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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Assassination Classroom 15

Traveling Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 18, 2012 16:42 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(bottom) [Assassination Classroom]
Kata: Nagisa,
Kata: have you decided on the members of your group?

Nagisa: Kataoka-san?
Kata: When you have, tell the result to one of the class representatives - either myself or Isogai-kun.

Nagisa: ...group?
Kaya: Did you forget?

Kaya: She's talking about next week's school trip.
(front book, large text) Kyoto
(side book, black text) Beaut
(side book, white text) Guid

(right, star) To further their studies, they head to Kyoto!!
Korosen: Sheesh...
Korosen: You've practically just begun your time as 3rd years, and yet at a time like this...
Korosen: Supervising a field trip, how ridiculous.

(left, star) A sudden SHOCK SHOOT!! The number 1 tentacle academy manga's 1st volume that you've been impatiently waiting for goes on sale 11/2!!
(no, I have no idea what "shock shoot" is supposed to mean, but it was in English in the original)


Korosen: Sensei isn't particularly interested at all.
Students: You're giddy over it, aren't you!!

Students: For a school trip, your bag is way too big!!
Students: And you've got things you obviously don't need in there!!

Korosen: ...I've been found out.
Korosen: Frankly, I'm
Korosen: looking forward to going on a trip with all of you, so I can't help being excited.

Box: After the test is the school trip.
Box: Even the assassination classroom's event plans are packed.


Assassination Classroom
Chapter 15: Traveling Time | Matsui Yuusei
(left) Welcome, to the chronicle of a slippery sojourn in Kyoto...


Karasuma: As you are aware, there is a 3 day 2 night trip to Kyoto next week.

Karasuma: I don't want to hinder your full enjoyment, but
Karasuma: Your mission extends to this as well.

Student: ...you mean
Student: work on the assassination even there?
Karasuma: Exactly.

Karasuma: The vast difference between Kyoto's streets and the classroom extensively complicate matters.
Karasuma: Still...
Karasuma: your individual groups' sightseeing routes determined in advance,
Karasuma: and the plan is for him to accompany you.


Karasuma: The location is ideal for a sniper.
Karasuma: It appears that the government has already made arrangements with professional snipers.

Karasuma: Should they be successful, the ten billion will be divided up according to the contributions of those involved.
Karasuma: I'm leaving the choosing of an assassination-oriented route in your hands.
(left) Kaaay.


Nagisa: Karma-kun!
Nagisa: Wanna be in the same group?
Karma: Hm?
Karma: OK~~

Sugino: Ehhh? Are you gonna be alright, Karma?
Sugino: While we're traveling, it'll be problematic if you pick fights, won't it?
Karma: It'll be fiiine.

Karma: I make sure to prevent the eye-witnesses from talking,
Karma: so it won't become public knowledge.
(on photograph) ID
Sugino: Oi...
Sugino: Like I thought, let's not ask him to join our group.
Nagisa: Erm...
Nagisa: But I get why he's like that.

Karma: So, who do we have?
Karma: Nagisa-kun, Sugino, Kayano-chan, and...?
Kaya: I invited Okuda-san to join us, too!


Karma: There are 6 people per group, so we need one more girl, right?
Sugino: Ehehe~

Sugino: Don't underestimate me.
Sugino: I invited someone a while ago for just this occasion.

Sugino: How about the class madonna, Kanzaki-san?
Kaya: Oooh! No objections here!

Box: Diligent, ladylike, and on top of that, beautiful.
Box: Kanzaki-san doesn't stand out, but she's popular with everyone in the class.
Kanzaki: Please take care of me, Nagisa-kun.
Nagisa: Y-
Nagisa: Yeah.
Box: There must not be anyone who would dislike being in a group with her.

Sugino: Alriiight, it's decided!!
Sugino: Let's figure out where we'll be going.


Irina: Hmm.
Irina: You're all such kids.
Irina: Going on this sort of trip at this point,
Irina: for someone like me, who has flown all over the world...

Maehara: Then stay here and look after things, Bitch-sensei.
Yada: Be sure to water the flower bed~

???: Hey, where should we go on the 2nd day?
???: How about starting from Higashiyama?

???: We should think of a route that balances sightseeing with assassination...
???: But this way is more fun...

Irina: What the hell!!
Irina: Don't go talking as if you'll have a great time without me!!
Maehara: Augh, geez!!
Maehara: Do you want to go or not?! Which is it!!


Korosen: There's one for each of you.

Mimura: Heavy...
Kura: What are these, Korosensei?

Korosen: School trip guidebooks.
(book top) School Trip Guidebook
(book bottom) Kunugigaoka Junior High School Class 3-E
???: That's a dictionary, isn't it!!

Korosen: It is an illustrated guide I created last night of all the sightseeing spots, the top 100 most popular souvenirs,
Korosen: and basic to advanced self-defense techniques for traveling.
Korosen: The bonus gift is a pre-assembled papercraft model of Kinkaku-ji.
Student: What a huge increase in tension!!
Student: Gathering up all that stuff, that's our teacher!!

Student: Generally,
Student: Korosensei can get to Kyoto in 1 minute, right?
Korosen: Of course.


Korosen: Still, there is a difference between going there and going there on a trip.
Korosen: I look forward to being there with everyone.
Korosen: To encountering good and bad things with everyone.

Korosen: I am
Korosen: happy I can travel together with you.

Box: 3-E is an assassination classroom.

Box: On this school trip, where we'll likely have more on our plates than usual,
Box: the tension has definitely risen for me, as well.


Student: Uwaah...
Student: Classes A-D are in first-class cars.
Nakamura: We're the only ones in second-class.
Nakamura: It's the same feeling as always.

Boy: Our school has those sorts of regulations, after all.
Boy: It was explained when we first entered, wasn't it.

Boy: Those with excellent scores get priority in the use of school expenses.
(left of boy, arrow) Chocolate
Boy: My, my. You guys really give off that poverty smell.

???: Sorry for keeping you idling.


Irina: Good day to you, students.

Boy: Bitch-sensei,
Boy: what's with that Hollywood celebrity getup?
Irina: Fufufu.
Irina: When you're an assassin, it's only natural to take advantage of being a woman.

Irina: It's perfect for when a target invites you along on a vacation.
Irina: If he becomes disillusioned by you wearing unfashionable clothes, the chance you've been waiting for will be lost.
Irina: A good woman pays special attention to her traveling fashion.


Karasuma: You're too conspicuous. Change your clothes.
Karasuma: However you look at it, those aren't the clothes of a supervising teacher.
Irina: Don't be such a hardass, Karasuma!!
Irina: I'm taking the brats on a trip to adultho...

Karasuma: Take it off.
Karasuma: Get changed.

???: I can't figure out who's supposed to be the supervisor.
(right of Irina, arrow) Sleepwear
(left of Irina) Sob
???: Since she's rich and just came here to kill, I guess she's out of touch with how the masses think.

Sugino: ...Huh?
Sugino: The train's departed, but...
Sugino: come to think of it, where's Korosensei?


Nagisa: UWAAAH!!

Nagisa: Why are you clinging to the window, Korosensei!!
Korosen: Well...
Korosen: I was buying sweets at the station, so I missed the train.
Korosen: I'll travel with you like this until the next station.

Korosen: Don't worry,
Korosen: I'm camouflaged, so
Korosen: it only looks like my clothes and luggage are clinging to the train.
Nagisa: That's completely unnatural!!


Korosen: Wheeew, that was tiring.
Korosen: Traveling so you don't stand out is certainly rough.

Okajima: Don't drag along such a hugeass bag.
Hayami: Korosensei is usually conspicuous anyway.

Student: I mean, isn't it super bad for a state secret to stand out this much in public?
Korosen: Nyuaa?!
Student: And if anyone looks at that disguise up close, they'll find out that you're not human.

Sugaya: Korosensei,
Sugaya: Here.
(sfx) Toss

Sugaya: First off, let's change that false nose that's always falling off.


Korosen: ...Oooh!!
Korosen: What an amazing fit!!

Sugaya: That's 'cause I carved it to suit the curve and look of your face.
Sugaya: Making stuff like that is my strong point, after all.

???: That's incredible, Sugaya!!
???: Yep.
???: It looks so natural it's as if he wasn't even trying before!!

Kaya: Ahaha
Kaya: It's really interesting, Nagisa.
Kaya: When you're traveling, you can see somewhat unexpected sides to everyone.

Nagisa: Yeah.


???: With the travel schedule we'll have from here on out...
???: We'll probably be able to see even more sides to everyone.

Kanzaki: Hey,
Kanzaki: I'm going to go buy drinks for everyone, so what would you like?
Okuda: Ah,
Okuda: I'll go too.
Kaya: Me too!

Kanzaki: Ah.
Kanzaki: Excuse me.

Kanzaki: Kyoto's going to be fun.
Kaya: Yup!


Boy: What school're they from?
Boy: There were a ton of students in the first-class car up ahead with the same uniform.

Boy: Kunugigaoka... probably the junior high section.
Boy: Hoo!
Boy: That's the place full of smart little masters and mistresses, ain't it.

Boy: Heheh.
Boy: So those girls are the only ones in the car next to guys like us, who're from a dumb high school.


Boy: Still,
Boy: didn't that girl just now seem kinda slow?
Boy: It's like a "is she smart or not?" sort of feeling.

Boy: Hey,
Boy: let's teach those girlies a think or two in Kyoto.

Boy: Gyahaha!
Boy: Just what're a bunch of idiots like us gonna teach'em?

Boy: As a matter of fact,
(right, star) They happened to encounter some delinquents...
(notebook top) School field trip itinerary
(notebook bottom) Kanzaki Yukiko
Boy: idiots know plenty about lots of things.



Kyoto locations
(page 8) Higashiyama is one of the wards in Kyoto, and has the lowest population of any of them.
(page 9) Kinkaku-ji, commonly called the Golden Pavillion, is one of the main buildings of a temple complex known as Rokuon-ji. It began as a statesman's villa in the 1200s and was converted into a Zen Buddhist temple in the late 1300s-early 1400s. It has been a world heritage site since the mid 1990s.

[page 10]
There is a difference between going there and going there on a trip - The two words used here basically translate the same way in English, so I tried to keep that sense of difference that Korosensei is indicating. 移動 (idou) means "move/migrate/shift position". 旅行 (ryokou) means "travel/make a journey/go on a trip".

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