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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Haikyuu!! 23

Equivalent Points

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 18, 2012 02:59 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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Translation reserved for Casanova Scans


Hinata: ...Urg.
Hinata: Owwww.
(bottom right) [Haikyuu!!]

(left) The ace's spike made a direct hit!!!

Noya: Ah.
Noya: He's alive.
Tanaka: You alright?
(right of Asahi) UOOOOH
Asahi: A-are you okay?! I'm so sorry!!
(ball sfx) Roll...

Kei: Any way you look at it, he's at fault for spacing out like that.

Takeda: A-amb ambul amb--
Ukai: Calm down, sensei.

Shou: Ah, I'm okay. Sorry about that...
Daichi: Really?! Why don't you take a rest just to be su--

Shou: I-I'm really fine! I just kinda wasn't able to dodge it... it's no big deal... and I'm used to getting hit in the face with the ball!
(below Shou) I'm really sorry.

Suga: Don't get used to something like that...
Shou: Ahaha...

Shou: Ha?!


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(top left) Intense anger...!!!
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Haikyuu!! | Chapter 23: Equivalent Points | Furudate Haruichi

Tobio: ...what were you doing, spacing out... during a match...

Shou: Ah.
Shou: Um.
Shou: Err...

(Shou): Crap... Kageyama isn't even shouting... he's seriously pissed...
(Shou): It's the same feeling as when I hit the back of his head with my serve...

Tobio: ...I know all about it...


Tobio: "An ace is really cool, but my best weapon of being a decoy is so plain and lame."
Tobio: "If I had height and power like Azumane-san, I could become an ace."

Asahi: Eh?

Shou: I'm-
Shou: I'm not thinking that at all!

Shou: ...not...
Shou: at all...
Shou: ...but...

(Shou): De...coy...
(Shou): Compared to stuff like "ace" or "guardian deity" or "control tower", it just doesn't have any sort of impact...

(Shou): That's why everyone
(Shou): calls you an ace, Asahi-san.

(Shou): The ace is amazing!
(Shou): If he knocks the ball down like that, it doesn't matter whether the blockers are there or not!

Tobio: ...You get that there's an ace here, so
Tobio: aside from being interested in him and looking up to him...


Tobio: you're also jealous, aren't you.

Tobio: During a match is no time to be thinking about unnecessary stuff.

Shou: ...what's so wrong...
Shou: with being envious of him...

Shou: Someone like you, who's always been tall,
Shou: wouldn't understand at all!!

Daichi: Oi...


Janitor: Hey, volleyball club, it's about time to wrap things up.

Janitor: Put away your equipment and-
Takeda: I'm sorry, but until the match is over...

Janitor: But it's getting late...
Takeda: I'll take responsibility and lock up afterward!
Janitor: Erm...

Takeda: When we're done, I'll close up properly and make my rounds!

(Shou): ...Even though it's my fault that the game was interrupted...
(Shou): I ended up shouting at Kageyama...

Takeda: Sorry for asking something unreasonable.
Janitor: Well then...

Daichi: Sorry about that, sensei.
Daichi: Thanks for handling it.

Tanaka: So cool, Take-chan!!

Daichi: Okay! Let's get the match started up again!
(below Daichi) Ossu!


sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
Scoreboard, right side: Karasuno High School
Scoreboard, left side: Neighborhood Association
???: One point!
sfx bubble: Squeak

sfx bubble: Squeak
???: Nice serve.
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak

Taka: Ooh, looks like the high school team's offense is at its strongest in this rotation, huh?
Taka: We should be on guard against that shorty's quick strike.
Asahi: Got it.

Tobio: Um.

Tobio: My next toss
Tobio: will be to him, so
Tobio: please block it with everything you've got.


Taka: What's this?! Provoking us, are ya?!

Tobio: Yes, I am! I apologize if it seems that I was making fun of you!!

Taka: Fuhaha!! The heck, you're pretty interesting, ain'tcha! Alright, then! We'll rise to your provocation!!
Tobio: Thank you!

(sfx above Tobio) Stare

Ukai: ...What is he thinking?! Quick strikes are effective because they're impossible to predict right to the very last second.
Ukai: If he reveals his intentions and turns it into a head-to-head with the blockers,
Ukai: that shorty won't even stand a chance.
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

Takeda: ...that's true.

Takeda: Well, if they go head-to-head,
Takeda: that would probably be the case...


(Shou): What the heck, that damn Kageyama... what is he doing, going out of his way to tell them the next attack...
(Shou): I mean, there's no way I can get it through such tall blockers...!

Tobio: --Right now, you

Tobio: are just
Tobio: "clumsy with a bit of jumping power
Tobio: and agility."

Tobio: There's no way you can become

Tobio: an ace, the team's mainstay.

Asahi: H...hold on...
Tanaka: Oi.

Tobio: BUT.


Tobio: So long as I'm here, you will be the strongest!

Tobio: Azumane-san's spike is amazingly powerful
Tobio: and can even break through 3 blockers!
Asahi: Ehh?
(left of Noya) You're shaking way too much!
Asahi: No, but
Asahi: it's not like that every time, and
Asahi: erm...

Tobio: So how about you?
Tobio: When I toss the ball to you,
Tobio: has there ever been a time when you've

Tobio: been blocked?
(white sfx) TWEEEET


???: Nice serve!
???: --ce serve!

???: Ennoshita!
Enno: I've got it!
???: Nice receive!

(Shou): The blockers are huge...

Tobio: Dodge!!!


(Taka): Dodge Line?

Tobio: That's the only thing you can do,
Tobio: you idiot!!

Taka: Ooh.

(Shou): If you won't be able to get it through,

sfx bubble: Tense

(Asahi/Taka): He's going to jump.
(Taka): We're not gonna let you get away.

Shou: Dodge.


(large sfx) SQUEAK

Taka: WHAA?!

(Shou): I don't want to be blocked, or stopped...!!

(Shou): As I am now, if there are blockers
(Shou): right in front of me, I won't stand a chance.

(Shou): I can't fight the way the ace does,
(Shou): but

(Shou): "So long as I'm here,"


(Shou): "you will be the strongest."

Tobio: Even though you aren't an ace!!

Tobio: With that speed,
Tobio: that jump,

Tobio: and my toss,

Tobio: you can overcome any blockers!!!


Tobio: The point scored by the ace breaking through

Tobio: and the point scored by you dodging and striking

Tobio: are of equal value.

Tobio: Even without the title of "ace",
Tobio: you rack up more points than anyone!
Tobio: And that's exactly why opponents mark you!
Tobio: The other spikers can move freely thanks to you being a decoy!
Tobio: That includes the ace!!

Tobio: Right?!
Tanaka: Haa?!
Tanaka: Y-yeah?!

Tanaka: Yeah, that's right!
Tanaka: With you acting as a decoy, the success rate of our attacks
Tanaka: is completely different than it was without you!


Tobio: Despite that,
Tobio: do you still think that
Tobio: your current role is lame?!!

(Tobio sfx) Wheeze wheeze

Tanaka: How about letting me hit another free ball?

Tobio: No matter how many huge guys there are like Tsukishima, it'll feel great when they get caught up in your movements
Tobio: like idiots, won't it!

(Shou): The view from the top.

Shou: I hit itttt!!!


sfx bubble: Sting
sfx bubble: Sting

Shou: ...don't think that.

Tobio: Haah?

(hand sfx) Clench

Shou: I don't think that at all!!!


Tobio: Good!!!

(Noya sfx) Dazed

Asahi: That attack just now was incredible.

Shou: Thanks!

Tobio: I apologize for interrupting the match!!
Daichi: Ah. Er, it's fine.

Tobio: Let's resume the match

Tobio/Shou: Please!!
(left) With the pride of his position engraved in his heart!!! Next issue, we have center color for the explosive popularity!!!



[page 11]
Dodge / Dodge Line - This is another case of "mistaken word syndrome", which pops up in Haikyuu!! a lot. The opposing team member mistakes Kageyama's shout of kawase (imperative form of 躱す, meaning "to dodge/avoid") for kawase (為替, meaning "exchange" or "money order"). Since "dodge" was both the way I've translated that line in the past and the best possible option here, I needed either a word with the same pronunciation or a completely different definition. Evidently, "dodge" has a few slang meanings, but I doubt they're that well-known (I only found out about them by checking a dictionary). I ended up using Dodge Line, which is the name of a financial policy drafted for Japan after WWII to enable them to become economically independent. The fact that it's money-related, just like the original "kawase" I was trying to match, was a huge plus.

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