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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Assassination Classroom 11

Assembly Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 15, 2012 16:51 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Assassination Classroom
Chapter 11: Assembly Time | Matsui Yuusei

Box: Okuda Aimi
Box: Hazama Kirara
Box: Muramatsu Takuya
Box: Akabane Karma
Box: Yoshida Taiji
Box: Sugatani Sousuke
Box: Terasaka Ryoma
Box: Murabayashi Koutaro
Box: Nakamura Rio
(A quick note on the names: I'm using my best guess for most of these, since the kanji readings aren't given.)

(bottom right) They'll slaughter him down to the very marrow of his bones...
Box: Students who are strongly individualistic. Possessing their own unique values, they carry out assassinations on their own schedule. They are tricky ambushers.

(left, star) The highly anticipated first volume of the number 1 tentacle academy manga goes on sale 11/2!!


(right, star) The dream match-up of "Saiki Kusuo vs. Korosensei" will appear in Jump NEXT!, on sale 10/9!! Details on page 106!!

Box: The school-wide assembly that takes place once a month.
(right, star) In the gymnasium of the main school building...

Box: For those of us in Class E...
Box: it's a depressing event.

Boy: Nagisa-kuuun.


Boy: Good work~
Boy: It must be difficult to come all the way down here for this~

(above boys) Gyahahaha!

Box: The discrimination against Class E is the same here as everywhere else.
(right of girls) Giggle
Tera: ...Tch.
(right of boy) Hahaha!
Box: And we must endlessly endure it.

Principal: ...In short,
Principal: you are all elites selected from the best of the best nationwide.
Principal: As your principal, I guarantee it.

(sfx) Glance
Principal: ...Still,
Principal: pride is a powerful enemy.


Principal: If you are negligent...

Principal: You'll end up becoming like a certain group of hopeless someones.
(above students) AHAHAHAHAHA!

(above students) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Principal: Hey now, you're all laughing far too much!!
Principal: Well, your principal went a bit too far, too.

Maehara: Nagisa,
Maehara: Come to think of it, where's Karma?
Nagisa: Skipping.

Nagisa: He said he's not coming to the assembly and doesn't care if he's punished for it.
Nagisa: Getting good grades and behaving badly... it's times like these when I'm jealous of him.


(sign) Board Chairman's Office

Man: This method is always effective, board chairman.
Man: As a result,
Man: With the exception of those in 3-E, the number of high schoolers who go on to attend first-rate universities is exceptionally high.

Chairman: You could say this will prepare them for the adult world.
Chairman: A sense of not falling behind is instilled in them before it is too late.

Chairman: Alas, humans...
Chairman: make the most progress when they have an object of discrimination and scorn.

Box: I always move rationally.
Box: In managing the school,
Box: and even with that assassination,
Box: if it's reasonable, then it's fine with me.


Principal: Moving on, we have an announcement from the student council.
Principal: Student council, please start setting up your equipment.

Student: ...who's that sensei?
Student: He looks smart and cool~

Karasuma: I am Class E's (ostensible) homeroom teacher, Karasuma.
Karasuma: We are in the other building, so allow me to borrow the stage for introductory purposes.
Woman: Ah...
Woman: Yes,
Woman: Go right ahead.


???: Karasuma-sensei~

Girl: We decorated our knife sheaths~
Naka: Cute, ain't it?

Karasuma: ......agh.
Karasuma: It's fine that they're cute, but don't take them out here!!
Karasuma: The [sizeptpt=50]assassination thing is a secret from the other classes!!
Girls: Kaaaay.

Girl: ...looks like they get along pretty well.
Girl: How nice~
Girl: I mean, the teacher and boys in our class are just rude and ugly.


Student: Wait a...
Student: Who's that foreigner with the incredible body?!
Student: Is she one of Class E's teachers, too?

Karasuma: Why did you come here, Irina?!
Irina: You're a pain.
Irina: This is intelligence gathering toward my next plan.

Irina: Nagisa.


Irina: I get the impression that you've been writing down all of that octopus' weaknesses in your notebook.
Irina: Loan it to oneesan, won't you?

Nagisa: Eh...
Nagisa: That's-
Nagisa: I already told you all of the weaknesses that could be useful.

Irina: If you say something like that, it'll seem like you're hiding a vital bit of information.
Nagisa: No, like I said...

Irina: C'mon, just hand it over already, kid!
Irina: I'll suffocate you!!
Nagisa: Can't brea...
Nagisa: Quit it with your breasts, Bitch-sensei!!

(left of boy) Why "bitch"...?
(Boys): I wish I were him...


Boy: What is with those guys...
Boy: Getting all carried away despite being with the E-as-in-End Class.

Speaker: ...Okay,
Speaker: the printout we just handed out to everyone has the details about the student council's event.

Sugino: Eh?

Boy: Eh...?
Boy: What?
Boy: Where are ours?

Isogai: ...Excuse me,
Isogai: Class E hasn't gotten theirs yet.

Speaker: Hm?
Speaker: You haven't?
Speaker: How strange...


Speaker: My bad~
Speaker: It looks like I forgot to bring the ones for 3-E.
Speaker: Sorry, but please commit it all to memory before you leave~

Speaker: I mean,
Speaker: I think the people in Class E should also work on improving their memory.

(right of girl) That's impossible, though~

Irina: ...what the heck is this.
Irina: How underhanded.


(printout top) Student Council Information

???: Isogai-kun.


Korosen: There don't seem to be any problems.
Korosen: There are enough handwritten copies for everyone, after all.
(sfx) Twirl

Isogai: That's true.

Isogai: Ah,
Isogai: we have our printouts, so please continue.
Speaker: Eh?
Speaker: Ah...
Speaker: No way.
Speaker: HOW?!

Speaker: Who's the grinning guy over there that ruined everything!!
Speaker: Ah... er, ahem.
Speaker: Well then, I'll continue.


Karasuma: I told you not to show your face in front of the whole school!
Karasuma: Your very existence is a state secret!!
Korosen: Don't worry about it.
Korosen: My disguise is perfect, so they won't find out.

Student: ...Uhh...
Student: Has that teacher been there all along?
Student: He's strangely tall and I can't quite tell where his joints are.

Irina: Hmph.
Irina: Hrm.
Student: And on top of that, the teacher next to him is getting in his way.
Student: She's trying to stab him, isn't she?

Student: ...That lady teacher was led away.
Student: ...I don't get it at all.

Boy: Haha!
Boy: Bitch-sensei just doesn't give up.
(sfx) Aha haha ha


Sugino: We're gonna go on ahead, Nagisa!
Nagisa: Okay.
Nagisa: I'll come right after I buy some juice.

Boy: ...Oi, Nagisa.

Boy: You guys...
Boy: are kinda forgetting your place, aren't you?
Nagisa: Eh...?
Boy: Laughing it up during the assembly... just think about the trouble you caused for those around you.


Boy: Keep your eyes on the floor, where Class E belongs.
Boy: After all, there's no hope for you anymore.

???: Oi.
???: What's with that dissatisfied look.

Box: That's...

Karasuma: ...Tch.
Karasuma: Seriously, this school...


Korosen: The students who are trying to assassinate me
Korosen: won't be unnerved by the likes of those two.

Boy: Say something, Class E!!
Boy: I'll kill you!!

Box: Kill me...?

Box: Kill...
Box: ...kill... huh.


(sfx) Chuckle

Nagisa: And yet it looks like you've never killed someone before.

Box: ...What was that...
Box: bloodlust...
Box: just now?


Korosen: See?
Korosen: It's because my students' killing intent is different.

Box: Class E...
Box: Someone from the E-as-in-End Class
Box: pushing normal students aside and walking away...

Box: For that to happen in my school is illogical.

Box: There need to be some slight improvements.
Box: To me, this is of a higher priority than the assassination.
(right, star) One killer hurdle cleared, but another awaits...?!



[page 19]
Killing intent - Here's the first of your weekly dose of wordplay. The phrase used, やる気 (yaruki), refers to a willingness/motivation/determination to do something. Here, however, the "ya" has been replaced with... you guessed it: 殺.

One killer hurdle cleared - And here's the second. The phrase used, 一難去って (ichinan satte), literally means something like "overcoming a danger/difficulty". Here, the "sa" part has been replaced with 殺 yet again.

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