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Assassination Classroom 10

Pro Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 10, 2012 01:54 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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A surprisingly huge response!! Explosively popular, with center color!
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 10: Pro Time | Matsui Yuusei
(center) A secret killer garden...


(right, star) Oh Japan, these are tentacles!! History's strongest tentacle academy manga finally reaches 10 chapters!!

(sfx) Silence...
sfx bubble: Poke
sfx bubble: Tap

Box: I'm definitely going to kill that octopus.
Box: I never would have thought I'd exhaust my resources to such an extent on a professional job.

Box: Seeing as I'll be changing the plan, those 3 won't do at all.
Box: From among my personal connections, I'll reselect the most fitting assistants for the job.

Box: I'll have to gather equipment again from scratch, too.
Box: Augh, geez! Why can't I get on WiFi in this shithole building!!


Karma: Aha~
Karma: Bitch-neesan's pretty frantic.
Karma: Having that sort of thing done to her must have damaged her pride~

Isogai: Sensei.

Irina: ...what do you want.

Isogai: If you're not going to teach us, could you switch out with Korosensei?
Isogai: We're taking entrance exams this year, so...

Irina: Hmph!
Irina: You want to be taught by that vicious monster?

Irina: Comparing the earth's predicament to entrance exams...
Irina: How nice to be a carefree kid~


Irina: Moreover, the way I hear it, all of you in Class E...
Irina: seem to be the misfit failures of this school.
Irina: Even if you start studying now, it's meaningless.

Irina: I know!!
Irina: Here's what we'll do.
Irina: Once I've successfully completed the assassination, I'll give you five million yen to divide amongst yourselves!!
Irina: Such a grand sum is more than any of you will ever see in your lives!!


Irina: That would be much more profitable than pointlessly studying.
Irina: So just be quiet and listen to m...

???: ...Get out.

(Irina sfx) Gasp


Students: Get out, you fucking bitch!!
Students: Switch with Korosensei!!
Irina: Wh...
Irina: What's with that attitude?
Irina: You want to die?!
Students: Fine by us! You just try it!!
(sfx) BOO! BOO!

Students: Yeah, that's right!!

Kaya: We don't need any huge boobs around here!!
(sign) No big boobs!!
(Nagisa): That's what you're mad about?!


(sign) Faculty Office
Irina: What the heck is with those brats!!

Irina: They're in the same room as such a wonderful woman, you know?
Irina: Don't you think they should be grateful?!
Karasuma: There's likely some minor classroom discord due to them not being welcoming, but

Karasuma: Enough already. Go give them a proper apology.
Karasuma: Assuming you want to continue the assassination, that is.

Irina: Why?!
Irina: I don't have any experience as a teacher, you know?!
Irina: Let me concentrate solely on assassinating!!

Karasuma: Guess there's no helping it.
Karasuma: Come with me.


(book cover) Detailed English problems, level 3

Irina: What is he doing?
Karasuma: Writing test questions.
Karasuma: Evidently he does this every Wednesday during 6th period.

(Korosen sfx) Achoo!

Korosen: Ah.

Karasuma: He's going to redo it.
(sfx) Sob
Irina: What an idiot.
Irina: I mean, grape juice has a high chance of leaving a stain.

Irina: ...he's certainly taking his sweet time with it.
Irina: He can move at mach 20, so writing up questions should be no sweat.


Karasuma: Each question is different.

Irina: Huh...?

Karasuma: When the students saw that, they were surprised.
Karasuma: Combining subjects in which they excel with ones difficult for them...
Karasuma: He creates all the questions for each and every student individually.

Korosen: Chiba-kun can figure out spacial reasoning problems rather quickly.
Korosen: Nurufufufu. Let's try putting in some questions that are a little more advanced.
Karasuma: He is a dangerous creature with exceptional intelligence and speed
Karasuma: who intends to destroy the earth.
Karasuma: Such a person is near perfect as a teacher.
(book cover)
Student Data
Boys (2)


Karasuma: Take a look at the students, too.

Irina: They're just playing, aren't they?

Karasuma: That's the "assassination badminton" I taught them.
Karasuma: It's training to enable them to accurately hit a moving target.
Sugino: Attack!!

(right of student) That was a stab, so it's 3 points.
Karasuma: They have no experience in assassinating, but
(above Sugino) No sweat~

Karasuma: nonetheless, they are aiming for the reward.
Karasuma: When they aren't studying, they enthusiastically refine their skills.


Karasuma: Target and teacher.
Karasuma: Assassin and student.
Karasuma: Because of that monster, this bizarre classroom setting has come to pass...
Karasuma: and everyone in it fulfills two roles.

Karasuma: You are here primarily as a professional, but
Karasuma: If you cannot balance being an assassin with being a teacher,
Karasuma: then you are severely lacking as a pro.

Karasuma: If you intend to remain here and target him,
Karasuma: don't look at the students with such a condescending gaze.


Karasuma: Without the students, this assassination classroom would be unable to continue.
Karasuma: That's why,
Karasuma: even though they are students and you are an assassin, treat them as equals!!

Karasuma: If that is impossible for you,
Karasuma: we have plenty of assassins who exist only to kill
Karasuma: and we'll give the assignment to the next one in line.


(large sfx) Door sliding open

(sfx) Click

(sfx) Clack
(sfx) Click


Irina: You're incredible in bed!
Irina: Repeat it!!

(above students) Stunned

Irina: Come on!!
Students: ...y-
Students: Yuu aa inkuredeiburu in beddo.

Irina: When I assassinated a VIP in America,
Irina: I first used my charms to grow close to his bodyguard.
Irina: That sentence is what he said to me.

Irina: In Japanese, it's
Irina: "Beddo deno kimi wa sugoi yo...♡"
(Students): Why are you making junior high students recite a phrase like that!!


Irina: It is often said that to learn a foreign language quickly and easily in a short amount of time,
Irina: you should make use of a lover from that country.

Irina: As you will want to better understand your partner's feelings,
Irina: inevitably, you'll grasp the meaning of their words.

Irina: When it was necessary for my work...
Irina: I learned new languages using this method.
North America Heart: Howard
South America Heart: Anderson
Japan Heart: Shinji
China Heart: Ju Sung
Middle East Heart: Nemanja
Europe Heart: Cristiano
Africa Heart: Esok
UK Heart: David

Irina: And so, in my class...
Irina: I'll teach you how to seduce people from other countries.


Irina: The secret skill of befriending through conversation that is taught to professional assassins.
Irina: If you can learn this, it will serve you well when meeting people from virtually any country.

(Students): Talking with foreigners...

Irina: Learn what you'll need to study for entrance exams from that octopus.
Irina: I'm just going to stick to teaching conversation techniques that will be useful in the future.

Irina: If...
Irina: despite that, you still don't view me as a teacher, then
Irina: I'll give up on the assassination and leave.


Irina: ...Th-
Irina: this way, there aren't any complaints, right?
Irina: ...also,
Irina: Sorry, for a bunch of things.

(above students) Ahaha! Hahaha!

Student: What's with you being all timid?
Student: Just a while ago, you were saying "I'll kill you" and stuff like that.


Boy: She kinda ended up becoming a normal sensei.
Girl: We can't really call her "Bitch-neesan" anymore.

Irina: I really...
Irina: got through to you all.

Student: Now that I think about it, it was pretty rude to refer to a teacher like that.
Student: Yeah.
Student: We have to change what we call her.

Student: So,
Student: we'll use "Bitch-sensei."


Irina: Er...m.
Irina: Hey, you guys...
Irina: The whole "bitch" thing is troubling, so could we drop it?

Irina: C'mon,
Irina: I don't mind if you're informal and call me by my first name.
Student: But
Student: we've kinda already settled on the "bitch" part.
Student: Yeah.
Student: "Bitch-sensei" fits you better than "Irina-sensei."

Student: And so, take good care of us, Bitch-sensei!!
(right of Irina) Bitch! Bitch!
Student: Let's start class, Bitch-sensei!!
(left of Irina) Bitch! Bitch!

Irina: AUUGHH!!
Irina: I really hate you lot after all!!


Korosen: They're really attached to her.
Karasuma: ...For now, anyway.

Korosen: Thank you, Karasuma-sensei.
Korosen: You truly wanted to let the students converse with an actual person from a foreign country.

Korosen: After all,
Korosen: An assassin who has travelled from place to place across the globe is certainly best-suited to the task.

Box: ...He
Box: anticipated things to that extent?


Box: This guy
Box: stubbornly says nothing as to the reason he became Class E's teacher.

Box: But
Box: In setting up the ideal circumstances for his assassination,
Box: we are being led toward an ideal environment in which to learn.

Box: It's as if everyone is dancing
Box: in the palms of that monster's tentacles.
(right, star) What is reflected in the dark pupils of his eyes...? Time left until he blows up the earth: 11 months...!!

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