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Haikyuu!! 29

"The Brain"

+ posted by lynxian as translation on Nov 29, 2012 04:49 | Go to Haikyuu!!

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Translation reserved for Casanova Scans.

If you translate this into another language, I request that you credit me as the original Japanese to English translator in your release. If you can't/won't do that, then don't use my translation.


(Kenma): From the time I was young,
(Kenma): I was completely unable to make friends of my own accord.
(bottom right)
Chapter 29: "The Brain"
Furudate Haruichi
(bottom left)
Volume 3, the latest from Jump Comics, goes on sale 10/4 (Th)!!

(Kenma): Though I wasn't good with people and didn't want to get involved with others,
(Kenma): I was worried about their opinions of me.
(Kenma): I was constantly on edge to keep from standing out.

(left) Sharpening his claws...

(below panel, star) Quick announcement!! The official "Haikyuu!!" homepage opens on 9/24!! Details next issue!!

(Kenma): From the time I was little, my only playmate was Kuro, who was around the same age and lived nearby.
(Kuro sfx) BAM!!

(Kenma): I didn't particularly like sports, but
(Kenma): from a young age, I got involved in volleyball.

(Kenma): In junior high, I ended up joining the volleyball club when Kuro asked.
(Kenma): We only just had enough people for a game, but
(Kenma): it was kinda fun.

(Kenma): Even in high school, I ended up continuing with the sport.
(Kenma): Not long ago, our school was a strong one.


(Kenma): There were lots of people.
(Kenma): I figured I would have a hard time.
Boy: You 1st years are so slow cleaning up~ we can't go home until you're done, y'know~
Boy: Don't take a long time, kay~?

(Kenma): A "senpai" is only
(Kenma): someone who was born 1-2 years earlier,
(Kenma): so why do they act so arrogant about it?
(Kenma, bubble): It'd go faster if everyone helped out...

Kuro: ...you have a sharp eye,
Kuro: and you even give accurate instructions.

Kenma: But if I say anything to the 3rd years, they just tell me I'm being impertinent so I end up not wanting to talk to them at all.
Kenma: Yesterday, they forced me to run a lot longer than the other 1st years again.

Kuro: I heard a rumor that Coach Nekomata is coming back.
Kuro: The 3rd years are going to retire soon, too.

Kuro: So don't quit, alright?
Kuro: The current 1st and 2nd years know how incredible you are.
Kuro: The team is definitely stronger because of you.


sfx bubble: Swoosh

Inu: Arggghh, dammit!!!

Scoreboard, right side: Nekoma
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno

(Tobio): That #7 player...
(Tobio): isn't he following Hinata more closely...?


Taki: Since the end of Nekoma's time out,
Taki: their blockers have gathered together to one side.
Shimada: Yeah...

Shimada: A dedicate shift...?*

(below panel) ※ Dedicate shift: a formation where all 3 blockers are arranged on either the left or the right.

(Tobio): This blocking style... I thought it was in order to completely mark our ace, but
(Tobio): maybe it's...

(Ukai): a way to force Hinata's movements...?

Kenma: ...When Shouyou's in the vanguard, try gathering the blockers to the right.

Kenma: Seeing that, Shouyou will simply
Kenma: head for the spot where there are no blockers, before all else.
Kenma: In order to avoid a collision with him, the other spiker will move aside.


Kenma: So if the blockers are all gathered to one side,
Kenma: I think he will move to the side that's empty.

Kenma: After that, it's just a matter of a middle blocker pursuing him man-to-man.
Kenma: Inuoka is matched up with Shouyou a lot, so good luck.
Inu: Yes!!
Kenma: Everyone except for that middle blocker should just ignore Shouyou and focus on the other spiker, I guess...
Tora: Alright!

Nekomata: --Even so, I don't think there are many people who could keep pace with #10 over there.
Boy: Inuoka-kun is tall, but he's really quick!
Nekomata: A play that uses his head would be utterly impossible, though.
Nekomata: --But
(Inu): Chase after #10... chase after #10...
Nekomata: if he can do this one thing thoroughly...

sfx bubble: Squeak
sfx bubble: Squeak


sfx bubble: Touch...
Nekomata: it would be a display of great strengh.

(Tobio): He touched it again!

???: Yaku-san, nice receive!

sfx bubble: Float

Inu: I won't lose when it comes to attacks!!

(Shou): He's gonna do a quick...!
Shou: And I won't lose in blocking, either!


Shou: Huh?

sfx bubble: Bounce

Noya: Dammiiiiiit!

Takeda: Ooh...! That just now was what's called a "two attack*", right?! And I thought he was definitely going to toss it up!

(below panel) ※ Two attack: A feint attack where you pretend to toss the ball.

Tobio: Oi, don't strain yourself too much. They'll be able to see even the tiniest of openings.
Shou: Er? Right.


sfx bubble: Fwoosh
???: It's a feint, coming your way!
???: In front!
sfx bubble: Bump
Tanaka: Guwa!
???: Nice one, Tanaka!!!

Tanaka: Sorry, Noya-san. I'm counting on you to cover it!
Noya: Leave it to me!!

Tobio: Right!!

Shou: Eh?
Shou: Kageyama called for the toss?!

Noya: Kageyama!! Last hit's yours!!

sfx bubble: Squeak squeak


Tobio: Oi. It's because that was a "straight" just now!
(small text) Straight along the sideline!
Tobio: You become able to properly "choose" the ball's path!
Shou: Urghh...

Tanaka: That guy's high specs reaaally piss me off...
Suga: Indeed.

Boy: Wow! Karasuno High School's setter is amazing!
Nekomata: Yup.


Boy: Still, Kozume-san is amazing too, even if he's not showy like that!
Nekomata: ...Mhm.

Nekomata: ...Since he's bad with people,
Nekomata: he worries over others' opinions, and so
Nekomata: he watches them closely.

Nekomata: Kozume is skilled at reading others.
Nekomata: He predicts things like "so-and-so is such-and-such a type, so he'll definitely move like this".

Nekomata: ...But
Nekomata: that is not the core of our strength.

???: Hinata, nice serve!
Scoreboard, right side: Nekoma
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno

(Kenma): This guy's... a sharp one...
(sfx bubble): Tap
(Kenma): The kind who calmly watches and thinks things over, Shouyou's exact opposite...


???: Nice serve!
???: Yamamoto!
Tora: Gotcha!
???: Nice receive!

Taki: Man, Nekoma's receives are just as good as always.
Shimada: Yeah...

???: The setter hardly needs to move at all.
???: Since he has such little motion before tossing the ball,

???: there's no way to know where the toss will go until the last second.

(Kenma): Who should I toss it to...

(Kenma sfx) Glance

(Kei): Right, huh.


Kenma: It's left.

(Kenma): So he really was watching me closely.
(Kenma): He reacts quickly, too...

(Tobio): That glance... just now...
(Tobio): was a feint...!!


Takeda: ...He really doesn't stand out...
Takeda: ...at all.
Ukai: Huh?

Takeda: When novices look at our Kageyama-kun,
Takeda: they're mercilessly overwhelmed with the feeling that "he's incredible"...
Takeda: but while you can't really tell by looking,
Takeda: Nekoma's setter might be capable of some really amazing things...

Ukai: That's due to the stability of Nekoma's receive.
Ukai: What's most important in setting up a variety of attacks
Ukai: is a receive like theirs, which is cleanly returned high above the setter's head.

Ukai: I'd say that their setter
Ukai: can show his real skill because of that receive.

Ukai: Even though our receives are a bit disorderly,
Ukai: Kageyama uses everything he has to make up for it, but...


Ukai: If Karasuno is a rough-around-the-edges team
Ukai: that is connected by Kageyama's overwhelming talent as a setter,

Ukai: then Nekoma is a team
Ukai: where Kozume, the setter, is supported by the strength of everyone's receives...

(Kuro): We are the body's blood.

(Kuro): Flow smoothly

(Kuro): and circulate oxygen

(Kuro): so the
(Kuro): "brain" functions normally.


sfx bubble: Flip
Scoreboard, right side: Nekoma
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Yama: They've caught up with us...!
Yama: Even though we've had the lead all along...

Taki: Even without an impressive offense,
Taki: it feels as if Nekoma has the upper hand in overall power...
Taki: And...


Taki: I have a feeling that the number of points Karasuno will gain with that shorty at the center of attack
Taki: is going to decrease.
Inu: One touch!!
???: Nice recovery, Yaku-san!

Taki: It looks like the opposing blocker is starting to get a feel for it, so...
Taki: the number of tosses that go to the shorty might decrease...

Nekomata: ...Even without a seemingly superhuman ace,
Nekomata: if we can steadily,

Nekomata: carefully,

Nekomata: pile up the points one by one...

Scoreboard, right side: Nekoma
Scoreboard, left side: Karasuno
Box: Nekoma High School, set point

Shou: Kageyama!

Shou: I'll definitely smack down the next one, so
Shou: toss it to me...!


Tobio: This is their set point, you know.
Tobio: If you miss, we'll lose the set.
(sfx) Gulp

Shou: I know!!
Shou: I won't miss!!

(white sfx) Tweeet

(Kenma): "Even if a game doesn't seem clearable at first,"

???: Nishinoya!
???: Nice receive!!

(Kenma): "after playing it over and over again,"
(Shou sfx) Squeak squeak squeak

(Kenma): "you can conquer it."


sfx bubble: Tweet
(white sfx) Twee tweet
Box: End of the first set

Inu: I finally caught you!!!
(left) Hinata's attack worked against him...?! Next time, we have opening color!!!
25 (Nekoma) - 22 (Karasuno)

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