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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Assassination Classroom 9

Adult Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 4, 2012 15:14 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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(top right)
Assassination Classroom
Matsui Yuusei
Chapter 9: Adult Time

Box: My job of killing that unknown creature is underway, but
(right, star) Tentacles vs. huge breasts...!!

Box: preparation is everything.
Box: By fully employing my skills, I can kill any target.

(Irina): I also let that boy give me a hand with his information.
(sfx) Lick

(sfx) Shiver


Nagisa: We have someone who can destroy one of his tentacles, but
Nagisa: Korosensei had extras to make up for it.

Nagisa: If...
Nagisa: all of the tentacles aren't destroyed at the same time,

Nagisa: he'll probably flee before the finishing blow.

Nagisa: Also...
Nagisa: if you're planning to take him by surprise, you should stop smoking.

(right of Korosen) Likes bamboo shoot-shaped chocolate snacks
Nagisa: Even though Korosensei doesn't have a nose, he has a good sense of smell.

Box: ...if that's the extent of it, this plan will go off without a hitch.


Box: I am Irina Jelavic.
(above Irina) Chuckle
Box: A pro among pros who has carried out assassinations in all sorts of situations.

Student: Heeey, Bitch-neesan,
Student: Start the lesson already!

Class: Yeah, Bitch-neesan!
(above students) Bitch-neesan
(above students) Bitch-san
Class: You're a sensei here for the time being, Bitch-neesan!
Irina: AGHH!!
Irina: Quit it with all of that "bitch, bitch" stuff!!

Top box:
O -Vic
A suffix included in some Slavic names (means "child of").
Bottom box:
X bitch
An unpleasant woman (in personality)
A lewd woman (sexually)
A female dog
Irina: First of all, the actual pronunciation is different!!
Irina: You Japanese people just don't have any distinction between "B" and "V"!!

Irina: I'll teach you the right way to pronounce "V".
Irina: First, bite down lightly on your lower lip!!
Irina: C'mon now!!


Irina: ...good.
Irina: You should spend the next hour quietly like that.
(Class): ...why is it this sort of lesson?!

Karasuma: It seems that you called in a suspicious 3-man group.
Karasuma: I hadn't heard about that.
Irina: ...that's right.

Irina: They are skilled professionals.
Irina: Discreet
Irina: and attached to me, they are at my beck and call free of charge.

Irina: With their assistance, I have completed preparations.
Irina: I'll do it today.


Korosen: Irina-sensei!!

Korosen: I've brought chai from India, as you requested.
Irina: Oh my! Thank you, Korosensei!!
Irina: I'd wanted to have an afternoon tea-time!!

Irina: ...that aside, Korosensei,
Irina: I'd like to talk to you about something.
Irina: Would you come to the storage shed at 5 PM?

Korosen: Something to talk about?
Korosen: Sure, I'll be there.

(Irina): The brats would be a hindrance, so keep watch over them.
(Irina): And have the 10 billion yen reward ready, too.


Boy: ...Oi, oi, is this for real?
Boy: Those two are shacking up at the storage shed.

Student: ...I'm kinda disappointed in Korosensei,
Student: getting reeled in by such a transparent woman.

Girl: ...Karasuma-sensei,
Girl: we...... just can't bring ourselves to like that woman.

Karasuma: ...Sorry.
Karasuma: It's the government's instructions to entrust this matter to her, as a professional.


Karasuma: Still,

Karasuma: with the skill to complete her preparations in a single day,
Karasuma: there's no denying that she's a top-class hitman.

Korosen: ...so, Irina-sensei, what did you
Korosen: want to talk about?

(Irina): In infiltration assassinations, the key point is being flexible where the target is concerned.
(Irina): My opponent is an unknown lifeform.
(Irina): The best course of action is to kill him in one go, before he grows suspicious!!


Irina: Korosensei,
Irina: I...
Irina: have always liked unique people.

Korosen: NYUUAAA?!

Irina: That body and power...
Irina: you're overflowing with uniqueness and I was smitten at first sight.
Korosen: Ah!
Korosen: No, well!
Irina: Do you think that makes me strange?

Box: It's fine to be forceful.
Box: If I fix his attention on me, he won't be able to notice something of importance.

Box: This storage shed was remodelled overnight


Box: into a hunting ground to kill you... target-san.

Irina: Korosensei,
Irina: I'm going to get undressed, so wait a minute, okay?
Korosen: GWAH...?!

Irina: Don't worry,
Irina: It will only take a minute.


Box: Live ammunition and real guns!!

Box: 470-round shots at 360 every minute
Box: x3 people.
Box: I have calculated and spread them out so that
Box: their shots, differing in speed and power, will cover the entirety of the room.

Box: From the start, there was no need for these strange anti-sensei bullets.
Box: After all,
Box: there doesn't exist a creature who could survive this.

(Irina): 5 seconds left until the bullets have all been used up.
(Irina): 4...


(Irina): 3
(Irina): 2
(Irina): 1...

Korosen: You really should have let things be.
Korosen: This is an important storage shed that the students also use.


(Irina): Ze...
(Irina): ...ro?

Korosen: I'm sorry to disappoint you, Irina-sensei,

Korosen: but lead bullets don't work against me.
Korosen: They all end up dissolving inside my body.


Korosen: Also, take a good look at my face.

Irina: You have...
Irina: 4 eyes...?

Korosen: No,
Korosen: 2 of them are nostrils.
Irina: That's way too misleading!!

Korosen: Since yesterday, there has been a metallic smell in the storage shed,
Korosen: and the distinctive body odor of middle-aged men.
Korosen: That incompatibility unconsciously made my nostrils flare.

(Nagisa): Even though he doesn't have a nose, he has a good sense of smell.

Korosen: If I pretended to be caught in your trap, I could easily uncover the assassin.


Korosen: In short, as a pro, you...
Korosen: were too caught up in standard assassination methods.
要するにあなたは... プロとしての暗殺の常識に捕らわれすぎた

Korosen: My students are...
Korosen: much more flexible, carrying out much more formidable assassinations.

Korosen: And did you know?

Korosen: I retaliate against my assassins...
Korosen: through maintenance and improvements.



Student: Wh-what?!
Student: First gunshots, then a piercing shriek and a slippery-slimy sound!!


Irina: NOO...OO...


Student: Those are some incredibly persistent shlooping sounds!!
Student: Let's go take a look!!

Nagisa: Korosensei!!
Nagisa: What happened to the breast lady?
Korosen: My...
Korosen: I wanted to have a little more fun, but

Korosen: having class with all of you is much more enjoyable, so
Korosen: 6th period's quiz is going to be difficult, you know.

Nagisa: ...ahaha
Nagisa: Well, we'll do our best.


(Student): She's been cleaned up and put into an old-fashioned uniform!!
(on uniform) Irina

Irina: Impossible...
Irina: for all of that to have happened in a mere minute...

Irina: The stiffness in my shoulders and back was loosened,
Irina: I received oil, face and lymph node massages...
Irina: I was forced to quickly change clothes...

Irina: ...and on top of that...
Irina: for those slippery tentacles to do such a thing...
(Students): What sort of thing?!!
Nagisa: Korosensei,
Nagisa: what did you do?


Korosen: Who knows?
Korosen: Adults have their own sort of maintenance, after all.
Students: That's the face of a horrible adult!!

Korosen: Now come, let's return to the classroom.
(above students) Kaaaay

(Irina): ...Unforgivable.
(Irina): This is the first time I've had such an unsightly failure.

(Irina): As a pro, I will definitely pay him back for this humiliation!!
(Irina): I'll definitely kill him with my next plan!!
(right, star) Knocked down seven times, kill on the eighth!!



[page 2]
Bamboo shoot-shaped chocolate snacks - The original Japanese is たけのこ派 (takenoko-ha), which literally means "takenoko faction". The whole thing references the ongoing "feud" between two chocolate-coated Meiji-brand snacks: takenoko (bamboo shoot-shaped) and kinoko (mushroom-shaped).

[page 3]
Unpleasant / lewd - I just thought it was worth mentioning that the same word is used here for both words - やらしい (yarashii).

[page 9]
It will only take a minute - The original Japanese is purposefully ambiguous here. Irina's words can be interpreted to mean either "in a minute, it will all be over (for you)" or "I'll be done (undressing) in a minute." That ambiguity is lost when translated directly into English, so I had to adjust it a bit.

[page 19]
Knocked down seven times, kill on the eighth - Here's your weekly dose of AC wordplay. The phrase used, 七転び八起き(nana korobi ya oki), refers to the ups and downs of life, getting up after you fall, etc. When translated literally, it means something like "fall down seven times, get up eight". In this case, the "koro" part has been replaced with 殺, so I made use of that slightly more literal translation, as it worked better for wordplay purposes.

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