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Nisekoi 47


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 22, 2012 05:00 | Go to Nisekoi

-> RTS Page for Nisekoi 47

What's this? :O

Don't worry, I'm diligently working on the chapters I owe groups and should have at least one of them up tomorrow (Tuesday at the latest).



(right) Raku et al, who are performing "Romeo and Juliet"...
Box: The day of the cultural festival performance is fast approaching.

Box: Play practice has also begun in earnest...
(on sign) Romeo & Juliet 1-C
???: ...Alright.
???: Let's try it one more time from the top~

Raku: ...Ohhh, Juliet...!!
Raku: You are already the only thing reflected in my eyes...!!
(bottom) [Nisekoi]


Mari: Oh my, I'm so happy...!
Mari: It is the same for me, Romeo-sama.
Mari: Let us wed at once!!

Shuu: Okaay, cuuuuuut~
(left of bubble) Clack!
Raku: ...Urghh!! Dammit, Tachibana!!
Raku: How many times do you have to interfere before you'll be satisfied...!!
Mari: Oh my...!
Mari: I would never do such an outrageous thing.
(left) That's moving way too fast!!
(bottom right)
Chapter 47: Costume
Komi Naoshi
(bottom left)
The issue of "Jump NEXT!" containing a specially-drawn poster is on sale with rave reviews & the newest manga volume from Jump Comics, #4, goes on sale 11/2 (Fri)!!


Mari: But I am Juliet's understudy, after all.
Mari: If I do not properly rehearse, then...
(above Raku) Marika-chan's so cuuute~
Raku: ...Like I said, don't come here and butt in when Onodera's rehearsing.

Raku: And on top of that, your lines were completely wrong.
Raku: The story is about how the heirs of opposing families fall in love but can't get married.
Raku: You could call it the tragedy of a love that can't come to fruition.

Mari: Oh my! Surely that is akin to our current situation...?!!
Mari: But be at ease, Raku-sama...!!
Mari: Both of our families approve of the relationship, so if that is the only thing bothering you...
Raku: I keep telling you, don't say that sort of thing so shamelessly in public!!
(left of bubble) The reactions I get are troublesome!!
(Students): I'm so jealous, Ichijoouu!!
(Students): Don't screw with us!!

Tsu: ...Oi, give it a rest already.
Tsu: How many times do I have to tell you that that guy is ojou's boyfriend...
Mari: Dear me.
Mari: That has nothing at all to do with this, does it?

Mari: I mean, she
Mari: isn't Juliet, after all. ♡
(left of Mari) I'm the understudy, though.♡


Box: ...That's right.

Box: If you were to ask about things between Chitoge and I
Box: during this time when we're making progress in rehearsals...

(left of girl) And after that, you need to...

Box: ...since our argument the other day,
Box: I haven't heard a single word from her...

Girl: ...Kirisaki-san sure seems down lately.
Girl: And I'd thought since the beginning that she'd want to be Juliet, too...

(Raku): ...Geez.
(Raku): What the heck's with her.
(Raku): ...I don't get what she's thinking at all...

(Raku): ...Crap, I'd finally managed to get her off my mind.
(Raku): I've got to concentrate on the play...
Raku: Hm?


(Raku): GUOOH?!!

(Raku): ...Con-
(Raku): Concentrate, concentrate...!

???: ...Okaaay, let's end the rehearsal there for today!
???: Get all of the actors over here!

Raku: ...What's going on, Shuu?
Raku: Are we having a meeting about something?
(above students) What is it?
Shuu: No, no, Raku-kun. We're gathering up for a very important reason.
Raku: Huh?

Shuu: It's the costume fitting we've all been looking forward to.


Raku: Uooooh, amazing!!
Raku: Is this really handmade...?!

Shuu: Of course it's the members of our very own handicrafts club who made it, but
Shuu: I also played a part in gathering up and buying the material, y'know?
Raku: ...there's such a huge attention to detail...
(left of bubble) Is this really the work of high schoolers...?

Shuu: Also, I've gotten my personal connections working
Shuu: to take care of bringing in the necessary play fundamentals like lighting, curtains, scaffolding and paneling!
Shuu: I'm the one producing it, after all! I'll do whatever it takes to make it a success!?
Raku: ...Just what sort of personal connections do you have.

(fabric sfx) Streeeeetch

(top sfx) Snap!!
(bottom sfx) Plink!!
(left, arrow) Button


Girls changing inside!!
Boys, stay out!!

Girl: ...What should we do?
Girl: Tsugumi-chan's outfit can't close over her chest...
Girl: ...how?
Girl: We took her measurements, didn't we...?
Girl: Don't tell me they've changed in this short amount of time...
(left of bubble) What would you eat to make that happen...

Girl: We've got a breast increase over here...!!
Girl: We're fixing up the costume!!
(left of bubble) Bring some cloth!!
Girl: Yes'm!!
Tsu: Please don't shout that so loudly!!

(Girl): Uwaah!! They really are huge!!
(Tsu): Yeeek!! Please stop that...!!
(right of Raku) ...what are those girls doing...

Mari: Whaaaaaa!!
Mari: Why is there no costume for meee?!
Girls cha
Boys st
Girl: But you're an understudy, Tachibana-chan.
Girl: The costume measurements were fitted to Dera-chan.

(Raku): Onodera's costume...?!
(Raku): Wh... what does it...

(sfx) Swoosh


Ono: Ichijou-kun...

(Raku): S...so cuuuuuuuute!!!
(Raku): It really looks good on her...!!
(Raku): What's with this. She's insaaaaanely cute, isn't sheeeee!!! Uooooh!!


Ono: Ehehe... I guess it suits me...
Raku: Y...yeah...! That...! I think... it really looks good on you...?
Ono: Ehehe... Thank you...

Ono: ...Yours is really fitting, too.
Ono: You look cool.
Raku: Ehh?!
Raku: Heheh... you think so...?
(left of bubble) Thanks.

(Ono): ...Yeah.
(Ono): You really do...

(Raku): Gaaaaaah...! I'm kinda insanely tense now...!!
(Raku): In the beginning, I hadn't wanted to be in a play at all, but
(Raku): being able to perform together with Onodera like this has me looking forward to it instead...!!

(Raku): Still, that's a really well-made costume.
(Raku): Definitely what I'd call elaborate...

(Raku): ...If she
(Raku): wore this, how would it...

(Raku): ...Oi?!!!
(Raku): Why the heck do I have to think about something like that! Am I an idiot!!
(Raku): Whatever she does, it's not my problem.
(Raku): Seriously, what am I thinking...?!!


Girl: Ahaha...
Girl: So then...

Girl: No waay.

(Raku): What the heck do I have to hide for?

(Raku): Dammit... her explanation just didn't sit well with me.
(Raku): She was the one with the bad attitude, and yet...


Raku: ......Oi!
Raku: Chitoge, Chitoge...!

Chi: What?
Raku: Don't you "what" me! Things are getting steadily worse...!
Raku: I'm at my limit!!

Raku: That glasses guy is pretty suspicious of us, as expected... (well, he's been suspicious of us since the start, though)
Raku: If we don't show him that we're getting along soon, even just once, then...


Raku: The guys on my side are worried that we're not meeting up lately, too...
Raku: I know you don't feel like it, but
Raku: at least while that guy's watching...

Chi: No.

Chi: Looking like I get along with you and pretending to be lovers...
Chi: I can't do it anymore.

Raku: ...enough already!!
Raku: You can't keep stubbornly saying selfish stuff like that!!
Raku: This isn't a problem that just involves us. Have you forgotten that?!

Raku: If it's revealed that we don't get along well, the guys from our houses will probably start up the war again...!
Raku: If that happens, then...!!
Chi: Shut up already!! I can't do something I don't want to do!

Raku: Why are you going this far to snub me?

Chi: ...Right now,
Chi: I don't want to have anything to do with you.
Chi: I don't want to talk to you, either,
Chi: and I don't want to be together with you.


Raku: That's why you turned down the part of Juliet...?

Chi: That's right...

Chi: If I'd accepted,
Chi: I'd have ended up playing the leading role alongside you, right?
Chi: I didn't want that.
Chi: That's why I refused.

Chi: I've had enough of you and Romeo and Juliet and all of it...!!
Chi: The role of lovers?
Chi: Pretending to be lovers...?!
Chi: We're nothing more than complete strangers, aren't we...!?

Chi: Families... and circumstances...
Chi: I don't care about any of that anymore...!!
Chi: I've had it with you...!!

(Raku): Wh...


(Raku): ...at the heck is this.
(Raku): Complete strangers...?
(Raku): You've had enough...?
(Raku): Why do I... have to be told such a thing...

(Raku): Have you...
(Raku): been thinking about me like that the entire time...?
(Raku): --I...

(Raku): ending up...
(Raku): pretending to be lovers with you... finding out that we'd met in the past,
(Raku): and not really knowing how to talk to you, but
(Raku): I'd thought...
(Raku): it felt like we'd grown closer, and yet...

(Raku): Now you're saying
(Raku): that you haven't thought that way at all...?

Raku: ...Ah, so that's how it is.
Raku: I get it now. We're complete strangers.
Raku: There was never anything between us. That's what you mean, right?


Raku: I didn't enjoy being with you even once,
Raku: we don't get along in the slightest,
Raku: and the memories of things we've done together...
Raku: every last bit of it was "fake".

Raku: I'm sure even the memories of 10 years ago
Raku: were also some sort of misunderstanding on our parents' part, right?

Raku: ...there's no way we're promise partners, to say the least.
Raku: I can't believe that we could have gotten along well in the past when we're like this now, either...
(sfx) Clench

Raku: ...Let's stop this
Raku: fake lovers thing already.
Raku: From the start, we didn't have any sort of obligation to do this,
Raku: and I'm sure our dads will understand if we properly explain the situation to them--


(sfx) Slap

Raku: Eh...?


Ono: Eh...?

(sfx) Turn


Ono: ...........Ich...
Ono: Ichijou-kun...?

Raku: ...Sorry, Onodera.
Raku: I'm gonna step out for a bit...
Ono: Ehh... but...

(Raku): I just... don't get it...

Box: Frankly,
Box: I'm already used to her hitting me.
Raku: ...Dammit.
Box: Even so...

Raku: ...that face slap
Raku: hurt a lot more than it should.


(sfx) BAM!!

(Chi): Stupid...!
(Chi): Stupid...!
(Chi): Stupid beansprout...!
(Chi): Stupid...!!

(Chi): ...I'm such
(Chi): an idiot...

Chi: ...I
Chi: just...!!

Box: ...The few days left until the cultural festival practically flew by,
Box: and the situation between us remained at its worst.

Box: The day of
Bonyari High School Cultural Festival
Box: the cultural festival--
(left) These feelings are hard to express well...

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