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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Assassination Classroom 14

Test Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 5, 2012 03:34 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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???: Uwaah!
???: Here it comes!!

(left, star) A monster of a problem is attacking them?!
(right) [Assassination Classroom]

Isogai: I can't kill it with just one knife!!
Isogai: What are we supposed to do about this "question 4"!!


(right, star) Black ships enter the tentacle world...!! The number 1 tentacle academy manga's highly anticipated first volume goes on sale 11/2!!

Assassination Classroom
Chapter 14: Test Time | Matsui Yuusei
(on blackboard)
3-E Midterm
First period
Box: The midterm test.
(left, star) A quiet battlefield...!!

Box: Every student takes the exam in the main building.
Box: In other words,
Box: We of Class E are the only ones not fighting on our home ground.


(hand sfx) Click click tap

(Boy): ...Dammit, that Oono guy's so loud.
(hand sfx) Tap click click
(head sfx) Cough cough
(Girl): He's blatantly doing that to disrupt our concentration.

Oono: You Class E lot better not cheat or anything like that.
Oono: 'Cause we main building teachers are watching you reaaaally closely.

(white sfx) Click tap
(text left of Nagisa)
departing from
Point R to Point P
leaving Point A
fixed distance
comes to a stop at

(left, star) Jump's greatest match-up?! "Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo" will be in "Jump NEXT!", on sale 10/9!!


Nagisa: Uwaah!

Nagisa: I knew it already, but
Nagisa: our school's tests are on such a different level that it's brutal.


Box: ...this is bad.
Box: I can't figure out the key to overcoming this.

(center panel) rcular sector OAB

(eye sfx) Gooong

Box: At this rate...
Box: this question will be the end of me!!


Irina: Are you serious?
Irina: About leaving if the entire class doesn't score within the top 50 places.

Korosen: Yes.
Irina: There's no way they'd be able to!!
Irina: Until recently, their grades were at rock bottom!!

Korosen: You think so?
Korosen: I don't know how things were before, but
Korosen: at present, they are my students.

Korosen: When they are in a pinch, they can protect themselves quite well.
Korosen: That is the sort of weapon I have imparted to them.


Korosen: I taught you this, didn't I?
Korosen: It isn't some unidentifiable monster.

Korosen: Let's try taking a better look at this flipper.
(on flipper)
Point R was moving
Point P began to move
How many seconds later will

Korosen: See?
Korosen: If you calm down, you'll see that it is nothing more than a flipper.


Korosen: Work through each piece of the question individually,
Korosen: and when you connect them all together and look at the result...

Korosen: There.
Korosen: It's really not much of an opponent, is it.

Korosen: Now then,
Korosen: let's use your blade to deal with it.


Box: I get it!!

Box: The trick to working out the important parts of each sentence
Box: in the question.

(sfx) Scratch scratch
Box: All of it is just as Korosensei taught us at mach speed!!

(students sfx) Scratch scratch scratch scratch
Box: It's as if we are completely different people than we were before - ones who can solve this!!


Box: If the question is like this,
Box: we can do it!!

Box: And the next!!

Box: And the next!!


(on monster's chest) Question 11
Box: And the...


Box: In the next instant,

Box: We...
Box: were struck down from behind by a problem we couldn't see.


Karasuma: Just what is the meaning of this?
Karasuma: It feels considerably lacking in justice...

???: ...That's really strange~
???: I thought you'd all been properly notified, though~
Shiota Nagisa
Total score: 315 points
Ranked 105th out of 186

???: Isn't it an error of communication on your part?
Isogai Yuuma
Total score: 367 points
Ranked 68th out of 186

???: Well, you lot don't attend classes in the main building, after all. Hahahaha~
Terasaka Ryoma
Total score: 230 points
Ranked 159th out of 186

Karasuma: There was no error in communication,
Karasuma: and no matter how you look at it, this isn't normal.


Karasuma: Drastically changing...
(top of test)
Shiota Nagisa
(keep in mind that in Japan, circles = correct and checkmarks = incorrect)
Karasuma: the range of potential questions two days before the test, to encompass all subjects.

Teacher: ...You really don't understand at all, do you. Erm... Karasuma-sensei, was it?
Teacher: This is a high-level school.
Teacher: One of our policies is to test whether students comprehend the material they crammed just before the exam.

Teacher: The chairman himself
Teacher: stood in front of the classes in the main building
Teacher: and led a magnificent lesson where he informed them of everything that had been changed.


Box: That chairman...
Box: So he'd go this far to further his system!!

Box: His interference was excessive.
Box: If the target leaves Class E, everything will be lost!!

Korosen: ...this is my fault.
Korosen: It seems I took this school's system too lightly.
Korosen: ...I can't bring myself to face all of you.


Korosen: NUAA?!

Karma: You suuure?
Karma: If you couldn't face us,
Karma: then you wouldn't be able to see me coming to kill you.

Korosen: Karma-kun!!
Korosen: Sensei is feeling depressed right now...
sfx bubble: Fwip

(Korosen sfx) Catch


Karma: Even if the questions change, it makes no difference to me.
Akabane Karma
Total score: 494 points
Ranked 4th out of 186
(right 98 test)
(right 99 test)
e Karma
(100 test)
(left 98 test)
abane Karma
(left 99 test)
Akabane Karma

Boy: Woah...
Boy: That's amazing.

Karma: Judging by my results,
Karma: it's because you taught me to such an unnecessary extent.
Korosen: This is a good opportunity, so let's try going a little further.
Korosen: Just a little more!!

Karma: But
Karma: I have no intention of leaving this class.
Karma: An assassination is much more entertaining than returning to my previous class.


Karma: ...So, what are you gonna do?
Karma: Everyone didn't make it into the top 50 spots, so are you
Karma: gonna run away with your tail between your legs, like you said you would?

Karma: When it comes down to it,
Karma: aren't you just afraid of being killed?

Students: What, so you were scared, Korosensei~?
Students: Then you should've been honest and told us that.
Students: Y'know~
Students: Like saying "I want to run away because I'm scared."


Korosen: NUAAA!!
Korosen: There is no way I will run away!!
Korosen: I'll pay you all back double at the end-of-term exams as revenge!!

Box: We hit a wall with the midterm exam.
(right of girl) Pfft
Box: A massive wall that surrounds Class E.
(above Sugino) Haha

Box: Even so, in our hearts, we held our heads high
Korosen: What's so funny!!
Korosen: Aren't you all frustrated!!
(large sfx) Haha ha haha ha ha
(right, star) So until they kill him, it's study time!!
Box: as members of this Class E.



[page 1]
A monster of a problem - This is some nice wordplay in the original Japanese that doesn't work so well in English. "Monster" is written like this: モンスター (monsutaa), but the "mon" part has been replaced with the character 問 (also read as "mon"), which means problem or question (here, it refers to test questions).

[page 2]
Black ships - This line refers to western ships which were usually painted with tar. The most famous would be those commanded by Commodore Perry during the mid 1800s, which led to Japan's first official interaction with a western nation (excluding Holland) since the Edo period.

Let's use your blade to deal with it - The verb here, 料理する (ryouri suru), is primarily used in a cooking context (料理 by itself means food dish/cuisine). It can also mean "to manage/deal with", and in some sentences can even extend as far as "to defeat (an opponent)".

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