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Assassination Classroom 17

Guidebook Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 6, 2012 04:13 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 17

Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

[p001 (cover)]

(right, blue + white) If you don't study,
(left, blue + white) you won't be able to arrive at the answer-ssination...
(note: the words in blue are "study" and "-ssination". "Answer" is in yellow, and the rest is in white.)
Lead color!!
Assassination Classroom
Popularity on a global scale!!
Volume 1 goes on sale 11/2!!


Box: The super creature who smashed the moon
Box: became our class' teacher.
(bottom right) [Assassination Classroom]

(???): Our mission is to kill him.

Box: But the problem is that this creature
Box: is an exceedingly impossible target to assassinate.
(left) A dance of tentacles shifting between the colors of the rainbow...
Box: --Moreover,


(box, top right)
Korosensei emoticons will be distributed free of charge!!!
You can download them from the QR code on volume 1's wraparound!!
5 different kinds!! Use them when they match your mood!!
(box, top left)
The first-ever wriggle-character mascot!!
56 people will be picked by lottery to receive a special "Korosensei plushie"!!
(the smaller text is just instructions on sending in an entry with the magazine's ranking ballot)
(right) We are
Chapter 17: Guidebook Time
Matsui Yuusei
Volume 1 from Jump Comics goes on sale 11/2 (Fri)!!


(top right)
Just before volume 1's release, we have the cover and opening color!!
The official twitter account is open!!
Go follow @ansatsu_k right now!!
(top left) Assassination Classroom
(left) hitmen...
(bottom left) The manga continues on page 21!!


Boy: Even if you scream and cry here, no one will come.
(right) Their situation is still the same...!!
ラチがあかんざき...!! (埒が明かない)

Boy: If we're gonna play, then it's best to have a big audience.
Boy: So we're calling some buddies over.

Boy: We're setting up a commemoration photo all proper-like, too.
Boy: Let's have a real good time
Boy: messing shit up.

(left, star) Volume 1 from Jump Comics goes on sale this Friday!! Check the opening color pages 3-5 for details!!!


???: What to do when a classmate's been kidnapped, huh...
(book, top box) When a classmate has be
(book, above image)
While traveling, there is a chance
bad person in strange clothes
you must be careful.
(book, below image, arrow) He's been kidnapped.

Sugino: Normally, you'd never see a guidebook take a hypothetical situation this far.
Nagisa: Ahaha
Nagisa: That's because Korosensei is incredibly thorough.
(book cover) School trip guidebook

Nagisa: He's written anything and everything in here.
Nagisa: Like how to recover from the shock of seeing that the souvenirs you bought in Kyoto are sold in a Tokyo department store.
Sugino: Just how far is he gonna go with these hypotheticals!!
(box) Do not bring back souvenirs. Bring memories and experiences instead.

Nagisa: And how to comfort yourself when seeing couples flirting by the Kamo River makes you feel lonely.
(box) Say to yourself "I am a Heian nobleman". Since Heian nobles hide their courtship from the public eye, it is not unnatural at all for you to be alone here.
Sugino: Look how long those instructions are!!

Nagisa: Still...
Nagisa: Thanks to that, we've calmed down a bit.
Nagisa: What we should do now is spelled out for us right here.


Nagisa: We'll probably be fine with this.
Nagisa: Everyone,
Nagisa: let's go save Kayano and Kanzaki-san.

(left of boys) Gyahahaha!

Kaya: ...you know,
Kaya: that picture before was
Kaya: a bit surprising.
Kaya: So the diligent and serious Kanzaki-san had a phase like that too, huh.

Kanzaki: Yeah.


Kanzaki: My father was really strict.
Kanzaki: He demanded that I have only
Kanzaki: a good academic background, a good job, and a good title.

Kanzaki: I wanted to get away from that sort of lifestyle ruled by prestige,
Kanzaki: wanted to strip myself of the uniform that was my family's name.
Kanzaki: So I changed my appearance and went to play somewhere where no one knew me.

Kanzaki: ...I'm a real idiot, aren't I.
Kanzaki: Thanks to my playing around, the title I received was "part of the E-as-in-End Class".
Kanzaki: I don't even know where I belong anymore.

Boy: Then why don't ya become our comrade.
Boy: We also live by the belief
Boy: that "prestige and all that can go die!"


Boy: Mess up the people who act like they're so elite.
Boy: ...How about
Boy: something like bringing them back down to everyone else's level?

Boy: For a salaryman in a nice suit...
Boy: use a woman and accuse him of molesting her.

Boy: For a seemingly successful and powerful woman...
Boy: Kidnap her just like this,
Boy: and engrave wounds that will never disappear into both her heart and body.

Boy: We've taught them plenty of things with that sort of play.
Boy: You can call us missionaries of ruination.


Kaya: ...awful.

Boy: What's with looking down on us as if you're so elite, huh?!
Boy: We're gonna drag you right down to our level.


Boy: Listen up.
Boy: You're going to keep about 10 of us company from now until nightfall.

Boy: When you go back to your hotel, you'll nonchalantly say
Boy: "we just had fun and did karaoke".
Boy: If you do, then nooobody will get hurt.

Boy: When we return to Tokyo, let's all play together again.
Boy: All while looking at commemorative photos of our fun school trip...

Boy: Ooh,
Boy: There they are.
(sfx) Creaak

Boy: Our photographers have arrived.


Nagisa: School trip guidebook, page 1243.
Nagisa: What to do when a classmate has been kidnapped.

Nagisa: If you have no leads to the culprits.
(book cover) School trip guidebook
Nagisa: First, we will figure out if they are locals of the area
Nagisa: from their discussion topics, accent, etc.

(sfx) Flip flip
Nagisa: If they are not a locals, and, moreover, were wearing school uniforms, turn to page 1244.


Nagisa: As your opponents
Nagisa: are also likely students on a school trip,
Nagisa: they must be a group who causes mischief while traveling.
(book cover) School trip guidebook

Boy: Wh...
Boy: You bastards!
Kaya: You guys!!

Boy: How did you know we were here...?!

Nagisa: That sort of group, who lacks a home ground advantage,
Nagisa: will not flee far after the kidnapping.
(building sign) Darts & Billiards
(chain sign)
Closed for business.
Entry prohibited
Nagisa: They will surely look for a place nearby away from prying eyes.
Nagisa: In such a case, turn to appendix 134.


Nagisa: The map that sensei created beforehand at mach 20...
Nagisa: will be a useful countermeasure against kidnappers in hiding.

???: That school trip guidebook is incredible!
???: What a perfect countermeasure against kidnapping!!
???: Woow,
???: we really should carry those around after all.

(Boys): That sorta guidebook doesn't exist!!

Karma: ...So, what will you do now,
Karma: Gents?


Karma: Seeing as you went this far,
Karma: you'll all be spending the rest of your school trip in the hospital.

Boy: ...Hmph.
Boy: Don't try and look cool, you junior high brats.

(sfx) Stomp stomp stomp

Boy: Those are the buddies we called earlier.
Boy: Now our side's got 10 people.
(sfx) Creaak

Boy: Good little kiddies like you lot've never seen
Boy: badass punks like them before.


(Boy): Bada...
(Boy): Badass p... huh?!

Korosen: There aren't any badass punks here.
Korosen: Sensei ended up performing maintenance on all of them.

Nagisa: Korosensei!!


Korosen: Forgive me for being late.
Korosen: I was doing a thorough search of the other areas...
Korosen: so I left this place to all of you.

Nagisa: ...erm,
Nagisa: what's with that stagehand-like face covering?
Korosen: I had to resort to violence, so
Korosen: I was scared that my face would be remembered as that of a violent teacher.
Korosensei's Weaknesses (10)
He's worried about appearances

Korosen: Since Nagisa-kun had a copy of the guidebook with him...
Korosen: I was also able to get to you quickly.
(on book covers) School trip guidebook
Korosen: All of you should take this opportunity to carry one.

Boy: ...You're
Boy: a teacher?!

Boy: Quit screwing around!!
Boy: All of you bastards, looking down on us!!


Korosen: Don't screw around?

Box: Wh...

Box: What'd he just do...
Box: It was so fast, I couldn't see it.

Korosen: That's my line.
Korosen: Touching my students with those filthy hands
Korosen: and speed equal to that of a grounded fly... don't make me laugh.


Boy: ...Tch.
Boy: So the elite even have specially-prepared teachers, huh.

Boy: You look down on us from your high horse too, don't you.
Boy: Making fun of us, thinking we're some dumbass high school...
(sfx) Kachink

Korosen: We are not elites.

Korosen: It is true that they are students from a notable school, but
Korosen: within its walls, they are referred to as "leftovers"
Korosen: and their class is the target of discrimination.

Korosen: And yet
Korosen: they face the variety of things encountered there with a truly positive outlook.
Korosen: They do not drag others through the mud like you do.


Korosen: School and status have nothing to do with it.
Korosen: Whether a fish lives in a clear stream or a water ditch,
Korosen: so long as it continues swimming forward, it will grow up beautifully.

Korosen: ...Now then, my students.
Korosen: Let's perform some maintenance on them,

Korosen: by teaching their bodies
Korosen: the basics of school trips.


(book covers) School trip guidebook

(Boy): When did they get behind us...
(Boy): And on top of that, not hesitating to hit us with blunt weapons*...
(beneath panel) ※The guidebooks

(Boy): We might have picked...
(Boy): the wrong people to target...


(top sign) Darts & Billiards
(right sign)
Closed for business.
Entry prohibited
Korosen: Did something happen, Kanzaki-san?
Kanzaki: Eh...?
Korosen: You ended up suffering a terrible calamity, so it wouldn't be all that strange for you to be shaken up, and yet

Korosen: somehow, it's the exact opposite...
Korosen: from your expression, it's as if a weight has been lifted.

Kanzaki: ...not really, Korosensei.
Kanzaki: Thank you.

Korosen: It was nothing.
Korosen: Nurufufufufu. Well then, how about we continue our trip.
(book cover) School trip guid
Box: ...the problem is that our target
(left, star) Wriggling with excitement!!
Box: is an incredibly reliable sensei.



[page 1]
Answer-ssination - Wordplay right from the get-go. The kanji used is 暗殺 (ansatsu), or the "assassination" part of the series' title. However, the reading given is アンサー (ansaa), or "answer". The two words are similar, but this is also making use of alternate readings for everyone's favorite 殺.

[page 19]
Speed equal to that of a grounded fly - The phrase used here is actually pretty hard to put into English. Literally, it says "speed like that of a fly standing still" - but that's horrendously awkward to say. Basically, Korosensei is saying that the delinquents are so slow that it's as if they aren't moving at all.

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