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Assassination Classroom 13

Spinning Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 2, 2012 20:32 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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???: Kunugigaoka Academy Board Chairman, Asano Gakuhou.
(right, star) Portrait of a sovereign...
(bottom right) [Assassination Classroom]
???: He is a shrewd administrator who has made this school into the foremost in the country in the ten years since its founding.

Karasuma: The main reason for his success is his cool-headed rationalism.
Karasuma: Class E is a perfect example of that.

Karasuma: In this school, there is no escape from the system he created.
Karasuma: Not even for you.

(left, star) The highly anticipated first volume of the unrivaled #1 tentacle academy manga goes on sale 11/2!! It's just one month away!!


(top right)
Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo will become reality in Jump NEXT!, on sale 10/9!! Details on page 84!!
Chapter 13: Spinning Time | Matsui Yuusei
(top left) Assassination Classroom
(right, star) These overwhelming numbers... the power of 10 billion Korosoldiers!!
Korosen: I have multiplied my efforts even further.
Korosen: Now, let's begin class.


(Nagisa): He's multiplied way too much!!

(Nagisa): The afterimages have also become pretty shoddy...
(Nagisa): So much so that they're completely different characters, aren't they?

Kaya: ...What happened, Korosensei?
Kaya: Aren't you a bit too psyched up?
Korosen: Hmm?
Korosen: Not at all?


Asano: In this world...
Asano: there are problems which cannot be solved through speed.

(large sfx around Korosen) Wheeze wheeze
(small sfx around Korosen) Haah haah haah

Maehara: ...As expected, you look really exhausted.
(above Nakamura) I bet we could take you out now.
Okajima: Why are you putting in so much effort teaching us, anyway?

Korosen: ...Nurufufufu.


Korosen: This is all in order to raise your test scores.
Korosen: And then...

Students: Korosensei~!!
Students: Thanks to you, we received good marks!!

Students: I just can't do anything without your lessons, Korosensei!!
Students: I just can't bring myself to kill you!!
Box: Students looking at him with reverence
Box: Large-breasted neighborhood college girls who heard about his reputation
Students: Sensei!!
Students: Teach us how to study too. ♡

Korosen: ...it'll be like that.
Korosen: The danger of being killed would disappear as well, so it would be two birds with one stone.


Mimura: ...nah,
Mimura: We're better off doing that than studying.
Yada: ...Yeah.
Yada: Well, if we kill him, there's the reward of 10 billion, too.

Students: With that much money, even if our grades are bad, we'd still live rosy lives after this.
Korosen: Nuaa!
Korosen: S-so that's what you're thinking of doing, is it!!

Okajima: We're the E-as-in-End Class, y'know.
Mimura: We kinda...
Mimura: have a better chance of assassinating you than doing well on a test.


Korosen: So that's it.
Korosen: I understand very well.

Kimura: Understand what?

Korosen: As you are now...
Korosen: you are not qualified to be assassins.

Korosen: All of you, come out to the schoolyard.
Korosen: Please call Karasuma-sensei and Irina-sensei as well.


Student: What's up with Korosensei all of a sudden?
Nakamura: Who knows...
Nakamura: His mood abruptly shifted for the worse.

Box: The good thing about the Class E system...
Box: is the way in which temporary relief measures have been prepared.

Box: By scoring within the top 50 of the school's 186 students on a periodically-given test,
Box: And acquiring the approval of their former homeroom teacher to return to his class,
Box: they can slip out of Class E, the target of discrimination.


Box: But...
Box: in addition to their naturally low grades, this poor learning environment
Box: makes fulfilling such conditions much too difficult.

Box: The students of Class E
Box: are practically unable to even grab onto a helping hand due to their feeling of inferiority.
Box: They also end up living with the heartless discrimination against them.

Student: What is Korosensei planning to do?
Student: He's moving the goals and stuff.


Korosen: Irina-sensei,
Korosen: I have a question for you, as a professional assassin.
(sfx) Turn

Irina: What's this all of a sudden?

Korosen: Whenever you are on the job...
Korosen: do you have only 1 plan prepared?

Irina: ...No.
Irina: Just as you'd expect, rather than one preferred plan, it's better to have a few possible routes.

Irina: For assassins, it's part of the basics...
Irina: To construct thorough backup plans in advance, in case unforseen circumstances should arise.


Irina: Well,
Irina: your case is so far from the norm that the plans I'd prepared were all thrown into disarray, but
Irina: Just watch, next time for sure I will succeed.
Korosen: That's impossible.
Korosen: Now then, next is Karasuma-sensei.
(Korosen sfx) Turn

Korosen: When you teach knifework to the students...
Korosen: is the first blow the only crucial one?

Karasuma: Of course the first blow is the most crucial, but
Karasuma: the movements afterward are just as important.

Karasuma: Against a formidable opponent, there is a high probability of your first blow being dodged.
Karasuma: The precision of your second and third strike...
Karasuma: can mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Student: What are you getting at...
Korosen: Just as the teachers have said,
(sfx) Turn

Korosen: If you next move is assured, you can become an assassin full of self-confidence.
(sfx) Turn turn turn
Korosen: And what about all of you?

Korosen: Thinking "we'll be fine, since we have the assassination",
Korosen: ...you've lowered your studying goals.

(sfx) Spin spin spin
Korosen: You are only...
Korosen: averting your eyes from the cause of your inferiority complex.


Korosen: What if I were to flee from this classroom?
Korosen: What if another assassin killed me before you could?

Korosen: Having lost the assassination you think of as a contingency plan,
Korosen: you would be left with only your sense of inferiority as Class E.

Korosen: Here is some advice from sensei...
Korosen: to all of you, who are so insecure.


(Korosen): Those who do not possess a second weapon...
(Korosen): are not qualified to call themselves assassins!!


Students: Uwaah!

Students: What's that?!
Students: There's a huge tornado on Class E's mountain!!

Box: ...Hrm.
Box: Doing something so flashy...

Korosen: There were many weeds and much uneven ground on the school campus.
Korosen: I have cleaned it up a bit.


Korosen: Sensei is a super creature capable of erasing the earth from existence.
Korosen: Levelling this area is a simple thing for me.


Korosen: Unless you
Korosen: have confidence in yourselves and can show that you have a secondary weapon,

Korosen: I will consider there to be no assassins in this classroom who deserve to be my opponent,
Korosen: and will level all of you along with the school building before leaving.

Nagisa: A second weapon...
Nagisa: How long do we have?

Korosen: That has already been decided.
Korosen: Until tomorrow.


Korosen: All of you, please score within the top 50
Korosen: on tomorrow's midterm test.

Korosen: I have already cultivated your second weapon.
Korosen: Sensei does not use a slow, dull teaching method...
Korosen: that would be inferior to those of the main building's teachers.


Korosen: Wield that weapon with confidence.
Korosen: Successfully complete this mission,
Korosen: smile without embarrassment, and hold your heads high.

Korosen: As assassins...
Korosen: and as members of Class E!!
(right, star) Assassination is not an escape...!!



[page 1]
Academy vs. middle school - Previously, Kunugigaoka was always written with 中学 (chuugaku) or 中学校 (chuugakkou) in-chapter, both of which mean "middle school/junior high" - likely because it was referring exclusively to the school's middle school section. This chapter (and most of the margin texts) use 学園 (gakuen), which is a more general term for school.

[page 2]
Korosoldiers - This isn't quite wordplay, but it's more clever in the Japanese than the English would make it seem. The Japanese is 殺戦士 (korosenshi), and for reference's sake, Korosensei's name is written thusly: 殺せんせー. You'll notice that the first character (koro) is the same in both, and that there's a "sen" immediately after in both as well. In this case, the "sen" is part of "senshi", meaning soldier/warrior. And, as previously mentioned, Korosensei's name itself is derived by combining 殺せない (korosenai, "unkillable") and 先生 (sensei, "teacher").

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