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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Assassination Classroom 7

Toxin Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Aug 16, 2012 19:31 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Korosen: The experiment to extract food coloring from candy is now over!!
Korosen: I will collect the leftover candy.

Student: It's not payday yet, so he's stocking up on snacks during class.
(small text) We're the ones who bought those, you know.
Student: Why is the guy who's going to destroy the earth living from paycheck to paycheck?

(beneath panel) [Assassination Classroom]

Girl: U...
Girl: Umm,
Girl: Sensei...

(left, star) It's already super popular!! Interest in this tentacle academy manga is rising at mach 20!!


(top right, star) A special extra story is appearing in Jump NEXT!, now on sale!!
(top left)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 7: Toxin Time | Matsui Yuusei
Girl: These contain poison!!
Girl: Please drink them!!
(left, star) Drink a bottle of poison?!

Korosen: ...Okuda-san,
Korosen: this is certainly another straightforward assassination attempt.

Okuda: Ah...
Okuda: Um... er...


Okuda: I-I'm not good at surprise attacks like everyone else...

Okuda: But
Okuda: chemistry is my strong point, so I put my all into making these!!

Box: O-Okuda...
Box: As expected of the idiot who would give it to him to drink...

Korosen: My goodness.
Korosen: Well then, down the hatch.
(Class): He drank it!!

Korosen: Th...
Korosen: This is...


(Class): Some sort of horns popped out.
Korosen: This tastes like sodium hydroxide.
Korosen: It would be harmful if drunk by humans, but it is ineffective against me.
Okuda: I see...

Korosen: There are still 2 left, right?
Okuda: Y-
Okuda: Yes!
Korosen: Well, then.

Korosen: Uu
Korosen: Uguaa
Korosen: Gugugu...


(Class): This time he grew wings!!
(Class): His appearance has become pointlessly extravagant.
Korosen: This tastes like thallium acetate.
Korosen: Now, the last one.

(Class): What's going to happen?!
(Class): What is the final one going to do?!


(Class): A straight face...
(Class): I can't figure out the laws governing those transformations at all!!
Korosen: Aqua regia, hm.
(aka Nitro-hydrochloric acid)
Korosen: Every one of them changes my appearance to a certain extent.
Okuda: ...Yes...

Class: Your expression is so tiny, sensei!!
Class: It looks like an emoticon!!

Korosen: Even if you hate me, please don't come to hate assassinations.
Class: What's with that, all of a sudden?!


Korosen: That aside, Okuda-san,
Korosen: I cannot overlook the safety concerns of a student creating toxins on her own.

Okuda: ...yes.
Okuda: I'm very sorry...

Korosen: If you have time after school,
Korosen: let's do lab research together on a poison to kill me.

Okuda: ...O-
Okuda: Okay!!

Kaya: Making toxin together with the target, huh.
Nagisa: Let's ask about the results later.


Korosen: Now then, let's put this into the ethanol.
Korosen: Be careful not to breathe in the vapors.
Okuda: I will.

Korosen: ...Your grades in science are truly excellent, though.

Okuda: ...yes.
Okuda: But I'm no good at anything else.
Okuda: Even though I've been dropped into Class E, that still hasn't changed.

Okuda: Especially...
Okuda: Japanese.

Okuda: Things like whether a word is right or not,
Okuda: or how to express people's complicated emotions...
(the poem in back is "Shooting Star", by Shimazaki Toson)
Okuda: I don't understand what makes a right or wrong answer.

Okuda: ...But that doesn't matter.
Okuda: Because math and chemical formulas have a definitively correct solution.


Okuda: For me,
Okuda: clever wordplay and thinking through
Okuda: a piece's subtle emotions are both unnecessary.

Korosen: ...I see.

(on paper, above bracket) Step (1)
sfx: Fwip
Korosen: Well then,
Korosen: here is some homework for you.

Kaya: ...So then,
Kaya: he told you to go make that toxin.

Okuda: Yes!!
Okuda: And that theoretically, this should give the best results!!


Nagisa: He's even put the proper storage methods for poison in this manga.
Nagisa: Korosensei's just as courteous as always.
Manga (right page):
When he stored it properly
Since then,
I passed the exam for a top-notch university.
I also have
5 girlfriends.
I'm glad I put away that
poisonous material!!
Manga (left page):
When he didn't store it properly
Let's break up.
You're a dangerous person.
I should have stored it properly back then!!

Okuda: He's been supporting me all along.
Okuda: He said that even if I'm bad in Japanese, I should embrace my strong points.

???: Ah.
???: There he is. Are you gonna give it to him?
Okuda: Yes!!

Okuda: Sensei, here...

Korosen: Well done...
Korosen: I'll drink it right away.


Korosen: ...Nurufufufufufu.
Korosen: Thank you, Okuda-san.

Korosen: It seems that...
Korosen: thanks to your medicine, I am advancing to a new stage.

Okuda: ...Ehh?
Okuda: What do you mean by...



(Class): He melted!!

Korosen: The medicine you created for me
Korosen: is one which invigorates my cells and increases their fluidity.


Korosen: While in this liquid state,
Korosen: I can also fit into any crack or crevice!!

Korosen: Furthermore, my speed is unchanged!!
Korosen: Now come, try to kill me.

Class: Wait a...
Class: No way, this is absolutely impossible!!
Class: We can't get a lock on you if you're slipping into the floor and ceiling!!
Class: What the heck is with this flighty sensei!!


Kaya: Okuda-san...
Kaya: Sensei did call that medicine a poison, right?

Okuda: You...
Okuda: You tricked me, Korosensei?!

Korosen: Okuda-san.
Korosen: In assassinations, decieving people with your language is also a necessity.

Okuda: Ehh...?

Korosen: No matter how excellent the poison you've created...
(on flag) Poison
Korosen: If you hand it over with naive honesty, then just like this time,
Korosen: your target will take advantage of you and that will be the end of it.


Korosen: Nagisa-kun,
Korosen: If you were going to give me poison, how would you do it?
Nagisa: Eh?

Nagisa: ...Hmmm.
Nagisa: I'd break the poison up into a sweet juice that you'd like...
Nagisa: and give that to you, saying it's specially hand-made...
Nagisa: ...something like that, I guess.

Korosen: That's right.
Korosen: To deceive someone, you must know your opponent.
Korosen: You must plan out your words.

Korosen: The power of language is a necessity
Korosen: to skillfully deliver poison.


Korosen: Your talent in science can be useful to everyone in the future.
(left of Korosen) The effect wore off
Korosen: In order to make that understandable to many people...
Korosen: please also work on the power of language and its role in delivering poison.

Okuda: I...

Okuda: I will!!

Karma: Ahaha~
Karma: That was definitely the problem with the previous atttempt~


Box: Before Korosensei's strength...
Box: Even a student in possession of deadly poison is reduced to nothing more than a student.
(on book) World History

Box: It seems that...
Box: there are still no students who can endanger sensei's life.

Karasuma: However, won't that
Karasuma: make it unsafe for the students, chief?


Chief: Karasuma-kun.
Chief: Which has priority: the safety of the students, or the safety of the earth?

Chief: This is the government's decision.
Chief: From the start, we did not believe that amateur children would be able to kill him.

Karasuma: ...Well then,
Karasuma: what sort of person are they?

Chief: A masterfully skilled one.
Chief: She has a proven track record of 11 jobs in countries all over the world.


Chief: We are sending in...
Chief: a genuine pro assassin.

(sfx) Lick
(left, star) A bewitching, capable killer...!!



[page 7]
Toxin/Poison - Technically, the two words used, 毒 (doku) and 毒薬 (dokuyaku), both mean poison or toxin. Evidently, doku is a more general term and refers to the type of poison which occurs in nature and is used to kill and/or incapacitate someone. Dokuyaku is mainly associated with pharmaceuticals and doesn't necessarily have the same negative connotation. It's basically the difference between natural toxins (like snake venom) and those created in a laboratory (like hydrochloric acid). For reference, dokuyaku is made up of the characters for poison (毒) and medicine/drug (薬).

The Japanese wiki page mentions that in anime, manga, crime novels/dramas, etc., a poison (doku) which kills someone is often expressed as dokuyaku, so there are also misunderstandings that dokuyaku is "a drug which kills people" or that "you'll die from drinking the drug".

[page 8]
Japanese - The word here, 国語 (kokugo), is basically the equivalent of English-speaking countries having English classes. It doesn't necessarily mean you're studying the language itself, but rather literature, semantics, grammar, and all that sort of stuff.

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