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Translations: One Piece 856 by cnet128 , Gintama 625 by kewl0210

Nisekoi 48

Raising the Curtain

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Oct 28, 2012 16:42 | Go to Nisekoi

-> RTS Page for Nisekoi 48

Putting this up really quick before we go work on preparing for the massive storm hitting us tonight/tomorrow/Tuesday.



(top, star) Volume 4, the latest from Jump Comics, goes on sale 11/2!! It includes the traditional extra story "Newlyweds"!!
(sign) 2-B Live Concert
(right) It's the day of the cultural festival!! And Raku's group is...
(left, bottom) Nisekoi

(below panel, star) "Jump NEXT!", on sale now, contains a specially-drawn Nisekoi poster!!

Boy: ...Erm, after this is 1-B's comedy act, and then it's our turn?
Boy: Oh maaan! I'm getting nervous!!
Girl: We'll definitely make it a success, right!?
Girl: Yeah!!

(bottom right) Komi Naoshi
Ono: The day's finally here, Ichijou-kun.
(bottom left) Chapter 48: Raising the Curtain


Ono: Let's give it our all.
Raku: Yup.
Raku: Well, let's just do the best we can.

(Raku): ...Chitoge and I
(Raku): haven't spoken at all since that incident.

(Raku): When it comes down to it, I still don't know why she hit me.
(Raku, bubble): ...what am I supposed to do about it?
(Raku, bubble): Whatever I do, she'll still be mad, won't she...

(Raku): Well,
(Raku): no matter how much I think about it, it's not gonna help.
(Raku): Right now, I need to concentrate here...


(Ono): ...Even if I
(Ono): were to ask Ichijou-kun about what happened that day, he wouldn't tell me anything.
(Ono): Just what... happened between those two...

(Ono): I guess
(Ono): Chitoge-chan doesn't plan on coming to see the play, either...

(Chi): ...Our class' performance is at 1
(righthand sign)
Baseball Club
(Chi): and plenty of people have been going to the gymnasium, where it's taking place,
(Chi): so if I'm going to go, it'll have to be soon...
(top lefthand sign) Cake
(bottom lefthand sign) Wind instrument club

???: ...Ah!
???: Hey, Kirisaki-san!


Girl: 'Scuse us!
Girl: We're from Class B next door, but we've kinda got our hands really full right now and don't have enough people!
Girl: We heard that you're free, so
Girl: would you mind giving us a hand?

Girl: Just until 3 would be fine!
(left of bubble) We'll give you lunch, too!

Chi: ...Sure.

Boy: Uwaaaah! There's just an hour left!!
Girl: My heart is beating super fast!!
???: Hey! Hurry up and finish getting everything ready!


(Ono): Urghhh... I really am nervous...
(Ono): This is the first time I've ever been in such a huge performance...!

(Ono): But...
(Ono): I have to do my best...!
(Ono): And I'm even doing this alongside Ichijou-kun...
(Ono): It'll be alright...! I've practiced so much and have my lines memorized... it'll be just fine...!!

(Ono): ...let's go read over the script one more time...

Braid Girl: Hold on! That's dangerous, isn't it?
Ponytail Girl: Don't worry! There's just a little bit more to go!

Girl: Ah?!


???: KYAAA!!

Students: What happened?!
Students: What?
Students: You okay...?!
Girl: ...I'm sorry, Dera-chan...!
Girl: I'm sorry...!!

Girl: ...I
Girl: fell off the stepladder and Dera-chan caught me...
(left of girl) Hic
Girl: but...
Girl: now you're...

(Raku): Onodera...?!!


Ono: Ow...
Teacher: Hmm. This is certainly sprained.
Teacher: I don't think you've broken any bones, though...

Teacher: Onodera...
Teacher: I'm sorry, but as for the performance...

Teacher: ...Where's Tachibana, the understudy?
Student: ...Well,
Student: Tachibana-san caught a cold and is absent today...
(below Mari) Urghhh... Here I come, cultural festivaaaal...

Teacher: That's not good.

Ono: ...Sensei,
Ono: I'll do it...!
Teacher: Even if you say you will... you can't walk properly, can you?
Teacher: You have to rest, or it won't get better!


Teacher: ...Hey, Romeo!
Raku: Eh?!
Teacher: Keep Juliet company for a bit.
(small text) Don't let her overdo it, alright?

Teacher: I'm going to think of a way to deal with this, so
Teacher: for now, continue your preparations, everyone.
Teacher: That's all. Dismissed!
(above boy) Got it.
(handwritten text) Ehh?! What're we gonna do?!
(handwritten text) Does this mean we're calling it off...?
(handwritten text) This is bad, I'm telling ya...!

Raku: You okay, Onodera?
Ono: ...Yeah.

(Raku): ...What should I do? Onodera's really depressed...
(Raku): It's no wonder, really.
(Raku): We rehearsed so much and tried so hard,

(Raku): it seemed like she'd even been practicing at home the whole time...
(Raku): and she really wanted to be Juliet...
(Raku, bubble): Well, I wanted to perform with her, too, though.


(Raku): There's got to be something I can do...
Ono: ...what are we going to do?
Raku: ...eh?

Ono: ...If the play is cancelled like this,
Ono: even though everyone worked so hard on it...

Ono: Even these costumes...
Ono: They worked so hard and went through so much trouble to make them for us, and yet...
(sfx) Clutch

Ono: ...what should I do?
Ono: If the play is called off because of me,
Ono: all of it will have been for nothing...

(Raku): Man, I'm an idiot...

(Raku): Even at a time like this,
(Raku): Onodera is thinking more about everyone else than herself,
(Raku): and yet I'm...!


Raku: There's no way it'd be your fault.

Raku: And there's no way I'll let it be cancelled!

Boy: Oi, Ichijou...?!

Boy: Where're you going...?!
Boy: We don't have time to waste, y'know?!

(clock sfx) Tick... tick...


(Chi): ...30 minutes left until the performance.
(righthand sign)
Banana choco
Strawberry jam
Ham lettuce
(Chi): I really... can't go to see it anymore...
Girl: Wait a...
Girl: Kirisaki-san?!

(Chi): ...Just what am I doing?
(Chi): Why... has it ended up like this...?
(sfx) Sizzzzle
Girl: Stop...!
Girl: It's burning, it's burning!?

(Chi): When I see his face, my head feels fuzzy.
(Chi): I just can't be honest at all.

(Chi): Why did I
(Chi): say something like that back then...
(Chi): If we were actually lovers,
(Chi): do you think it would go well...?

(Raku): "...There's no way
(Raku): that it would, moron."

(Raku): "I mean, you're not my type at all."
(Raku): "You're rude and violent,"

(Raku): "and anyway, I figure we'd only end up fighting like we do now."


(Chi): That's right... from the start, I didn't get along with him at all.
(Chi): We're complete opposites, after all...
(Chi): Our relationship... is just that of fake lovers...

(Chi): ......Ahh,
(Chi): Enough already.

(Chi): Whatever I do, I've already
(Chi): made him completely hate me...

(Chi): At this rate, I'm sure that
(Chi): this relationship will end, too...

Raku: Found you.


Raku: ...I'm begging you,
Raku: please play Juliet in Onodera's stead...!

Chi: Huh...?

Chi: ...wait a-
Chi: Wait a second...! What do you mean, in Kosaki-chan's stead?!
Chi: Explain it to me properly...!

Raku: ...Onodera sprained her ankle in an accident and can't perform in the play.
Raku: Tachibana is absent today, too, so at this rate the play will be cancelled...


Raku: ...You're the only one left
Raku: who seems like she'd be able to play Juliet.


Chi: Wh... why me...?!
Chi: There's no way I can do it...!
Chi: And I don't know the lines at all, either...
Raku: Even so, we don't have anyone else!!

Raku: I know full well... that you don't like me,
Raku: but

Raku: if
Raku: it's the two of us, I get the feeling we'll be able to pull it off.

Raku: It's like a continuation... of the lovers act we're always doing, right?
Raku: You don't need to know the lines.
Raku: I think that with you, even if we adlib the particulars, it'll work out somehow.

Raku: Please...!
Raku: Lend us a hand...!

Chi: What's...
Chi: with you...


Chi: Even though you...
Chi: said that at the beach...
Raku: ...huh?

Chi: You said it, didn't you.
Chi: That it wouldn't
Chi: go well between us anyway.

Chi: The truth is,
Chi: you don't want to do a play or any of that with me, right?
Chi: Tell me the truth.
Chi: You hate me, don't you...

(Raku): What the... don't tell me...
(Raku): she's...

(Raku): been bothered
(Raku): this entire time by what I said back then...?

(Raku): But... that's...
(Raku): always the sort of thing we seem to fight about...

(Raku): No...
(Raku): It's different, you moron...

(Raku): Despite that, she was hurt by it
(Raku): and has been seriously angry until now...


Raku: I don't hate you...

Raku: ...Sorry.
Raku: I didn't think what I'd said to you at the beach would bother you so much.
Raku: Frankly, I didn't realize it right away, but
Raku: I think I said too much then...

Raku: So I'll at least be honest now...

Raku: ...You're really not my type at all.
Raku: You're rude, violent and have no charm,
Raku: and all we ever do is fight, so I don't think we would get along.
Raku: Those are my true feelings.

Raku: ......but

Raku: even so, I don't
Raku: hate you...


Chi: I see.........

Chi: Hmmm~ so that's how it is...
Chi: You don't hate me,
Chi: huh...

sfx bubble: Whump!
(Raku sfx) Shock!!

Chi: ...If you get underfoot, I won't forgive you.
Chi: Romeo.


Raku: Heeey!!
Boy: We found someone to play Juliet!!
(sfx) Bam!!

(Ono sfx) Gasp

Ono: ...Chitoge-chan?!
(sfx) Hop
Ono: You're going to play Juliet?
Chi: Ehehe... yeah... well...

Chi: This guy cried and bowed down dogeza-style and begged me to, so...
(left of bubble) There was just no helping it.
Raku: I didn't do that at all...!!

Chi: Alriiight! If we're gonna do this, then let's see it through to the end!!
Chi: Lend me a script!! I'll memorize lines up to the last second!!
(right of Chi) ROAAAR!
(above Raku) Flip flip
Raku: YEAAH!! No, wait a sec!!
Raku: It's already impossible to memorize the particulars. Just pick up the important parts...!!

Boy: Ehh?!
Boy: They found someone to play Juliet?!
Student: Kirisaki-san's gonna do it!!

Boy: Is she gonna be okay with the lines and stuff...
Girl: It's fine, just get everything ready...!!


Raku: ...Augh, geez!!
Raku: How many times are you gonna get stuck at this part!! Memorize it properly!!
Chi: Shut up! There's no way I can memorize this so fast, okay?!
Chi: Be quiet already, you blockhead!!
Raku: What'd you call me?!

Boy: ...Oi, oi, those two are fighting again?
Boy: Is the performance really gonna be okay like that...?

Ono: It'll be fine.
Boy: Eh?

Student: 10 minutes before curtain!!
Student: Juliet, change into your dress!!
(Ono): Thank goodness...

(Ono): Those two are finally
Raku: Let's go!
(sfx) Slam!!
Chi: Right!
(Ono): back to normal...
(left) Next issue, the performance starts with the cover and opening color pages!!
(bottom) Nisekoi ...Chapter 48 / end

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