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Goblin Night Oneshot

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Aug 17, 2012 15:06 | Go to Goblin Night

Ta-da! This is what I've been working on in celebration of reaching 100 translations here on mangahelpers. This oneshot is the first entry in 2012's Golden Future Cup competition, and I rather liked it. Enjoy!



Box: One evening, magic surfaced in this world.
Box: One out of every 100 humans across the entirety of the planet

Box: obtained the ability to transform into a monster.
(left) Grotesque...!!

Box: What caused it and how are completely unknown.
Box: It surely couldn't be called anything but magic. As neither the government nor the police could oppose or keep up with the phenomenon,
Box: some monsters committed evil acts with their power and caused society to crumble.

Box: Due to their appearance, these monsters
Box: were associated with the malicious ogres and demons appearing in novels and fairytales,
Box: and came to be known as [Goblins].

(bottom right) [Goblin Night]

[page 2]

Box: And so, the world changed.
Box: That night was burned into people's memories as a great calamity,
(right) From within these karmic flames arises the cry of a newborn monster--!!
Box: and thereafter, it became known as [Goblin Night].

(bottom) Goblin Night
(bottom left, star) Souls burning red-hot, a battle action oneshot with center color and 47 pages!!
(bottom right) Yagi Tomohiro

[page 3]

(bottom) --Japan, 6 years later.

(above people) AHHHH!

People: Hurry, run!!
People: The goblins are coming!!
(above people) AHHH!
People: Wasn't this already a safe zone!!

Goblins: Go, go!!
Goblins: Let those who oppose us see hell!!


Woman: NOOOO!!
Goblin: Don't be afraid, little missy.
???: Hold it!!

Goblin: Ah?
???: Get away from her!!

Goblin: The heck, you bastard...
Goblin: If you've got a problem, then come at me dammit!!
[White Hare]

Hare: YAAH!!

Hare: Augh!!


Goblin: You conceited shortie!
Goblin: A weakling like you
Goblin: should choose your opponents wisely, or you'll get burned!!

???: You understand pretty well, don't ya.

Goblin: GUAAH!!

Goblin: GYAAAA!!

Hare: Mamoru-kun...!




Goblins: Run for it!! Run!
Goblins: EEEEK!!
Goblins: AHHHHHH!!
Goblins: Like hell we can face an opponent like that!!

sfx bubble: Fsssshhhh
(lit. "ox-headed ogre")


People: Amazing...
People: So that's Gozuki.
People: What's with that monster?
People: It seems he fell into the steel mill's blast furnace on Goblin Night and turned into that...

Girl: Thanks, Mamoru-kun.
Girl: You saved me again...
Box: Juugoya Yuki

Mamoru: It's your fault I keep getting dragged into all this trouble!

Mamoru: Quit getting worried about each and every stranger. It's a pain in the ass!
Box: Ushibi Mamoru


Yuki: But...
???: Um...!
???: Ushibi Mamoru-san!

Man: We came here from the next town over, across the river.
Man: After hearing that this town was still safe, we came to visit!
Man: And because Ushibi-san clears out the yakuza and delinquents who cause destruction in the town...!

Man: Please, won't you lend your power to our town as well?
Man: The situation there is absolutely terrible right now...!
Mamoru: See, look!
Mamoru: It's your fault these sorts of guys keep turning up one after another!

Man: Um...! We will definitely express our gratitude...!
sfx bubble: Bubble bubble

sfx bubble: Ka-glop
Yuki: Mamoru-kun!

Yuki: Geez!
(sfx left) Pshooo!!


Man: No way...

Man: I thought that such a strong goblin would
Man: stand up for the sake of justice...

sfx bubble: Squeeaak

(sfx) Clatter
Kids: Welcome back, Gozu-niichan!!

Kids: Didja beat up the bad guys?!
Mamoru: Yeah, I completely trashed'em.

Boy: So cool!!
Boy: I'm gonna become a hero who protects the town like Gozu-niichan when I grow up!


Mamoru: ...I'm not really doing anything like that.
Mamoru: Besides, if you have such a foolish dream, you'll regret it in the future.

Yuki: What are you doing, destroying children's dreams like that.
Kids: Welcome back, Bunny-neechan!!
Yuki: Yup, I'm back!

Boy: Gozu-nii, let's continue from earlier!
Boy: We don't have a winner yet!
Mamoru: Ha.
Mamoru: So you guys think my iron defense will fall, do you?

Boy: We've already got 3 points!
Mamoru: I haven't even been playing at half strength so far.

Mamoru: Uooh! So you think I won't catch you, huh!
Kids: Kyaa! Kyaa!

???: Haaah. We gathered together those numbers, and this is the result?
???: Are you guys even taking this the tinest bit seriously?


Man: Y-yes, of course!
Man: But that brat isn't an opponent we can handle...

???: ...what was that?
???: Did you just imply that I should go out there?
Man: N-no...
???: Then what did you mean?
???: That you only want to do safe and easy jobs?

Man: N...no...
???: Are you lot messing with me?
Man: No, we're--

(sfx) BAM
Men: YEEK!!

???: One more "no" and you're out.
???: Well, at any rate,
???: we can't let that brat do as he pleases any longer.

???: The slaves on our turf are steadily fleeing this town.
???: If we don't hurry up and waste this place, it'll be a huge loss for us.
sfx bubble: Throb
sfx bubble: Twitch


???: You lot go investigate Gozuki and the surrounding area right now.
???: If he's got any friends, make sure you check into them thoroughly.
Man: Y-
Man: Yes...

???: How nostalgic, Ushibi Mamoru-kun.
???: I wonder how well you remember me.

(sfx) Yay! Wah! Uwah!

(sfx) Hah hah hah
Mamoru: Fwah! What brats.
Yuki: You did a good job.
Yuki: You're really kind to those kids, Mamoru-kun.

Yuki: It would've been good if you had shown just a little of that kindness to the people earlier, though.
Mamoru: Guys like that who "have come to get someone to help them" make me wanna beat them up.
Mamoru: Next time, if you protect a guy like that, I ain't gonna help even if you're about to die.
Yuki: Ah, you said that last time, too.
Mamoru: Damn you...


Yuki: I think those guys are in a tough spot, too.
Yuki: The town where they live suddenly turned into some sort of battleground.
Mamoru: Protect yours with your own hands.
Mamoru: Why do I gotta look after'em when I'm not even a policeman or anything?

Yuki: If that's how it is, then why do you protect the kids here?
Yuki: Aren't the circumstances about the same as those people from before?

Mamoru: That's...

Kids: Gozu-niichan!!
(above kids) Kyaa! Kyaa!
Kids: Didja see that just now?!

(Boy): Niichan!

Mamoru: ...no real reason.
Mamoru: It's just a whim.

Yuki: ...Hmmm.
Yuki: Well, I've been saved before thanks to that whim, so I'm not one to talk, but
Yuki: what a waste. And you can finally become a hero of justice, too.

Mamoru: Like I care!
Mamoru: A hero or whatever is even lower than a small-fry hoodlum, ain't it.


Mamoru: This's become a world where bad guys are the strongest.
Mamoru: Or at least it's been like that since Goblin Night.

Mamoru: ......tch.

sfx bubble: Poke

Mamoru: That's cold!?
Yuki: Yup, 'cause it's a frozen mandarin orange.
(sfx above Mamoru) Shock!
Yuki: You can have it.

Mamoru: ...this is the only thing your goblin's good for.
Mamoru: Just cooling stuff is a weak power.
(above hands) Clap
(left) I can also easily make ice cream and stuff like that!
(below arrow) Kaching!
(below hand with orange) Finished!
Yuki: It's really handy, except for fighting!

Mamoru: Weak-looking guys've also got weak powers.
Mamoru: It's an embodiment of the spirit, after all.
Mamoru: I thought that was cosplay the first time I saw it.
Yuki: That's mean!


Mamoru: --Well,
Mamoru: It's about time I head home.
Yuki: You're going home today, too? C'mon, have dinner with us.
Mamoru: And what're you always eating, huh?

Mamoru: Cup noodles.
Mamoru: I can make that on my own.
Yuki: Geez!

Yuki: ...Isn't it more fun to spend time with everyone?
Yuki: Food even tastes more delicious when eaten with everyone, doesn't it?

Yuki: And why don't you sleep here instead of in that bus wreckage...
Mamoru: ...you're annoying.
Mamoru: I'll live however I want to.

Mamoru: ...Quit sticking your nose in so freely.

Yuki: Ah,
Yuki: Hold on a second.


Yuki: Here!
Yuki: I put today's dinner into a bento, so take your time eating it.
Mamoru: Mu...

sfx bubble: Pop
Mamoru: I don't like tomatoes, though.
Mamoru: And there's... a ton in here...
Yuki: Yup, I know! I put a lot of them in!
Mamoru: Eh?

Yuki: Because what you said before really pissed me off!
Mamoru: Eep?!

sfx bubble: Bzz
sfx bubble: Bzz

sfx bubble: Bzz
sfx bubble: Bzz

Radio: Tomorrow will be exactly 6 years since Goblin Night.
Radio: We still have no explanation for the goblin-creation mechanism.
Radio: We are even unable to piece together the whole story behind the damage which has frozen the town's faculties.

Radio: With the exception of one area, the citizens are even now forced to live a dangerous live of instability.
Radio: Starting at 9, tonight's program will have a special episode about the miraculous story of family members who were separated on that day...


???: When I grow up, I'm definitely gonna be a policeman!
???: Me too!

Mamoru: I'll become an amazing policeman like dad and protect this town from bad guys!

Boy: Me too, me too!
Boy: I'll do it with you, niichan!
Box: Ushibi Tooru

Mamoru: First I've gotta get promoted and become the Superintendent General!
Tooru: What's a Superintendent General?
Mamoru: The leader of the police!
Tooru: Then I'll be the vice-leader!

???: Good afternoon~
???: You boys are Ushibi-san's sons, aren't you?

Tooru: Yup.
Mamoru: Who are you, mister...?

sfx bubble: Grin


???: Hm? Yes.
???: Your sons are both being very good children.
???: Yes.
???: Mhm.
???: Eh?
???: Ahh~ is that so?

???: Unfortunately, negotiations broke down~
???: What a cold-hearted father.
???: What'll we do now?

???: If we don't kill'em, we won't be taken seriously.
???: I'll take out the brats~ bring'em over here.
???: ...Seriously, Amachi-san?

Amachi: This will be a lesson to those who meddle with us, so we've got to be thorough.
Amachi: If you're going to curse anyone, little boys, curse your papa and his enthusiasm for the job!

Mamoru: If...
Mamoru: If you're going to kill us,
Mamoru: it would be better to leave one as a hostage...!
Mamoru: J-just kill me...!
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
Amachi: Hmmm?
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah

Amachi: Oho~! How courageous.
Amachi: You're a real hero, like your father. Suit yourself.

Mamoru: Yeek!


Amachi: Let's play for a bit.

Mamoru: Uwah!

Tooru: Niichan!!
Tooru: Niichan!!

Amachi: How admirable, offering yourself to protect something.
Amachi: Sacrificing yourself first is all the more heroic!
Mamoru: Ugh!
Amachi: So,

Amachi: Jump off of here and die,
Amachi: and your younger brother will be saved.

sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah

(Mamoru): A blast furnace...
sfx bubble: Ker-chack
(Mamoru): It's hot...!!
sfx bubble: Stagger...
(Mamoru): So hot it hurts...!!


Amachi: Don't step back.
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
Amachi: If you do it again, you're out.

Mamoru: Ah...
Mamoru: Ah...

Mamoru: Ah...

Mamoru: I...
Mamoru: ca...
sfx bubble: Chatter
Mamoru: n't...

Amachi: ...that so.
Amachi: Well, scary's scary, no matter who you are.
Amachi: That's only natural.

Amachi: C'mere.
Amachi: We'll go back.

(large sfx) BLAM!!
sfx bubble: Eep


Amachi: Your little brother only died because of your cowardice.
Amachi: You killed him.
Mamoru: To...

Amachi: It's fitting that someone like you,
Amachi: who'd kill his own brother, be sent to hell.

Mamoru: Tooru...

(large sfx) BLAM!!


Mamoru: --Urgh...
Mamoru: Guh......!!

Mamoru: Ahh...!!

Mamoru: Damn!!

sfx bubble: Pshoooo

sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah


Mamoru: Haah...
Mamoru: I did it again.

Mamoru: Ah...
Mamoru: Yuki's bento...

(sfx) Crumble

Mamoru: As if I could do anything together with anyone...

Yuki: Morning, Mamoru-kun~
Yuki: Guess he's still asleep.

Yuki: This is...!

Yuki: I wonder if he dreamed about the past again.

???: Hello~!


(large sfx) KA-BOOM!!

???: Goodbye~

Crowd: What was that just now?
Crowd: Gunfire...?
Crowd: The self-defense force...?


(Mamoru): I don't know where the idiot who did that is from, but
(Mamoru): I bet that stupid rabbit's stuck her nose in.
(Mamoru): Seriously, why doesn't she quit it before she gets hurt.

Kids: Ah!
Kids: It's Gozu-niichan!!

Mamoru: Hey, why are you guys out here?
Mamoru: Didn't I teach you to hide in the basement immediately if you see a goblin or hear any loud noises?
Kids: Bunny-neechan hasn't come back!

Kids: This morning, she left to go to your place,
Kids: And then we heard that loud sound just now...!

Mamoru: ......I understand.
Mamoru: Anyway, go to the basement for now.
Kids: But...
Mamoru: Don't worry.

Mamoru: I'll look for her.


(Mamoru): What is that idiot doing...!
(Mamoru): Always causing trouble for me...!

(Mamoru): Just what was that noise earlier?
(Mamoru): Could something have happened to her?

(Mamoru): If it has, then for someone so weak...

Amachi: Oi~

Amachi: It's been a while!

Amachi: It's me!!

Amachi: Haven't see ya since I offed your little brother Tooru-kun!!
Kiyanagi Association, Leader of the Hiduki Group
Amachi Zenjirou
鬼柳会系 火塚組 舎弟頭
Amachi: How've ya been?!

[page 27]

Amachi: Before coming here, I paid a visit to that bus you call home~!!
Amachi: And y'know, little miss rabbit was there instead of you~!!

Amachi: So she ended up a pulpy mess, just like Tooru-kun~!!


Mamoru: AHHHHHH!!
Amachi: Nfufu~ how naive. C'mon, get moving, you lot.
Men: Eh?
Men: N-no, but, if we-
Amachi: Oi.

Amachi: I told you one more [no] and you're out, didn't I.

Amachi: Go.

Men: ...urk!!




Amachi: Oho~!


Amachi: Ooh.

Gozuki: GO TO HELL!!!

Gozuki: Guh!


Gozuki: Gah...!!

Gozuki: Ugh...
Gozui: Haa...!

Amachi: You're just as sturdy as always, huh, Mamoru-kun.
Amachi: And here I thought I'd ease your pain quickly.


Amachi: Hurry up and go see Tooru.
Amachi: He's your one and only brother, y'know!
[Wen kamuy pake*]
*roughly "wicked god's mouth", in Ainu

Gozuki: Don't fuck with me, dammit!!

Amachi: Oh, but now you're getting along well with some orphan kids, aren't ya?
Amachi: You've just been living happily with those kids and the rabbit from earlier, in your brother's place!

Amachi: Oi, what an inconsiderate brother we've got here!

Gozuki: GUUOOOOH!!!


(Amachi): Just as I expected.
(Amachi): Gozuki's body temperature increases in response to anger.

(Amachi): A symbol of that night's trauma, huh.
(Amachi): He's just like a walking blast furnace.
(Amachi): However, it seems that he's no longer able to withstand his own body heat.

Amachi: I thought you'd give me a much harder time.
Amachi: This really ended faster than I'd thought it would.

Gozuki: Haa...
Gozuki: Ahh...!!
Gozuki: I'll beat the shit out of you...!!

Gozuki: Beat the
Gozuki: out of...

Gozuki: Beat...

Mamoru: Hot.

Mamoru: It's hot...!!
Mamoru: Just what's...
Mamoru: My body's burning.
Mamoru: I see...!
Mamoru: I've fallen into the blast furnace...

Mamoru: That's right...!!
Mamoru: That bastard...!!


Gozuki: That bastard killed Tooru...!!
Gozuki: Absolutely unforgivable...!!
Gozuki: I hate him...!!
Gozuki: I'll kill him...!!
Gozuki: Until my body burns out...!!

(sfx) Shwoooo
Gozuki: It's cool...

Gozuki: No, cold?!

sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
Hare: Thank goodness...
Hare: Haah
Hare: Haah
Hare: I wasn't too late...!

sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
sfx bubble: Haah
Gozuki: Yuki...!!

Gozuki: ...You're alive...

sfx bubble: Sizzle
sfx bubble: Boil
sfx bubble: Bubble bubble


Gozuki: ......Get out of here...
Gozuki: I can't control the transformation anymore.

Hare: Then come with me.
Hare: Any more than this will be bad.

Gozuki: You're telling me to run from him?!
Gozuki: Don't screw with me...!!
Gozuki: I'm definitely going to kill that damned bastard here.

Hare: ...If you fight like this, you'll die, Mamoru-kun.
Hare: Even if you win against him, you'll end up burning yourself out.

Gozuki: Fine by me. I'll drag him along with me to hell...!!
Gozuki: This [Gozuki] is surely...!
Gozuki: A power given to me for the sake of avenging Tooru's death...!!

Hare: If you die, this town will become the property of the yakuza and their underlings.
Hare: If that happens, what about everyone from school?

Gozuki: ......tch.
Gozuki: ...Like I care!
Gozuki: Until I give up on my revenge, I've got no obligation to protect any of them...!!

Gozuki: I don't give a crap what happens to you lot!
Gozuki: Get out of here already!!


Hare: ...Is that so...
Hare: I understand...

Hare: Then I'll also fight with him and die here.

Gozuki: Wha...?!

Hare: The only difference is whether I die sooner or later.
Hare: It doesn't particularly matter.

Gozuki: What are you saying, dammit!!
Gozuki: !! ...urg.

Gozuki: Don't come any closer!!
Gozuki: Do you really wanna die!!

Hare: Why does that sort of thing bother you?
Gozuki: STOP!!
Hare: It doesn't matter, right?
Gozuki: STOP!!
Hare: More like, you should be happy you'll have more company on the way to hell.
Gozuki: STOP!!

Gozuki: I'm begging you...!!


Hare: Touch!

Hare: See?
Hare: Even though I touched you, I'm fine.

Hare: You really are kind, just as I thought.
Hare: The closer I came, the more your temperature decreased.

Hare: It reminds me a bit of the past.
Hare: That time when I was chased by kaijin and couldn't run any farther,
Hare: a large ogre clad in flames rushed in to save me.
Hare: When I thought that I might be burned alive like that,
Hare: that arm protected me and I survived amidst the rubble.

Hare: On Goblin Night,
Hare: you fought to protect something against someone you couldn't defeat.


Hare: That's the Mamoru-kun
Hare: that I and everyone else love.

Hare: I won't forgive you if you selfishly die on your own.
Hare: We'll hold him here, whatever it takes!

Gozuki: ......Tch.

Gozuki: Don't go talking big, you pseudo-cosplayer!
Gozuki: Even if you didn't say it, I'm not gonna lose so much energy that I'd die in a place like this!
Gozuki: I was being metaphorical before!

Gozuki: I'm gonna settle this.
Gozuki: I'll kick that bastard out of this town!!


sfx bubble: Thunk
Amachi: ...Hmm?

sfx bubble: Fwoooo

Amachi: ...you're damn tough, ain'tcha.
Amachi: And little miss rabbit is still alive too, somehow.
sfx bubble: Bloop
sfx bubble: Twitch
sfx bubble: Pop
Amachi: This time, I'll tear you apart and make sure you're dead.


Hare: ...the scattered shots from that gun
Hare: have the power to pierce straight through a concrete building.
Hare: However...!

Hare: Before, when you fired on the bus while I was inside,
Hare: the bullets hardly reached there.

Hare: The metal that Mamoru-kun had melted the other night while running wild
Hare: had grown cold and hardened, so it was just like I was being protected by Gozuki's armor!


Hare: Strongest when red-hot!!
Hare: Invincible when cooled!!
Hare: The town's guardian deity, Gozuki, the jailer of hell!!
Gozuki: Blah blah blah, shut up already!!

Amachi: Oho~
Amachi: Another game of make-believe where you play the hero, Mamoru?

Amachi: Maybe you've forgotten that your brother died due to that little hypocrisy ~

Gozuki: ...yeah, it's just as you say. I haven't been able to become a good person.
Gozuki: But instead, now I'm...!
Gozuki: Not so weak that I can't protect what's important to me...!!


Gozuki: Hurry up and disappear from my town, you bald bastard!!
sfx bubble: Clench
sfx bubble: Ker-chack!
Gozuki: I'm gonna beat the shit outta you!!

sfx bubble: Twitch
sfx bubble: Pop
Amachi: Now you're talking~


Amachi: UARGH!!

sfx bubble: Claaang!!
Gozuki: Guh!!

Hare: Wawawa!!


sfx bubble: WHAM!!


Amachi: Guoh!!

Gozuki: Go to hell!!

sfx bubble: WHAM!!


sfx bubble: Wobble
Gozuki: You made a mistake in targetting this area...!!
Gozuki: This is our town...!!

Mamoru: I'm going to protect it.

Amachi: Uoh.


(sign) Health

Kids: How's Gozu-niichan?
Yuki: He's fine. He just has a bit of a fever.
Yuki: But right now, it's best for him to get a good rest, so wait a bit longer to visit him.
Kids: Okay.

Yuki: Ah!
Yuki: You're awake?

Mamoru: ......what time is it...
Yuki: 8 in the morning.
Yuki: It's been 3 days since you collapsed.

Yuki: 43.8°C.
(About 110.84°F)
Yuki: It's finally getting closer to a normal human body temperature.
sfx bubble: Beep
Yuki: Until yesterday it was 100°C.

Yuki: I know that you get like this if you reach such high temperatures, but
Yuki: you really don't think about the consequences at all.
Mamoru: You're annoying...
Mamoru: If I were the sort to think about the consequences, I wouldn't have this sort've ability.


Yuki: Be sure you stay here until you're fully recovered.
Mamoru: I'm fine already.
Yuki: No you're not!

Yuki: This time, you realized that you're not alone and don't want to be, right?
Yuki: In a situation like this, you can just honestly depend on people.

Mamoru: ...annoying.
Yuki: Geez!

Yuki: Well,
(sfx) Clatter
Yuki: let me know whenever if there's anything you'd like done.
Mamoru: ...Er
Mamoru: Erm.

Mamoru: Th-
Mamoru: That...

Mamoru: I wanna eat a bento like the one from the other day.
Mamoru: With no tomatoes.

Goblin Night ... end | Next issue's Golden Future Cup entry is Hasegawa Tomohiro-sensei's "Cupid of Love Yakeno Harajin"!!



[page 10]
Bunny-neechan - The kids actually call her ウサ姉ちゃん (usa-neechan). "Usa" is a shortened version of the Japanese word for rabbit, "usagi". The kids refer to both Yuki and Mamoru by their goblin types, hence Gozu-niichan and Usa-neechan.

[page 31]
Wen kamuy pake - This name is actually in Ainu and took some digging. "Wen kamuy" (ウェン・カムイ) are wicked gods who cause disaster for humans, and "pake" (パケ) seems to mean either "head" or "corner of the mouth".

[page 40]
The jailer of hell - The word used is 獄卒 (gokusotsu), which can refer to a prison guard or to Ox-Head and Horse-Face (known as Gozu and Mezu in Japanese), the guardians of hell in Chinese mythology.

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