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Assassination Classroom 12

Sovereign Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Sep 26, 2012 00:02 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 12

Translation reserved for Mangatopia

Also, a quick note: the following students' surnames have been changed as a result of some fun research.
Harano -> Hara
Sugatani -> Sugaya
Murabayashi -> Takebayashi



(top) Assassination Classroom
(right) We can shoot through your tentacles, too.
(left) Chapter 12: Sovereign Time
(bottom) Matsui Yuusei


(right, star) The highly-anticipated 1st volume goes on sale 11/2!! Please wiggle on out and get it!!
(on headbands, from right to left) Science | English | Japanese | Math | Social Studies
Korosen(s): Now then,
Korosen(s): shall we begin?
(left) When shoot (should) we start? Now, of course!

Box: Begin what?


Korosen: Midterm exams are approaching.
(headband) Japanese
Korosen: Yup, that's right.
(headband) Math
(headband) Social Studies
Korosen: And so, this period,
(headband) Science
(left of Science Korosen) Kuku
Korosen: I shall conduct an intense high-speed study session.

Korosen: Sensei's duplicates will thoroughly go over
Korosen: each of your weak subjects individually, one-on-one.
(headbands) Math | English | Social Studies
Boy: Wuah!

Tera: What a waste of time...
Tera: Even going through the trouble of having headbands marked with different subjects.

Tera: Why the heck is mine the only "Naruto" one!!
Korosen: Terasaka-kun's is a special curriculum.
Korosen: You are weak in multiple subjects, after all.


Box: I think
Box: that Korosensei is steadily growing faster.
Korosen: "I Ate, Sobbing Alone (1871), prefectures replace the feudal domain system."
(just a note for anyone translating this into another language: you should read the translation note at the end, because this isn't something you can translate directly if you want to keep the same sort of meaning as the original.)
Korosen: So you'll remember the mnemonic, I'll draw a picture of a crying feudal lord.
Korosen: The answer is hidden within the sample sentences.
Korosen: How about I give you a big hint?

Box: Japanese, 6 people.
Box: Math, 8 people.
Box: Social studies, 3 people.
Box: Science, 4 people.
Box: English, 4 people.
Box: Naruto, 1 person.

Box: He has enough duplicates for everyone in the class,
Box: and yet it wasn't that long ago when 3 was his limit.


Nagisa: UWAAH!!

Korosen: Please don't try to assassinate me all of a sudden, Karma-kun!!
Korosen: When I dodge, it affects all of my afterimages, you know!!
Student: These duplicates are surprisingly delicate!!

Nagisa: Still, do you really have the strength to sustain this many duplicates, sensei?
Korosen: There is nothing to worry about.
Korosen: I'm letting one body rest outside, after all.
Student: Won't that tire you out instead?!


Box: ...Maybe this accelerated power-up...
Box: is in preparation for when he destroys the earth in 1 year's time.

Box: And yet,
Box: to the students taking notes for the upcoming test,
Korosen: ......so
Korosen: have you understood everything up to this point, Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: ...yes.
Box: the troublesome target of this assassination classroom... is a reassuring sensei.

(sign) Faculty Office


(sfx) Clack...
(sfx) Kachack...

???: I want to arrange the colors of this hexahedron in order,
???: Using an incredibly quick method that anyone can carry out.

???: How would you go about it?
???: As teachers...

Nagisa: Bye, Korosensei!
(sign) Faculty Office
Korosen: Nurufufufu. I hope you'll be able to kill me tomorrow~


???: The answer is simple.

???: Disassemble it and rearrange them.
???: It's logical and efficient.
Kunugigaoka Private School, Board Chairman

Asano: Nice to meet you,
(sfx) Smile
Asano: "Korosensei".


Irina: He's the board chairman of this school.
Karasuma: As teachers, he is our employer.

Korosen: NUAA!
Korosen: G-goodness, coming all the way here to the top of the mountain!!
Korosen: By the way, I don't suppose you'll be raising my salary a bit more...
Korosensei's Weaknesses (6)
He is humble and subservient to his superiors.

Asano: I'd like to apologize as well.
Asano: I kept thinking I'd come and introduce myself at some point, but never got around to it.

Asano: Karasuma-san here and the Ministry of Defense have told me about you.
Asano: Well, I'm...
Asano: not quite knowledgeable enough to understand all of it, but


Asano: You are quite a pitiful creature, aren't you.
Asano: Intending to become the world's savior,
Asano: you've been reduced to its destroyer instead.

Box: Save...
Box: Destroy...?

Asano: ...Well,
Asano: I have no intention of raising a fuss over that here.
Asano: We are alike in that no matter how much we struggle, we can't save the earth from crisis.


Asano: Most of the time, I'll have a hands-off policy toward the assassination.
Asano: I'll have plenty to keep me occupied with keeping it secret, after all.

Karasuma: That will be helpful.

Irina: You have a pretty rational outlook.
Irina: I don't particularly dislike men like that.
Asano: I'm honored.

Asano: ...however,
Asano: as the head of this school, what I must consider...
Asano: is what to do in the case that the earth continues to survive beyond the upcoming year.

Asano: In other words,
Asano: the future of this school
Asano: in the event that someone manages to kill you.
(on wanted sign) Eliminated


Asano: Frankly speaking,
Asano: It will be problematic if Class E doesn't remain as is.

Korosen: ...when you say "as is",
Korosen: do you mean the current situation, where their grades and treatment are the lowest of the low?
Asano: ...Yes.

Asano: Are you familiar with the rule of worker ants?
Asano: It states that no matter how many are in a group,
Asano: 20% are lazy,
Asano: 20% work
Asano: and the remaining 60% are ordinary.


Asano: My aim is a group
Asano: where 5% are lazy and 95% work.

Asano: "I don't want to become like Class E."
Asano: "Class E is the one place I don't want to go."
Asano: With 95% of the students strongly believing such things...
Asano: we can achieve that ideal ratio.

Korosen: ...I see. That's quite logical.
Korosen: Then
Korosen: it's a problem if Class E, the 5%, isn't weak and miserable.


Asano: Today, I received a complaint from Class D's homeroom teacher.

Asano: "A student from Class E glared ferociously at one of mine."
Asano: And on top of that, threatened "to kill him".

Asano: Seeing as they are carrying out an assassination, it's to be expected that they would have such an expression.
Asano: By itself, that's fine.

Asano: The problem lies
Asano: in those with the lowest grades defying the ordinary students.


Asano: Under my plan, that is unacceptable.
Asano: Please sternly tell them to refrain from doing so in the future.

Asano: Korosensei~

Box: A wire puzzle?!

Asano: Please solve that within a second.

Korosen: Eh?
Korosen: So suddenly...


(top) - 1 second later -

Korosensei's weaknesses (7)
He has no patience for wire puzzles.
(Nagisa): How did he end up like that!!

Asano: Just as the rumors say, your speed is incredible.
Asano: Certainly, like that...
Asano: you could seemingly dodge any sort of assassination.


Asano: But, you know, Korosensei,
Asano: In this world...
Asano: there are problems which cannot be solved through speed.

Asano: Well, I'll leave it at that.


Asano: Hey there!
Asano: I'm looking forward to the midterm exams.
Asano: Do your best!

Box: A completely callous "do your best"...
Box: In an instant,
Box: I was no longer an assassin, but merely part of the E-as-in-End Class.


Box: As a target, he is nearly invincible.
Box: He perfectly controls the direction of his own assassination.

Box: However, as a teacher, he is not invincible.
Box: In this school, there is a powerful sovereign.

(Korosen sfx) Burn

(left) A frightening moment... in order to "kill" Class E, the "sovereign" has silently begun to move...!!



[page 2]
Wiggle on out - I just thought I'd note that the word I've translated here as "wiggle", ヌル (nuru), is the sound effect that's always used for the wiggling of Korosensei's tentacles.

When shoot (should) we start - This isn't quite wordplay, but it ends up that way to get the original double meaning across. The Japanese reads いつ殺るか (itsu yaru ka). You'll likely recognize 殺 by now, but it's actually not out of place here. Aside from being used in "korosu" (to kill), it can also be used in "yaru", (to off someone) which is more slang-oriented. "Yaru" (written as just やる) , however, is also a verb which primarily means "to do".

[page 4]
I Ate, Sobbing Alone (1871) / a crying feudal lord - Korosensei is using a mnemonic to help the student remember the year 1871. The Japanese here makes use of alternate readings, so in the phrase Korosensei uses, 一発泣いて (ippatsu naite, which roughly translates to "let all of your tears out at once"), you would look at each character individually for the mnemonic to work, like this:
一 (ichi) = 1
発 (hatsu) = 8
泣 (na) = 7
い (i) = 1
The て (te) is tacked on to aid the mnemonic, since 泣いて is a conjugated form of the verb 泣く(naku, to cry) . This is also why Korosensei draws a picture of a crying feudal lord on the page. English mnemonics, however, tend to be acronyms - so the best I could do was use words that sounded similar to their corresponding numbers (the homonym "ate" for eight and the word "sobbing" for seven) and words with the meaning of their corresponding numbers ("I" and "alone" for one). I also had to keep the "crying" motif somewhere in the mnemonic, or Korosensei's next line wouldn't make any sense. @_@

[page 12]
The 20:20:60 worker ant ratio - This is actually pretty interesting, as well as true. Through observing three separate colonies of black Japanese ants, biologists discovered that about 20% of the worker ants didn't engage in any sort of work. Research has also shown that these lazy workers actually contribute something to the colony, too.
Some articles/info on the topic:
study: 20% of worker ants are idle lazybones
Update on lazy ants
The secret story of ants: we are because we share

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