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Haikyuu!! 25


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 9, 2012 00:00 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 25

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Box: 5 years ago.
Box: May.
(top left) [Haikyuu!!]
???: This year for sure, we'll meet on the national stage!

(left) The legend of "the crows" and "the cats"...

Man: You say that every year, though!
Tokyo's Nekoma High School
Volleyball Club, Coach Nekomata

Man: Shut up, it'll be this year for sure!
Miyagi's Karasuno High School
Volleyball Club, Coach Ukai

Crowd: Give us a good show this year!
Crowd: I'm looking forward to watching "the battle of the garbage heap" in the nationals!

Box: ...The following June,
Box: at the Interhigh Preliminaries.
Box: A close match against Shiratorizawa Academy in the final round ended with Karasuno High School's defeat.
Box: They missed the chance to appear in the nationals.
Box: Nekoma High School was also once again
Box: regrettably unable to remain in the running as one of Tokyo's representatives.

(left) And then, in March of the following year...


Box: Karasuno High School, representing Miyagi,
(on large sign)

Box: and Nekoma High School, as the 2nd of Tokyo's representatives,
(on sign)
Box: appeared in the spring high school volleyball nationals.

Box: --But
Box: Karasuno was crushed in their 3rd match,
Box: and though Nekoma waited for Karasuno in the quarterfinals, the two were unable to play against each other.
Box: Ultimately, Nekoma was eliminted during the quarterfinals.

???: No matter how many times they competed in practice matches,
???: they were never able to cross swords on an official stage.

???: Both team's coaches retired.

???: With that, both teams steadily fell into decline.


(top, star) There's a full-color extra story in the super popular "Jump NEXT!", on sale now!! Don't miss it!!
(center) Haikyuu!! Chapter 25: Encounter
(left) Wielding new wings and new claws, the one-time rivals once again take it to the court!!!
Box: The competition with Seijou, recorded in its entirety!! Volume 2 from Jump Comics is super popular and on sale now!!
(bottom) Furudate Haruichi


Box: --Present day,
Box: May 5th, the day before Golden Week.

Box: --Early morning.
Box: The first day of training camp.

(Shou): 4 days until the next practice match...

(Shou): In the games from here on out,
(Shou): that spike

(Shou): and that receive
(Shou): will be on our side...!

(Shou): That's kinda awesome...!!


(Shou): Those Nekoma guys we're playing against... I wonder what they're like...!!

(Shou sfx) Fidget fidget fidget fidget fidget fidget fidget

Teacher: Hinata, you're fidgeting an awful lot. Need to go to the bathroom?
(above Hinata) Wahahaha!
(right of Hinata) Clatter

Students: Bye bye~
(sfx) School bell ringing
Students: Let's stop by somewhere on the way home.
Students: Where to?

???: Gather up.
???: Osu.

Ukai: The practice match against Nekoma is in 4 days.
Ukai: Immediately after that are the Interhigh preliminaries, so there's no time to waste.
Ukai: But your playing is full of holes.
Ukai: There is only one thing to do in order to win.


Ukai: Practice,

Ukai: practice,

Ukai: practice.

Ukai: Even if you're puking your guts out, pick up the ball and continue.
Players: Osu!!!

Hinata: Ossu!!!

(Tobio/Tanaka/Suga): Hinata already does that, though... (※ throw up)

???: In front!
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak


Box: 7:55 PM
sfx bubble: Whirrr
Karasuno High School
Training Camp
Facilities used by extracurriculars

Shou: Uooooh! It's my first time!
Yama: It looks kinda sparse.

(sfx) Kachack

(sfx) Bam

Tobio: Calm down a bit, will you?
Shou: But I've never been to a training camp before!!

Kei: What's so fun about spending all day around this filthy bunch?
Tanaka/Noya: Oi, Tsukishima! You bastard, so long as Kiyoko-san is within a 500 m. radius, there's no way the place will stink!!

Suga: Shimizu's house is nearby, so once she's finished her work, she'll head home.
Suga: That's always the case, you know?


sfx bubble: Bzzzz
sfx bubble: Bzzzz

Tanaka: 1st years get the bath next~

Tanaka: What's up, Hinata?
Shou: EEK!

Shou: The...
Tanaka: The?

Shou: There's... someone else...
Shou: in this building...


Tanaka: Haah?! That ain't possible. Our group's the only ones using the place today.
Shou: But I definitely saw them.
Tanaka: ...what sort've guy was it?

Shou: It was kinda...
Shou: a kid...

Shou: Could it...
Shou: Could it be...
Shou: A ghost.
Tanaka: D-don't say thaaaat!!!

Tanaka: You must've seen something else, like your reflection in the window or something!
Tanaka: Okay! Nothing to worry about! Let's head back to everyone else, and it'll be fine. Everything will be fine, perfectly fine.

(foot sfx) Thmp...

Shou: Eep!

Tanaka: UWAAAAH?!


Noya: What are you getting all worked up about? You're gonna make Daichi-san angry, y'know.
Shou: ?? ...where have I seen that person before...??

Tanaka: That's just Noya, dammit!
Tanaka: What the hell was all that "kid" stuff. You guys are practically the same height!
(sfx) Smack
Shou: Urk!

Shou: Noya-san...?
Shou: But...
Shou: N...
Shou: N...

Shou: Noya-san shrank! SCARYYYY!!!
(left of Noya) About 10 cm.

(right of Tanaka) Shh!
Tanaka: Stop thaaahaha! You seriouslehee... don't...
Tanaka: BWAHAHA!
Noya: Ryu, you bastaaaard!!! Don't laugh, dammit!!!
(on Noya's shirt) Me against the world

Noya: You both better clench your teeeeeeth!!!
(above Shou/Tanaka) GYAAA!

Daichi: All of you, quiet down!!!



Box: The next day, May 3rd.


Ukai: Hinata, shut up!!
Ukai: You'll get worn out shouting pointlessly like that!!





Shou: Ah.
(sfx) Halt

Crow: Caw~

Shou: ...Did I...
Shou: go the wrong way...?
(small text) Nobody's coming.
(sfx) Silence

Shou: Ooh?


sfx bubble: Beep♪ Boop♪

(Shou): A bright red jersey... I haven't seen one like that around here before.

Shou: What're you doing~?
Boy: Geh.

Boy: Ermmm.
Boy: Ahh...
Boy: lost...?

Shou: Eh? You came here from a different part of Japan??
Boy: Yeah.

sfx bubble: ♪Beep Boop

Shou: Is that fun??
Boy: Er umm... this... not really...
sfx bubble: Badoop ♪


Boy: It's just a way to kill time...

Shou: Hmmm...
Boy: Yeah...

Shou: ...ah!

Shou: You play volleyball?!
Boy: Geh?!

Shou: Those shoes!! They're for volleyball, aren't they?!
Boy: Ah... yeah...

Shou: I'm in a volleyball club too!!
Shou: I'm Hinata Shouyou.

Boy: .....................Kozume...
Shou: ? Kozume? Is that your name??

Boy: Kozume... Kenma...


Shou: So your name's Kenma! Are you in high school?!
Kenma: Yeah.
Shou: What year?! I'm a 1st year!
Kenma: ......second...

Shou: Crap, you're an upperclassman!! I'm sorry!!

Kenma: It's fine... stuff like that...
Kenma: That sort of sports hierarchy...
Kenma: I don't like it...

Shou: Ah... is that... so...

Shou: Umm... do you like volleyball?
Kenma: Hrmm... not really... I play anyway... I don't dislike it, but...
Kenma: I don't like... getting worn out or any of that...

Kenma: Still... my fr... friends play...
Kenma: and they'd probably have a hard time without me...
Shou: Hmm... I think you'd have more fun if you came to like it, though.
Kenma: It's fine...
Kenma: I'm just going to play during high school, anyway...

Shou: What position are you??
Kenma: Hrmm... Setter...


Shou: Really?! You're kinda completely different from our setter! Ours is a guy that gives off more of a "GRRRR" feeling!
(above Shou) GRRRR
Kenma: Hrmm...

Shou: By the way, I'm a middle blocker!!!
Kenma: Huh...

Shou: It's really weird, don't you think?
Shou: Middle blocker is a position played by tall guys, after all.

Kenma: Yeah... well, that's true, but...
Kenma: Not really.

Kenma: When I go to games, they say that a lot about me, too.
Kenma: The setter is a position for people with the highest level of ability, so why is this guy in that spot? and stuff like that.
Kenma: Sports aren't particularly my forte, either...

Shou: Huuh...
Shou: Hey! Is your school strong?!
Kenma: Hmm, I wonder.
Kenma: Apparently they were strong in the past, but they went into decline at one point...
Kenma: Still, lately,


Kenma: I think we're strong.

Shou: ......which school....
Shou: Do you-

Boy: Kenma!

Kenma: Ah.

Kenma: It's Kuro.
Shou: Ah.
Kenma: Well...


Kenma: Until next time, Shouyou.

Kuro: Don't go wandering wherever you like.
Kenma: Sorry.

Shou: ..."Next time"...?

(above Shou) Dazed

Shou: Crap!
Shou: I was in the middle of a run!!!

Box: Tsukinokizawa High School First Gymnasium

Boy: Amazing, for them to come all the way from Tokyo.
Boy: Isn't the other team's setter kinda short?
Boy: Yeah... and he's kinda unsteady on his feet.
Boy: Don't they have a reserve setter?
Boy: Think they're strong? I've never heard of their high school before.


Boy: Nekoma High School, was it?
Nekoma High School 2nd year
Kozume Kenma

Kuro: --That guy you called an "unsteady shorty"
Boy: Woah?!

Kuro: is our


Kuro: "backbone",
Kuro: "brain",
Kuro: and "heart".
Nekoma High School 3rd year
Volleyball Club Captain
Middle blocker
Kuroo Tetsuro

???: We'll now start the practice match between Nekoma High School and Tsukinokizawa High School!!

Kuro: Let's go.
(left) Nekoma steps onto the court...!!!

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