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Assassination Classroom 16

Ruined Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 25, 2012 00:47 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 16

Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


???: The school trip assassination schedule!!
???: On the 2nd and 3rd days, when the groups go their separate ways, professional snipers will carry out their attack!!
(top left)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 16: Ruined Time | Matsui Yuusei
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Box: (1) Group 1: Morning
Box: (2) Group 2: Morning
Box: (3) Group 3: Afternoon
Box: (4) Group 4: Afternoon
???: Korosensei will be accompanying the groups in a designated order, one by one.
(bottom, star) The slip-sliding school trip continues!!
???: Each is expected to lure him toward the snipers' optimal target spot!!

(left, star) The #1 rookie of the tentacle world's MLB first-year player draft!! The 1st volume you've been waiting impatiently for makes its bookstore debut on 11/2!!


(sign) Sabireya Inn

(right, star) Sliiiiide...

Kata: ...it's only the first day and he's already on the verge of death.
Student: He's sick and groggy from taking the Shinkansen and bus...
Korosensei's Weaknesses (8)
He gets motion sickness

Girl: You okay?
Girl: Wanna take a rest in your room?
Korosen: No...
Korosen: it's nothing to worry about.

Korosen: I'll head back to Tokyo for a bit after this,
Korosen: since I ended up leaving my pillow behind.
Korosensei's Weaknesses (9)
He can't sleep on a pillow other than his own
(Students): With a bag like that, you actually forgot something?!


Kaya: Any luck, Kanzaki-san?
Kaya: Did you find the itinerary?
Kanzaki: ...no.

Korosen: Kanzaki-san is diligent, so
Korosen: I was impressed when she originally put the schedule together.

Korosen: Still, don't worry.
Korosen: If you take sensei's handmade guidebook with you, everything will be fine.
(book top) School Trip Guidebook
(book bottom) Kunugigaoka Junior High School Class 3-E
Students: We put our own together because we don't want to walk around carrying that!!

Kanzaki: I'm certain I put it in my bag, and yet...
Kanzaki: ...I guess it fell out somewhere.

(sign, small text) City hotel
(sign, large text) Nightmare


Teacher: You back there! No smoking!!
Teacher: At least behave while you're on the school trip!!

Boy: Oho...
Boy: So those kids are gonna go around to these places tomorrow.
(book top) School trip itinerary
(book bottom) Kanzaki Yukiko

Boy: Gehehe~
Boy: Nice job, Ryuuki.
Boy: Well,
Boy: we were fed up with boys' school field trips anyway, so this is perfect.

Boy: I'm just a big ball of kindness, after all.
Boy: When I look at those seemingly smart kids, that is.
Boy: It just makes me want to help them, free of charge.


Sugino: But y'know,
Sugino: once we'd gotten to Kyoto, I forgot all about the assassination.

Sugino: I mean, it's such great scenery.
Sugino: Like a place completely unrelated to assassinations and stuff like that.
Nagisa: In reality, it's the complete opposite, Sugino.

Nagisa: I'd like to take a little detour.
Nagisa: It's right near that convenience store.

(left, star) "Jump NEXT!", featuring "Korosensei vs. Saiki Kusuo", is on sale with rave reviews!!


(on back pillar) Donated by the Kawaramachi Shopping Area Promotion Association
(right side of pillar) Formerly in the house of Iguchi Shinsuke
(front of pillar)
Nakaoka Shintaro | Sakamoto Ryoma
On this very ground did they meet misfortune

Okuda: That says... Sayamoto Ryoma, doesn't it?
Karma: Ooh~

Karma: The site of the old "Omiya",
Karma: where the 1867 Ryoma assassination occurred.

Nagisa: Plus,
Nagisa: If we walk a little further, we'll reach Honnou-ji.
(sign) Head Temple Honnou-ji
(sign) Official Mausoleum of Senior First Rank Oda Nobunaga
Nagisa: Back then, its location was a bit different, though.


???: ...That's right,
???: In 1582, Oda Nobunaga was also
???: assassinated, in a way.

???: Even though it's the space of a mere 1 km. or so,
???: Some incredibly big names have been assassinated here.
???: If you include the lesser-known assassinations too, there must be too many to count.

???: This city was always at the heart of Japan...
???: and yet it is an assassination holy ground.


Sugino: I get it~
Sugino: If you put it that way, this is really the perfect assassination trip.

Box: And
Box: Korosensei, who has become the assassination target,
Box: and who just may have such a serious impact on the world

Box: that it will be destroyed,
Box: is the ideal mark.
Kaya: Next is Yasaka Shrine~
Karma: Ehh...
Karma: Enough already, let's rest.
Karma: I want to drink Kyoto's sugary-sweet coffee.


Kaya: Heeh,
Kaya: if you go this deep into the Gion District, there's really no signs of life.

Kanzaki: Yup.
Kanzaki: That's because it's only made up of shops that turn away first-time customers.
Kanzaki: The people who come here don't aimlessly wander around,
Kanzaki: so we won't have to work around them.

Kanzaki: That's why it was the route I wanted.
Kanzaki: It's just right for an assassination, isn't it?

???: As expected of Kanzaki-san, your preparations are perfect!
???: Then I guess we'll carry out the plan here.


Boy: It really is just perfect.
Boy: Now why would you walk in an area like this, where abduction is a piece of cake~

Kaya: ...Eh?

Karma: ...What's up, gents?
Karma: Well, you don't seem to be here for sightseeing.

Boy: All you boys have to do
Boy: is leave the women here and go home.


(hand sfx) Grab

Karma: See, Nagisa-kun?
Karma: If there aren't any witnesses, then there's no problem even if I fight.


Boy: Got that right.

Boy: This place is really well-hidden.
Boy: Oi, grab the women.

Box: --What suddenly appeared in front of us...
Kaya: Wait a
Kaya: What the...
Kaya: Mmphh!


Sugino: Oi! What are you doing...!

Box: ...were high schoolers!!

Box: It was an attack from unknown creatures
Box: with bodies one size larger than our own.


(large sfx) BAM

Boy: Uhyahyahya!!
Boy: Those guys were way too easy!!

Boy: Didn't I tell ya?
Boy: Brats who've generally got nothing but book smarts
Boy: are completely helpless against strength like ours.


Kaya: ...urg.
Kaya: This is a crime, you know.
Boy: Letting boys see that sort of expression...

Boy: How scandalous~
Boy: We're all bored with school trips, ain't we?
Boy: How 'bout we do each other a favor and have fun together.

Boy: Hey,
Boy: Let's go to karaoke first. Karaoke~
Kaya: Why would you come all the way to Kyoto for karaoke!!
Kaya: You're ruining our trip!!

Boy: You don't get it, do ya.
Boy: That feeling of ruination's just fine, ain't it.

Boy: I bet that girl over there knows what I'm talking about.


Boy: "I've seen her somewhere before."
Boy: The girl always hanging around with my main woman said that, and she told me.
(sfx) Beep

Boy: This's from last year, in a Tokyo game center around summertime.
Boy: It's you, right?

Boy: I'd planned to kidnap you, so this opportunity is too good to pass up.
Boy: You sure hung out a lot, huh.
Boy: Who'd have thought you were a student at Kunugigaoka~


Boy: But I understand,
Boy: about people with good pedigrees.
Boy: In some ways, they want to be ruined.

Boy: It ain't anything to be ashamed of.
Boy: Screwing things up is fun.
Boy: If it's methods you want, we know all the ways to bring things to ruin.

Boy: From now until nightfall,
Boy: the ruination sensei will teach you absolutely everything.


Box: ...Nagisa!!

Okuda: Y-
Okuda: you guys!!
Okuda: Are you alright?!

Nagisa: ...I'm glad
Nagisa: that you're safe, Okuda-san.
Okuda: ...Sorry.
Okuda: I hid right at the start.

Karma: They covered up the license plate number.
Karma: The car was probably stolen, and a common model you can find anywhere.
Karma: Those bastards are experienced committing crimes.


Karma: Even if we report it, the issue won't be settled immediately.
Karma: ...That said,
Karma: I'd like you to let me deal with them personally.

Box: Even though we were prepared for trouble on this trip,
Box: we were in so deep that
Box: it left us at our wits' end.

(right, octopus bubble)
2000-yen notes
An honest
(right, star) Kill or be killed...!! Next issue, we have the cover and lead color!!
(left notebook page)
What to do when you're in trouble (17)
• When you only have 2000 yen left in your wallet ➝ 1241
• If a five-story pagoda collapses ➝ 1242
• When a classmate has been kidnapped ➝ 1243
• If you get yatsuhashi stuck in your throat ➝ 1244
• If you fall into a hole in a construction area ➝ 1245
(lefthand side of notebook, vertical) School trip guidebook
(left sfx) Flutter



Kyoto locations
(page 6) Omiya was a soy sauce shop best known as the place where Sakamoto Ryoma was assassinated. English translations often refer to it as Omiya Inn.
(page 6) Honnou-ji is a Buddhist temple in Kyoto best known as the place where Oda Nobunaga committed seppuku.
(page 8) Yasaka Shrine, formerly known as Gion Shrine, is a Shinto shrine that was first constructed in the 600s. It is also where the annually-held Gion Matsuri originated.
(page 9) Gion is a district in Kyoto which developed around Yasaka Shrine. It's become one of the most well-known geisha districts in Japan.

[page 2]
Sabireya Inn - This is actually a bit of a pun. The "sabireya" here can be separated into the verb sabire(ru), meaning "to become desolate/fall into decay", and 宿 (usually yado, but here it appears as "ya"), meaning "inn/accomodations". Additionally, the word I translated as "inn", 旅館 (ryokan), is a traditional Japanese inn originating in the Edo period. They originally served travelers.

[page 6]
Senior First Rank - The Japanese term used here, shoichii (正一位), is the highest possible rank an individual or shrine can receive. It's very prestigious, and only 6 people have been awarded the title during their lifetimes. Many have received it posthumously, Nobunaga among them.

[page 9]
First-time customers - The term here, ichigen-san (一見さん), also implies that the customer is one who hasn't been introduced to the establishment by a regular.

[page 19]
Yatsuhashi - 八ツ橋 in Japanese, this is a confectionary that's one of Kyoto's specialties. It's made from rice flour, sugar and cinnamon.

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