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Haikyuu!! 26


+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 6, 2012 21:12 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 26

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


The 2nd volume is already getting a reprint!! Thanks for the support!!
Furudate Haruichi
Chapter 26: Determination
Box: May 3rd, 11:05 AM
Box: Karasuno High School 2nd Gymnasium
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Wham
???: Focus just as hard on the last one as you did on the others!
???: O-one more.
(left) The training camp is well underway!!!
(bottom left, star) There's a full-color extra story in the popular "Jump NEXT!", now on sale!! Hurry to the bookstore before it's sold out!!

Tanaka: Yamaguchi!
???: Nice receive!

???: Nice one, Yamaguchi.
Shimizu: That's 5 successes. Switch out!
Yama: Haaaaaah...

Shou: One more!


???: Alright, last serve of the morning!!
???: Kay!!

Tobio: Azumane-san.

Asahi: Huh?
Tobio: Um,
Tobio: Later... but before the afternoon practice starts, could you hit some light tosses from me?

Asahi: Sure thing.
Shou: M-me too!
Tobio: Later.

Takeda: They're certainly lively, both during breaks and while sharpening their skills in practice...

Ukai: I even saw Kageyama running early in the morning.
Takeda: Ah, Hinata-kun does that too. He said it's because during the training camp, the route to and from school has no "mountain paths".
Ukai: Mountain paths??


Takeda: Hinata-kun commutes by bicycle everyday from Yukigaoka.
Ukai: Geh! That takes about 40 minutes, don't it.
Takeda: He seems to get here in 30.
Takeda: By the way, he used to travel over the mountain for junior high, too.

Ukai: So that's where his stamina comes from...
Ukai: He's energetic to the end, even though he has a lot of pointless movements.
(black sfx) Squeak squeak squeak
(white sfx) Bam thud

Ukai: Come to think of it, are the Nekoma guys here yet?
Takeda: They're probably going to come here today.
Takeda: It seems they've been playing practice matches against a different school everyday in Karasuno Sougou Sports Park.
(left, white text) Sorry!!

Takeda: So, the last day is
Takeda: against us.

Takeda: ...what sort of team is Nekoma?

Ukai: ...I don't really know about their current team, but in the past, they were great at receives.
Ukai: There weren't any players with outstanding offensive abilities, but they had no gaps in defense.
Ukai: That's nothing like us, though!

Ukai: Anyway...
Ukai: as you'd expect from a team called "the cats",


Ukai: they have "flexibility".

Tsukinokizawa High School
1st Gymnasium
???: Nice receive, Kuro-san!

Boy: That tall middle blocker is good at receives, too...!

(Boy): What the heck is this... we keep hitting the ball, but it never hits the floor on the other side...!


sfx bubble: Fwoosh

(white sfx) Twee tweeeet
Box: End of the match.

Scoreboard, right side:
Team Name
Scoreboard, left side:
Team Name
Box: Set count: 2-0 | 25-21 | 25-13

Boy: None of them seem like a "genius" at offense or defense, and yet...

Boy: Why are they so strong...?
Box: Winner: Nekoma High School


Daichi: Lunch breaaaak!!!

Players: Okaaaay!!

(left of Shou) Food time!
(below Tobio) Guuuurgle
(left of Noya) Pick up the pace, Yamaguchi.

Takeda: Is something wrong?

Takeda: ......Ah.
Takeda: Could you be... troubled over the lineup for the match?

Ukai: ...I can't decide...
Ukai: ...on a setter...


Ukai: If I go with ability, then it'd be Kageyama...

Ukai: Sugawara's strength lies in his rapport with Azumane.
Ukai: Even though they have built up that connection since their 1st year,

Ukai: It's as if Kageyama's talent overcomes even that amount of time in an instant.

Ukai: He makes efficient use of a hard-to-handle weapon like Hinata,
Ukai: as well as the other spikers...
Ukai: And all that in just under a month...

Ukai: On top of that, he has plenty of chances to rest on his laurels, get carried away and impose on others, but
Ukai: He is utterly stoic.


Ukai: As for putting Kageyama as a starting member in the practice match this time,
Ukai: If he can mesh well with Azumane, who he's only just started playing with,
まだ合わせ始めたばかりのアズマネとも ちゃんと噛み合うなら
Ukai: then I think I'll also use Kageyama as the setter in official matches from here on out.

Ukai: Still, Sugawara's also clearly been working hard all this time,
Ukai: and there's the trust the other players have in him, too...

Takeda: ...Perhaps the reason you're having trouble deciding

Takeda: is because you're taking into consideration
Takeda: that "Sugawara-kun is a 3rd year"?

Takeda: For a 3rd year, this year is their last... it's truly a special--

Takeda: Ahh! I'm sorry, saying unnessary things...
Ukai: Nah.


Ukai: --That just might be why.

Ukai: During...

Ukai: my 3 years in high school, I was only a starting member once,
Ukai: and that time was only because my kouhai, the regular setter, was injured and couldn't play.
Ukai: Back then, the fact that they didn't let me play in matches was just plain frustrating.

Ukai: --Still,

Ukai: Since I've taken up the role of coach, even just temporarily,
Ukai: I can't afford to think like a player...


(white sfx) Beep clunk

???: Ukai-san.
sfx bubble: Kssh

Ukai: What is it?

Suga: --For us 3rd years,

Suga: there is no "next year".


Suga: That's why

Suga: We want to win as many times as possible.
Suga: We want a ticket to continue onward to the next stop.

Suga: If we can achieve that with Kageyama rather than me,

Suga: then I think you should choose him without hesitation.

Suga: S...sorry for saying something so impertinent...


Suga: I've played alongside Daichi and Asahi since we were 1st years.
Suga: I want to stand with them on the court,

Suga: for as many plays as possible.

(Ukai): This guy...
Suga: When Kageyama is exhausted, or when something or other happens.
Suga: Even if it's as a stopgap measure or a substitute,

Suga: even if others think "poor guy, and he's a 3rd year to boot",
Suga: if it will increase my chances to play in the game, none of that matters.

Suga: Even though I'm not the regular setter, I definitely won't give up on playing.
Suga: To that end, I'd like more chances.
Suga: I will convey my thoughts to the other 3rd years, as well.

Ukai: ...Sugawara.


Ukai: It looks like I've been taking you too lightly.

Ukai: Frankly, you're scaring me right now.
Suga: I am?!

Ukai: I'm still inexperienced as a coach, but

Ukai: I'll do everything I can so you guys win and continue moving forward.

Suga: Please do!
Ukai: Yep.

Daichi: ...we'll give it our all and win as many times as possible.
Asahi: Definitely.


Suga: Ah! There you are, Hinata. Do you have a minute?
Shou: Ah! Sugawara-san!

Suga: I'm going to give copies to the other 1st years later, but...
(sfx) Rummage

Suga: Here.

Suga: They're hand signals.

(on paper)
Quick | (3) C-Quick
(6) Broad Attack

Suga: Since I don't have
Suga: the skill to perfectly match my toss to your movements, like Kageyama does,
Box: A-Quick
Suga: I want to set up hand signals beforehand to tell you "next, we'll go for this sort of attack".
Suga: That, or signals to tell you "here's where to jump."
Shou: Oooh.


Suga: Well... you probably won't like memorizing something like this, though...
Shou: That's not true at all! Hand signals are cool, so I can remember them!!
(left of Shou) I'm bad at studying through memorization, though.

Suga: After that, it's just a matter of practicing. And since we won't be able to use it in matches if we don't have it down pat,
Suga: so whenever you're feeling up to it, I'd be grateful if you'd practice with me.

Shou: Sure!
Shou: I'll do it whenever you'd like!!
Shou: That way, I'll be able to hit any toss, no matter what kind!!

(sign) Cafeteria

(above Yama/Kei) Haaah...


(sfx) Gobble gobble gobble munch munch

Kei: How can they have such a huge appetite...
Yama: I'm gonna puke...

Noya: Oi, eat up! Even if you've gotta choke it down!!

Noya: If you're like this now, what d'you think's gonna happen when it really gets hot?
Noya: You'll shrivel up and die!!

Shou: Yamaguchi, you're not gonna eat that?! Can I have it?!
Noya: HEY! Let Yamaguchi eat properly!!
Asahi: You're eating pretty well today, Suga.
Suga: Oh?

Suga: If I don't eat a lot, I can't do my best.


Karasuno Sougou Sports Park
Training camp center
???: --So,
???: in 2 days, we'll be heading to the rumored Karasuno High School, but

???: the question is whether or not our
???: (supposedly) fated rival Karasuno has a female manager!!

???: I'll bet a Häagen-Dazs that they don't!!
Nekoma High School 2nd year
Volleyball club
Wing spiker
Yamamoto Taketora

???: Ehh? I'd be happy if they had one, so I'm going with yes!
1st year Middle blocker
Inuoka Sou

???: Same for me.
1st year Libero
Shibayama Yuuki


Tora: Bastards! It'd be frustrating as all hell if they've got one when we don't!!
Inu/Shiba: Ehh...
Tora: If by some chance they do have one, then I'll forgive them if she's some sort of gorilla chick!!

Tora: But if by some twist of fate their manager's a beauty, I'll never forgive them!!
(Inu/Shiba): He's teary-eyed...
(left of Tora) Ever!!

Tora: If that's the case, you better be prepared, Karasunoooo!
Kuro: Shut up, Yamamoto!!

Tora: Oi, which d'you think it'll be, Kenma?!

Kenma: I don't... really care either way...
Tora: Keh.
Tora: I figured you'd say that!
Kenma: But


Kenma: I'm kinda looking forward to
Kenma: the match with Karasuno.

Tora: Kenma, who never feels like doing anything, says he's looking forward to a match?!
???: Yamamoto, if you've got that much energy, how about I make you practice more than everyone else.
Tora: S-
Tora: Sorry...

(white sfx) Zzzz...
(left of panel) Their showdown approaches...!!!

Box: The time left until the practice match against Nekoma High School
(left of Tanaka) Urrggghh
Box: is 2 days.

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