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Assassination Classroom Special : Jump NEXT! October 2012 Collaboration

Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo ~Showdown in Iruma~

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 10, 2012 21:49 | Go to Assassination Classroom

Translation reserved for Mangatopia

I had no way of putting this under two different series headers, so I went with AC since Korosensei's name is first in the title. This is a special collaboration which appears in the October 2012 issue of Jump NEXT.



Jump NEXT! Special Endeavor
The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki & Assassination Classroom
Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo ~Showdown in Iruma~
(right of Saiki mangaka image) Asou Shuuichi (from Iruma)
(left of AC mangaka image) Matsui Yuusei (from Iruma)
Bottom, white box: Iruma...
Bottom, red box: A city with a population of about 150,000 that is located in the western part of Saitama Prefecture. To the south, an abundance of nature spreads across the Sayama Hills and you can enjoy a variety of scenery from season to season. This area's abundant undeveloped woodland, whose environment has been preserved, is a treasure trove of flora, fauna and insects, like foxes, fireflies, dragonflies, eastern skunk cabbage, etc. The city is famous as a chief producer of Sayama Tea, one of Japan's 3 choice teas, and the sweet, rich taste is praised as "the color of Shizuoka, the aroma of Uji, and the flavor of Sayama". These years, in urban areas, with the expansion of large commercial establishments like Mitsui Outlet Park and Costco, you can see all sorts of people, from young men on their day off to families, livening up and filling the place. Now, that Iruma is changing into an area of fierce fighting...
(bottom, arrow) Carefully cut here with scissors or another cutting implement!! Take care not to cut your hand in the process!!


(right) A collaboration manga for guys who throw questions like "who do ya think is stronger?" at their friends.

Box: Iruma.
Box: Located in the southwestern part of Saitama Prefecture, it is a city known as the chief producer of Sayama Tea.

Box: My name is Saiki Kusuo.
Box: I am a PSI user.
Box: If you were to ask my reasons for coming to such a place...

Box: It's this.
Box: Iruma's specialty, "Irumanjuu"
(manjuu are a type of Japanese sweet)
Spiked Sign:
Iruma Specialty
Bottom Sign: 160 yen
Box: The name is ridiculous, but there is a miraculous balance between the modestly sweet bean paste made from an abundance of dainagon azuki beans and the dough which has been kneaded with Sayama tea.

Box: That's why, about once a month, I ride the Red Arrow Express on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line to come here and buy them.
Box: Oh dear, there's just one left. I almost missed it...

Box: Hm?


(sign behind Korosen)
1050 yen
Iced bean paste

(sign on window) While in Iruma, get some Irumanjuu.

Box: What the heck is this guy?

Box: On that note...
Box: What the heck is this?
Box: A hand...? No, a tentacle... I guess?

Korosen: ...Oh my.
Korosen: You're also here for an Irumanjuu, are you?

Korosen: Unfortunately, it seems that sensei was one second faster.
Korosen: I'll be taking this. Nurufufufufu~

(sign) Register
Box: ...What in the world was that...

Box: Still, at any rate, that confection is mine.
Box: I'm certain that his hand (?) was above my own...


Box: I had surely gotten ahold of the manjuu.
Box: However, in the next instant...

Box: It was snatched away from me with earth-shatteringly fast speed.
Box: After that,

Box: Possibly due to a sense of guilt, he manicured my nails

Box: and replaced his hand below mine.
Box: All in the span of 0.2 seconds.

Box: It was so quick that all I could do was watch silently as he beautified my nails.
Box: His appearance and conduct are fully that of a monster... but

Box: I have no intention of handing it over that easily!
Shopkeep: Welcome...
(Shopkeep): What's with this guy?!
Korosen: I'd like to check out, please.

Korosen: Shuuichi is looking forward to eating this.
Shopkeep: Eh? Sir...


Shopkeep: I don't think that's edible...
(card top)
Iruma natives!
David Ito
Trading Card
(card bottom)
30 Types
Secret #2 | 160 yen
Korosen: NUAA?!
Korosen: When did this get here?!

Shopkeep: Thank you very much~

(Korosen): That's...?
(window sign) While in Iruma, get some Irumanjuu.

Korosen: P-please wait a moment! That bag is-!!
(on sign)
Iruma products
Local souvenirs
Box: Sheesh, how persistent...
Box: And just for 1 or 2 manjuu, too.

Box: ...No choice, then.
Korosen: H-he disappeared?!

Box: Teleportation.
(on both signs) Iruma products | Local souvenirs
Box: No matter how fast he may be, it doesn't matter.
Box: Teleportation means moving directly from one point to another.


Box: ...Alright.
Box: It should be fine if I'm all the way out here.

Korosen: So you came here after all.
Korosen: With my speed, it takes 3 seconds to get here from the outlet store.

Korosen: Iruma's Sakurayama Observatory.
Korosen: If you're going to eat manjuu, this place has the best view.

Box: ...This guy.
Box: He and I think the same on that, too?!

Korosen: Iruma is a lovely place.
Korosen: The natural view from the hills west of here is magnificent, but
Korosen: to the east and south, large commercial establishments that began as outlet stores have made remarkable growth.


Korosen: Even PSI users and super creatures have places where they belong.
Korosen: Don't you think this is one such place?

Box: ...He
Box: truly likes Iruma a lot.
Box: I'm sure that his heart is also brimming with love for this city...

(on Korosen's face) Irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu irumanjuu
Box: No,
Box: it seems that Iruma itself is relatively unimportant.

(left) ...and PSI (so), let's leave these two alone with their overkill of Iruma love!!

Box: It's the same for me.
Korosen: Nuaa!
Korosen: You're giving me half?!
Korosen: It's as if you saw directly into sensei's heart!!

(bottom) ["The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki & Assassination Classroom" extra story... end]



[page 2]
160 yen - In the original Japanese, the numbers here are read as "iruma", according to the furigana, the same as the name of the city.

[page 4]
Shuuichi - I'm fairly certain Korosensei is referring to Asou Shuuichi, the mangaka for The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki.

[page 6]
And PSI (so), let's leave these two alone with their overkill of Iruma love - If written normally, I'd have translated the line as "and so, let's leave these two alone with their overwhelming love of Iruma." However, as both AC and Saiki Kusuo love wordplay, it's no surprise that this line has an example from each. The only part of the original Japanese relevant here is the very last phrase, ご察しください (go-sasshi kudasai). AC's half of the wordplay replaces 察 (satsu) with everyone's favorite 殺. Saiki's half replaces the "sai" ending with the Greek letter Ψ (sai), which is used in the series' name and many of the chapter titles.

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