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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Assassination Classroom 21

Improvement Time

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 26, 2012 22:05 | Go to Assassination Classroom

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Translation reserved for Mangatopia.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(top right) Assassination Classroom
(top left) The 4th installment of the New Power Generation Campaign!! Along with center color, there's a poster of slippery-squishiness included!!
(on sign) Faculty Office
(right) Killing a coworker isn't some walk in the park...
(bottom right)
A massive reprinting!! Volume 1 from Jump Comics is on sale now!!
There's an official twitter account!! Go follow @ansatsu_k right now!!
Next January, the VOMIC will be produced!!
Matsui Yuusei
(bottom left) Chapter 21: Improvement Time


Box: I took her too lightly...

Box: Rather,
Box: I was mistaken in my perception of her.

ATFA: Two point-blank shots confirmed.

ATFA: Expanding main armament to 4 guns in order to measure the expected prediction value.

(bottom right, star) MECHANICAL DANCE!!
ATFA: Continue, and I will adjust my attack.


Box: What was before my eyes...
Box: was, without a doubt, a professional killer!!

Irina: A self-evolving fixed artillery... huh.
Irina: That's amazing.

Karasuma: "She" is shooting BB pellets, but...
Karasuma: those systems are the absolute latest in military technology.


Karasuma: Certainly, at this rate, she'll eventually...
Irina: Hm.
Irina: I don't know if this will really go so smoothly, though.

Irina: If this classroom were such a simple assassination job...
Irina: I wouldn't be teaching here.


Student: ...do we...
Student: have to clean up all of this?

Mura: Hey, Fixed Artillery-san,
Mura: haven't ya got any cleaning functions?

Mura: Tch.
Mura: Ignorin' me, huh.
Yoshida: Give it a rest. Picking a fight with a machine's not gonna do any good.

Box: Second period.

Box: Third period.

Box: The mechanized transfer student's attack...
Box: continued throughout the entire day.


Box: The next day.

ATFA: 8:30 AM.
ATFA: All systems fully operational.

ATFA: Today's plan:
ATFA: To carry out 215 shooting styles by sixth period.
ATFA: By analysing how Korosensei dodges a successive barrage of attacks...


(sfx) Creak
(sfx) Creak

ATFA: ...Korosensei,
ATFA: I cannot deploy my guns like this.
ATFA: Please remove these restraints.


(Korosen sfx) Scratch
Korosen: ...Hrmm,
Korosen: even if you say it like that, I can't really...

ATFA: These restraints were your doing, weren't they?
ATFA: This is obviously violence against a student.
ATFA: I believe that is prohibited through your contract.

???: You've got it wrong.
???: I did it.

Tera: This'll probably interfere with whatever you were planning, but
Tera: come kill him after you've gotten yourself some common sense, you piece of junk.

Maehara: ...Well,
Maehara: a machine wouldn't know anything about common sense.
Hara: We'll undo those when class is over, okay?


Sugino: ...So there you have it.
Sugino: We're not gonna be subjected to a class like yesterday's.

Box: From Autonomously Thinking Fixed Artillery, to Master:
Box: I am unable to execute the 2nd day's plans due to unforeseen circumstances.

Box: The probability that I can resolve this on my own power is about 0%.
(sfx) Eeehn... eeeeehn...
Box: I fear that the probability of my being able to complete the assassination before graduation has extensively decreased.

Box: Requesting urgent countermeasures.


Korosen: You can't
Korosen: rely on your parents for everything, you know.
(sfx) Pomf

Korosen: There is no telling if the tactics your parents think up...
Korosen: would be suitable for this classroom's current situation.

Korosen: Furthermore,
Korosen: you are a student, and a transfer student at that.
Korosen: You should first think of a way to cooperate with everyone.

ATFA: ...Cooperate?
Korosen: Do you know why it was a student...
Korosen: and not me, who interfered with your assassination?


Korosen: The way they see it,
Korosen: your gunfire is a disturbance to lessons,
Korosen: and it takes a considerable amount of effort to clean up the bullets scattered as a result.
(on book cover) Chemistry

Korosen: Furthermore, assuming you were the one to kill me,
Korosen: the reward money would likely go to your developer, right?
(check top) Contingency Fee
(check bottom) Check

Korosen: In other words, you carrying out the assassination holds no merit for the other students.

ATFA: If you put it like that, I understand what you mean, Korosensei.
ATFA: I did not take my classmates' interests into consideration.
Korosen: Nurufufufu. You really are a smart one.


Korosen: By the way,
Korosen: I tried making this for you.

Korosen: It's an application and memory supplement.
Korosen: There isn't a virus in it or anything like that, so please accept it.

ATFA: ...This is!!


Korosen: Calculation software which takes your classmates into account when you shoot.
Korosen: You can see that, in particular, the probability of a successful assassination rises.

ATFA: I have no objections to that statement.

Korosen: I think you can understand the importance of cooperation where assassinations are concerned.
Korosen: Well?
Korosen: You want to get along with everyone now, right?

ATFA: I do not know how.


Korosen: Leave that to me!
Korosen: I have already made preparations.

ATFA: ...And what would those be?
Korosen: All the software necessary for cooperation and a memory supplement.

Korosen: Inflicting injury on a student violates my contract, but...
Korosen: I have not been prohibited from increasing your system performance.


ATFA: Why are you doing all of this?
ATFA: As my target, this modification seems like it would shorten your lifespan that much quicker.

Korosen: That's easy.
Korosen: It's because I am a teacher first, and a target second.

Korosen: Yesterday, I truly understood
Korosen: that your learning ability and desire are both exceptionally high.
Korosen: You stand out, even when compared to the latest AI technology.

Korosen: That ability is
Korosen: all thanks to your parents, who made you,


Korosen: and cultivating your talents
Korosen: is the job of the teacher to whom you have been entrusted as a student.

Korosen: Please gain strength from cooperating with everyone...
Korosen: and steadily cultivate your abilities.

ATFA: ...Korosensei,
ATFA: is this "sweet shops of the world GPS function" necessary for cooperation?
Korosen: Nyuaa!
Korosen: It would help me out a bit, too...


Sugino: Hey...
Sugino: I wonder if that thing is gonna be there again today.
Nagisa: Probably...

Sugino: Let's complain to Karasuma-sensei,
Sugino: and tell him it's impossible to go to class with that thing.

(Sugino sfx) Slide

Sugino: ...Huh?
Sugino: It kinda looks like it's gotten bigger...


ATFA: Good morning!!
ATFA: Nagisa-san, Sugino-san!!

Korosen: In order to create a sense of familiarity, I used a full-screen LCD display and modeling software for her body and clothes.
Korosen: All of it made myself, for 80,000 yen!!
(about $975)


ATFA: The weather is so splendid today!!
ATFA: I'm glad I can spend a day like this with everyone!!

Korosen: An abundance of facial expressions and a cheerful way of speaking.
Korosen: The massive software operating them and the memory supplements,
Korosen: also all handmade, for 12,000 yen!!
(about $145)

Box: The transfer student
Box: has evolved in a strange direction.

Korosen: The amount of money left in sensei's wallet...
(right, star) Her smile... is priceless!!
Korosen: is 5 yen!!



[page 1]
A poster of slippery-squishiness - The words used here (ヌルぷよ) are onomopoetic sounds in Japanese. ヌル(nuru), which is used for Korosensei's tentacles, is a sound for "wriggling/slippery/slimy" things. ぷよ (puyo) is a sound used for soft, jelly-like things. The poster itself actually seems to be a reference to the Puyo Puyo series of video games (which I personally love).

[page 9]
Master - Though the reading giving here is "master", the kanji used mean "developer". Additionally, nearly every time Korosensei refers to the machine's "parents", the same kanji are used - just with a different reading.

[page 18-19]
80,000 yen / 12,000 yen / 5 yen / priceless - This entire grouping is a takeoff of Mastercard's "priceless" commercials, which always have a short list of items and their costs, followed by an item that's priceless. If you've never seen one of them, try searching youtube (because I'm bad at describing things).

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#1. by vinceled ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2012
The credit card ad ? lol now that you say it... we have that too in France.

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