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Assassination Classroom 18

Red Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 9, 2012 13:07 | Go to Assassination Classroom

-> RTS Page for Assassination Classroom 18

Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.

[page 001]

Assassination Classroom
Chapter 18: Red Time | Matsui Yuusei
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Go follow @ansatsu_k right now!!
Box: My nickname is "Red Eye".
Box: I'm a professional killer who specializes in sniping.
(right, star) A sniper who appears out of nowhere and never lets his prey escape!!

Box: This time, I've been sent on a job to Kyoto, Japan.
Box: Geez...
Box: So I'll be dyeing an elegant, ancient city the color of blood, huh...

(left, star) Volume 1 is on sale with rave reviews!! You can also download Korosensei emoticons free of charge from the volume's wraparound!!


Karasuma: The one I'd like you to target is a teacher currently heading up a school trip.

Karasuma: I'm sure you've already heard, but this teacher isn't human.
Karasuma: We created rifle bullets from a material that's effective against him, but...
Karasuma: unfortunately, the bullets' speed is also slow and a rifle's range is short.

Karasuma: Above all else, you must not allow yourself any direct interaction with the target.
Karasuma: I don't doubt your skill, but...
Karasuma: face this assignment with more than sufficient preparations.

Box: I, who have a score of 35 kills...
Box: ...am being underestimated.


(top) - AM 9:30: Group 1, Free Time -
???: Ooooh!!
???: The wind's really strong when there aren't any windows!!

Korosen: If the car's this open, I won't get sick, either.
Korosen: Still, 25 km/hr is quite fast.
Maehara: Says the one who can go mach 20.

(boy sfx) Nod

Box: The target sniping spot we were assigned is...
Box: one of the famous places along the Sagano Scenic Railway.

(left, box) Character introduction
(left, below picture)
Travels at mach 20, aka 960 times faster than a Sagano Line trolley car.


Conductor: We will be stopping on the bridge for a short while.
Conductor: You will be able to see the picturesque Hozukyo Gorge in its entirety, so please go ahead and take your time.

Kurahashi: Ah!
Kurahashi: Korosensei, look over there!
Kurahashi: They're going downstream by boat!!
Korosen: Where, where?
Korosen: Ooh!!

Box: Stopping on the bridge and coincidentally encountering a group traveling downstream were both prepared beforehand!!
Box: The sniper's signal to act is...

Box: the instant when Korosensei leans out of the window to look at the boat!!


Box: I've taken down a target in the Middle East from 2 km. away during a sandstorm.
Box: Shooting under these conditions is far too easy.

Box: Well, then...
Box: I'm pretty sure that was a headshot, but just to be sure...


(sfx) Sizzle

(Red): He stopped it with pieces of yatsuhashi?!

Korosen: Whoops.

Korosen: It's certainly dangerous
Korosen: to have small bones in yatsuhashi.
(right of student) Tch.
(right of girl) Tch.

Box: Unbelievable!!
Box: Stopping a rifle bullet revolving at high speed using only soft and springy yatsuhashi...
1. While turning the yatsuhashi along with the bullet's revolution,
2. catch the latter in a gentle motion and
3. bring it to a stop with the bean paste's elasticity.
Box: Just how quickly would you need to act to pull that off!!


Box: ...Heh.
Box: I get it now.
Box: So that's why he's got a 10 billion yen bounty on his head.

Box: Looks like I've been requested to kill a real outrageous monster.
Box: ...This's gonna be fun.

(top) - AM 11:20: Group 2, Free Time -

Man: You would be well served to leave quietly as you are.
Man: I would prefer to abstain from meaningless bloodshed.

Man: Urggh... you just had to open your big mouth...
Man: Oi, you lot!!
Man: Let's get'im!!

Box: --I see.
Box: So next up is a Movie Land samurai show, huh.


Okajima: When you're this close, the katanas move at an incredible speed.
Korosen: Those quick well-polished movements are so captivating.
Korosen: Sensei loves sword fights like these.

Mimura: The bad guy's winning!!
Mimura: Crap, they're coming this way!!
sfx bubble: Glance

(Red): They've even instructed the actors to perform with flashy movements.
(Red): When he's engrossed in the show, his guard will be down...
Box: ...Fufufu.
Box: OK, OK.

Box: With my skills and this distance,
Box: It'll be easy to accurately hit a single spectator who isn't moving around much.

Box: At worst, they'll chalk it up to an accidental shooting...

Box: Huh?
Box: Where'd he go?


(Red): What the hell is he doing!!

Box: Just when did he mix in with the actors and join the sword fight!!
Box: He even fully changed his clothes...
Korosen: I offer my assistance.
Korosen: The only flower which blooms through villainy is the bloody sakura.
Box: and his catchphrase is perfect!!

Box: ...Kuh...

Box: The actors move around so much that I can't get a clear shot!!


(Karasuma): He is quite fast.
(Karasuma): Don't let his outrageous movements bewilder you.
Red: That's way beyond outrageous!!

Box: ...Next time!!
(top) - PM 2:20: Group 3, Free Time -
Box: I'll definitely kill you, on the name "Red Eye"!!

Hara: You're late, Korosensei~
Korosen: Nuuaa, my apologies!
Korosen: I got caught up playing a leading role in a period drama.

Hazama: We already visited Kiyomizu-dera a while ago.
Korosen: Oh.
Korosen: Then how about we go look for souvenirs along Ninenzaka!
Tera: You're just interested in getting sweets.

(Red): ...Alright.
(Red): Here, I can take careful aim at him.


Box: A shot from Yasaka Shrine's five-storied pagoda!!

Hara: Korosensei,
Hara: try using these cleansing facial pads I just bought.

Korosen: Hrmmm.
Korosen: It'll be embarrassing if I'm all sticky.
(sfx) Stick
Hara: It's fine, don't worry.
(right of Tera) Smirk

Box: At the exit point of Sannenzaka,
(sfx) Gleam
Box: the instant the students have him distracted looking over the souvenirs they've bought!!

Box: Bingo!!
Box: I definitely got him right in the forehead!!


(Red): They're not bullet-removal pads, dammit!!

Korosen: See? I told you.
Korosen: They soaked up this much mucus!!
Korosen: Even enough to stop a bullet!

Korosen: Oh, I have a call from Nagisa-kun's group.
Korosen: Hello.
Korosen: Where are you right now?!

Box: ...What the.
Box: What the hell is he.


Box: Both his speed and defense are perfect.
Box: It's as if...
Box: he's a creature born only to be impervious to assassination.

(phone sfx) Vrrrrr

Red: ...Hello.
Red: ...Karasuma-san, huh.

Karasuma: Sorry, but we'll be ending the assassination effort for today.
Karasuma: Evidently group 4 ran into some trouble with students from another school.
Karasuma: The target went over there in a hurry to deal with the situation.

Red: ...I see.
Red: Alright.

Red: I was also...
Red: thinking that I want to give up on this already.


Box: It's been 8 years since I started out in the assassination business.
Box: My pride is in shreds.

Box: I have always seen my targets' blood reflected through the scope of my gun.
Box: That is the origin of my nickname, and yet...

Red: ...What a joke.
Red: Today, there wasn't a single place where red filled my eyes, was there?

(on bottle) Togarashi


Korosen: Here you go.
Korosen: It's shichimi I bought along Sannenzaki.
Red: Oh... it's you.
Red: Thanks.

(Red): You?!

Korosen: The students' trouble has also been resolved without incident, so

Korosen: I thought I would offer my greetings...
Korosen: to you, who went sightseeing with us today.


(on column) Boiled tofu

Red: ...So you saw through everything and were playing around with me, huh.
(pot sfx) Blup blup
(Korosen sfx) Blow blow blow

(Korosen sfx) Blow blow
Red: So this's why the government's strictly forbidden me
Red: from saying that such a monster exists.

Red: ...Well,
Red: are you planning to kill me, then?
Red: Fine, go ahead.
(sfx) Blow blow
Red: I'm in this sort of business, so I'm prepared for that.

(sfx) Blow blow

(sfx) Blow blow
Red: Just eat it already!!
Korosensei's weaknesses (11)
He can't handle hot food


Korosen: I have no intention of killing you.
(sfx) Huff huff
Korosen: Thanks to you, our school trip became quite enjoyable.
Korosen: I simply wanted to express my thanks.

Korosen: In seeking out places from which you could shoot me,
Korosen: the students learned more about Kyoto than they would have normally.
Korosen: Geography, terrain, places of interest and history.

Korosen: In other words,
Korosen: you could say that they had more of an opportunity to understand this city's charm.


Korosen: An understanding of people, land and atmosphere.
Korosen: What the students obtain throughout the assassination effort will surely color them with a wealth of experiences.

Korosen: That's why I look forward to being assassinated.

Red: Both your body and thoughts are just plain crazy.

Box: ...and yet
Box: I wonder why
Box: he makes an excellent teacher.


Karasuma: You're turning down the mission?
Red: Yeah.
Red: Sorry,
Red: I've come to like sightseeing around this city.

Red: I was inexperienced as an assassin.
Red: I'm going to go around looking at all sorts of colors
Red: without being obsessed over just one.

(left, star) The VOMIC will be produced next January!!!

Red: Nooow then,
Red: I wonder what sort of colors will be reflected in the scenery through today's scope.
(right, star) Right beneath the blue sky!!



Kyoto locations
(page 7) Movie Land here refers to Toei Uzumasa Eigamura, which has replicas of traditional Japanese buildings of the Edo, Meiji, etc. eras. The area has been used to film many period dramas, and films are sometimes still shot there.
(page 10/11) Kiyomizu-dera is a Buddhist temple, while Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka are the stone-paved roads leading up to it.

[page 9]
The only flower which blooms through villainy is the bloody sakura - First off, when Red Eye refers to this as a catchphrase (決め台詞, kimezerifu), he's talking about phrases that are repeatedly spoken by characters in period dramas (and many tokusatsu shows). One of the best examples I can think of is the well-known "in the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" line from Sailormoon.
The "bloody sakura" part refers to a Japanese legend which says that sakura blossoms were originally white but turned pink after a corpse was buried beneath the tree. It apparently stems from a short story by Showa era author Motojiro Kaiji titled "Under the Cherry Trees", whose opening lines reads thusly: "Dead bodies are buried under the sakura! You have to believe it. Otherwise, you couldn't possibly explain the beauty of the sakura blossoms. I was restless, lately, because I couldn't believe in this beauty. But I have now finally understood: dead bodies are buried under the cherry trees! You have to believe it." It's both widely known and frequently quoted in Japan.

[page 11/12]
Oil-removal pads / bullet-removal pads - The Japanese term aburatorigami (あぶらとり紙) refers to oil-absorbent paper used to remove excess oil from the face. They're frequently used by kabuki actors and geisha to keep their makeup fresh for long periods of time. I opted to translate it as "oil-removal pads" in order to keep Red Eye's joke on the following page. For reference, the individual parts of aburatorigami are abura, meaning "oil/lard", tori (toru), meaning "to remove" in this case, and kami (gami), meaning "paper". Red Eye instead says tamatorukami - replacing oil (abura) with bullet (tama).

[page 14/15]
Shichimi togarashi - Also known as just shichimi, this is a Japanese spice mixture containing seven ingredients. Togarashi means "chili pepper", which is the main ingredient.

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