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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Haikyuu!! 27

The Cats and Crows Meet Again

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 15, 2012 23:17 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 27

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Ukai: Against Nekoma,
Ukai: we'll go with this starting lineup.

(left) A real Karasuno lineup!!

WS Tanaka Ryunosuke
177 cm. 2nd year
MB Hinata Shouyou
162 cm. 1st year
WS Sawamura Daichi
176 cm. 3rd year
S Kageyama Tobio
180 cm. 1st year
L Nishinoya Yuu
159 cm. 2nd year
MB Tsukishima Kei
188 cm. 1st year
WS Azumane Asahi
184 cm. 3rd year
As thanks for the explosive sales of volumes 1 & 2, there's an increase to 23 pages!!
Chapter 27: The Cats and Crows Meet Again | Furudate Haruichi


Ukai: This lineup hasn't been playing together all that long,
Ukai: so I don't think it'll be that smooth and easy.

Ukai: Seems like there were all sorts of problems before I came here, too.
(sfx) Gulp

Ukai: ...Just because you've got a skilled libero now
Ukai: and your ace has returned
Ukai: doesn't automatically mean "alright, we can win this."

Ukai: The side who'll win
Ukai: is the one that works together.

Ukai: Regardless of how well you can compete using these members,
Ukai: this is a match between "the crows" and their old nemesis "the cats".
Players: Right!!


Ukai: You won't have another chance to show your gratitude at being able to "practice" for this "match".
Ukai: So thank your sensei for setting it up!
Takeda: Y-you don't have to do tha-
Players: THANK YOU!!
Takeda: Ack!

Noya: Asahi-san.

Asahi: ......yes?

Noya: Suga-san aside, don't you think
Noya: you should "apologize to Ennoshita" and stuff?

Asahi: Guh.
Enno: Ehhh?!


Noya: We're not just pretending to be friends, y'know.
(sfx) Bam!
Noya: The strong are the ones who stand on the court!
Noya: That's only natural!!

Enno: ...Ah...
Enno: Well, um...

Enno: It's not like I've been playing in earnest the whole time.
Enno: I ran away from it once too,
Enno: so...

Noya: If you become stronger than the ace in both mind and body,
Noya: then you'll be able to snatch the regular spot from Asahi-san fair and square!!
Noya: Got it, Chikara?!
Ennoshita (15)
His first name is Chikara.
Enno: Geeh?!

Enno: You don't have to go that far...
Noya: Oh, but the one who stole the regular spot from you before that was Ryu! Position-wise, that is!
ああ その前にレギュラー奪われるとしたら先に龍か!ポジション的に!!
(Tanaka sfx) Shock

Tanaka: F-fine by me! B-b-bring it on, Ennoshitaaa!!
Enno: Nishinoya, that's enough. I'm begging you, stop already.
Noya: Bwuh!


Shou: Ahh~ Man, I'm full...
Shou: GAH!

Shou: The 2nd years are setting things up.
Tobio: We'll do it.

Enno: Ahh,
Enno: We're fine, though...

Shou: ...Umm, Ennoshita-san,
Shou: I kinda overheard the conversation with Asahi-san and the rest earlier...
Enno: Oh.
Enno: Are you talking about the "I ran away" bit?

Enno: ...you've heard
Enno: that there was a period of time last year when Coach Ukai returned, right?
(small text) The previous one, I mean.
Shou/Tobio: Yes.

Enno: That time... well... it's kind of a disgraceful story...
Enno: I don't know how many guys weren't able to keep up with the training and left...


Enno: Essentially, we were spoiled by having a kind captain,
Enno: and as "club activities which are themselves fun to do" became "club activities all for the sake of winning",
Enno: it was as if we had been doused with cold water. Surprised and afraid, we fled.

Enno: But when I realized that I still wanted to play volleyball after all and came back,
Enno: Coach Ukai was no longer there.

(Tobio): He collapsed?!

Boy: We don't have a lot of club members, so
Boy: I think Sawamura-san shrewdly turned a blind eye on us having returned.

Enno: We are disgraceful 2nd years, but...

Enno: Since we've returned, we think we'd like to work hard so we don't lose to you guys.
Enno: So
Enno: let's continue to get along!

Tobio/Shou: Right!


Tobio: Why are you spacing out like that.

Shou: ...It's only natural, but
Shou: even if they can't play in this match,
Shou: everyone
Shou: intends to get on the court at some point.

Shou: Right now, the fact that I'm out on the court is due to your toss.
Shou: It's frustrating, but I'm sure I wouldn't be sent out there if I were on my own.


Shou: UOOOOOH!!!
Tobio: Where're you going?!

Shou: The baths!!!
Shou: And then to bed!!
Shou: I'm gonna wake up even earlier tomorrow!!

Tobio: That little...
Tobio: Dammit!! You bastard!!
Tobio: You got a head start!!!

Kei: ...I can understand the early morning training bit, but
Kei: why are they even competing over who gets to the baths the fastest? Are they complete idiots?
Yama: I'm getting tired just watching them~

Daichi: HEY! Who the hell's running around!!

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

Ukai: Footwork,
Ukai: Footwork,
Ukai: Footwork!!
Ukai: No stopping!! And don't wave your arms around!!


Shimizu: Sensei.
Takeda: Ooh?

Takeda: Ah! They're ready?!
Shimizu: Yes.
Shimizu: They've been cleaned and patched up.

Shimizu: Here, the uniforms.
(on bag) Uchisawa Cleaning

???: Ooooh!

Daichi: We didn't have them when we faced Aobajousai, after all.
Shou: That's what I saw on TV! It's what the "small giant" was wearing!!

Ukai: So these are the only things that haven't changed at all, huh. It'd be nice if they had a different style.
Takeda: Alright, we'll hand them out now.


Shou: Oooooh!!

Shou: Noya-san's is the only orange one!! It really stands out!!!
(Asahi): Nishinoya's wearing his already...
(Suga): Just when did he put it on...

Noya: That's 'cause I'm a star player, after all!
Shou: A star player!
Shou: Uooooh!

Tobio: During a match, the libero goes on and off the court multiple times,
Tobio: so in order to make it easier to distinguish them from the rest, they have a different uniform. You moron.
Shou: I-!
Shou: I knew that! I definitely knew that!

(left of Tobio): What the heck are you looking at.
(Shou sfx) Stare
Box: Kageyama: #9

Box: Hinata: #10

Shou: K-Kageyama... has a single digit...
Kei/Tanaka: I knew he'd say that!!
Tobio: Be grateful you're even getting a uniform as a first year!
Shou: I-I knoooow.

Daichi: Oh, that's right. I guess you wouldn't remember his number, huh.
Suga: Well, you only saw him on TV once, after all.
Shou: Eh??


Suga: When the "small giant" went to the nationals, his uniform number
Suga: was 10.

Announcer: He is truly a "small giant"!!
(righthand sign)
Karasuno High School is in the nationals!!!

Shou: D-did you pick it with that in mind, coach?!
Ukai: Nope, it's a coincidence.

Shou: Then it must be fate!!
Tobio: He already said it was just a coincidence.

Shou: Don't be jealous, Kageyama-kun.
Tobio: Why the hell would I be jealous!
(left of Shou) Don't worry about it.

Ukai: By the way,


Ukai: Hinata's idol, the "small giant", was at this school
Ukai: when Karasuno was at its strongest, but
Ukai: back then,
Ukai: they weren't able to win against Nekoma even once.
Ukai: They likely lost in their last game, too.

Ukai: That era ended up leaving in defeat.

Ukai: Go out there and clear our school's reputation.

Players: Yeah!!!

(Announcer): truly a
(Announcer): "small


Announcer: He is truly
Announcer: a "small giant"!!

Tobio: ...Oi, don't overwork yourself and throw up again.
Shou: I'm not gonna throw up!!


(top) And then... May 6th, AM 8:50

Box: Karasuno Sougou Sports Park, ball game grounds

Ukai: ...hey, sensei.
Takeda: ...Yes?

Ukai: You think I stink of tobacco? I went and sprayed this with Febreze, but...

Takeda: Don't worry! You smell like lavender!

(above Ukai) I should've used unscented...

Daichi: Line up!!!


Nekoma High School
Volleyball Club
3rd year MB 187 cm.
Kuroo Tetsuro

3rd year WS 176 cm.
Kai Nobuyuki

3rd year Li 165 cm.
Yaku Morisuke

2nd year WS 176 cm.
Yamamoto Taketora

2nd year WS 178 cm.
Fukunaga Shouhei

1st year MB 185 cm.
Inuoka Sou

Karasuno High School
Volleyball Club
3rd year WS 176 cm.
Sawamura Daichi

3rd year WS 184 cm.
Azumane Asahi

2nd year Li 159 cm.
Nishinoya Yuu

2nd year WS 177 cm.
Tanaka Ryunosuke

1st year S 180 cm.
Kageyama Tobio

1st year MB 188 cm.
Tsukishima Kei


2nd year S 169 cm.
Kozume Kenma

Shou: GWAH?!!
1st year MB 162 cm.
Hinata Shouyou

Daichi: Greet your opponents!
Players: Let's have a good game!!
Players: Have a good game!!!

Shou: Kenma!
Kenma: Ah.


Shou: Y-y-you're from Nekoma?!
Kenma: Oh. Yeah.

Shou: Why couldn't you have told meee.
Kenma: You didn't ask...
(left of Inu) They know each other??

Shou: But you said "until next time" when you left!
Shou: So you must've known!!
Kenma: That was because "Karasuno High School" was written on your shirt.
Shou: Urgh...

Tora: Hey, hey, hey, what d'you want with our setter, huh?
Shou: Er!!!

Kenma: Hold on...
(Shou sfx) Yeeeek

Shou: I-I'm sorry-
Tanaka: Right back at you.

Tanaka: What do ya want with our 1st year, huh?
Shou: Tanaka-san?!


Tora: The hell was that?
Tanaka: You wanna rumble, city boy?
(Kenma): City boy...?

Suga: Saying "you wanna rumble"... we're here for a match, so of course we're going to.
(small text) And stop with that "city boy" stuff. It's embarrassing.

Yaku: Yamamoto, stop immediately picking fights with people. It makes you look like an idiot.

Yaku: Sorry about that. He's kinda an embarrassing guy...
Suga: I'm sorry, too. How embarrassing.

Tora: ?! HUWAAH!


(Tora sfx) BADUMP

Tora: Fe...
Tora: mana...
Tora: Beau
Tora: Uooh...
Tora: Uwaaaaahh
Inu: Alright! They've got a female manager! Häagen-Dazs, get~
(sfx) Yay!
(Inu/Shiba): I'll bet a Häagen-Dazs that they don't!!

(above Tora) I'll remember this, dammiiiit!
(below Tora) UOOOOOOOH!!
Inu/Shiba: Ahh!! Taketora-san, don't run away!

Tobio: How do you know that guy from Nekoma?
Shou: I met him by accident while we were running.
Shou: He said he's their setter.

Tobio: Setter...
Shou: Uooh?!


???: Eh? The cats are really here?
Taki: Yup, it's true!
Taki: Let's go take a quick look!
(bottom) The local electric goods seller, from Takinoue Electronics!
Shimada: Just for a bit.
Shimada: I have a delivery to handle.
(on shirt) Shimada Mart
(bottom) For fresh food and daily necessities, try Shimada Mart!

Kuro: I'm looking forward to our match today.

Daichi: Same here, I'm looking forward to it too.

(sfx) Smile smile smile smile

(Daichi/Kuro): Ah. This guy's the cunning type.


Box: Nekoma High School

Box: vs. Karasuno High School.

Box: The fated revival

(left) And now, it's "the battle of the trash heap"!!!

Daichi/Kuro: Let's go.
Box: commences.



[page 4]
Ennoshita's first name - Nishinoya's commentary about Ennoshita becoming stronger is technically a bit of a pun. Ennoshita's first name, Chikara, is written with the character for "strength/power".

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