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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 22


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 6, 2012 01:56 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 22

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans


(top) An extra story will be appearing in "Jump NEXT!" on sale 8/11, in full color!! Be sure you don't miss it!!

Explosively popular!! The anticipated 2nd volume from Jump Comics goes on sale 8/3 (Fri)!!
Furudate Haruichi | Chapter 22: Admiration

(left) The revived "ace"!! Admiration growing, now Hinata competes against him!!!


Noya: You really can't jump at all, can you?!
Noya: It's 'cause you skipped out for a month!
(bottom) Revived!!

Asahi: Yeah...
Asahi: Sorry...
Suga: That's really harsh, Nishinoya~

Tanaka: Daichi-saaan!
Daichi: Yup.

Daichi: But... when you add Asahi's revival to the veterans of the neighborhood association team,
Daichi: it'll be even harder on us.

(Tanaka/Enno): He seems happy, though...


Tanaka: What're you talking about, Daichi-san!
Tanaka: You've got me on this team!
Shou: You have me here!!
(note: half of their words overlap, because Shou butts in)

Daichi: Huh? What?
Tanaka: Don't talk over me, Hinata!! The cool words I'd waited so long to say have been reduced to shreds, you idiot!

???: Nice serve!!
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno High School
Scoreboard, left side: Neighborhood Association
(white sfx) TWEEEEET
???: Alright, bring it!
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak

???: Nice serve!
Tobio: Ennoshita!

???: Cover it!
???: Sorry, Kageyama, the recovery's up to you!
(Ukai): Their receives still have a ways to go.

Tobio: Got it!


(Ukai): Quickly ascertaining where the ball will land...
(Ukai): and stepping without hesitation.

(Ukai): This side's setter is a 1st year, if I remember right...

(Ukai): Now who will you use from th--...


Tanaka: Nice one, Hinata, Kageyama!

(center sfx) Stunned

(Shou): Now I have Kageyama's toss, so I can evade even the tallest blockers!

Asahi: He really wasn't exaggerating...

Noya: That was amazing, Shouyou! The heck, I ended up watching you without realizing it!
Shou: Ehehe.


(Ukai): He didn't make any hand signals or call out,
(Ukai): and yet?!

Ukai: OOOI!!!
(sfx) Shock

Ukai: Why'd you jump there just now?!
Ukai: Shorty!!
Shou: Shor...

Shou: Be...
Shou: because the toss will come to me wherever...
Shou: I am.

(Ukai): Apparently... just now...

(Ukai): he jumped without seeing the toss...
(Ukai): Did that 1st year setter... perfectly match his toss to that shorty's movements...?!


(Ukai): And on top of that, why did he declare "the toss will come to me" with such confidence?!
(Ukai): Is it normal to be able to swing without seeing the toss, on that belief alone?!

Ukai: What the heck, are you guys weirdos?!

Tobio/Shou: Weirdos...?
Kei: Pfft.
Shou: Why??
Tobio: Like I'd know.

Ukai: I didn't really understand... that exchange before the match, but...

(Suga): I hid in the shadow of the overwhelmingly skilled Kageyama,
(Suga): and I... was relieved...!
Ukai: I get it now.

Ukai: ...the 1st year setter is, well, a prodigy.
Ukai: For an ordinary person,
Ukai: it's unbearable being compared to that.

Ukai: --Still,


Shimada: Ooh! A parallel set!
(A set played low and fast across the court for a spiker to hit. When timed correctly, it results in a fast attack.)

Tanaka: Dammit, even though it's been a month, his timing is still perfect!
Daichi: You're way too happy about that, Tanaka.

Ukai: --Tossing and spiking in the span of a single breath...
Ukai: It can be done if you have the time to put in lots of practice.

Ukai: A relationship of mutual trust like that isn't something that can be built up in a day.

Ukai: If the 1st year setter possesses "overwhelming talent",
Ukai: the setter on this side has an accumulation of "trust and stability".


(right of Yama) Tsukki, nice serve!!

Ukai: The current Karasuno ain't bad at all...!
Ukai: Ya should've told me sooner, sensei!!
Takeda: Gwah!
(sfx) Whack!

Takeda: I... said it plenty of times, though...


sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
???: Left!

sfx bubble: Fwoop
Shimada: There.
Tanaka: Urgh!

Takeda: Ooh...! A feint...!
Takeda: Veterans really give off that feeling of being one step up...!

Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno High School
Scoreboard, left side: Neighborhood Association
sfx bubble: Flip
???: Nice serve!
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak


Ukai: When you've
Ukai: got that shorty as a middle blocker, anyway!

Ukai: His quick strikes are certainly incredible, but
Ukai: what about his blocks?

(Shou sfx) Staaaare

(Asahi): He's kinda staring at me...
(sfx) Turns away

Takeda: Ooh?! Come to think of it, this match
Takeda: is a showdown between Hinata-kun and the "ace" he admires so much!
Ukai: Hah?

Takeda: Well, evidently Hinata-kun came to this school because he admired an ace
Takeda: from Karasuno's heyday who was called "the small giant".
(Announcer): He is surely
Ukai: Heeeh, that guy, huh?
(Announcer): a small giant!

Takeda: That's why he says "I want to become an ace!" and always tries hard.


Takeda: So Hinata-kun is having a direct confrontation with Karasuno's current ace! Is what I'm saying.
Ukai: Oho~ sounds interestin'.
Ukai: It kinda looks like an adult versus a junior high student, though!
sfx bubble: Shoo...
(Asahi): A parallel set...

(Shou): Right now,
(Shou): I'm marking the ace.

(Shou): I'm competing against Karasuno's ace.


???: Nice serve!
???: It's up to you.
???: Nice receive!!

(Ukai): A parallel set...

(Asahi): He got in front of me so quickly...!!


sfx bubble: Thump

(white sfx) Tweet tweeeeet
Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno High School
sfx bubble: Flip
Scoreboard, left side: Neighborhood Association

(Asahi): I already knew he had an incredible jump, but... it's really amazing when he's right in front of you...
(Asahi): Just how high... are his jumps...


(sfx) Sting sting

Shou: Wow...!

Shou: Even though it's been a month...!!

Tobio: The way you hold your hands when you block is all wrong!
Tobio: If you want to stop the ball, you do it like this!
Tobio: Like this!!

Tobio: Are you listening? Like this!!

(Shou sfx) Grab


(Shou): Even though he was covered in sweat... and seemed strained...
(Shou): the "small giant" kept jumping over and over again.

(Shou): Back then, I didn't really understand it well, but
(Shou): I'm sure that he was someone who had the "trust" of his comrades.

(Shou): Everyone on the team thought he would definitely succeed, so they felt connected to that small ace.

(Shou): And, without a doubt,
(Shou): Asahi-san is the same.


Tobio: ...Oi.
Shou: The ace is amazing! If he knocks the ball down like that,
Shou: it doesn't matter whether the blockers are there or not!

Shou: What...?

Tobio: Nothing.

Daichi: We're pressed for time, so let's start the 2nd set!
???: Ossu!!

sfx bubble: Wham!
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
???: Cover it!!

???: In front!
Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno High School
Scoreboard, left side: Neighborhood Association

(Shou): If I had height and power like that...
(Shou): I'd also...

(Shou): No no no!
(Shou): Even though the small giant was short, he was amazing!
(Shou): He was still taller than me, though.


(Shou): But

Suga: Asahi!!

(Shou): That'd be nice.

Daichi: Hinata?!

Shou: Ehh?


Tobio: Idiot...!


Tanaka: GYAAAA!

All: Hinata!!
(left) Hinata's been bowled over?!!

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