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Translations: Gintama 687 (2) , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Assassination Classroom 19

Curiosity Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 15, 2012 22:02 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


???: Woaah!
(right, star) Holding her ground, even against a barrage...!!
(top left)
Assassination Classroom
Chapter 19: Curiosity Time
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???: How in the world are you dodging all of them?!

(below panel) Matsui Yuusei

Kanzaki: You're embarrassing me.
(right sign) In-House Game Corner
Sugino: You're moving like a pro, all while gracefully smiling!!
(left sign) Coin Exchange
sfx bubble: Kachunk
sfx bubble: Tap tap
sfx bubble: Tap

Okuda: I never would have expected
Okuda: that Kanzaki-san would be so good at a game like this.

Kanzaki: ...I'd kept silent about it.
Kanzaki: Even though I can play, such things are only frowed upon in an elite school like ours.

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Kanzaki: But
Kanzaki: maybe I've been worrying too much about what those around me think.

Kanzaki: Clothes, hobbies, status...
Kanzaki: I'd grown used to running and getting swept away by the crowd, so I had no confidence in myself.

Kanzaki: What Korosensei said made me realize
Kanzaki: that what's important is inwardly looking forward and trying hard.

Box: This is an unexpected side to Kanzaki-san.

Box: I guess she and Kayano talked about something when they were kidnapped.
Box: The mood between them is kinda lighthearted.


(right of boy) Ha ha ha!

Box: Most snipers see how difficult this job will be and decline the offer,
Box: and the only one who accepted ended up turning it down halfway through.

Box: So this is the extent of the Kyoto sniping plan, huh.

(left, box) Character Introduction
(left, below picture)
Travels at mach 20, aka 151.898 times faster than Irabu Hideki's fastest pitch.

Mimura: Karasuma-sensei!
Mimura: Let's play some ping-pong.

Box: We can't tax their school trip any further.
Box: From here on out, they can do as they like with their time.
Karasuma: ...Fine by me.
Karasuma: I'm strong, though.


???: Still, this inn must be pretty profitable.

Okajima: The boys' and girls' sides each have a bedroom and common room,
Okajima: and apparently we're the only class who doesn't have private rooms.
Nagisa: It's livelier that way.

Nagisa: Nakamura-san,
Nagisa: what are you guys doing?
Naka: Shh!!
(on curtains) Mens' Bath

Naka: Exactly what it looks like.
Naka: We're peeping.
Okajima: Peeping?!
Okajima: Isn't that the boys' job?
Nagisa: It's not a job at all.

Naka: Can you still say that, even after seeing this?


Naka: If these clothes are hanging here,
Naka: then their owner is in the bath.
Naka: You get what I'm saying, right?

Naka: Right now, we'll be able to see it.
Naka: The body beneath Korosensei's clothes.

Naka: Are there only tentacles from the neck down?
Naka: Or is there a torso in there?
Naka: It'll even put us at an advantage in assassinating him.
Okajima: I can't believe that such unsexy peeping exists in this world...


???: What are you, a girl!!

Korosen: Oh my. Hello everyone.
Sugino: Why the heck are you in a bubble bath.
Nagisa: Didn't they say that bath additives aren't allowed?

Korosen: This is sensei's mucus.
Korosen: It bubbles up and removes microscopic particles of dirt.
???: That body is really convenient!

Naka: ...Fufufu.
Naka: But you're too naive.
Naka: We are blocking the exit.


Naka: When you get out of the bathtub, you'll definitely have to pass by us.
Naka: Even if we can't kill you, we'll be able to see your naked body.

Korosen: That cannot be allowed.
???: What is that, jellied soup!!

Nagisa: And then he goes and escapes through the window...
Okajima: Nakamura... this peeping was fruitless.

???: We've learned all sorts of things about everyone on this trip, but...
???: Yeah.
???: We're not any closer to knowing about Korosensei's true form.
???: Might as well go hang out in the common room.


(on paper)
Girl you're interested in
Kanzaki | IIII | Points | Personality | Face
Yada | III | Br
Kurahashi | II

Boy: So Kanzaki-san's in first place after all.
Boy: Well, there's really no one who'd dislike her.

Maehara: So?
Maehara: How'd it go, Sugino? Since you managed to get her into your group.
Sugino: Well...

Sugino: We ran into all sorts of trouble,
Sugino: so there was hardly any time to talk with her.
Maehara: Ahh.
Maehara: Sounds like you had it rough.

Karma: Ooh.
Karma: Looks like you guys are doing something interesting.
Isogai: Nice timing, Karma.


Boy: Are you interested in any of the girls in our class?
Maehara: Everyone's said theirs, so you're not getting out of it.

Karma: ...Hmm.
Karma: Okuda-san, I guess.
???: Ooh, that's unexpected.
???: Why?

Karma: She seems like
Karma: she'd be able to cook up shady medicines, chloroform, and stuff like that.
Karma: So I'd have an even wider variety of pranks to choose from.
Maehara: I definitely don't wanna let you two hook up.

Isogai: Guys,
Isogai: these voting results are our little secret.
Isogai: I mean, most of us wouldn't want them getting out.

Isogai: So as far as the girls and sensei are concerned, we'll definitely...


Maehara: He jotted it down and ran!!
Maehara: Kill'im!!

Boys: Hold it right there, you damn octopus!!
Boys: Going and invading your students' privacy like that!!
Korosen: Nurufufufu.
Korosen: Sensei's super speed exists in order to learn this sort of information.


???: Bitch-sensei, you're only 20?!

Kata: You're pretty experienced, so I figured you'd be older.
Girl: I know, right?
Girl: And yet you're the sort of character who's only pretty on the outside.
Irina: Well, to build a meaningful life, sex appeal is...
Irina: Who the hell said "only pretty on the outside" just now!!

Irina: A woman's beauty is fleeting.
(box label) Senmai-zuke

Irina: Unlike me, you girls...
Irina: were born into a country which isn't particularly dangerous.
Irina: Be grateful and use everything you have to make yourselves shine as women.


Girl: Bitch-sensei said something respectable.
Girl: That's kinda brazen~
Irina: Quit saying things that make me look like a fool, you brats!!

Girl: Then, um!

Yada: Tell us about the men who've fallen for you!
Hinano: Ah, I'm interested in that too~

Irina: Fufu. Very well.
Irina: This will be racy for you children, so be prepared.

Irina: For example, back when I was 17...

(sfx) Gulp...
(sfx) Gulp...


Irina: Oi, you there!!

Irina: Don't just nonchalantly slip into a women's gathering!!
Korosen: It's fine, isn't it?
Korosen: I want to hear about those sorts of love affairs, too.

Naka: I don't what to think of a sensei like that.
Naka: I mean, he doesn't talk about his personal affairs at all.

Girl: Yeah, that's just unfair!!

Girl: Don't you have any love stories, sensei?
Korosen: Eh?
Korosen: Eh?
Girl: That's right!
Girl: You like big breasts, and you must have something like an unrequited love!


Irina: He ran away!!
???: We're gonna catch him, make him spit it out, and kill him!!

Boys: There he is!!
Korosen: Nyuuaa!
Korosen: Oh crap, it's a pincer attack from both sides!!

(sfx) Bam! Whack!
Kaya: Somehow or other, it ends up as an assassination after all.
Nagisa: Yeah.


Kaya: So tomorrow's the last day, huh.
Kaya: This school trip was really fun.
Kaya: We got to see different sides to everyone.

Kaya: Is something wrong?

Nagisa: ...Not really.
Nagisa: I was just thinking a bit.

Nagisa: About how it feels like
(book cover)
School trip guidebook
Kunugigaoka Junior High, Class 3-E
Nagisa: the end of this school trip is fast approaching.

Nagisa: This assassination lifestyle has only just begun, and
Nagisa: I don't know whether the world will end next year or not, but


Nagisa: our class will definitely come to an end
Nagisa: next March.

Kaya: That's true.

Nagisa: I want to know more about everyone,
Nagisa: try killing sensei more,
Nagisa: and live so I don't leave anything unfinished.


Kaya: For now,
Kaya: I'd like to take a school trip
Kaya: one more time.
Nagisa: ....Yeah.

Korosen: My, my.
Korosen: That was certainly dangerous.

Karasuma: What's going on.
Karasuma: It's been noisy out there for a while now.
Korosen: The students are trying to force me to tell them my love stories.
Karasuma: ...Love stories?

Korosen: Even my past is scattered with them, after all.
Korosen: More than can be counted on these hands and feet.


Karasuma: Is that a story
Karasuma: from when you only had 2 of each?


Karasuma: ...No,
Karasuma: I'll leave it at that.
Karasuma: You don't intend to talk about it anyway.

Korosen: Wise choice, Karasuma-sensei.

Korosen: Even while traveling, it is rude to ask about the number of one's limbs, after all.
(right, star) Karasuma says he'll leave the love story alone...



[page 11]
A woman's beauty is fleeting - The phrase Irina uses is 女の賞味期限は短い (onna no shoumikigen ha mijikai), which literally means "women have a short expiration date". It primarily refers to the belief that a woman's beauty/sex appeal/childbearing ability declines as she grows older and peaks in her 20s. I actually found a really interesting discussion about the phrase on a Japanese forum, which I'll be translating on my tumblr soonish.

Senmai-zuke - A Kyoto specialty produced and sold November - March. It is made by slicing giant daikon radishes paper thin and marinating the slices in a sweet vinegar mixture made of kelp, red peppers and vinegar. They're often referred to as "Japanese pickles".

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