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Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 3

The Jet-Black Wing, Kaidou Shun

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 23, 2012 13:00 | Go to Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan

-> RTS Page for Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Sainan 3

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(???): My name is Kaidou Shun.
(Shun): I'm a second year student at PK Academy...
(Shun): But

(beneath panel, star) Chapter 3 of the new serialization [The Disaster of Kusuo Saiki]

(Shun): This is merely a front...
(Shun): A temporary form to deceive "their" eyes.

(Shun): "They" are a secret society which plans to weed out unnecessary elements from humankind...
(Shun): "Dark Reunion"!!

(beneath panel) There's also "The Disaster of PSI Kusuo Saiki volume 0", containing all the oneshots up to this point.

(left) A manga also read by the Dark Reunion.

(Shun): "Their" target is "Black Pete", the godlike force within my right arm.
(Shun): "They" intend to steal this power and create a new world!

(Shun): I won't allow that to happen...
(Shun): I will protect the world...!

(Shun): For I am the Jet-Black Wing!!
Shun: Kukuku...
Box: Don't pay him any mind. He's just suffering from chuunibyou.
(Chuunibyou = junior high 2nd year syndrome)
(The term is explained in a few pages, so I'm leaving it as-is for now.)


(top, star) It's the 3rd chapter of the new serialization - so everyone get to know the series bit by bit - and there's a slight increase to 17 pages!!

(right) This month's PSI slogan is "You want to see it, don't you? The PSI power behind the door." Model: Saiki Kusuo-san (16)

(right of tankobon) The collection of short stories is on sale now too!!
(below tankobon) "The Disaster of PSI Kusuo Saiki volume 0" from Jump Comics
(bottom) The Disaster of PSI Kusuo Saiki

(bottom left) Chi 3: The Jet-Black Wing, Kaidou Shun
(bottom right) Now hiring souvenirs | Asou Shuuichi


Student: Hey, did you see this morning's news?!
Student: I did, I did! A "snake" escaped!!

Student: It was from a pet shop near here!!
Student: Yeah! That's crazy frightening, isn't it?!

Boy: And on top of that, the news said it's poisonous.
Boy: EHH?! You're kidding... ya can't let something like that walk around outside!

Boy: Hah... with the way snakes tread, you just can't catch them...
Boy: Well, snakes don't have any legs, though!!
Student: Er... mhm... yeah...
Box: That last word was redundant.

???: So I guess it really got away...

???: A snake escaping from a pet shop, huh...
???: It truly seems like a scenario "they" would think up...

Shun: But the eyes of the Jet-Black Wing cannot be deceived!!
Shun: Someone released that "snake"!!


Boy: What the heck, Kaidou!! You know something about it?!
Girl: No way, saying someone released it...!!
Girl: Was it done by that "jet-black wing" guy you mentioned?!
Shun: Kukuku...
Shun: I am the Jet-Black Wing.

Shun: Think about it...
Shun: Don't you find it strange?

Shun: It's true that snakes are creatures for whom fleeing is easy...
Shun: But that's likely the very reason great pains are taken in managing them.
Shun: And it's a poisonous one, no less. For it to escape is unbelievable...
Shun: Unless the act was done intentionally...!

Boy: I...if you put it that way, it really is strange!!
Boy: Yeah...! Thinking about it, it's weird for a pet shop to have a poisonous snake in the first place, isn't it?!
Girl: You're right! I mean, if it's serious enough to make the news, then it's strange for them to let us go to school when they haven't dealt with it!
Box: Uh oh. Don't think about it any more than that.

Boy: But who in the world let it out?!
Shun: Heh... that much is obvious...

Shun: It was the secret evil society... "Dark Reunion"!!!
Shun: The "snake" is their symbol! They have finally begun to move on their "plan to weed out humanity"!!


(Students): So it was the secret evil society Dark Reunion... was it?!!

(Students): What the heck is that!!!

Shun: In other words, the creature prowling around town is no ordinary snake...
Shun: It was probably created in their secret research institute using biotechnology...
Girl: That's ridiculous...
Girl: Let's go, everyone.
Boy: There was no point in listening to him.

Shun: Ah... hey! I wasn't done talking!!
Student: Yeah, that's fine.
Student: I'm sure a shrink would be happy to hear the rest.
Student: PFFT!!

Student: He's definitely got a case of "chuunibyou", huh~
Student: Geez, and he's a second year in high school, too...
Box: Chuunibyou is...

Box, right side:
Chuunibyou (lit. "junior high 2nd year syndrome")
Primarily felt by children passing through puberty.
"I am different from other people."
"I am a special human."
Convinced that such desires are true, they do things like voicing minority opinions and superimposing themselves on anime/manga protagonists who have been placed into special circumstances, resulting in them acting the part.
Box, left side:
Find out instantly!!
Chuunibyou checklist
☐ I'm happy when others say I am different from people
☐ When a singer I like takes a break, I suddenly lose interest in them
☐ I speak highly of manga that have been cancelled
☐ I use kanji for words like "until", "instead" and "however"
☐ My hobby is people-watching
☐ My name is "The Jet-Black Wing"...
If all of these apply to you, get help!!


Box: This man, Kaidou Shun, is afflicted with that illness.
Shun: Heh... it really is futile, no matter what I say to those ordinary people...
Shun: Just as I'd thought...

Shun: Only we who possess "power" can do something about it...
Shun: Isn't that right... Saiki...!
Box: Not interested.

Box: Even though he said "we who possess power" just now, naturally he knows nothing about my being a PSI user.
Shun: Haah, all of them are so carefree.
Box: It's just all part of his internal setup.

Box: It seems that I somehow caught his interest.
Box: He probably mistakenly believes that my always being alone makes us kindred spirits and came to get acquainted with me.

Box: Sheesh... give me a break...
Box: After all, I am a special human who is different from other people.
Shun: Saiki... what do you think?

Shun: I have a bad feeling about this...

Shun: In all likelihood, that snake... we'll call it "Murder BeDragon Snake" for now...
Shun: "Murder BeDragon Snake" is probably not just some ordinary snake!!
Box: That's a pretty serious temporary name you've given it.
Shun: Rather, it is probably a fiendish monster created through biotechnology in their secret research institute...
Shun: A highly intelligent slaughter machine which possesses a deadly poison and can even kill an elephant in one bite!! Probably, that is!
Box: You've got a lot of "probablys" in there.


Shun: Anyway, this incident is beyond the scope of ordinary people!!
Box: It's beyond my scope as well, and I'm anything but ordinary.
Shun: At this rate, the world will be in danger!
Box: Your head is in danger.

Shun: We'll have to do it...

Shun: We will save the w...
Shun: Protect humanity from the Murder BeDragon Snake!
Boy: Ooh! They've caught the snake!
???: Seriously?!

Student: Thank god~ where was it?!
Student: Nearby! It was in front of the school gates.

Student: Apparently it was near death and had dropped at the roadside.
Box: That Murder BeDragon Snake is weak.

(Shun): N...near death...?!
(Shun): Haah?! Could it be that there are others in this city who have powers?
Student: Ehh?? Why was it near death?!
Student: Well, it seems...

Student: that was the work of some neighborhood grade schoolers.
(left of right child) Ahaha
(above center child) Yaay!
(left of left child) I wanna do it too~
(on left child's shirt) Child
(snake sfx) Whack whack
Box: That Murder BeDragon Snake is weak.


Student: And then, when it was weakened from being beaten up, the renowned Moriya-sensei caught it.
(left of teacher) Moriya-sensei often turns class into self-study
Student: The renowned Moriya-sensei did that when it was weakened?!
Student: Right now, the snake is in a box in the faculty office.
Student: Seriously?!
Box: That Murder BeDragon Snake is weak.

Boy: Still, I'm disappointed that happened so quickly~
Boy: Yeah, and we were all worked up over it.
Boy: Dark Reunion's plot wasn't such a big deal after all!
Boy: PFFT!!

Student: AHAHAHA!! Oh man, stop it!!
Student: Hey, that's right! They're a secret evil society, y'knooow!
(below Shun, sfx) HAHAHAHA
Student: HAHAHAHA!! That's pretty pathetic, isn't it!

Student: They have begun to move on their "plan to weed out humanity"!! (Serious face)
(left of bubble) GYAHAHAHA!
Student: Oh noes!! We're gonna be weeded out!!
(right of bubble) HAHAHA!
Box: Well... there's no following that bit.

Shun: ...Heh...

Shun: Laugh while you still can...!
Shun: When the time comes,
Shun: you had best fear with all your might...

Shun: This is only the beginning...
Box: Kaidou...


Shun: B...because Dark Reunion is... j-just around the cornerrrr...!!
Shun: Y...you just don't know it...!
Box: Don't rub any more salt on the wound.

Shun: ...Uooh... uuu... uhuu...
Box: He's definitely crying in the bathroom.

Box: Alright, I guess I'll go there, too.
Student: Wanna go see the snake?
Student: Class should be starting soon.
Box: Sheesh... I don't know anything about this Dark Reunion business, but...

Box: It seems there is certainly something just around the corner.
Boy: That Kaidou, his face was bright red!
Boy: Well~ we laughed at him!

Student: That's 'cause his chuunibyou is way too annoying!
Student: Apparently he's taking care of a demon that was sealed in his arm, y'know!
Student: PFFFT!! He reads way too much manga!!

Boy: Kuh... my right arm is going wild again... at a time like this...
Boy: Like that, right?!

Boy: Er, your...


Boy: Isn't your right arm going kinda wild?
Boy: Eh?

Boy: Ah.

Box: Ghastly pale faces

Student: Ehh?! What?!
Student: Wait a... UWAAAH!!
Student: KYAAAAAA!! How did it get in here?!

Students: Oi, run for it! Get outta the classroom!
Students: You idiot! It's in front of the door, so we can't get out!!

(on sign) In Use
Box: So it's starting, huh...

Box: Geez, that would have been a dangerous situation...
Box: I have my "precognition" to thank.


Box: It was only a moment, but I saw a premonition of the snake intruding on the classroom.
Box: Thanks to that, I was able to avoid the uproar.
Box: The power of precognition occasionally has its uses.

Box: Right now, the classroom must be in a huge panic...
(left of Saiki) ☆Telepathy☆
(Student): UWAAAAH!!
(Student): EEEEEK!!
(Student): Freakin' scaryyyy!! Nowai omgwtfbbqqqq gtfo kthxbai l8r omfgggg wut halp!
(The Japanese made about as much sense as what I put. Since I'm fairly sure it was forumspeak, I improvised a bit.)
Box: Who the heck is that. They're noisy.

Box: I'm not particularly scared of poisonous snakes, but I don't want to use my power in front of people.
Box: I have essentially abandoned everyone, but it's because that's a troublesome issue.

Box: I'll just stay here until the excitement dies down.
(sfx) Glance

Box: I guess you'll stay here until things blow over, too.
(bottom) ☆X-ray vision☆

Box: Now then... as for the situation in the classroom...
Students: WAH!
Students: KYAA!!

Boy: Everybody get on top of the desks!!
Girl: Hold on! Somebody go call the teacher!!
Boy: Wait, where's the snake?!


Girl: One of you boys go call for the teacher! You're right next to the door!
Boy: No way! I don't know whether the snake is lurking over there or not!
Boy: What'm I supposed to do if it bites me the instant I get off the desk!!

Girl: Speaking of which, are we really gonna be okay at this height?!
Boy: How the hell would I know!!
???: Man, how pathetic~

???: Ne...Nendou!!
(small text) So you were here!!
Nendou: It's just a snake. Something like that's no reason to turn chicken.
Nendou: Don't you have any balls? Huh?

Boy: Get off it!!
Nendou: Heh, what're ya gonna do about it.
Nendou: Well, whatever. I'll take it on myself to call for help.
Boy: No, that's not what I mean...

Boy: It's got your balls.

Nendou: Gurgle
Students: NENDOUUUUU!!!


Student: UWAAAAAH!! Nendou's deaaaaad!!
Student: And on top of that, from being bitten in a relatively high spot! That's the worst way to go!!
Student: Crap! It's coming this way!! UOOOOHH!!
Box: What are those idiots doing...

Box: Calm down. It only bit his pants.

Box: Take a good look, why don't you...
Box: Clairvoyance.
Box: By going cross-eyed, Saiki can view distant areas unobstructed!! He is absolutely not fooling around.

Box: Still, they just can't calm down, huh.
Box: Even though a grade schooler would be driven to the proverbial brink of death...

Box: Those below the level of grade schoolers can't laugh at chuunibyou anymore.
(Student): Hurry, run!!
Box: Hrm?

???: Don't hesitate!!

Shun: I'll handle it somehow!!
Box: Kaidou...! When did he...


Student: K...Kaidou?!
Student: You moron!! What're you doing!!
Student: This isn't the time to be screwing around!!

Shun: "Murder BeDragon Snake"...
Shun: I, the Jet-Black Wing, will be your opponent...

Shun: Come on...!
Student: UOOH! What's with that pose?!

Student: He kinda looks really confident!! Go for it!!
Student: Let's get away while we still can!
Boy: Wow...
Boy: He's a complete idiot.

Boy: Seriously thinking he's some sort of superhuman...
Shun: Hah!!
Boy: Yeah...

(Student): Taking chuunibyou so far as to risk your life...
(Student): Oi, hurry up and let's get out of here.
Box: --No,

Box: it seems that isn't quite the case.
Shun: What's wrong?
Shun: If you won't come to me, then I'm gonna take it to you...?
Student: Go get him, Kaidou!!
Box: Despite appearances...


Box: Kaidou's innermost thoughts are pretty dismal.
Student: You can do it, Kaidou!
Student: Take'im down!
(Shun): I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared

(Shun): Why the heck did I jump out in front? I'm such a moron!! There's no way I can do something about this!!
(Shun): No... I am the Jet-Black Wing...! I just have to visualize a method to defeat it...!

➝Bitten | chomp | Method 1: Grab it
➝Bitten | chomp | Method 2: Kick it
➝Bitten | chomp | Method 3: Use a weapon
(Shun): Yup, it's impossible!!!

(Shun): Even if I imagine the snake as cutely as possible, I just can't do it!!
(Shun): It's no use... I should run away after all...
Boy: C'mon, get over here before it's too late!
Girl: O...okay...!

Student: EHH?!!
Student: UWAAA!! It's coming this waaay!!

Girl: Wha... no...


(Shun): I've done it now...
Shun: Take this!! Judgment Night of...
(Shun): Forgive me... mother...

Box: Sorry, Kaidou...

Box: I'll be taking over at the good part!!


Student: UOOOOOOOH are you kidding me?!!
Shun: Eh?
Student: You're amazing, Kaidou!!
Box: Honestly... what a moron.

Box: Sorry for saying that you have chuunibyou.
Student: What was that?!
Student: Wow!!
Box: You don't possess any sort of power, but your actions just now...

Box: were by no means possible for the average person.
Girl: Thanks for saving me!!
Boy: Seriously, man!!
Boy: How'd you do that?!

Student: So you weren't just another guy with chuunibyou after all~
Student: So cool~!
(Shun): Th... that power came from me...
(Shun): Just as I thought, I really do have special powers...!!

Box: And like that, the incident was peacefully resolved.
???: ...Oi, Kaidou.

Box: But
Box: in exchange...
Teacher: What's with that attitude? Are you even seriously listening to me?

Shun: Mind your words.
Shun: Unless you'd like to fall prey to my Judgment Night of Thunder, that is...
Teacher: How about I give you a taste of "corporal punishment" instead?
Box: his chuunibyou has gotten worse.
Box: He's completely hopeless.

(left) If you don't want to fall prey to Judgment Night of Thunder, read this series next week as well...!!



[page 3]
With the way snakes tread / snakes don't have any legs, though - This is a pun in the original Japanese that really doesn't work in English. The word for tread/gait/way of walking is 足取り (ashidori), and the word for leg/foot is 足 (ashi).

[page 6]
Murder BeDragon Snake - BeDragon is evidently a magic spell from the Dragon Quest games. It transforms the user into a dragon and they will automatically attack with a strong fire spell until the effect wears off.

[page 12]
Don't you have any balls / get off it / it's got your balls - This one was tricky. The same verb (ついてる, tsuiteru) is used for all three lines in Japanese, but in order to keep Nendou's mixup, I needed to rework the English a little. Nendou mistakes the student's "tsuiteru" to mean "I do (have balls)", when in fact the student is saying "the snake is biting your balls". Luckily, the colloquial phrase "get off it" keeps that dual meaning in this context.
On a similar note, I had to change Nendou's retort to work with the colloquialism - originally, it would have been "heh, dunno about that" but it ended up becoming "heh, what're ya gonna do about it". Frankly, the latter is a bit of a stretch where the original Japanese is concerned, but it works better in context.

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#1. by Mel_Luvz_Anime ()
Posted on Oct 23, 2012
Awesome work lynx~

Areas to check:

Well, I did my best. There were some completely nonsensical parts, though.

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