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Haikyuu!! 28

The "Oni" and the "Kanabo"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 23, 2012 04:52 | Go to Haikyuu!!

-> RTS Page for Haikyuu!! 28

Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


Man: Ooh, they're really having a match!
The wait is over!! Volume 3 goes on sale 10/4!!
Chapter 28: The "Oni" and the "Kanabo"
(see translation notes)
Furudate Haruichi
(left) The battle of cats vs. crows begins!!!

Taki: Ah~ Oonoya-san, over here~
Shimada: Tattsuan, just who else did you call?
(left of Shimada) Hey
Oonoya: Osu!

Taki: But it's been a long time since we had a "battle of the trash heap"!
Taki: I thought I'd gather up some more people.
Shimada: Everybody's working. Well, so am I, but...
Oonoya: It's like watching your kid's athletic meet, so there's nothing wrong with that!

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak

???: Oho!
Ukai: Huh?

???: It's been 8 years, huh? What the heck's with that hair, Ukai.
Ukai: ...shut it.
Ukai: You haven't even changed a bit,


Ukai: Naoi.
Nekoma High School
Volleyball Club
Naoi Manabu

(Naoi): "This year is our last chance. We'll meet in the nationals for sure."

(Takeda sfx) Smile

Ukai/Naoi: We are the eternal bench-warming club!!

Ukai: We came to hate the sight we could see from outside that half-court.
Naoi: "Geniuses" can't understand why "the unskilled" feel the way they do, but
Ukai: even if an unskilled person might not feel what another does, they understand it well enough.

(Naoi/Ukai sfx) Nishishi!!

Man: Ooh, if it isn't Keishin! You've got a face like an old man's, same as always!

Ukai: It's been a while,


Ukai: Nekomata-sensei.
Nekoma High School
Volleyball Club Coach
Nekomata Yasufumi

Takeda: Ah!
Takeda: I-I'm Takeda, the one who spoke with you on the phone!
Takeda: Thank you very much for today!!

Nekomata: It's all 'cause of those persistent phone calls've yours! There's no way we wouldn't come after that!
Takeda: S-sorry for the trouble...
Nekomata: Just kidding!
(below bubble) Wahaha!

Nekomata: We were able to have some good practice matches these past 3 days, too.
Nekomata: Let's have a good game today.
Ukai: Yes! Let's!

Nekomata: Even if Ukai's grandpa isn't our opponent...

Nekomata: We won't show any mercy, you know?

Kuro: --We are the body's blood.


Kuro: Flow smoothly
Kuro: and circulate oxygen

Kuro: so the "brain"
Kuro: functions normally.

Kuro: Let's do this.
Players: Osu!!

Kenma: Kuro... can't you stop saying that...? It's kinda embarrassing...

Tora: What's wrong with it! It sets the mood, don't it!
Kai: It's like a reminder for ourselves.

Kuro: --And there you have it.
Kuro: C'mon, let's go.


Daichi: --Frankly, our current combination

Daichi: is one which has only just been assembled.
Daichi: We're mismatched and rough around the edges,
Daichi: and on top of that, today is this lineup's first match.
Daichi: Our opponent is an unfamiliar team,
Daichi: so we don't know how things will turn out
Daichi: and we might end up slamming against a wall.

Daichi: But
Daichi: when that happens,
Daichi: it'll be our chance to surpass it.

Daichi: Let's do this!
(left of Takeda) He voiced it much better than we could...
Players: Osu!!!

Referee: The practice match between Nekoma High School and Karasuno High School will now begin!!
Players: Let's play!!
Players: Let's have a good one!!


2nd year WS
176 cm.
1st year MB
185 cm.
3rd year MB
187 cm.
2nd year S
169 cm.
2nd year WS
178 cm.
3rd year WS
176 cm.
3rd year Li
165 cm.

Box, right:
Kozume | Fukunaga | Kuroo (Yaku)
Inuoka | Yamamoto | Kai
Box, left: Nekoma High School
Box, right:
Sawamura | Hinata | Tanaka
Azumane | Tsukishima (Nishinoya) | Kageyama
Box, left: Karasuno High School

2nd year Li
159 cm.
1st year MB
162 cm.
3rd year WS
184 cm.
1st year MB
188 cm.
3rd year WS
176 cm.
1st year S
180 cm.
2nd year WS
177 cm.

Inu: Uooh?! You're tiny!!
Shou: D-don't look down on me!

Inu: I'm not looking down on you at all!!
Shou: !! Really?!
Inu: Yup!

Tobio: Tch.
(Tobio): This bastard couldn't be any more unguarded if he tried...


Kenma: I...

Kenma: said that I think my team is strong, but...
Shou: Yeah?

Kenma: it's not because of me,
Kenma: but because of everyone.

(Shou): I wonder if they've got someone with an awesome serve... like the Grand King...
(Shou): Or maybe they've even got an ace like Asahi-san...

(white sfx) Tweeet!
Box: Game start.
???: Nice serve!
???: Nice!

Taki: Ooh, back to the corner?!
おっ 角(コーナー)ギリギリ?!
Shimada: It doesn't really have any power, but that's a good arc!


???: Asahi-san!!
Asahi: Alright!

Asahi: ! Sorry, it's a bit short!
Noya: It's all 'cause you skipped out for a month!
Asahi: I'm sorry!

???: Kageyama, cover it!
Tobio: Right.


Inu: So fast!
Inu: What the?!
Yaku: A quick from a place like that...?!

Nekomata: What the heck was that?!

(Takeda/Ukai sfx) Grin


???: Nice job, Hinata, Kageyama!
???: Nice~
???: Tanaka, it's your serve!

Kenma: ...Amazing... that surprised me...
Shou: Eheheh!

???: Tanaka, nice serve!

Tanaka: Oryaa! Here goes!!

Suga: Ooh, nice arc!
(Suga): Knowing Tanaka, it's probably a fluke, though.

(Suga): It's been perfectly returned to him...!


Tora: DASHAAA!!!

Tobio: Nice receive!

(Inu): Another quick...!

Inu: Gah?!
sfx bubble: Whoosh


(above Shou/Noya)

Nekomata: Hahaha... incredible... even though they shouldn't've been able to return the ball just now, we couldn't do a thing to stop it...
(left of Nekomata) Is he really a high schooler? He's gotta be an adult, right?

Nekomata: You've got a good libero and spiker, Karasuno!
Nekomata: But what's most unexpected is...


Nekomata: probably the setter?

???: Tanaka, nice one!
???: One more~
???: Nice serve!

Ukai: Something doesn't feel right...
Takeda: What's the matter?

Ukai: They could be waiting to see how it'll go...
Ukai: Like they're observing us or somethin'...
Takeda: Oh...
Takeda: You think so?

Scoreboard, right side: Nekoma
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno

Suga: Sensei,


Suga: our libero's switching out now, so it's a perfect time to explain how that works!
Takeda: Ah, please do!

Suga: The libero doesn't adhere to the normal rules of player substitution. He goes on and off the court multiple times during a match.
(right of Noya) Karasuno's guardian deity!
(left of Noya) Nishinoya!
(below Noya)
Player specializing in defense

Suga: Though I say that, they can go on and off the court at all times except during a rally.
Box: During a rally (from the time a serve is hit until the ball touches the ground), he cannot switch in or out.
(below box) ※ During a rally
(Noya sfx) Fidget fidget

Suga: The libero changes places with one of the middle blockers.
Suga: When our middle blockers Hinata and Tsukishima rotate into the rear guard, they can be switched with Nishinoya.
Kei: I hate receives... I'm bad at them too, so that would be helpful.
Shou: I wanna get better at receives, so I wanna do them in the rear guard, too!

Suga: Since Hinata was in the vanguard when the game began,
Suga: Tsukishima, who was in the rear guard, became the player with whom Nishinoya switches.
Vanguard | Sugawara | Hinata | Tanaka
Rear Guard | Azumane | Tsukishima (Nishinoya) | Kageyama
(below diagram) ※ The rotation at the start of the game

Suga: And now, Hinata has rotated to the rear guard and it's his serve.
※ Current rotation
Vanguard | Tsukishima | Azumane | Sawamura
Rear Guard | Kageyama | Tanaka | Hinata (Nishinoya)
Box: Hinata's serve
Suga: At the same time, Tsukishima moves up to the vanguard and switches with Nishinoya.
Box: Nishinoya OUT
Box: Tsukishima IN

Suga: Once Hinata has hit this serve and 1 rally has been completed,
Suga: he'll switch out with Nishinoya.


Suga: Then, after 3 more rotations, when it's Tsukishima's turn to serve,
Suga: Hinata returns to the court, and Tsukishima switches with Nishinoya after serving... well, that's the gist of it.
Takeda: Oooh... so that's how it works...

Takeda: It's like Nishinoya-kun switches
Takeda: with Hinata-kun and Tsukishima-kun to handle defense, which is their weak point...!
Suga: Well, it ends up that way...
Suga: But

Suga: once they've served, they need to defend from the rear guard,
Suga: and since they'll always have to deal with receives, even in the vanguard, it's imperative that they improve.
前衛にいてもレシーブすることは当然 常にあるので苦手なままでは許されませんけどね
Takeda: Ooh...

sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
???: Tsukishima!!
sfx bubble: Squeak

sfx bubble: Tap

Tora: Tch.
sfx bubble: Bounce

???: Nice feint, Tsukishima!


Scoreboard, right side: Nekoma
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
???: Nice serve~

???: Tsukishima, nice one.
Box: Tsukishima's serve
Box: Nishinoya OUT
Box: Hinata IN

sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak
???: Free ball!
sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak squeak
???: Daichi-san!

Nekomata: How many points has #10 scored so far?


Boy: Of their 11 points, he's scored 4. Also, thanks to his decoy, the other wing spiker has a high success rate.
Nekomata: Who'd've ever thought...

Box: Nekoma High School, Time Out
(white sfx) Tweeeet

Nekomata: ...the way you've been playing.... ain't gonna work...
Tora: Eh?

Nekomata: That guy
Nekomata: is a real monster...

Yaku: #10, huh.
Nekomata: His movements are a bit crazy too, but
Nekomata: I'm talking about their setter.

Nekomata: He has an incredibly fast toss sent to the highest point of the spikers' swing... that level of control is so precise it's like threading a needle...

Nekomata: But
Nekomata: it's not a toss that can go to just anyone.
Nekomata: It only works with a spiker who jumps with absolute trust in it.

Nekomata: Nothing we can do about it.
Nekomata: Geniuses are
Nekomata: beyond our control,
Nekoma: ...but


Nekomata: a genius can't win at all
Nekomata: if he has that rapport with only one person.

(Nekomata sfx) Glance

Kenma: ...Shouyou is the pivot point of attack...
Kenma: So
Kenma: we just have to stop him...

Tora: Shouyou? Is that somebody's name?
Kuro: That quick-moving #10.
Tora: Ohh!

Kenma: If we let him move around freely, we won't be able to catch him, so
Kenma: we should narrow his range of movement.

Kenma: After that, it's all a matter of chasing after him...
Kenma: Inuoka.
Inu: Yes!
Kenma: You're the most agile person we have, right?
Inu: Thank you! I am!

Kenma: I think that anyone would be surprised the first time they saw an attack like that.
Kenma: I was, too...
Kenma: But


Kenma: Even if a game doesn't seem clearable at first,
Kenma: after playing it over and over again,
Kenma: you can conquer it.

Nekomata: Their #9 and #10 are just like

Nekomata: the oni

Nekomata: and the kanabo.

Nekomata: First of all, we'll take away

Nekomata: the oni's "kanabo".
(left) The cats bare their fangs...!!



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Oni and Kanabo - "Oni" means demon/ogre, and "kanabo" is a weapon best described as a spiked club. The Japanese saying "like giving a kanabo to an oni" means to increase an already-existing advantage or make the strong even stronger.

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