toss.
From here, Karasuno's path will...!! The popular 1st volume from Jump Comics is now on sale!!
Furudate Haruichi | Chapter 19: True Feelings


???: Alriiight!!

Shou: Alriiiight! We're gonna score with quick attacks against the cats, too!

(Asahi): Cats? Nekoma?!
(Asahi): A match with them?!

Daichi: There's a practice match on the last day of Golden Week.

Asahi: Geh.
Daichi: What's with that "geh"!!

Daichi: Oi, don't run away!
Asahi: But you're scary when you're mad!
Daichi: I'm not particularly mad right now!

Daichi: ...You heard, right?
Daichi: Those Nekoma guys will be coming.


Daichi: Well, from our perspective, it's like hearing of something out of folklore.
(small text) It's not that old of a story, though.
Daichi: and it's not as if the present-day Karasuno and Nekoma have any sort of connection,
Daichi: ...but

Daichi: Now this match against the "cats" we've heard so much about has become our revival after a number of years, so tensions are really running high.
???: A notorious match-up! "Cat vs. crow! The Battle of the Garbage Heap!"

Asahi: But I
Asahi: just can't face
Asahi: Suga or Nishinoya.

Daichi: ...Geez, you really...

Daichi: With that huge body of yours, you're just as wimpy as always! You're the complete opposite of Nishinoya!
(left of Daichi) Smile
Asahi: Be a little more indirect when saying stuff like that...


(Noya): "Winning even without Asahi-san being there... I don't want something like that."

Daichi: Don't worry!
Daichi: Suga and, of course, Nishinoya, won't be a problem!
Daichi: Unlike you, they're open-minded, after all!
Asahi: Didn't you have a "fundamentally kind" sort of personality...?
Daichi: Except toward you! It's because you're a wimp!

Daichi: ...Skipping out for a month,
Daichi: or things being awkward
Daichi: or difficult,
Daichi: none of that matters.

Daichi: If you think you might still like volleyball,
Daichi: that's enough of a reason to return.

Daichi: Ah,
Daichi: and also,

Daichi: because there's a guy in the club who has the dream of becoming an "ace".


(Shou): "The feeling as the [weight] of the ball hits my hand..."
(Shou): "That's why everyone calls you an ace."

(Daichi sfx) Punch
Asahi: OW!

(shop sign) Sakanoshita Shop
???: Humm
???: Hmmm~♪

Ukai: Cha~ri rari
Ukai: Nyara~ ♪

Ukai: Chacchara~



Ukai: Wh-what are you doing?!
sfx bubble: Slam
Takeda: Ah, sorry. I was checking to see if there were any customers around...

Ukai: The coaching thing again?
Takeda: ...yes.

Ukai: ......it's not like... I'm all that talented as a player, but
Ukai: I still love playing, and I've even formed a neighborhood team.
Ukai: If I did something like coaching, I'd get the itch to play and hate it.
Takeda: Ah...

Ukai: Besides, I don't want to go to that gymnasium!
Takeda: ?! Y-you have bad memories about it...?!
Ukai: Exactly the opposite! It's filled with memories of my youth!
Takeda: Then why...

Ukai: ...Even if the club activities in that gymnasium haven't changed since then,
Ukai: I absolutely can't return there.

Ukai: The particular feelings
Ukai: from that short span of time...
Ukai: Like an atmosphere
Ukai: that only existed in that place, at that time.
あの場所の あの時間にしか無い 空気みたいな


Ukai: Even if I return, no matter how close it may be to back then,
Ukai: It's already different from when I was there.

Takeda: ...Nostalgia, huh.
(left of Takeda) How nice.
Ukai: Shut it!

Ukai: So,
Ukai: because I like that gymnasium,
Ukai: I don't want to return!

Takeda: Even if Nekoma High School will be coming??

Takeda: On the final day of Golden Week,
Takeda: we will have the first practice match together in 5 years.


Ukai: Wh...why now?

Takeda: It seems that recently,
Takeda: their Coach Nekomata, who had a close relationship with Coach Ukai, has been reinstated.
Takeda: Hearing that, I tried asking for a practice match.

Takeda: Your generation had the closest relationship with Nekoma High School, right?
Ukai: ...yeah...

Takeda: ...Speaking of which,

Takeda: Apparently a setter Nekoma had 7-8 years ago has been coaching for them lately.

(Ukai): ...An alumnus... setter... from 7-8 years ago...

(???): "This year is our last chance, Ukai."

???: We'll
???: We'll meet in the nationals, for sure.
Ukai: You got it!


(Ukai): "We definitely will!!!"
Takeda: Speaking of 7-8 years ago, that's right around the time when you were still attending, so
Takeda: it might even be an aquaintance of yours?

Ukai: ...Oi...

Ukai: Are you trying to rile me up, you bastaaaard!!!
(left of Ukai) GRAAH!
Takeda: UWAAAH?!

Takeda: I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
(left of Takeda) Eeeeeek!
Ukai: Don't screw with me! You're obviously trying to get me all worked up, aren't ya!
Ukai: You're thinking it'll get me on board, don't you! What time is practice over, ORYAAAAAA!!!

Takeda: I'm sor-
Takeda: Eh?

(above Takeda) Stunned
Ukai: You said those Nekoma guys are coming, but like hell I'll tolerate showing'em some crappy junior players! I'm gonna go change clothes, so you wait there!!

Takeda: O-
Takeda: Okay!
Ukai: Hey, mom! Watch the shop for me!


Takeda: Yessss...!
Ukai: Ah,
Ukai: that's right.
sfx bubble: Snap
sfx bubble: Click click

Ukai: Hello, Tattsuan?

Tanaka: Hey, Noya-san.
Noya: Ah?
Tanaka: When you couldn't come here, what'd you do for that "special training"?

Noya: Hmm... mainly block follow-ups.
Noya: Special training where I took care of balls that had been blocked!

Noya: I still can't do it that well yet, but
Noya: if I can properly carry out block follow-ups, then you guys will be able to spike without worry.

(Tanaka): This guy... he's got different bruises every time I look at him...

Tanaka: Noya-san, you're such a cool guy.
Noya: What're you crying for?!
Takeda: Good work today~


Daichi: Gather u...
Daichi: Ehh?!

Takeda: I'll introduce you!
Takeda: Starting today, this is who'll be handling coaching.
Takeda: Ukai-kun!

(Ukai): ...It's the same as back then, huh...
(Ukai): ...Of course it would be.

Daichi: C-coaching?! Really?!
(small text) He will?!

Ukai: Up through the match with Nekoma, that is.
Daichi: Ah...

Tanaka: Ehh? But he's the guy from Sakanoshita, right? Is he really a coach?

Takeda: He is an alumnus of this school and Coach Ukai's grandson!
(above Tanaka/Suga) EHHHHH?!


Shou: You're from "Sakanoshita", right?!
(small text) Aren't you?!
Ukai: That's 'cause the shop belongs to my mom's family.

Ukai: We've got no time to lose, so hurry up and get to it!
Ukai: I wanna see what sort've players you are, so we're gonna have a game at 6:30!
Ukai: I've already called your opponents!
Daichi: Ehh?! Opponents?!

Ukai: The Karasuno Neighborhood Association Team.

sfx bubble: Caw
sfx bubble: Caw

(Daichi): If you think you might still like volleyball,
(Daichi): that's enough of a reason to return.


(sfx) Snap
Ukai: ...Damn, getting everyone at this time on a weekday really was impossible...

Ukai: Sorry for having you guys come here so suddenly!
(above man) Ossu~
(above man) This takes me back.

Kei: And here I was thinking they'd be older, since he called it a neighborhood association...
Yama: Me too.

Ukai: Aaalright, it's about time to get started!!
Players: OSSU!!
(above Shou) A match!!

Ukai: Hm?

Ukai: What's the problem?
Daichi: Ah.
Daichi: Sorry, he's not really...

Ukai: Huh? Why? Is he injured?
Daichi: No, it's not that, but...
Ukai: What the heck?


Ukai: He ain't injured, right? ...I don't really get it...
Ukai: Then how about joining the neighborhood association team?
Ukai: Our libero's got work and couldn't come.
Daichi: Ah, in that case...
(small text) Sorry for the trouble...

Ukai: Still down 2 people, huh... What do you wanna do? Guess we'll take some guys from the bench...
???: AH!
???: It's Asahi-san!!!

Shou: Asahi-san!
Tanaka: Asahi-saaan?!!
Asahi: Geh!
Asahi: This guy again...

(above Shou) Staaare
Asahi: Ah, er.
Asahi: I'm...
Asahi: That is...

Ukai: The heck, a latecomer, huh! You messing with me, huh? What's your position!!
Asahi: Ah- er- wing spiker...
Ukai: We don't have enough people, so warm up quickly and get in here.
Ukai: Right now!!


Ukai: Now! Move it!!

Ukai: All that's left is a setter, huh... I could do it, but I've gotta watch things from the sidelines...

Ukai: You guys lend them one of your setters.


Tanaka: Suga-san?!

Tobio: ...I'm not going to give up the position to you.

Tobio: I'm sorry if it seems like you're...
Tobio: stepping down
Tobio: and I'm advancing.

Suga: ...When...
Suga: you joined, Kageyama...
Suga: I thought we'd compete for the regular setter spot, but also
Suga: in some respects...

Suga: ...I think I was relieved.


Suga: The setter is the pivoting point of a team's attack.
Suga: He must be absolutely steadfast.
Suga: But I

Suga: was scared... of tossing the ball...

Suga: I was scared that the spikers would be blocked over and over again as a result of my toss,
Suga: hid in the shadow of the overwhelmingly skilled Kageyama,

Suga: ...and I...
Suga: was relieved...!

Suga: ...If I think about the instant a spike is knocked down,

Suga: I'm still scared, even now.

Suga: But


Suga: Let me toss the ball to you one more time,
Suga: Asahi.

Suga: ...That's why I'm joining this side, Kageyama.

Suga: I'm not going to lose.

Tobio: Same goes for me.

Suga: Nishinoya, I'm counting on you for some nice receives!
Noya: 'Course.

(Noya sfx) Glance

???: Hurry up and get ready!
Shou: Asahi-san really came!
Shou: Right!
Tobio: Yeah, for now, anyway.


(top, right to left)
3rd year WS
176 cm.

2nd year WS
177 cm.

1st year MB
188 cm.

2nd year WS
175 cm.

1st year S
180 cm.
Tobio: Calm down!

1st year MB
162 cm.

(Box, top right)
Ennoshita | Tsukishima | Kageyama
Sawamura | Hinata | Tanaka
(Box, top left) Karasuno High School
(Box, bottom right)
Shimada | Takinoue | Uchizawa
Sugawara | Mori (Nishinoya) | Azumane
(Box, bottom left) Karasuno Neighborhood Association + others

(bottom, right to left)
3rd year S
174 cm.

2nd year L
159 cm.

Takinoue Electric Goods
185 cm.

Uchizawa Cleaning
176 cm.

College 3rd year
183 cm.

Shimada Mart
177 cm.

3rd year WS
184 cm.

(Shou): A showdown
(Shou): with the ace...!!!
(left) Everything will be decided on the court!!!

(bottom) Next time, center color and an increase to 23 pages!! Azumane, Nishinoya and Sugawara finally take the court...!!

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