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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Haru Polish 6

Sweat and Muscles

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 12, 2012 14:01 | Go to Haru Polish

-> RTS Page for Haru Polish 6

Translation reserved for Orinjido Scans


(right) Ripped clothes, a torn skirt...
(left) Ehh! What will happen to Haru-chan's body?! (--er, was this that sort of manga?)
(bottom right) Totsuka Masahiro x Minamoto Yuu
(bottom left, white circle) This time, the comedy is reaching new heights ♥
(bottom, center) Chapter 6: Sweat and Muscles
(bottom, above logo) An Iai comedy♡ of beautiful girls♡ and real swords!!


Box: I'm Tachioka Shun.
Box: A first year at this Shikinomori High School.

Box: I've said it before, but
Box: I'm bad with women.

Box: ---But that's not particularly strange at all!!
(above cat) Cat
Box: Men and women are completely different beings, after all!!

Box: I mean, I don't know how I'm supposed to touch them!!
Box: That sort of thing is completely normal!!
(left of Shun) Uwaaaaa

Box: ---Yet
Box: I can come in contact with this Hasegawa Hinako girl without any problems.


Box: I can touch her, too.
Shun: Ooh, so stretchy~
Hina: Don't pull my cheeks!
Box: Someone this stumpy doesn't seem like a girl at all.

Box: Still,
Hina: Nnnggg
Hina: Quit pulliiiing!

Box: This girl's inability to deal with men goes far beyond that.
Box: 1st year Okamoto Haru.
(Haru, in gray): NOOOOO!!
(Shun, in gray): H-
(Shun, in gray): Huh?!
(Haru, in gray): There are boys nearby...
(Haru, in gray): Scary...
Box: As a result, we haven't progressed one bit with club activities.


Ogami: Before you wield a katana, do practice swings and build up your physical strength.
Ogami: Now use this bokutou and do just that!!
(Bokutou = wooden sword)


Ogami: Hurry and take it, Okamoto Haru.

Haru: NOOOOO!!
Ogami: What's the matter? Why are you running away, Okamoto Haru?

Wakana: Ogami-senpai... I'll deal with her...
(sfx around Ogami) Irritated
(Ogami): There's no progress... at this rate, we won't be able to do a thing.


Hina: Hey, when is this gonna start being a hot-blooded Iai manga?
???: Even if I have to use force.
Shun: Who knows...

(Haru sfx) Worn out

Satsuki: What's up, Haru? You're way too haggard.
Yayoi: Are club activities really that tiring?

Yayoi: That's a real problem, huh~
(Haru): I can't tell them that we haven't done anything yet...


Satsuki: At a time like this, a bento will cheer you right up.
Satsuki: How about we eat outside today?

Haru: YAAAY, bento!!
Satsuki: Oh my, she's already fully recovered.

???: We have to do something
???: about her.

Wakana: You mean Haru-san?
Wakana: Even if you say that, I don't know what to do either...
Wakana: Puberty is a difficult time for girls, you know.


Ogami: She can't be taught anything like that,
Ogami: and we can't get anything done.
Wakana: It's certainly troublesome...

Ogami: Isn't there some way of dealing with it?
Wakana: This isn't the sort of problem that has a simple "we'll manage somehow" solution.

Wakana: Let's slowly watch over
Wakana: her growth.

Ogami: You're saying to wait until she's finished puberty, huh.
Ogami: I don't have the time to do that.

Wakana: Time?

Wakana: That's true, you'd have already graduated by then.
Ogami: That's not it...

Ogami: Soon...
Ogami: I will turn 18...


Wakana: Hm.

Wakana: That aside, is this alright, Ogami-senpai?
Wakana: You're going to end up with no time to eat your lunch.

Ogami: Don't worry about that, Katayama.

Ogami: After all, I don't have friends to eat bento with.
Ogami: I always waste lunchtime wandering around without eating anything.
(Wakana): Ah...
(Wakana): How can he say something so lame in such a cool fashion...


Girl: Heey, Wakana,

Girl: Was that your boyfriend just now?
Girl: He's kinda scary but cool.
Wakana: You have it completely wrooong~

(Wakana): A boyfriend, hm...
(Wakana): Even if there were only a boy interested in Haru-san...

(Wakana): ...it might end up immediately resolving things.
(left of Wakana) Fufufu
Box: --However,

Box: The reality was something not nearly that fortunate.
Box: It was more like...


(crow sfx) CAW!

Yayoi: Kyaa!

Yayoi: Geez. The crows are eyeing our bento.
Satsuki: I guess it was a bad idea to go outside.
Haru: It's pretty dangerous.

Haru: Let's watch out for attacks from above and eat!

Haru: Ah!


Satsuki: Where are you going, Haru!
Haru: Waaaaait!!
Haru: That's my bento!!

Haru: I think it ran over here...

(sign) Equipment Room

Haru: Where aaare you? Please come ouuut.
Haru: Give back my bentoooo.


Haru: Okay, now there's nowhere left to run~
Haru: Be good and give it back~

Haru: There, there.
Haru: You really shouldn't cause mischief like that.
(above cat) Mrow~

Haru: If you're good, I'll give you some of my side dish.
Haru: It's mom's special chicken and cheese.

Haru: C'mon, let's go.
Haru: Lunchtime is ending.

(sfx) 1, 2!
(sfx) 1, 2!

(sfx, top) 1, 2!
(sfx, top) 1, 2!


sfx bubble: 1, 2!
sfx bubble: 1, 2!

Player: Alright, time to get changed.
Players: Ossu!!
Player: Be quick. We're losing time to eat lunch.


Players: Aghh, I'm hungry!!
Players: I'm so hungry I could die!
Players: Either way, I'm just hungry!!

Player: I'm seriously hungry.
Player: Aren't you, Tsukasa?

(Haru): ...Wh

(Haru): What should I do...


(Haru): Why... are they showing up here one after another...
(Haru): I ended up hiding right away, but...

Player: My stomach's running on empty today.
Player: Right back at you, so's mine.
(Haru): I can't get out of here like this...
(Haru): Hurry up and leave......!!

Player: Alright, let's get changed and go eat!!!
Players: Yeaaaah!!!


(Haru): Th-
(Haru): They're getting undressed?!!


(Haru): Wh-why are they undressing in a place like this...
(Haru): What should I do, what should I dooo!!

(Haru): If I'm discovered...
(Haru): Somebody save me...!!



sfx bubble: Clatter

Players: Hm?

Players: Did you...
Players: hear something just now?


Player: Yeah, I did.
Player: There a mouse in here with us?

Player: Inside...

Player: these vaulting horse boxes...


(left of cat) Meow~

(cat sfx) Meow~
(cat sfx) Meow~

Player: So it's just a cat.
Player: Let's hurry up and get changed already.

Player: Huh?
Player: Where's my bag?


Player: You said there's a lot of money in there, so you hid it, didn't you?
Player: Even though you called it a lot of money, it's just 5,000 yen, right?
(about $60)
Player: That ain't a lot at all.

Player: That's right, I put it inside this vaulting horse box...




Players: Wh-what the?!
Players: Something's in there!!!


Haru: Ah...........................
(sfx) Fshhhh

Players: Ehh?!
Players: Wh-what happened?!

Player: ...?! Why's there a girl in here...?
Player: And she even collapsed, to boot.

Players: Oi, get ahold of yourself!
Players: Oi, you okay!!

Players: This's bad. She's lost consciousness.
Players: Just what the heck happened!!


Players: Open your eyes!!
Players: Don't die!!
Players: Pull yourself together!!


Satsuki: Haru~
Satsuki: Just how far did you go?


Players: Heave-ho!
Players: Heave-ho!
Players: Heave-ho!
Players: Heave-ho!


Player: Hold on, we'll get you to the infirmary right away!!
Player: Don't die before we get there!!

Players: Heave-ho!
Players: Heave-ho!
Players: Heave-ho!

Yayoi: That was...
Satsuki: Haru... just now, right...


Ogami: ...Okamoto's not here?
Hina: Was she absent today?

Wakana: Nope.
Wakana: Evidently she left early, carried on the shoulders of a naked portable shrine.

Box: Er...
Box: and so,


(right) The next day.

Haru: Morning, Tachioka-kun!!


Shun: Mor...
Shun: ning...

Haru: Let's do our best in club activities today, too.
Haru: So we can quickly wield katanas!!
Shun: Y...yeah...

Haru: Well, see you later.
Shun: Yeah...


(right of Haru) Morning~

Haru: Good afternoon, Ogami-senpai!!
Haru: I'm in your care again today!!


Ogami: ...what happened...?

Wakana: Who knows...
Wakana: I guess she's the sort who's affected by shock therapy?

Wakana: She ended up shocked stiff
Wakana: from over-stimulation.

Ogami: ...well, whatever the reason,
Ogami: we'll finally be able to move forward.

Ogami: Still...
Ogami: I just don't understand pubescent women at all.


???: Before wielding a katana, you first perform a "sword salute."

Ogami: We'll teach you the standard etiquette,

Ogami: in order to ensure you properly perform it from here on out.


Wakana: This is the start of the sword salute.
Wakana: And the following is how it ends.


(above Hina) Heey,
Hina: Do we always do that?
Wakana: Yes, we do.

Hina: Isn't it a pain?
Wakana: Not at all.
Wakana: We have to do it at the start to calm ourselves.

Hina: Hmmm.
Hina: So that's how it is.

Ogami: Okamoto.

Ogami: I'll loan this to you.
Ogami: Try giving it a swing.


Haru: Can I really?!

Hina: What about me, what about me?!
(right of Hina) Hey, hey!
(around Wakana) Yes, yes.
Wakana: Let's just watch first.


Haru: ...but I don't really know any kata or anything...
Ogami: It doesn't matter.

Ogami: Do whatever you'd like.

Haru: Okay!!


(Haru): The weight of iron...
(Haru): The feeling of the hilt grip...

(Haru): I was finally... able to hold one again...

(Shun): ...she's crying?


(Haru): Yeah.
(Haru): This is it.

(Haru): This sensation!!


(Haru): The sensation of becoming one with the katana!!

(Haru): The katana guides my actions.
(Haru): Where should I move? Where should I cut?


(Haru): Every sweep of the sword
(Haru): makes me happy!!

(Ogami): ...As I thought, this girl
(Ogami): seems able to converse with katana.

(Ogami): If it's her,
(Ogami): she might be able to hear the voice of "that katana".

Box: ...at that time,
Box: I didn't really know... whether this aspect of Okamoto Haru was incredible or not.

Box: I was just


Box: struck by the beauty of it.
(right) Conquering her internal troubles (androphobia), a new talent is likely... to bloom!!
(bottom) Continued in the December issue.

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